Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 48
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 48

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 48
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Hunt Takes Final Bow at Home as Vike Cage Coach By KlU PIVFJIXETZ Bob Hunt should see his politan Conf ertnce race ex cept to Valley and San Diego next week to finish out the! last home coaching appearance at Long Beach City Col lege tonight » winning one. Though the Vikings aren't going anywhere in the Metro- Moore Crowii to Reed !U3 schedule, there should be enough left to push them past East Los Angeles. Action starts at 8 o'clock. The Vikings, who can finish no worse than third, saw » hat [slim title hopes still remaining ·aided Tuesday by Cerritos. I The second -place Falcons ,(S-3) host pace-setting San Vrllll lOl* · - - " " · ' ' · . . ' ' to Even CCAA Record til* »·«*. tint, rn_ Mr n. INDEPENDENT--Ptg« c3 Kams 1'lay LakrM ooil Family in Cage Tilt The Bass Rams, led by Dick;ty tonight in a benefit basket- Ed Meador. Lamarjball game in the Lanceri gym ,the school today from- It am. Bj- AL LARSON .match last year's conference sure a second place finish;* 00 Arl Hunter - TM meet to 1 pjn. and at the box of- Us losing streak halted at record. Valley State coach'and a tournament bid. ' JLakewood High School facuHfice tonight ; ·: · . five games. Long Beach 1 ^"7.^ ' a *?"** **"]f« . . . . . . . iweek s heart-breaking 94-92 . States basketball team trav-'. * Art .Diego tonight , lot more than Poly High's Me. Reed has a win to cut crricially won the Moore d o w n the League sccnng title with Z02Km S ht s two- pomtj in 10 games -- mark-game lead. irtg only the second tune a S a n D i e g o , player has even exceeded 200 hoover. also m the league's seven-year must face a fus '°21-. , ^Sh test at Reeds figure was 16 shy Baker s f i e I d of Steve Can's record of 218,'Saturday but it was 21 point! bettuj A win by than his closest AL WLNDFELDT Big 49er Frontliner Bruins Head Up Schedule Fresno State will be shoot-: ' loss to LA. State will d«np.i2S.'« » **«« *??** els to Northridge to face San en the S pi ritl o{ h!s team . ^CCAA pby against Cat Poly Fernando Valley State to- · Trie guys played so hard (SLO " The BuUd °S s luv * night at 8 and Saturday ck)S-! for ^ £ n g ind lost that it won nin * m * , row ll ^i es out its CCAA schedule by might ,ffect their p!ay this clu *TM d lhe t '« e Ust w .** k -| engaging Los. Angeles State. 1__ tTM*- ' victorious tonight. | Both games are rematches.! «TA»OI«SI '^hey would be the first team The 4ers went on their big-; CCAA en. t*«. t..*!, since Pcpperdine in 1931 to gest point spree of the season'*.TM. s.« _ 7 MVJ ?4T 7i S post a perfect conference r i n hammering Valley State t« tJSTsiA' 1 .: i ' Si n; S i i ' nvuk- 1103-74. then lost ia overtime,vliij. i iu!r*""_: i J T».I ·" 5 " c« K, IM «jiUi 'tiJS* "' ' ", PERRY plans to go with Al cU ?oJfc«Ib* t »''TMrt5So"5? sf ' iWindfeldr, John Rambo and CO\C1I D i c k P e r r y ' s l *"* *'*e*!!.s"vMur»it* | Bob Roeland up front tonight j club stands 3-5 in league and g?