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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, January 21, 1975
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'' C-2-lNDtfENt)tNT (AM) JJESS-TEIEGRAM _(PM) UM »«ch. c«iii.. TW.. j.n. i\. mi' BUD TUCKER Pac-8 cage race baffles Bruins, rojans following %st weekend' Open the doors, John Wooden If you have concluded this is a day and age wherein all the news is bad, observe the basketball writers of this earth who are'dancing on the boulevards and alternately weeping and giggling hysterically. The benefactor in the case is the NCAA. This ·august body has announced that the locker room doors wiH f ,be open during its national championship tourna- mcrU ir .lhereby making the lives of hoop journalists worth/Jiving once again. YOU SEE, THERE WERE those coaches who saw fit to|create bastions of the dressing quarters at ihe conclusion of games. Not the least of these was John Wooden of UCLA who is almost obsessed with secluding .his clods from those engaged in the relentless pursuit of quotes. Henceforth, however, the Bruins will be vulnerable to the visits of reporters when UCLA is taking part in the NCAA tournament. It should be pointed out that this ruling has nothing to do with the regular season at UCLA. In .other words, there is no indication the guards will be/disarmed or the fortifications removed at Pauley Pavilion. Security forces from around the globe could study and learn from Pauley Pavlion. To say the place is air- light would be a colossal understatement. Recently, a guy claiming to be wired with explosives got to the front lawn of the White House. Wooden's security people would have placed the arm on this creep before he turned off the freeway at Westwood. : ^HE HOUSE DETECTIVES hall of fame has enshrined such immortals as Tiptoes Tananbaum, Key- holeJCohen and Clothes Closet Clooney. Plaques await the JPaiiley Pavilion people, of course, but at the moiiient security is so thorough nobody knows their nanies. The UCLA security forces first gained international rendwn with their work with the Bruins' most recent superstars. Lew Alcindor and Bill Walton. Alcindor was to become Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Walton is now known to his teammates on the Portland professional team as Skunkie. At any rate, no tormenting reporter was to pounce upon either of these super centers while at UCLA. At the conclusion of a Brain game, the guy would remove his sneakers and colored underwear and vanish into Iho night, not to reappear until the referee threw up the ball*to start the next contest. fx'atually, attempts were made to infiltrate. Basket- hall^ writers in various disguises sought to outwit the security people but none was successful. iThe greatest frustration came in 1969 when a group of journalists tunneled under the walls. They were only a few feet short of the home team locker room at Pau~% Pavilion when Alcindor graduated. ^Coach Wooden's theory behind all this is his own and'he is entitled to it. Certainly, one does not dispute its success at the time. ' While the security squad was rising to its glorous heights of achievement, the baskctbal team won three national championships with Alcindor and two with Walton. AS TO WHETHER THE sheltering of the two youths properly prepared them for life after college depends entirely on your point of view. -Alcindor, now Jabbar, has not yet learned to live with reporters but he is no longer startled by their appearance in the locker room of the Milwaukee