The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 10, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 1
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.._,. art m chaj-gl 6{ Utt SloW $» M«TJ *™/**j. * e group t in ?*?. t 8 *** 6 *'* Is be"« ma* Lmdsey <md fete Paul; the mdfafti vithout names and team AM managers. Taylor Kemp, V. L. MW, Say Ward afi'a; TJ-—— —•-••«•»( M. nj IWA m 8»Wo8 »ttd OX Key. ^J?* W l r . s managing the swimming •ess ha* A ts. »8 . Vft to be IniiaUd -WVi-j". iT iZ «M»"«ai,i,iig mt OWHrti tigers, Giants srtd gram are tenttis, trtelt. waft, and library. Plate) S^lffiA, r °« Mays and D. to hive the libMty h*li pro«fcnn, Therfe arc fao* d n off June hove ti header to t«« fact day, ott th* i«m« teams wfltte Junior t^sime, M this group are from BooKmoblte'i vttif our in (ftt Miftor Leaau*, tw6 Sweeny. Hbwevtf, tne the fltejor League and teams. Billy Mclntire and Frank activities are only Id th* fatlv» «ti«k« ' ' Alien are the Cub'* mar.agfcfsj •«« ffiot* enirg* !«c thi Clute Obuncil , Btf* to one coandlman Of town, the mating VT "* city council witt be <« ,. s*dsy, June ival ,#"-£-« . _. the city hall rattfcte'h *'• than on the regular fhurtdar ! -*b meeting date. ^^ ™ tt tooke* like . .b* director of vou nav WAco — Hugh ^ri, .- .».{Wke part in this bicycle party,' ^i^.hi.1. i- <u, «... .. .. " ", r j •'?. < up bright and «a*iy to kick $f $$1 4KJ annual Bummer rccreatiori'bovs lf ft Gol8on f West "-'—«-'--' ' rh « ri U Gators Fiice 1 ^®*®*? 1 ciai ,events tna^ nave been 2Vw wu S *P°nsor a fl plamm 'the* "evews will be *F3&il J «?ie 14, at th held eac1r'WedtT<«dfly with the Ae "S HOifle on Highw second on* on the summer i fa Cfate. Tickets may t Busy Schedule end off, Lake Jackson's state cKamplon Gator* face a busy whedttle this «feek of whit two days will'be spent* 'Jh tournament play. t The Gators make the tgffito Hojftton Tue*l** night ftostlck's CafeH i Tti etaecond on* on the • at the^gyni? . ---.-;; .--•• FOE AU*if* wry WUJ sponsor a fish fry "^"^ •—- " the rqg - ~"~"^ -••*•••*. v<i aa,sj§ilW8y itSv )er jin Crute. Tickets may be puf» 'chased-from Mrs. Barbara KeU ^f.-?' Zella ^"Martin at and 8:88 p.m. i On Th tors Hou. Yield the f Lak» ,. a twlnbil dow On once; ton, 1 day toui^tanlenb The Sator-J^ ahd Sunday! affair will draw the top team* from the Hous. ton aria and'Ji fitted to ha an outstanding eojtball event, Oator Manager Leo T0b<ui wlU hive his-two lop pitching aces ready far the wee|t'» card and far. ifcrimce fot .„- Hhey split fi»wrt Wiiu of Dallas, IT. the Colors 11 be In Hous. time,for a two- .Melon, Thief * BRAlWJtft SlljL- J«jw«r W/t. ftneld didn't mind a he Ing In his wat Saturday.; He t too mutih, thouife, pilot hopped out, fr melons, jumped in> 'captor and took Sett today gWju Seta Tue said ._ land- ., ,_„ will teach «olf,,uTg to a «2^ft» l 1L« l SfJSfi:i«fi!5f I* .WlU M. Mij Fail In College £ * * * j "* •* Laxton Named James T. Laxton, son of Mr, and Mrs. Troy S. Laxton of veral the .West Kent '•a by thewtat number of col-, t-~ fajiures, chiefly in fresh-i ~~ J sophomore yeati,! _-nmed in the eiahlh. . grades and alaHi in —.- and^l2th.^ig»-«¥hoai i««»vet ,- ia . Wls. — » ~ A . a | ot Mrg . Margaret r, 49, out of a pickle A l<rf«. after " tefcg and l«po«d * *U — wfceri ah* w«d tlbt a baftel of tickle* soaking at hone would —ttit.U she .wemt to i»iL . as, . J ^ and klljftl «l hfc front door by a Wo«* ' alt overheard to say, -V t «SbVt have you, nobody *!»« wlti."- WASHINGTON - tipwt stomach r?-J has>e&BoeUed all engagement, In K«w York, fee L*M» «atbt«d a flrop of more thai a billion dollar^ 'n rtodc vaJuatioit, DALLAS - A Uattt* ft** aureey showed II dead of traffic and o*htr violate* over the weekend. ' DOVER. Del. - U jets took Otf,today on a non-stott trip to Avianr, I!-..,, ir-agcst op««tfotta) ftght of jets rf date. , yout ,c«, and,! 2 Wrecks Funeral servieea tor L. Ralph CoUhoa of Sjfracuse, K.' Y ~~* •»»•• nr* M*» nmiytt UUUflQB CJJ 3XT«KUaV ft * Y "* -;j ' r — — ~ —-•»—-»^ !