£g\f JftJK!'"- ' z n d Torl ^"^ lnd Ktn "Kentucky's Finest Valentine" to the Diablos. 90-S3. needs a vreciend sweep to ! Krupp at the guard spots. He weekend. We're only 1-7 in plans to bring in his new! !c3^:e and could use another backcourt performer. Dave win or two." said Ball. Brown, in a hurry. Los Anjcles itill is nurs-l Brown, a former El Camino a chance of entering the star, gave the 4Sers some- Jr. S*iim Mark DALLAS WV-Tudor Lacey.' the S 0 "^ Afric » n who swims . / 'f or Southern Methodist, set a NCAA colle-e division play-' thin- they've needed all sea- 1 'national junior record Thurs-'rffj and must beat San Diego'son-- team leadership and of ^y ni . ht ta the 4 00-yard in-' Sute and U,,,, Beach to in-'fense and sound defense. T o p - r a n k e d UCLA'dividual «"-" ' U MOOT ttSTUttt STUKHT IWIRBCm WHISUT DISTItUD MfrtOTTiED IT THI uvts i. KUN Ksrruiiw CO..CLUHOM. BUM. uktucfr HUNT LBCC w fnrri -vt Palo Alto Saturdav rord at Falo AUp baturda| ould n .'S ht wlth a lhlrd succes competitor equal last year's entire out- slve Big Six Conference this season. Bill Johnson of put when the Vikings wound'title hanging in thebalance.'»i!S!SJ» a "( Avi. A »! Millikan. who had 181. U p 18-14. Currently they're- If the Bruins (10-0) defeat'K," (Lif'Ti'SS Junior Dick Nelson of ,--: : the Tribe (6~» and Washing-j"° rM ~' r "" AV) Lakewood ended in third ««»·»JTAKOIKSJ ^ ^' ton (J_T) ups ets California' i «c'*cminfi "...~* Twooden's crew will be on its """' cJ^VSli. 0 ". 1 " - ' '^-ay to the NCAA Western «M t.A «t L4W»i IMC*. . . , · . i S-. 0 *?^ JTv'Si, Re^ionaR . i c*m^o «t «j«r«e^ | But the victory may be ·i Or», .t B»ktr;,t,fid- hard to CTXne by. The Bruins 777 " ~ T ; haven't beaten Stanford at i-9 under Hum. who is re- ^ mf sint£ |9G , , n fsct Oman made iai meaicy ,-w the distance in nen ne ( 4^3.7. I'rc'p (»ymna»lics AflTcien VjrfeT rri. Ljkrwtotf a T«maim»-- (V*ICO«or» iAVk Fret Pariltcf b»r-- Wi!'*T ILL VCM ^0 MtrriR (LI. ROD* -- AAchcft (D. hen«~Brewa IAV). f ILK T»»-- Long STOCKS SITtllDU! L I O niiAt; fuauj satiDiT! N S STItll* lit t.^l (MiCI IK l't« U*( :···» ft*« 4 tlnf r. 1.4 i.'d »JTI« II.KK.I SIJI MAKE IT!-- $*T, FEB. II. STOCK UK ACTION GEORGE WASK1IGTOX 1EVER DREAMED AtCUT (BUT TOU Will!) 2 UIT11 S P.U^ EIW11A- TIOIS {:)!. SUIOAT, Fll. I}-- CHEAT FUEL DRAEJTER FIELD. EldClTS- WEHTJErUKl ALSO (GAUGIKS EACH OTHER FOR THEIR IIG "MR.JLIU- IIATOR" RUIS FEI. 19) ... TOITRE SURE OF tlEAX, THRIUH6 ACtlOl AT IIOKS. '-'. \vith 159, five more than Poly'j»« D t» soph star Chuck Moore. whoIm u tiKk*" . . . . . n " they have dropped six of their after five seasons in jaycce ^ t ;, hl contests there. ' ranks. , " . , . . | Th.e Huskies have a modest! THE · LVDIANS are still I t%vo - game winning streak without the sen-ices of 6-8 going and are 12-14 overall center Ton \ Dose, wn o is hob- ( and 4-7 in league play. 