Bucks and the local press is mildly encouraged. Whereas Jabbar's response to a question a year ago was a blank look, jt is now a low grunt. :,.Walton has apparently made no progress. The gentlemen of the working press in Portland report th^re are two things Walton does not do. He doe not play and he does not talk. f Hope, however, has not been abondoned. In a television with a female sportscaster, Walton was looking at his feet but thought to be making human sounds. .' T.hen too, there is the encouragement of the NCAA ruling. Henceforth, if there is ever another Bruin worth an'interview during a national tournament, the media will not be impeded by a locker room door. So it is then, the basketball writers arc beside themselves with delight. Clearly, this is progress. Today the arenas of the world. Tomorrow Pauley Pavlion. Chacon dumps his manager World Boxing Council featljenveight champion Bobby Chacon has fired his manager. Joe Ponce. "illy-, w e e k s b e f o r e Chacon's f i r s t t i t l e defense Feb. 8 against Mexico's Paperlo Estrada. ' ' T h e r e was no com- munication between me and Joe." Chacon, 23, said M o n d a y . Ponce. 62. said he was dismissed because Chacon wanted to avoid giving a manager 3S per cent of hi; purses. "He just hated to leave all that money. ' (Continued from C-P there now. though. Key Rose Bowl people like Bill Nicholas and Lay Leishman wore active in the Pasade- r/j Junior Chamber of Commerce when I had two rational championship teams at Pasadena City Col- U'!K-. o I'd love to go back as Big 10 representative before they retire." Is there a difference coaching at Dartmouth and Illinois "Not really. You're talking about one school with : '.Wrt enrolment and one with 35.(W. I've been asked about that question so many times and I have the same answer: Surprisingly, the least difference in both s-choril? is in the football itself. There's no difference p l a y i n g in Vale Bowl or at Columbus. Ohio. I've had a very varied background--high school, service, junior college and college coaching, plus a part-time job with the Rams and I've coached in all four major geographical area of the country--and I've found that football is basically the .same everywhere." VOL' H.1VE O.VE OF THE TOP coaching records in the country tin 26 years. Blackman college teams are 169-73 (or a .700 percentage}. Do you have any goal now? ;.."Ves--to take the Fighting Illini to the Rose Bowl. But life has been good to me. I like the college campus and kids. I've had pro opportunities, but coaching in the; pros isn't my major goal, although I haven't ruled thcjtj- out altogether. 1 was in the final running for Ihe Ka)n job that Sid Gillman took 20 years ago. 1 also had a j^iance to coach t h e Pittsburgh Steelers. Now. though. I have that real deep Rose Bowl incentive." ·; As the limousine in which he was riding to the clinic passed Sixth and Ixmg Beach Blvd., Blackmail pointed to the YMCA building and squealed with joy. " ', ''Boy, this brings hack memories. I spent a lot of time in that building a long time ago. I've held football clinics all over (he country, but this is the first in my hometown. It's good to be home." It may be even better to return to his foster home in I'liKiiik'iiii one of Ihcse dayV By GARY RAUSCH Siaff Writer Bob Boyd and John Wooden were doing some soul searching Monday, taking their last looks at a lost weekend. B o y d ' s USC Trojans (67-66) and Wooden's UCLA Bruins (64-60) suffered defeats at Stanford that dropped them in a rare five-way tie for