Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 5
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 5

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 5
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FRIDAY EVbNiNG, JUNE 3, I960 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 5 WORLDWIDE NEWS FRONT Compiled From The Daily Citizen's Wire Services NATIONAL IOWA STATE TAX Commissioner Andrew George »nd Walt Green, head of the commission's accounts and finance division, admitted yesterday they forgot to lign their state income tax returns before mailing them, ST, PETERSBURG, Fla., Recre- I ation Director Bob Riley gave the city's street cleaners a vote of confidence yesterday when he ate scrambled eggs, bacon and toast right off the street to demonstrate the success of their i cleanup campaign. A FARMER and his hired hand at Clarksville, N. J., were elec- A WEEK...PAYS FOR ANY B ULOVA SHOWN HERE! i trocuted yesterday when a metal I pipe they were connecting to a ! silo fell across a 2,400-volt high j tension wire. Police, said farmer Richard Mey. 43, and Leon No- vatkowski, 50, were standing in i water and mud with .their hands ; on the pipe when it fell. i A PLAQUE commemorating the arrival at New York in 1635 of Peter Caesar Alberti, the first Italian immigrant, was unveiled yesterday in Batter.' Park arrJ nine of Alberti's descendants at- j tended the ceremony sponsored by the Italian Historical Society of America. The plaque was pre- sented bv the City of Venice. | Italv. ' " ! By ALFRED SHEINWOLD | pie, for South should make 10 or We have been spending the en- 11 tricks no mailer how ln goes tire week on penalty doubles of at it. Smith's host plan is to nil! i low contracts and have already the second diamond nnd li-ad R ; observed that your partner's pen- low club to finesse dummy's jack »n i alty doubles are suggestions, n o t i st once. South cannot tell which; I SOUTH AFRICAN university; com niands. Here's another case in ! finesse will work, but should plan ; students today began a nationwide | protest against the prolonged de- i : tention of persons opposing the · ! government's racial policies. An : i estimated 1.700 persons still were ; \ being held by the government. ! On Bridge j Mexico Trade Committee Jr^ Revived By Tucson CofC which the opening bidder should i use his own judgment. Choose that very special gift from our complete selection of fine ULOVA atches HARDWARE SPECIAL! SAVINGS THRU NEXT FRIDAY A Mill AMtllC* Youth ind btiuty art cipturtd In Dili 17 )ml wite. with Ixiutlfully Hutched upmlm brtetltt. fll.Tt · SIHATM TM martin look-top Iml In ptrformMCf tut DM In prlei. 17 j*wili, itioek-rtiiittfil. tll.Tt C RNAPSOIY rin«, tett m*ih, «ripln« fluldly Ilk* ttrtti. ittrrm M a wld« netinfulir utch. Tnt MM, i Utimliti clrtlt. . PMI Tt* witeti tfiit hn tv»ryHiin|. « J«wtli, ull-wliM)li(, wiHrproof', thock-niiiUfit. Flwwtlitt *lll, eimtilnt- tlan link iod txptnilM bind. flfJt E MILK* lltHMM U nTITI Tht wdlwei ·» 2 fluhlnf diamond* hlltiKifitj nit thinnlni 23 fewtl witch tnhlm. *H,M It'i fcold *nd brniltnt with * 21 Jewil movtiMiit. Ih*rt- rtllltMt, hiMioiM ixpimlM bind. IHJI COOLER PADS Miracle Mat, genuine Western Aqten Fiber. All s i z e s , from J E W E L E R S CONGRESS STONE OPEN MONDAY FRIDAY EVENINGS 'til !· itirf tvtfy lutow WoWrB'oef wotcti h Hiied ond ctrfllif t ·eterorool *Y *· U»»»* S'«» 1««!ni Ce- Inc. ·Wotirpiool « lonp at out, cryilol end crew* ot InTofl. Fflcti l"tluJ» ffdtmlT««. COOLER SUPPLIES · Pumps · Copper Tubing · Fitting · Anti-corrosion water fresheners OPEN DAILY MON THRU SAT 7l30 A M · 6 P N HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. 4818 E. SPEEDWAY PHONt EA 5-3421 j MORE THAN 300 Methodists t ·;.;· \ I'v Unit':! Str.tcr, nnd I r e - j land yesterday at Limerick, Ire- j | land observed the bi-centenary of | the founding of the Methodist ] Church in America. W. M. ANKUDINOV, chief of the official Soviet state tourist o f : fice. Intourist, predicted last n i g h t ; about .20,000 American tourists will j visit IU: r'.n \'-'~. .