'ti^ xs-ith two injured legs * * " ' 'and watched from the bench j FIRST - ROUXD decision t ls , Saturday as Stanford | jwent to LBCC. 103 90. in a' wa5 upse t by CaL jwild game that wasn't de- John Serbin. the I9-yeir- ^ed until the final minutes old fomer Cincinnati basket- | of play. Danny Rodriguez ball pbjer. received a sus- ,with25 and Rick Harke'with'p en fed 30-day workhouse I :2I pave the \ r ikings a lot of sentence Thursday for strik- [ j trouWe in the game. Both inj a coed, rank among the conference: The 220-pound sophomore I leaden. from Hammond,- Ind, is now | . *TM ·- · A~ M.' As ' m th * first S 31 "*- ELA living with his -.- . - . isconngfi double ,.,, able , o ^^ both'rcceivin- ·^ .figures in^everyjeague S»me.' Mate Wl!d;e ^ ^^ Har-'ment. *«i REED'S 202 also gave him'grove. And ever since Bennie! . · I 372 for a league career, leav-.Richard has departed, the| XE\V YORK University, I -*· ing him in second place be-|Vikes need a hot hand by.with lUppy Hairston and ? hind Gail Hopkins' total of. both to keep foinj. 1BaT T Kramer supplying the' ;2^3S5. Johnson moved to IChh Jjj^f, n "» f '·"S/JSj.'Sj} scoring punch, unleashed its] j ;.* .among all-time career scorers JfiSf/fJi'" £ oJTM!(in ' cn S- Jornlln t offense to score, *·» " k in league play. ?«!!t?i»n*" o iSS^n'fiii) ^~ P 0 " 1 ' 5 ^ tne second halfil The 6-6 Rabbit center has '--' and rout Memphis State.! 33-71. I Hairston rammed in Ipoints while Kramer wound! f -» · /TT * T - i - .^. n t. · 11 ' · I · o f f* i l l ff || f i^P with 23. B«'»b Neumann led | III. 1 * ^ « " ' * . _ « t l t h e Tigers with 25 MEL REED Nabs Scoria; Title psychUtric treat- .^- The 6-6 Rabbit center has ^ J.v tallied 915 points in his threej C ' i JJ , i -."v\'arsity seasons, most since O f l l / l l S I jOtSl · ^-1f*^7 H^ h^« ^11 thi« t^rwl ·4-1057. He has 511 this term, t*.~SI short of the all-time, one ·^·season mark of 592 set by XPcly-s Jim Hanna in 1956. I _ , . , . . . . , , I . . . . ··* One team league record St Anthon y High will try; SOPHOMORE center Done *+ was broken. Poly averaged lo KT3 P u p ll Ieast 2 share of .Murrey (26) and co-captain '·t773 on offense, well aboVe . l . he , Catholic League basket- ( A | Cech (24) hit for a total of · the record 700 Point leaders b a l ' t ham P" n srt!p tonight 50 points for Detroit to hand *'J · and standings: I. en II |»sts .winless Sem'fast-fadmg Marquette its 10th k x Mootfs TOP v jco«iu lui ' n 8 o'clock game. consecutive loss 97-73 ' ygfrJff"?. ..S ?f «'i%*aV. The Cavaliers are 0-11 inj Manhattan's Larry Lembo | J|{ the Saints beat the Gardena **"£.^'V??'" .::iS S lii 111 ill St - Anthony will play at] ^ 'c^.^T.T-'! P» i« 'i''«? Pom '? la in '." ci r. ope . n . er ?"' 