the Pacifie-8 Conference basketball lead. It was an agonizing loss for USC. which stood alone atop the standings for the f i r s t time in 1-1 years. The Trojans' reign lasted all of one day. "We're the loam that fell into the tie by losing," Boyd told Southland basketball writers. "All the others got there by winning." Boyd is t h a n k f u l his club (13-2) has a two-week layoff before tackling UCLA at Pauley Pavilion Saturday, Feb. 1. "We deserve the rest. It'll give us ample t i m e to put together the proper game to be successful against UCLA. Our problem righ! now is road games. "We play UCLA and then go to Ore : ,uon. That's five successive games on the road." Bolh coaches agreed that it's not likely one team will sprint to the front t h i s season w i t h a two or three-game lead on the rest of the Pac-8. "1 t h i n k it w i l l be a tight race 49ERS-- (Continued from C-l) of the players, particuilar- ly Bob Gross. Richard Johnson a n d Larry H u d son, w h o c a n a l l play three, four or five different positions for us. "They give us a flexibility t h a t can really be an asset in trying to a t t a c k another team." Jones is a l s o pleased with the development of point guard Dale Dillon, a .(-! sophomore from Long Beach. " D a l e h a s really matured a t . t h a t position." Jones said. "He's playing it w i t h confidence now, and is doing a good job of r u n n i n g our offense, and he's going to get better each game." T h e k e y t o L o n g Beach's success in league will be the play of 6-7 K y l e Jackson a n d 6 - S Carlos M i n a . "We're a m u c h belter t e a m w e ' r e hmning." J o n e s s a i d , "which i s s o m e t h i n g w e ' v e b e e n (luing well the last three games. But for us to be an e f f e c t i v e l a s t break team Carlos and Kyle have got to c o n t i n u e going to the boards bard and then get- l i n g the o u t l e t pass for us " throughout the conference," said Boyd. "It's possible one team or another may find itself two games down after going on the road. I never would have imagined Washington being 0-4 today, especially with two of those defeats coming at home." "1 concur with Bob," said Wooden. "I'm suprised as anyone that Washington and Washington State are both 0-4. I t h i n k they could have won both their games against Oregon and Oregon State last week and they weren't completely out of their games down here the week before." Oregon also has Wooden baffled. "It splits at home and sweeps on the road," he pointed out. Many Pac-8 coaches are of the opinion a team with four defeats could win the title. Wooden is in the minority. "Four losses could tie, but won't win. If we have four losses at the end of the season, I'll enjoy the NCAA playoffs lots more than I have in recent years," said Wooden with a grin. ;-. Wooden's prime concern is neither USC. UC Santa Barbara (Thursday's opponent) nor Notre Dame in South Bend Saturday. It's rebounding. "I feel we should be rebounding a lot better. Through the years, rebounding has been one of our strengths. Some years we were out-rebounded only six times the whole season. I can't ever remember being beaten on the boards' three successive games." Wooden denied his t e a m entered Friday's Stanford game with any complacency because of its 12-0 record. , "We haven't been shooting well and we've lost our drive,"- he explained. "Stanford's record is most misleading because of their injuries, illnesses and road games. "I'm not displeased that Rich Kelley and Ed Schweitzer played,exceptional games