Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 19, 1969 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 19, 1969
Page 10
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10 KVOO, TulM, ClMnnil 2 KYTV, Sprin«fi«ld, Channel 3 'KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulia, Channel 6 KOAM, PitHburg, Channel 7 KTUL Tulio, Channel 8 TewnJ."4 ... e.Wt in WtmtllM KODE, Joplin, ChanneM2 (Channel 11 «i e»W« m My*""'"" KUHI, Joplin, Chonnel 6 . Ch,nnel ) «n emit In nytttavilW r'KGTO, Fayetteville, Channel 36 (Chinnil J en cuble in F»y«ltiYill» . '« *· '· JJewi * 11:11 - ilovi* Ne*» * 11:1* - (ewt [»wail Five-* iovie '· " it 1:00 - ohnny Carson · * 11:30 - :onverfiation * SATURDAY EVENING*!:*- Sportsman'i mend 2, 3, 5. «. 16 Color Trip Bullwinklc Katliryn Kuhlma* * II: 3»- Jackie Glcason .... Slim Wilson ....... Dating Game ....... * 7:»- Cet Smart Death Valley Days . Newly-wed Game . * 7:M - Ghost and Mn. Mi Three Pnn.. . . Lawrence Welle .. * 8:H - Discovery InsiKlu , , ·,,-,. Patty Duke ' .' i' IK I The Answer 5l "' S, Herald of Truth ,, · .JlFaec Tho Nation .... s. J-. chlircri service . - 11:00 - 2l 7i 3 i Faith for Today .'.'.'.' ».' 12 «n,po»IWe :, 3, s, «. i. w. » M^MMTM iiwititki":::::. 1 ::. ·. M-ft »· . * u »· *· " C;-pulti if *:J» Pay Card* - m ·*· -It Take* Two a Gidset Betty Boyil Mike Douglai jUfille Boll Eonmer Room *9:30- DENNIS THE MENACE Movie MONDAY MORNING- Today's Almanac * *:N - Trmvel C«mpu« «:H - Lifht of Lift *7:00- Todajf News AH Star Theater . J. S. I. * lion " 3t ^ ievcrly^HillDilliej'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 5, «, 16 jack Labannc ... i.roo- Personality Andy Griffith ... Suspense Theater 1»:30 - , , . Hollywood Squares .... 2, 3. T, Diek Van Dyke 5. t, 16 * » :M - , , , jeopardy *· ;?· .'· Love of Life 5 - b Bewitched if 11:30 Farmer's Daughter Eye Guess z . 3 -.. a ',i Search for Tomorrow 6 16 Funny Vou Should Ask », MONDAY AFTERNOON- Church Service ... l,oavc H To Beaver I.ove That Bob Ttevival Fires 11:30 - Cliim-h Service .... UNMARRIED? DO YOU QUALIFY , FOR A COMPAT.BIE MAWIA 0« WINDSWP BY THE STANDARDS SIT BY C. M. I.? TEST YOURSELF-DO you enjoy the company of the opposite sex YB.S a good time as you are concerned about your- 3 Are ? you careful" noUocosV your date more than 4 ^Vu1on a S«e ? goWout,tha person ing you could never be serious with them .-- D e an acceptable credit rating? -- - D Do you have an acceptable , Do you av 6 Is your weight within 30 pounds of normal? ..- D 7 Do you have a telephone? ------ ----------- u ns Heroes Moviu * «:*- Hollyvood Palare Petticoat Junction SUNDAY AFTERNOON- 11 Do you have avera ? e or abov with .nort" people: ccept the fact that, computers furnish ctical way to search out any spe- Paul Harvey Underway For Peace Dim-lions s, s, P. i. i:,* 12:30 -161 Crusade '6! Professionals Issues and Answers ,5! Quest For Adventure ! Krvival Fires Frontiers o£ Faith 3| Wagon Train n»st practical way Opry Stan Hitchcock if 10:00 -- Nrws Movie * 10:U News Movio 10:30 The Saint with acceptable standards of morals 16 ^^ut 0 reasonably- g ood health and able to personal investigation? YOU QUALIFY Fw * COH'HIW*'- --__ - .. vau aniwcrca i* w^ ·*»-- · ·· -- - - I. Olive Branch, Miss. 38654 IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HELD EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PARLOR OR DELIVERIES TO HOME PARTIES. Minimum Order for This Offer -10 PIZZAS. Kitt Hollywood Falaca -*· ll'.Ofl -Hun Vr"- Ymir Ufe -*· 11:3fl - Mnvis Open 6:30 Starts 7:00 TONITE! ITS HOW YOU DO IT! TheSecnrtUJarof MRRVHW STEWAHT GRANOEU ANTHONY PERKINS TUESDAY WEl» Also Color Cartoon Explorer Hopes To Retrace The Voyage Of The Vikings Noon on Five .. Melody Matinee * 12:30 - Gilligan'F Tiland Hidden Faces · Man With A Mike ;·;;·« As the World Turn 5, e, Ii Weather · · ' Let's Make A Deal «. 