>Tohnson, 7«, of Aogletoo we** and munerous tttt** andlieph- '- 1» * i . iheld Sunday at « »», at the **»• * Ki ,by Hi MaiJhca D.'taken to HermannItcsoltal in Holy Comforter Kpiscopal 0£ fuHttfttL 'u^.,-.i J ._ **M*f-.—~. «. > .. *^»_ .!•... . _ „* Houston. Officer Orimmett,Church in Ansleton. with Rev.', {raid she had » a*v*r head la»iStanley Wilson of freeport ef- ! -. Ana**-) ,(««u MIV n*u « «*Wr nCWl lli-j^Muiicjr TfliMRI O1 reratton, and 4 |>osslhle broken l(lc j <tui< - n*t»i. "«M_ AM^^L. ' •nterm'*'»%,j?»5 girl* from] fa, Brlggg a*« pelvis, arm and -,- FUUa. and.Mra. Ucond I Mr er. «„ J<)<in third tie* S«IM*rop0llf»d Mower, ' ' " ' t*-'" *•---» r * ' •* -— '• tan .. * - S|I1 ^ S « U1 ' i|wayi a* your Ml»- ^ • *-M.«r Mage 4 Itretle* es«l»e> ifttman 18 nkn iViowors Nth Muleher Am .ni«rt '95 »b«, Wt, '30 « Mat«B*>aal,^Bt<h u*^ Jri.»"»'*""'!SB *P|P ^* LOW CAN PHONE Telephow 34881 WHEX YOU XEE1 A MEUICINK nek up your pnsertpttai it aheppiaui near us. OF let us dettvar prompUy without e«ra chart*. A treat many aea*t* enlrual us wttb the r*spMi» atHttty of tonne. MM* WN •ertpttons. May ve compeMM mm? Velasco Rixall 823 OUI4T BLVD. PRE80WPTION PHARMACISTS IsasnM Urke (tTMtlttn kh» 1M B3S LOANS . Have On* eba»g« 1taj been Braaoeport's v»n the missing name of A Navigation District ,d«te who was afraid hi* application i wno was atraid litt application had •'been. U Hooked, or ignored, turned up today to a rtjdj (Submitted to County Clerk Herb Stevens. ;£ ftew list of candidates. McKay 'i3bp\f» that he was actually the fourth of the six candidates to file, but b«lieves hat he, was the only one to ale In An«lctcn with ihe Navi. tation District board secre- »ry, t, L. (Jack) Bosteit. McKay wld he filed at about 10 a. *n. Wednesday, the a«t day for filing. He becant Harmed thursdav afernroe vhen t»e day's edltloh of the Facts imported the final list of andldatts at five, With the name ri McKay Jbot included. Mdlitcly c»iie* The gineers as a structural ettitb tor at the district office Tip Denison, plus the ttoeYjia t of service in the S«abe> He owrts and operates Brazosport Lumber Comi In Brizoria, fte was may Brazoria in 1947-48, and. charter member of the, ;oria Volunteer fire ] :nieht. Lions Club, and fellows. He i« n menw- the Brazoria County LunY men's Association. that was top,.. !«<«* -bad be>n 'pi Effects Of Heart Su,w .jr^-i^ijB Brata/Studied.,, 7 t , S^^l^w^l^ 1 ' lut Watt said this momlnc ist the first he-knew of He- Kay filing for the »— rtf +j «•* KAJ^CII VQUSU9 BIIT brain damage during heart surgery. («j»7.~ L"" t."" >""•"" 'i Th* new techniques of hearf ' today when he received a surgery involve the use o'tho * lilt from Hie I heart-lung pump or "artificial heart," and freezing, during - •• -w«2»»***» »*M*«,*I*'¥ t *aW Aal there had <«en •meeting of the board t thr ^16%% yteepprtTon Thursday «fternoon, but 8o«- ton at tlWMime had made ho L!S that the |lorne - v< MHjiof. Smith, hid SUDO. A. I 1 "" 1 * 1 '* tl«« eounty clerk a t of flvesnames (without Me. I >.Vs> t» be put on the ballots, Walt felt that the mlssin r.. a y • a r with t h I V f Boston. '' Didn't. He Mid that! **•* -.1 >tf the bal- i Heart," an d freezing, during ft which oatygen to the brain ts B i reduced. • '•- j\ The reseirchers also are *6V \ ing rats to determkn- whethii* ' a prenatal change in oxygci \ aupply can produce brain dam- ' age. , >i | , Rats vrttl bi subjected Ttf , ..""W* of oxygen and carbon dioxide during pregnacy, and their offspring will be studied for brain damage. • ; « ' ' - - -.••-• • • y*7 • Stock Market 9 I £*«HI**WM vt.j ^ e,«___fc*Tr ft Ce. of Houatt* ^..NOOIirAU, , > - .. *. wash 'a wear Venney's eoel shadow *o**a afake. Wrinkle reslatant, they atay fmh pressed thru «-«*r, travel. Wash ee*Ujr, quick dry. Nylpn f»osd »nd sizes 28 to No Indorwrt-Slmpliflod Plan >v Quick to 11,000 'Cortfiawitial Servics* lleutura 'car. or furniture ft*, >n ~ " Jj ~ ----- *•"• ___ i— --* T -TT-^* 500 Pr. 100*4 PACRON w«$h & wear Slacks 0 Solid Mori t 3-D Weavos t Slub W«av«§ • I*. H»«» J laVHl I ?**' I'fiiU WMT .. i y ' Free ^

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