and scored 22 apiece and I'm not displeased t h a t ' Stanford scored 64 ppints. It's the 60 that we scored against them that displeases me. . "We shot less than 30 per cent the second half against Washington State and less than 30 the first half at Stanford. You won't win many games shooting like that. "I think we're as good as anyone else and I think anyone is as good as us. A loss can be beneficial, but so. can a win and I'd prefer the latter." Co-players of the week in the university division were Pepperdine center Marcos Leite and USC guard Gus Williams. Pomona-Pitzer's Geoff Northrop gained the college division honor. Oops! Long Beach's Kathy Cantu takes a spill during exibition women's basketball game against Australian National team Monday night. Aussies won in a breeze, 98-35. Staff Photo by TOM SHAW R. EC RE AT I ON i B-A-SKTETB _A.I_,I_,! MondavX Hesulls SoCal Hoof W. \. P-T 71 Little's M . U n f n ' s Primers 37. T.illlxilkTs H. Super Scni.ii :il Vmer. Wholesale' ;t. ADP !. M.itthe»'4.1. Sidewinders :M M Nawreni' 37. Bper Bellies :M Vli Mortan Truckers ·'. Sndsnuii Ni*ndie.-57. Tain's Buys m llip Crips fv Tunu'flals . (James Tonight ,M Marshall-7 i:,. Space OmKns \·· Ihnnanis's. s ir,. takcwiHHi 1st Baptist Kids vs Muus: 'i-l.i. GSirac's 1 1 7 v s Nile Sireakers. Ai Hughes- 7 if, Tile Sh-Mi \ ;· I' P C s i-,. Glfria Marshall \ s Moiv,'. ' l.V Vvrs \ s Wt'si Cua^l Canl Mart Al -lefferstm--7 i Ke\ii!iiah. \ .li.ker's Wild S li Kxefnines \s Bis WITT- 1V,M !"·!:·, l . B Kmfehlt-rV \ * RiiniruiirnT \l Jordan--7 }'. Ku-fnun Construe- t i u n \ s I.BPO Eades: x - K . Thirstv Me \ - Sun TV :i F, Sho»-olT~ ^ ri\,fe'»Romlvrs Al'Millikan-7 \; SH'al Edisun \ M a s m i n i rVree s !i. YMl'A \ s Sams,. \.,,-o- " '.'· Belmint Billiard* \ s Stelen-or. Fol'ster .lels Winter slo pitch IT'S STAR TIME * * * * * * WHL event JVot much hitting due unites Hull in NHL dream game and Howe T ·'MlltS i s IMIOOK nmii'inssmi's VI Philadelphia K i r * t round- ShiTaiv,! S U ' w j r : l:.,u.un Tov J« Al« NMrm-li iij's-:.i !··· i T o : T.-n: Okk.-r. 1W !.!::,;. i!, 1 : .lose Hisurras. Spam. ti.\ c : Uth.jr ,\ht Richir.oiiJ. V.i. in T":n Filii-fsen. l/'s Angeles tyj -'i li :i -l St.n-klw.. Pallas, del Ross Casi-. U.lraiu. S I . s.l. John Ll.uJ. Britain, lii-f Kin Kii:tTMin A u s t r a l i a ti ~ f , . T'IU K.'H-IH'. Australia, def iVlin Pi lev A u s t r a l i a , r, I. t', J, Ti^ Si-jtllf. del Hans Karv. Austria. 7-i:. s llari'ld Solomon Silver Spnn,.'s M,1 1rf Cirah:,n] Slilwoll. Britain. T-.S t ^ i i . Kiidu- Hilih, V u m i B n c h dcf \dna- n.. I'Jii.i'.U. l l a U T . I . f. i Ru«-,,. Tarn.T Ijv'k.'ut V o j n U i n . Ti-nn . del l'a!:K-i- '.vi;ii:iiau'.v Kraniv. r-T. *.i t: .' t'hixi'phor Mi'iirjir.. B r i t a i n . J,f J u n Kami*a.'.irm ,lar."in. '', 1 ii ? I'.Uf.lil' i i r r . T . , ,, irm .i,.f N( 0 ,.. Krim-ut; llallnuiri- ?..4."t; I Ha ll:i(- 1,-i- \u*!rai..i del Andre* i'attisi-n UvjV-ia. '- : · I John A!-\.inuVr \,.-tij|u, J.-l J i n llrehiv. I'whoslo- » . , k i a '.'» i. I. Vitas (M-riil.titas. Nt-vi V - ' i k ill-' i h i - l!rni:tiir,. S»i-,1rn. T-S i'i. ' . I Mian Stoni-. Australia iei l l a r r I ' h - I l : p s M,«, r ,. \ii.;rali.i. T H ii Signs of Sprinji ROYALS Signed p i l f h r r s S l f i r ll«vh\, Al Kllimwrli, Linily MfPaiW and 'Marl I.IM. icr.lerlicldor Amos ntii snd htsi h.urma.i Fruk Ortfiirio. KXI'OS Sigurd nihlhamifd p i l c h , 1* Slf\r I ' * £,i Hair Mulp'r) EDMONTON ( A P ) -Two of hockey's all-time superstars. Gordic Howe and Bobby Hull, will be West Division teammates