·;-. -:.OC3 nv..'C j than in 1959 and brushed off suggestions by western newsmen that the Summit Conference collapse | might cause a decline in U. S. | tourist traffic. LOLA FISHER, who portrays Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady" which is touring Russia, said yesterday the New York actors' strike does not affect the American road show's performances in the Soviet Union. She was troubled because the show, which played to packed houses in Moscow and Leningrad, had a few empty seats during one performance at Kiev. STATE GROSS VALUATION of Santa Cruz County may rise to $9,864,883 in I960, compared to last year's $9,046,412, Assessor Frank Bennett disclosed today. The projected increase is about 8 per cent, he said. THE PHOENIX military division of Motorola Inc. today held a new $10,935,410 Army contract for a unique radio central iwitch- ing system to replace the conventional field telephone system. Vehicles such as jeeps will house "subscriber" stations, a spokes' man said. ' AUTHORITIES ARE double- checking Yuma County's remote 1 northern area in an attempt to ! find enough residents to warrant I creation of a second Superior ' Court division. Latest count shows I the county is 95 residents short of the necessary 45,000. PUBLIC HEALTH officials will meet Wednessday in Denver to | discuss Colorado River pollution. Arizona Health Commissioner Dr. Clarence G. Salsbury and Sanitation Engineer George Marx w i l l : attend. i DEATHS MARTIN FRANCIS HUBERTH, 85, chairman of the executive committee and former board chairman of the Hearst Corp., died yesterday. PAULA HITLER, 64. sister of Adolph Hitler, died Wednesday, according to Berchtesgaden police. She preferred to b: called Paula Wolf and lived, since 1945, on a small pension in a room of an old house where she died. G. MAX FOWLER, 70, publisher of the Frankfort (Ind.) Morning Times and a national Masonic officer, died yesterday. South dealer East-West vulnerable NORTH 4 7 3 V A Q 6 3 · J 7 4 + K J 6 5 WEST EAST 4k 6 2 * K 10 9 4 ¥ 10 5 V 9 K 2 4 A K Q 1 0 9 5 4 8 6 2 + 8 4 3 + Q 10 9 SOUTH A A Q J 8 5 V K J 7 4 · 3 · A 7 2 South West North Fjist 1 4 2 4 Double Pa« 2 V Pass 4 V All Pass Opening lead -- 4K to try both. l-'.ast wins anil probably returns a diamond for South to ruff. Declarer then cashes his two trumps, enters d u m m y wilh « club to draw the Inst trump and tries the spade finesse. The rest ·is easy. The basic bidding principle Is very simple: the double of K Imv contract shows general strength snd invites partner to cooperate in the defense. As 1 pointed out in my latest book: "If he has a good reason, an expert takes out a double just as though partner had shown his strength by a bid. And the dou- Wer, if he is likewise on expert, not only expects this treatment, but scolds his partner for letting the double sfand if his hand clearly called for a takeout." QUESTION Partner opens wilh one heart South has a sound opening bid and West a fair overcall of two diamonds. North has the sort of and the next player bids two dia- light penalty double we have j monds. You hold: spades 7 3, been discussing. This double hearts A Q G 3, diamonds J 7 4^ shows a good defensive hand, but clubs K J 6 5. What do you say? doesn't guarantee murderous' Anssver: Bid two hearts. Your strength in the enemy's suit. j hand is not "defensive" when Tho Tucson Chamber of Commerce hns revived its dormant Mexico Trade Relations Committee, naming Robert Salvatierra Jr. chairman. At a meeting in the Pioneer Hotel yesterday noon, four subcommittee were established. Their members were asked to meet snd prepare specific programs to be i submitted to the full committee ; at the next meeting July 7, Subcommittees established are ; on commerce, education, tourism ' Richard .lacome was named i chairman ot the commerce com- i mitlec, UA Dean H a r o l d E. j Myers, chairman of the edura- ! lion committee; Rudolph Higuera I and Herman E. Kleinfelder, chair; man of the communications and i tourism committles, respectively. j Committee members include: Commerce, Frnnk H. Bcnecke, H a l l e , education, F. Boyd A l l r n , Frederick J. Fisher, Dr. Fred l : .. Sowerby; communications, Alfred Hiidgin. Low Place. Dr. H a r r y U. Thompson 1 , tourism, Charles C, Arnold, (icorge Diamos · nnd Srolt Henderson. Possible projects for iho f u t u r e were discussed. Tu\v include a program for interchange, of students nntl lenrher* between A n - zrm and Sonora, possible