Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 6, 1968 · Page 29
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 29

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1968
Page 29
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PAGE 30 \Clay? Who's T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, '1968 Mt By MILTON RICHMAN ·; TAMPA Fla. (UPI) - Joe (·Frazier taught Cassius Clay a j'-.lesson the other night. £ He taught him how quickly '^people forget. ·__' Most of them forgot there !»ever was a Cassius Clay the '..moment Joe Frazier chopped ."down and wrapped up big-bel- '·lied Buster Mathis for the ..''night. ;'.' They also forgot Eddie Doo- ·;ley nearly had been hanged in '' Ihe public square for sanctioning the bouts as a heavy-weight championship fighl in -the first place. Dooley is New -York State athletic commis- Fans Forget sioner and people said he had pulled a rock for recognizing a two-bit bout. But the people were wrong. Joe Frazier made it much more than that. And when he finished demolishing Buster Mathis the people forgot they were wrong not so long ago. They were too excited hailing the new champ now. Joe Frazier proved conclusively Monday night he's the best around by far. He's got four states in his back pocket already and he's a cinch to get the other 4G. Jimmy Ellis will beat Jerry Quarry next month for the benefit of the World Boxing Association, the American Broadcasting Company and all the ships at sea after which Joe Frazier will take care of Jimmy Ellis. 'You don't need a computer to figure out that one. Jimmy Ellis is a good boy and he picked up a lot shagging all those practice shots for Cassius Clay but Joe Frazier is a little too straight and long for him off the tee. From the way I saw the fight over closed circuit TV at McKay Auditorium here, Frazier earned every penny of the $175,000 he got for taking on Mathis. He worked hard before the fight even started. He had to or Buster might have picked 1 up all the marbles through sheer hypnosis. When referee Arthur Mercante called both men to the center of the ring before the opening bell, the fleshy. 24f- pound Mathis came tearing out of his corner faster than Bob Hayes running a pass pattern. Somewhere enroute it must have dawned on him the fight hadn't actually started yet and Mercante was merely go- ing to give instructions, so Mathis tried another ploy. He'd get the upper hand immediately by out-staring Frazier. But Frazier wouldn't permit it. If Mathis was going to try to stare him down, he'd turn right around and do the same thing. There they were, the two of them, eyeball to eyeball, with Mercante saying something about a nice, clean break and nobody paying much attention to him. Frazier got Mathis' attention quickly after the bell, though. He sailed right into him and promptly showed him who was boss. By the end of the third round Mathis' handlers were holding an ice bag to his head. It was a portent of things to come. Mathis pulled away from a left hook, then got hit with it. The punch didn't hurt so much. What hurt us more was that Mathis had worked long hours defending against just such a punch at his training camp. Buster didn't fall right away but when he did he locked like the Titanic going down. There was that element of surprise because of the delayed action. Most people didn't see the punch. Nino Benvenuti doesn't. That's why he's the middleweight champ again although few gave him much chance against energetic Emile Griffith in their first fight. Nino kept that left in his face all the time. Emile forgot some of the things he learned when he beat Benvenuti in their second encounter. That's how it is with him. He forgets to concentrate sometimes. The new champ, Benvenuti, nearly was smothered by adulation leaving the ring. Griffith didn't