in the World Hockey Association All-Star Game tonight. H o w e is one- of nine Houston players p i c k e d for the team and Hull, recently asked to double as player-coach of the Winnipeg Jets, was the lone unanimous choice for the game. Houston coach Bill Dineen will head the West All-Stars, seeking t h e i r first victory against their E a s t D i v i s i o n c o u n t e r parts. A capacity crowd of 15,32(5 will jam the new Edmonton Arena for the game. Dineen will have a fistful of his own players, headed by the legendary Howe, playing in his 24th All-Star game, and one of Gordie's sons, Mark. In addition to the Howes, Houston's defending WHA champions will be represented by the forward line of Frank Hughes, Larry Lund and Andre Hinse, defensemen Poul Popiel and John Schella, forward Ted Taylor and goalie Wayne Rutledge. M e a n w h i l e , D i n e e n added defenseman Doug Harrie of Edmonton as an injury replacement for Al Hamilton. Opposing the West Stars w i l l be an East squad coached by Ron Ryan 'of the N e w E n g l a n d Whalers. The East's forward line firepower will be led by Frank Mahovl i c h . Ralph Backstrom, and Serge Bernier, the latter two erstwhile mom- IKT.I nl the Kings. V MONTREAL ( A P ) -Fred Shero and Bep Guidolin, the coaches for tonight's National Hockey League All-Star G a n i e , expressed characteristic views of the game Monday. S h e r o , serious about every game and every practice, announced he would be accompanied behind the bench by Mike N y k o l u k -- w - h o assists Shero in his duties during the regular season at the helm of the Philadelphia Flyers. G u i d o l i n , meanwhile, kept his loose, easy-going attitude but agreed with Shore's philosophy. "I wish I had an assistant." Guidolin said with a grin. "If I did. he could be talking to the reporters and I could be in my hotel room, resting." Shero w i l l b r i n g his t e a m of Clarence Campbell Conference stars selected from teams in Divisions 1 and 2 into the Montreal Forum for the contest, w h i l e Guidolin will guide the favored Prince of W a l e s Conference players f r o m Divisions 3 and 4 in the 28th event. B o t h agreed in their expectations of the game. "You're not going to sec any hitting, but I don't think people want to see much." said Shero, who has on his roster five of his Flyers players. Bcrr.ic Parent will play goal behind center Bobby Clarke, left wing Bill Barber and (lofonsemon Ed Van Impc and Jim Watson. Meanwhile, the only All- Star from Guidolin's Kansas City club will play againsl his regular season roach. Shoro ricked riuht wing Simon Nolet from the roster of the Scouts, b u t b e c a u s e Guidolin earned his coaching spot behind the Boston Bruins' bench last season, he will look on as Nolet takes the ice for the opposition. "I hope he wins the car though," Guidolin glibly said of the prize given the g a m e ' s most valuable player. "He might give it to me." Three members of the Kings will perform for G u i d o l i n - goaltender Rogie Vachon and defen- semen Terry Harper and Bob Murdoch. i Crawford, Davis to appear in L.B. Willie Crawford of the Dodgers, Tommy Davis of the Baltimore Orioles and San Francisco's Derrel Thomas are scheduled to appear in Long Beach next Monday at a youth baseball clinic. The clinic will be held at Orange Field, 21st St. and Orange Ave. Youngsters are invited to attend and should bring gloves and shoes. Cage highlights Indiana 89, Wisconsin 69-Quinn Buckner scored 26 points, Kent Benson added 22 and Scott May contributed 17 for