12 * 1:00 -Days of Our Lives .... 2, S, 7, 36 Love Is A Many Splendorcd Thing ». 6, Newly wed Game », JL. 1.511 _ Doctors 2, 3, J. 3( Dating Game «. 12 LONDON (AP) - U»in« an nwanted movie prop he bought or $1, explorer Bob Marx hopes prove the Vikin« conquered ,rf Atlantic In their primitive ongships centuries before Co- umbus. . Marx, with a crew of eight, plans to sail a replica of a Vik- ng longboat from Norway to New York starting May 1. "I've put everything I have nto the voyage," he^says. 'It 11 probably cost me $13.000, but t's worth it to show I'm right. Marx hopes to prove the Vik ngs were capable of sailing to the New World without the aid of any navigational equipment or charts. To add authenticity, Marx and his crew intend to live on whale blubber, dried cod and ale--the diet of the Viking explorers. Marx. 34, is from Kingston ""^'EVIDENCE CITED From recent, archeological ev idrncc. including the Vinland map and the Bay of Meadow Viking settlement on Newfound land, many scholars accept tha the Norsemen had colonies o the North American continen than 50« years before Co is arrived in the 15th cen *#wjr» ic Alfred Danish, General Hospital -, * 1; Another World 2, 3. 7, 36 Secret Storm 5. 6, 16 * 2:30 -Guiding Light. ·;. , J| You Don't Say 2, 3, 7, 36 Edse of Night 5. 6, 16 One Life to Live S. 12 * 3:00 Tombstone Territory JJ Hark Shadows -, ? Match Game -'.'.I Linkletter Show S, 8, IS * 3:30 - Flintstoncs J 6 Hazel ] Hidden Faces 3, ucillc Ball Mike Douglas ] funsters Dark Shadows Bewitched King Family *7:00- Don Ho 2, S, 7, 3B * 7:30 Peyton Plac* · · J. JJ Here's Lucy ». ». " Frank Sinatra «, *, l« Outcast, 8 12 Movie 2 3 « '· ^ ).Q| _ Drama Special 5, 6, 1« Big Valley 8 , 12 * 10:00 - if 10:30 - ohnny Carson aul Harvey oey Bishop lovle if 10:35 - lovie * 12:00 - lanRer Dan Flintstones Mr. Zing and Tuffy :hildren's Hour Movie ... · Fun Club fc · latman e 4:30- Rawhide ? Iintslones Three Stooges Perry Mason Mike Douglas *· Bullwinkle Perry Mason *3:00- Lost In Space ..-· 3 Rifleman · Generation Gap News * S:JOT Love Lucy ·,,··;··;·«', , News S. 3. 5, «. T. 12 MONDAY EVENING* 1:01- News News, Weather S. 3.1. «. 1, *. SUNDAY MORNING* 7:00- Farm Report The Story Christopher Program Pahtor's Study * 7:5»~ Gospel Jubilee Faith for Today 0ZARK ^THEATRE - LAST DAY Open 2:15 2, ', ». · ' ·· · HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us Features 2:30,4:37,6:44,8:52 ^£ In The Cool Of The Evening Why Not Outside TV Connections? We Con Add Extra Outlets Anywhere 442-7111 TRANS-VIDEO 442-7355 T h i s column is for youn people, their problems an pleasures, their troubles an fun. As with the rest of Hele Help US!, it welcomes laugh but won't dodge a serious que tion with a brush-off. Send your teenage question to YOUTH ASKED FOR 1' care of Helen Help US! Nort west Arkansas TIMES. Dear Helen: Tod was good looking and a of the Rirls wanted him wasn't anything much, bu somehow he chose me-- at least he said he was in love with me. I sometimes wonder if I was just available. ry. "We ere. know said the Vikings Marx, "but in ,,, longship exc slo harbor and The 76-foot vessel washed in recent movie about ne v ngs. Marx persuaded the ' ^ p a n y t o p a r t w . t h . t o r ^ ^ few York in September 01 Oc ober crew will tVT^eS,^ fc'r"^.