have that trouble. He left virtually by himself. Utah Set To Defend WAC Swim Crown ': ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) ,-- Utah goes after its sixth straight title in [he sixth western Athletic Conference swim- v ming and diving championship Friday and Saturday in Albu- ;quc?que. ;-' Utah and Brigham Young are .considered cofavorites in the jneet that also includes Arizona, 'Arizona State, New Mexico and .Wpoming. ·-. Utah defeated BYU, 57-47, 'earlier this year in a dual jreel ;fmt the BYU ,400-yard medley relay team was disqualified. In contrast, Brigham Young won a relay meet with 111 points with Utah in second place at 107 after its 200-yard butterfly relay was disqualified. Six 1967 champions are back to defend their titles. _: They include BYU's Fred Bah-i! in V-~. 100 and 200 but- ;erfly, Utah's Don Gray in the 50 and 100 freestyle and Steve [oddard in the 200 breaststroke, Wyoming's Eric Korsvold in the 500 freestyle and 200 backstroke and Hans Ljungberg hi the 200 and 400 individual medley, and Arizona State's Jim Rang in the 200 freestyle. Keith Russell of Arizona State, named recently as the outstanding springboard diver in the world by the international diving federation, is favored in one-meter diving. PHONE 294-7601 CURTIS ROOFING T U C SQT* A B 12 ON A COMPLETE TUCSON'S MOST COMPLETE! JACK ELLIS SPORTING GOODS 45 EAST BROADWAY MA 2-2372 *· ° MA 2-1301 DEPTH- BACKGROUND James Marlow in the CITIZEN j ENTRIES FIRST; 5/U GRADE 2 1. Busier Fire, v-i y Suz Kv/no, 2. Corn Ldv BU9, 8-1 6. Good Uokr, S.Allen Boy 7-2 7. Mac H2t- I.WA'sSalyJn, 6-1 8. Fnre, SECOND: TUCSON C., GRADE 3 1. Lmn Lady, 5-2 5. Sw One 2. L.L.'s Grse, 7-2 6. Jan's Sol, 3. Rckfire, 10-1 7. Sqrly 4. Cmndbl 10-1 8. MlssSunsatlon, THIRD: 5/U GRADE 4 1. Pet the Grk, 8-1 5. Tlmtio Str, 2. Cache, 5-2 6. Frgy Shrp, 3. A.V Hgh RIs, 9-2 7. lodn R=h, 4 Chipr Cml, 12-1 8. Clr Sirn, FOURTH: 5/U GRADE J 1. Mrlfld Tst, 8-1 5. G.B.'s Pkr 2. De Most, 10-1 4. Our Wrld, 3. Bscyne Cl 9-2 7. Bo Kng, 4. Hi Mnlght, 7-2 8. B's Cisy, FIFTH: TUCSON C. GRADE 1 I . C s t ' s Ppr, i-2 5. Lan Bas, 2. Csll's Ldy 7-2 6. Rnbo Lup, 3. Rs Tip, 9-27. Fst Drv, 4. Mdw's Tmpl, 8-1 8. Snpy Chk, SIXTH: 5/U GRADE 3 I.B's Chk, 8-1 5. Glacr By, 2. Why Pap, 12-1 6. vctr Tp, 3. Jo Mthws, M 7. Coke Kng, 4. Evr Btr, 8-1 8. Spc Wlk, 12-1 5-2 10-1 6-1 6-\ 12-1 8-1 9-2 10-1 7-7 8-1 4-1 8-1 6-1 5-2 12-1 6-1 12-1 8-1 10-1 S-2 7-2 9-2 10-1 SEVENTH: 3/U GRADE (T) Ryl Strt, 10-1 5. Nxn Bty, 7-1 . Rth's Clr, 12-1 6, Bldn, S-l . Whsk Actn, 7-2 7. Left Rg, 5-2 Dlch, May, 9-2 a. Rlh's Rlr, 8-1 IGHTHi 7/14 GRADE (S) Mmn Bel. 10-1 5. Helo Dna, 12-1 Mstr's Mis, 7-2 6. Flyr's Fixe, 5-2 . Set Brwn, 8-1 7. Chaos, S-l . L.G.'s Meda, 6-1 8. Ores Gal, 9-2 I NTH: 3/H GRADE 1 . Jmp Srgnt, 9-2 S. Slnt MWy, 7-2 . Omno Dn, 12-1 6. Writ Icl, 6-1 . Lrchr By, 5-2 7. L.D.'s Bngo S-l , Anal Drv, 8-1 8. Fon Gyps, 10-1 ENTH: 5/U GRADE 1 . Hop Drv, 7-2 5. Dkta Msty, 12-1 Mrn's Girl, 8-1 6. Nat's Kns, lo-l Cstl's Gnar, 5-2 7. Irsh Chmp, 9-2 Rnsr's Ba TR, 6-1 8. Jnkr Lup, 8-1 LEVENTK: TUCSON C, GRADE 3 . Wne Cl, 7-2 5. Hrs's Tars, 8-1 . Mdly Try, 8-1 6. Fmly Rte, 9-2 . Bndna Su, 5-2 7. Hsh Tp, 6-1 .Ania, 12-1 8. Jwl Su, 10-1 ASARCO NEWS SERVICE For information On The Copper Strike at ASARCO'S MISSION UNIT CALL 623-1876 ASARCO American Smelting and Refining Company F VE TO THE HEART FUND ········ SEE STAN'S ANTIQUE MUSEUM MARCH SALE OF SALES ; WATER PUMPS GUAXANTltO JtEBUJLT CHiV. 4144 MOST MODELS fOW VI, 42-64 MOST MODELS EXCH. ^ OTHER PUMPS IK STOCK BRAND NEW O.EJW. TYPE SHOCK ABSORBERS YEAR or 12,000 Ml. GUARANTEE Original equip* ment type -- Diublt actbn. Most Cars from O98 SAVE on AUTO BRAKE SHOES Set of 4 Shoes for 2 Wheels ZEBCO 202 Reel TROUT NET MONO LINE 50 yd.SPOOL 39* 19* 4 ft. 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