No. 1 Hoosiers, who won 20th game in row and are 6-0 in Big Ten. Kentucky 74, Alabama 69-Kevin Grevey scored 20 points and grabbed 18 rebounds to lead No. 10 Wildcats to upset of No. 7 Crimson Tide. Teams are tied for Southeastern Conference lead with 5-1 records. Tennessee 65, Vanderbilt 61-Bernard King scored 16 points to pace balanced Vols' attack and Rodney Woods sank two crucial free throws with 47 seconds to play to decide SEC contest. Notre Dame 96, Holy Cross (II-- Nation's leading scorer, Adrian Dantley, scored 30 points, including 18 of 22 free throws, to help Irish sweep aside upset bid and record 100- Oth basketball win in school's 77-year history. S. Carolina 99, Niagara 79-Mike Dunleavy scored 24 points and Tom Boswell added 22 and each player grabbed 11 rebounds to pace No. 16 Gamecocks to lOtn win in 14 games. Iowa 83, Michigan St. 79-Dan Frost scored 18 of his 21 points in second half and Haw- kcyes outscored MSU 13-4 in first six minutes after intermission to key Big Ten victory. Lute Olson's team improved league record to 3-4 and overall mark to 6-9. Minnesota 67, Michigan 58-Sophomore Mark Lannsbcrger scored 31 points to lead 16th- ranked Gophers to fifth Big Ten triumph in seven games. Leading scorers 31-- Mark I-irnlsborger 'Minnesotni. :W-- Adrian Dantley iNotre Damci. 27-- Ufln Douglas lAlabamal. 2tf-- Quinn RucVncr (Indiana). S-Bill Andreas lOhio St.). Billy M c K i n n e v iNortiiwetL'mi. L i n d b a y Hairston (Michigan SU 24-Mike Dunleavy iS Carolina!. a-Mikc Boswell IS. Cardinal. Kent Benson (Indiana), Bruce McCauley 'Wisconsin). 21-- Dan Frost Howa). Chris Potter Utolyrmssi. 2ft-- Dave Knsmicf Oiotre Darnel. .leff Fosnes iVanderbilt), Kevin Grevey iKmluckvi. DAVE ANDERSON-- (Continued from C-l) a l l u d i n g to his fend with the captain of the U.S. Davis Tup team. "If 1 told you. it's no longer personal." "What's your status now with Chris Evert?" i r.ic-u SCORE; NBA standings EAJTESM rO ·- Atlantic' MvMM . W t Pet. 6B Boston - 29 W -6M -IS ·-:.':.» i« -w i New York '·- ' - ··' 23 19 .548 5'/i ***** 2 W · Houston , ' : 20 SB .«5 O Atlanta . . » 2' ·« " NeW Orleans . ' 5 35 .125 24 WESTERN .CONFERENCE Mlowesl Division . Detroit . : / 26 19 .57! Chicago · · 23 20 .535 MllwVukn : 22 2! J1J 3 Kansas City-Omaha 22 24 .478 f'i PKiHc .DivilUll Golden Stale !7 16 .428 Seattle . ' · 20 24 .455 7V Portland ' 19 23 -452 7"; pSx ·: 18 24 .«9 84 takers . 17 25 .405 Wt Monday's Results No games scheduled. Games Tonight Lakers at Golden State. Seattle at Buffalo. Chicasoal New York. New Orleans at Atlanta. Washington at Cleveland. Boston at Houston. Portland at KC-Omaha. Philadelphia at Phoenix. (Only games scheduled.) NBA leaders FO FT\ Pis. Avs. McAdoo. Buffalo 572 315 150! )3.5 Barry, Golden Slate 579 238 1396 32.5 Abdul-Jabbar, Milwak332 157 321 30.4 Scotl. Phoenix «! 170 1026 25.7 Unier. Delroil «9 195 1053 24.5 Archibald. K'C-Omaha 350 356 1056 23.0 Brown, Seattle 431 139 1001 22.8 Wicks, Portland 356 238 950 22.6 Ha»wood, Seattle 363 194 920 22:4 Monroe, New York 375 153 903 21.5 ABA standings He* York Kentucky SI. Louis Memphis Virginia Denver San Antonio Indiana Utah San Diego Eastern Division W L Pet. OB 32 13 .711 30 13 .69B 1 IB 28 .391 14'! 13 33 .283 WVi 9 34 .200 23 Western Division 38 8 .B2S -28 21 .571 W, 21 23. .«1 It 21 27 .08 18 19 27 J13 19 Monday's Results No games scheduled. Game Tonight Indiana at San Antonio. 'Only game scheduled). ABA leaders McGinnis. Ind., SD Erving, NY Boone, Utah Lewis. Stl Simpson,- Den Gervin, SA Barnes, SIL Gilmore, Ky Calvin, Den FG FT ilj 315 482 150 452 2« 472 196 312 213 419 W 424 210 37! 