^^ n't know how. Many theorists,*ia : . - - -^ hamas . y they could never have madelbusmessjiUlie^ Few People Agree On Best Way To Cure Ills 01 World By HAL BOYLE | NEW YORK (AP) -- Don't I mi feel sorry for the world ometimcs? Everything must be wrong vith it, and nothing right about for no one seems satisfied vith it. AH want to change it in ome manner, and bend it near- r to their heart's desire--or at east make it conform more to heir petulant wishes. The trouble here is that, while he world is in a terrible shape, ew agree on how to cure it. One man's remedy is another man s poison: meanwhile the patient anguishes. Certainly, however, the world might be a more interesting and ixciting place if-Mondays were abolished from the calendar and replaced by another payday Friday. Dissenting students would find new universities of their own instead of trying to take over control of those which already have an existing educational policy and administra- tl0 BASEBALL AND THINGS Baseball was turned into * seven-inning game, and the ma jor league season shortened from 162 games to 100. Physicians voluntarily limited their' medical practice on at ast two days a week to their vn immediate neighborhood. ms allowing them to make more home calls. The fad for topless waitresses War could be made as boring Bach Brnhms or Beethoven for everv half-hour they spent listening to rock V roll music. A way could he found to make p milk of human kindness last the milk of human in us uncurdled for a Hf*' mc Instead of worrying about t i e ,,ian in the moon, governments would concentrate their energies on improving the lot of the man on earth. Well those are one man s ideas on how to make a hettcr world. Anyone willing to start " revolution to achieve it? This to Th» Life The Answer Thy KinRdom Com« *7:45- Hjrmm nf Intpl * 8:H- Fev:val Kirr.i Social Security Tom Jt Jerry pkylite Cavnlcaue F.chocs or Calv Livinc Word Gospel Jubilee * 8:ir, Christ is the Answer ... Atop Cnpilol M i l l * 8:30- llrr.ilcl ot Truth Aqnnnian M;my Kaces of People Fires Cathedral of Tomorrow if X:M - [ration . cie arjr .... 1 7 "".'..'.'.'it '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 3 Experiment in Telev * 4:00 To Be- Announced . * 4:30 Frank MeUee A m a t e u r Hour Movie T;,k,- ;, Trip ·Mon . .. 1. Raymond St. .taqucs Dana Wynter Arthur O'Cnnnell Kevin McCarthy At 16, I was pregnant. My oiks wanted us to marry, but Tod's parents wouldn't sign for him. To save my baby's namp, and mine, my father insisted .hat Tod move in with us and tell everyone we were legally married. T loved him even more after our litle boy was born, but he started running around w i t h another girl. We had a b i g fight and he left. Later he went in the Army. I've had one letter from him in two years anc I read it over and over. 1 keep hoping he'll come back to me Put meanwhile, what am ' going to do with my life? l'ir supposed t he married, so '. can't go out. Yet when I'm STARTS SUNDAY Features 2:30, 4:31,6:32, 8:33 honest, I know Tod will really marry me. I'm being I* 5:00 ! -'1st Century -i All Star Theater Kilm ·follrjsc Howl . - · · Jlspc.rtMiiiin "'..=!* 5:30 ~ '.'... | Dnris IJay a! wild Kingdom .. (1. If, . 12 2, 3, 7 TV REPAIRS · 2 Trucks · Same Day Service E N T E R P R I S E 2333 N. College 442-8575 10, Allen Revival Hour Oral Rnlx-rts * «:.-·.· News *»:»- Music and the Spoken Wrml Lamp Unto My I-Vol Creative Ideas Uo.ipel of Christ Gospel Slneinc Caravan ... Oral Hnherli Herald of Truth *f:M Took Up ami Live Si-hool Theater Dny of Discovery Wills Knmily : America KinK« ·' Mr. Magoo * Church Service " King Kont '" * lr»- U Cnllc-Ke Talent , C I N e w s | Hr:indeil . i SUNDAY EVENING* «:«0 - AdviMilures of Urn-It Kinn 2. 3, J I.assic ., . 