printing of the Tucson Guide in Spanish; cooperation with Mexican officials in establishing the free pnrt of Guaymas, and the intern n t i n n a l i r a t i o n of Tucson Municipal Airport. Originally, l.hr Mexico Trade Relations Commirie was established in bring more Mexican s inio Turson. GET THIS FINE BOURBON V/HEM YOU'RE IM MEXICO Soutli would be delighted to accept a double of two clubs or two hearts, but he is not eager to defend against two diamonds. | Therefore, he takes the double' out by showing his second suit, | North is delighted to raise to; four hearts. He knows that South i has at most one diamond so t h a t j his own strength in clubs is sure i to be useful. If South has an open- j ing bid with biddable spades and j hearts and a singleton diamond, j he is sure to have a fine play for game in hearts. The play at four hearts is sim- you have four-card support lor partner's suit. l 11X311 en FOR YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH! Driver Hurt In Crash On Freeway A Tucson molorist i n j u r e d Wednesday night when his c a r ; struck a road divider on the Free-1 way was listed in satisfactory j condition today at St. Mary's Hos-1 pital. Gene A. Domingue/, 49, of 3G4S E. Dover St., suffered head and face lacerations in the accident BICYCLE EXERCISER RENTS $12" Mo. A mMM ·( r»t ul«r axwilu .. i Mft rvduc* vxcvii walyM. Hat tp**4 »nd mllMg* IndlcaMr. FO« Abdcw.n. Hlpi. ShouUin, Chill, TMghi, lc. 1501 E. BROADWAY MA 2-8821 LEARN TO PLAY Make Magnificent Music Thrill to !h« Sound Ut th« Price Amor* You at th» Hem* of CONN Organ You, Too, Can Enjoy frit RELAXATION RECREATION EDUCATION and Loft of Fun Thaf Await You at ORGAN CENTER 1 jill I BmudvtJt hnc Oi'iuni $69 lo £8900 Amigos--A short lesson in Spanish ,.. and in enjoyment! DELEITOSO Translated means Delightful, Pleasing "Deleitoso" is one of the favorite wayi Spanish expresses the feeling about tunny Mexico's most pleasing bourbon whiskey. Straight American is "deleitoso" with taste- tantalizing richness and full hpdy--brought to you at the peak of perfection. , STRAIGHT ,, AMEMCAH WHISKEY VISITORS MAY IMPORT FREE OF DUTYI Mode by D M Out.HIT, Co S A ,e lost control of his auto and it crashed into the Freeway road divider. You art invited to tht Open House of our Cause Of Child's Death Sought Additional medical tests are being made to doterrnine the cause of death Wednesday of a 3-year-old girl. The child,' Elizabeth Mary Meis, died at St. Mary's Hospital. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Meis, 626 S. Harvard Dr. Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital last Friday after she tumbled from a chair in her home, police said. An autopsy was conducted by Dr. Ralph H. Fuller. Coroner Norman E. Green said he was waiting information from authorities before issuing a death certificate. THE INCREDIBLE Sunday, June 5th from 1 to 5 p.m. GffTS POt IVIIYONE Th*re era valvabb, Choiftt TOT » TlM TUCSON FEDERAL SAVINGS » » · * . · » » A « » O C 1 * T ! O N 820 E. FT. LOWEU ocross from Amphi Pkiia Shopping Center lASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS 1 4 Large Persons Ride in Comfort--and there ire 5 large ' package comptrtments and Trunk Space, tool K4DE IY T« MITISH MOTOK CO*F 4 miTArrs unecsT c*n MAKC*. · DE LUXE MODEL, DELIVERED 1519 ! FULLY EQWPTBD * Stone and Penninqtor, Phone MA 2 - 5 8 1 1 FREE Park 'n Shop sensational offer! famous Bell Howell complete matched home movie outfit ] Includes free roll Eastman Koda- ' I I chrome color film, and free roll Eastman Plu$-X black and white film. V" ^t\* : ··*~~--- · Her* Is what you get: · 8mm, 1.9 !«ns electric «y« m«t«r w'rth leather c«j« « prej«c+er with 1-yr. guarantee · floor model tripod, glass beaded screen · twin light bar, 375-w«tt flood lighti · 400-ft. f«1f«-up re*l · ^ FRf E roll color ftirrf, FTM Wick/whrt« ·frlm lor 2 ye»n ; fr»« «m« W»l irrrtrotif e«rt or The professional camera that gives you perfect pictures! Complete matched movie outfit backed by the greatest quality name in home movie equipment. Come in today and discover the lifetime of pleasure that can be yours! USE YOUR STEINFELD CHARGE ACCOUNT or EXTENDED PAY- WENT PLAN ... PAY ONLY $15 A MONTH. Spetfmf

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