113 343 l?l J54 256 Pis. »v«. 1!70 29.5 1117 !6.6 1192 26.4 1167 24.3 «79 22.5 1022 22.2 1082 22.0 857 21.9 917 -21.3 767 20.1 NHL standings Philadelphia N.Y. Rangers Allanla Division 1 W L T PIS OF SA 29 10 6 64 159 96 23 12 1 55 186 140 20 17 9 49 129 126 N.Y. Islanders .... 18 16 11 a 151 124 Division! W L T Pts GF GA Vancouver '. 22 19 5 49 155 147 Chicago 21 20 4 if, 151 113 St. Louis 1820 7 43 144 158 Minnesota II 24 629118 190 KansasCitv 931 422110 192 Division 3 W U T Pts GF GA Kims » 7 1264 14» 73 Montreal 25 81343207 131 Pittsburgh 17 17 10 44 178 144 Detroit 11 24 830124 169 Washington 3 38 5 11 92244 Division 4 W L T Pts GF GA BuHalo 29 9 745196 134 Boston 25 12 858212139 Toronto 17 21 7 41 157 173 California 11 28 9 3 1 124 187 Monday's Results No games scheduled. Game Tonight . All-Star Game at Montreal. NHL leaders Esposito, Bos. Orr, Bos Lafleur, Mon.. Perreault, Buf. Dionne, Det. ... Mahovlch, Mon. Robert, Buf Gilbert, NYR Clark, Phi Vlckers, NYR 55 39 37 37 ' 41 32 35 Pts. 87 81 72 64 61 60 59 59 59 56 WHA standings N.England Cleveland Chicago Indianapolis .... East Division W L T P GF G» 24 17 2 50 152 153 17 23 2 36 119 141 17 23 1 35 138 155 8 32 3 19 97 179 Houston.... Phoenix.... San Diego.. Minnesota . Michigan .. West Division W L T P GF GA 28 13 0 56 193 122 20 18 6 46 145 146 21 19 1 43 137 139 21 19 0 42 167 138 1327 3 29 107 179 Quebec Toronto Edmonton Winnipeg Vancouver Canadian Division W L T P GF GA 28 15 0 56 183 137 23 18 2 48 181 159 20 15 2 42 132 120 18 17 2 38 148 124 1820 2 38124 128 Mondays Results No games scheduled. Game Tonight Ail-star game at Edmonton. WHA leaders Hull, Winnipeg Bernier, Quebec Lund. Houston Lacroix. Sand Diego Walton. Minnesota Nilsson, Winnipeg Hinse, Hoyston Hughes, Houston Dillon, Toronto G.Howe, Houslon 38 38 S3 36 25 39 19 40 30 26 14 40 22 30 31 19 17 33 17 II BASKETBALL RESULTS "IIP in four months We called off the wedding by mutual niiivement. Our tennis careers were at the point where if we wanted to live the life of being apart, why get married. But in the Bahamas, I wrote her a note and asked George Lidily to deliver it for me. Just a note of congratulations on being voted the female athlete of the year. That's exciting." "Could your romance bloom again?" "You never know. You never know." With Jimmy Connors, you never do. \ W' PACIFIC COAST Portland St. So. N. Arizona S3. ROCKY MOUNTAIN Air Force H. Xavicr iO.) 51. MIDWEST Indiana S9. Wisconsin K) Notre Dame 96, Holy Cross 91. Minnesota 67. Michigan 6H. Iowa M, Michigan ST. 79. \ Ohio St. 77, Northwestern 67. D*Paul 1(8. St. Mary's (Minn.l 68. No. Illinois 78, New Orleans 75. Grand Valley 88, N. Michigan 70 lOTl Neb.-0maha 81, S-Dakota 72. SOUTH Kentucky 74. Alabama 69. Tennessee o5, Vandorbilt 61. LSI! 90. Georgia 89. Florida 85. Mississippi SO. Auburn 98. Mississippi SI. 85. Georgia St. 70, S. Mississippi 65. VMI 72, Bethany 43 William i Mary 91, St. Mary's IMd.) K Carolina 110, Davidson 78. ' · W. Kratticky 107. K. Kentucky 82 Tenn. Tech ii, Austin FVHV in. Chatlanooda 79, W. Carolina 71. Ilolstra?7 Fla. Southern Cl. AIA-Kas! fe. Citadel 87. Florida Si. tt. Biscaync 85. SOUTHWEST Tuls.ilW.Okla City 105 (2, OT. Oral Roberts 97, AlA-WntW. TCM» Unheran 72, Trinity fTcx.l 63. W. Texas SI. 82. E. Sew Mexico 55. Houston Baptist 7!i, Tcx.-Aninglon EAST S Carolina W. NinRara 79 fanisius 75 Buffalo 74 l/jng Wand 72, Kings Poir.l H7.

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