12 I.antl of the Giants Urn World ' 7 ( J r n t l Disne ,n * 1-M ~ f,l Kd Sullivan 'II' 11 ., m S mrrn Three ·I Hnhprl.i .. ·iwcy rntrol .. * 7:.10 - Mnlher.v-in-l.iiw . Death Valley D.iy« *S:*»- Bonan?..i Wfifklfsl. Ship Movie Smnlhrr.t Brotllers *!:·»- Academy Award Winner/ BEST ACTOR CLIFF ROBERTSON Two Action · and · Fun Packed Motion Picturei Starring Cliff Robertson VlOT THE SNEER EXKODES THE MOST WIPMTMIT MISSION Of THE DM! true 'to a lie, and how do I ge hack to the truth, without ruin ing my reputation? -- Unwec Wife Dear U. W.: You put across the marriag idea with surprising ease, why not let the word get aroun that Tod has filed for divorc and you aren't contesting Someday the truth will com out. but by that time you'll more able to face it. -- H. as succeeded by a fad for top- ess secretaries and stenogra- hers. This would reduce office bsenteelsm to a bare mini- num. . ... Everybody g o t out of Vict- am, including the Vietnamese, nd the entire country was urned into a visit World Peace 'ark and recreation areas. Science would cross-breed irabgrass with roses, enabling .·very suburbanite to have a vork-free garden lawn. HOW ABOUT THIS Someone could come up with wisdom pill that would permit parents to feel half as smart as heir children think themselves o be. Klyinc rugs, complete with automatic machines that dispensed coffee, tea and milk, were available to all. Then we could all afford to take a vaca- Vines Named Chairman Of Dairy Event Marvin Vine:-, (arm director for Little Rock Kadio Station KAAY, has been mined chairman for the 1969 Arkansas Dairy Festival. Festival events, to be held m Little Rock June 19-2(1. include dairy Princess, recipe contest and ten-jamboree talent contest. D a t e s for district dairy festival in which finalists fnr the state contests will be selected are Northeast Arkansas Teen Talent Contest, Monette, April 26; West Arkansas Dairy Princess Contest, Fort Smith, May 3: Central District Teen T a"l e n t Contest, and Teen Talent Contest, Little R o c k . May 10; Southwest Teen Talent Contest, Hope, May 17: North Arkansas Teen Talent Contest and Boone County D a i r y Princess and Dairy R e c i p e Contests. Harrison. June 7. tion trip choice. to the land of our Timeclocks were installed in every home, so that a wife could prove to her disbelieving husband just how many hours she has to work to keep the family going. Adults caught drinking Martinis would be subject to the same legal penalties as juvenile delinquents caught smoking marijuana. ^^^^__ Electrocardiogram NEW YOTIK (AP) -- Francis the lady vhalr pit an electrocardiogram Friday. Officials at HIP Nrw Vnrk Aquarium at Coney Island al- achod a transistorized transmitter to Francis' back anri two electrodes to other parts of her body and sent her swimming off. The transmitter picked up llio electric impulses of the lieiirt and sent them to a receiver at the top of the whale pool so scientists could listen. The impulses were Inter recorded on an electrocardiograph. The heart check-up was part of an experiment to perfect recording equipment to be used for scientific tests on other sea animals. fll' M '«Wi*'«' '·' IJARK NOW Open 7 p.m MASQUERADE' Open 6:30 Start* 7:00 Beth In Color One Feature NiRlillV 7:45 p.m. Snn(liiyMa( Ailulls $:!.00 Children $1.00 Sorry No I'assrs or Krserved Scats Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI I'r^tK-lion trf ROMEO* ^JULIET The Big KC-KIJ Chicken Bonanza! 3 Pieces of Chicken French Fries Salad CHICKEN BUCKET 15 Pieces of Chicken $ 2.75 CHICKEN BARREL 21 Pieces of Chicken $ 3.95 611 N. College FaycttevilU · ·

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