1! ! " CrMr!'L«»M 1« 57 21 4« «S - 4 ttrter. Jo^ljn 1» 44 1*31 IM ·- KiMer. Mlllikin .10 M 1»» JS -- i Lt3-n, Downey .19 2* 17 ^ V3 f f O T M I t I t A D t K l Oty unless Pius X. the 'J J present co-Catholic Leeague "" leader, loses and winds up ir.;r*imdictii»t. » * » tX. Tiam Fti-- Aiun.lijfi «%. WHsoti Cowntr . Starter FARE By WALT DITZCV I D- ent · a 1 f Ml 71 I \tuztr r i » f Brow. IICI O ftArncTT ' - -- . J VA: Cell*' (H. I Indl 113) Ltntf t Ami Trjm fKl · ilow»'Vr (f R--^dr.^ (SI »n1«-w« (Ifft . «»--* H0n X rv ^. _ _ - . , . Tfl I 771 JT3 SSS SM S J 50* SI* S«» Si« s * *no « i *is «t · t 1 S « T SJ» S*» 43f PI " H*1 _ .-- " I I I tTA 7* .. : i n(»i f 5 Jordan . Makes Firsl-Krcr Tri/i In CW. Vlayntts High wij selected Thursday morning to ffi to the CIF basketball playoffs in a special draw- ins in the league preside nt'i office. The L i n c e r s , Millikan and Jordan finished in a three-way tie for second place la the Moore League b e h i n d champion Poly. They had 5-5 league records after acticn concluded Wednesday night. Illl be LakeroxTs first- ever trip to the basketball 'playoffs. First-round opponent Tuesday night will be co Catholic League leader Pius X. ... CaKf.KTe'i: « IS. t I f-nt ex ', ftf f n. tamtfri C t A , t 11 DO-IVIK \ lf_mM--*iii: *7.lj**Sn »^5 S r»7"»v I «^V!i*Tii'lIj^'n i^*i??rc Sflinof TriTfiri/.nF liy Vnuth \\itliCtm MILWAL'KLE. Wii. (DPI) | -- An 18 year-old rrvife^M rxjrjlar Thursday terrorized I a hilh school, prowl in; corridors in search rJ his girl I friend and menacing six po- | lice and the principal with a When the youth. Robert I Reiswiu. was disarmed, po-1 lice found his gun was en-1 keded. \VIIL w l T m. t» e» I : 5 5 ! I 5 5? Si : 3 5 J § a ~ with ARMSTRONG TIRES EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA (EXTRA EXTRA SAFETY -- Safety Locied 4-Plf Not 2-Plr Traction- "They Grip the Road" Silent-- Minimum Ham and Squeal Comfort -- Rhino Fex Coajrrvctloa Qoafity-- Heavy Rgqqed Construction | Style--High Styled Value --So Much for So little Iforl LOW PRICE MIRACLE FIRST QUALITY WH1TEWALL TUBELESS BniTt for the airercge driVer. A goad tire everyone con afford. Conrcnoj oH the famous features. MIRACLE PREMIUM WHITEWALL TUBELESS Premium quality, built for lie STY duff use. High quality . . . so reasonably priced. Takes bard use. SIZE 6.00x13 6.50x13 7.50x14 6.70x15 8.00x14 2 7 -10xl5 8.50x14 7.60x15 8.00/8.20x15 2 j 1 Price t 31 ^ 62 I 33.75 "37.87 41.76 45.89 SIZE 6.00x13 7.50x14 8.00x14 8.50x14^ "9.00x14" 6.50x13 6:70x15 ""6770x15" 7:60x15 8.20x15 2 ? 1 Price 35.88 39:97 44.96 48.95 , 5 3 : 9 8 CHECK OF WHEEL ALIGNMENT or BRAKES ummu · M O N R O E SHOCKS ·* · HAKE RELIN1NG '' ' ·IAHEHES .·!. · WHEEL ALIGNMENT '. KINGSBURY TIRE CO. 3340 E. ANAHEIM AT REDONDO Opei I o-ra. t» i BJR. Closed 310 MAGNOLIA et Iroadwoy, Lo»g Itack WE NEVE! CLOSE HE Z-Z5S4 ALL C1EOIT CAVtDS HONORED -- IUDGET TE»MS KINGSBURY TIRE CO SUDDUTH TIRE CO. ATLANTIC at 27lh ST., LONG BEACH Snet 1T24 . -- ClotH Se»Jay ' GA 4-S544 -- Opei S em. r* ( try ei Easy Ittfgtt Terms SANTA FE et OLYMflC. IOS ANGELES MA 3-tlOJl

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