Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 47
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 47

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 47
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[F«g« CZ-iNDEfENDENT LtoiuVc Jporti Uitf · L~f~ L.D. Games Gone, Not Forgotten Well, the first annual Long Beach Games wasn't exactly a resounding success, but it did unloose a few shots heard 'round the world. Not being a track bug in the mold of John Dixon, Bob Schmidt. Rich Roberts and Kea Piveraetz, among others, this correspondent nevertheless recognized a few problems with our baptismal indoor event. On the debit side of the ledger, the following difficulties were noted In Long Beach Anna Tuesday eight: .. -. 1. The world's fastest human. Bob Hayes, got whipped In the (0-yard dash--but only because the chap who won got 'a three-yard head start. I know they sling poundage on" horses to ejualire a race, but this is the first time ·.-realized they gave a human runner a head start. (I think 'J-!Ji*Hayes was equally surprised.) ·IX-12. The shotput ring was as tilted as a three-legged ; -Jpirjball machine. Dallas Locg and Parry O'Brien must have .·r^wJght they were in the slalom at Innsbruck, the way "*» they slid downhill after every toss of the iron ban. '. '3. Hayes Jones, who boasts an incredible streak of ,53^ straight high hurdle triumphs, almost didn't get No. '...' 53, In Long Beach. As Hayes was warming up for his annual duel with Dee Andrew, an iron ban bounced from -. -the _shotput circle and came at the unsuspecting Jones ; - ykt a boulder down a mountainside. Somebody shouted J .···Jjeronimo'* and Jones soared higher than Ron Morris in ;. .£th pole vault event '' .**-T"4. The pole vault standard was something to behold, ' '*",$?· Il went on 'y 16-feet into the air and there was a long J.-'pau*' that didn't refresh as officials scurried about for , · some device to raise the bar. They had to settle for soft · 1 -Idrihk cases, or something, to elevate the base FTVE inches. ,· .TJwC only competitor remaining who had cleared IS feet »^»rwas Mel Hein Jr, so the poor kid couldn't be censured I'»^ f$» Tailing to make those five big. added inches after a "-*· '.$* hour's coolingoff period. £·; " 5, An official really goofed In the Junior college mile -~. relay. The leadoff men were forced to run an entire extra' *·* lap, because some guy with AAU credentials couldn't T*I amnt. The worn-out kids staggered that extra lap in ^-.* world record time (in reverse). Long Beach City College's ' ·! Richard Williams went that extra lap like he was training ··I* for the one-mile walk. 1 ·! '.;IA few ether things went wrong . . . trophies were · *· ^»»rded in haphazard fashion, some hours after an event ;-!· was* concluded... the crowd was below expectations (but · *· the Tuesday eight date forced upon the sponsors cer- ;** tainly isn't conducive to an overflow turnout).... The .""· Century Cub's Gerry Georgeson presented the belated ;.·; 60-yard dash awards and was introduced as President V. Steve Krai, who was some miles away celebrating his ·»;· last bachelor party ... etc. : * * * .-.I MOST LMPORTAYT, however, is that sponsor Charles .*-- N. Cake, meet director Bill Gill and coordinator Mai Whit- ,-·; field aren't discouraged. .*.- This was'the first lime we ever tried such a meet y* la -Long Beach," commented Cake. Til be back. But IH '.*- bu|W my own track next time." THURSDAY'S 'ANTTA RACE CHARTS In «miioi ITI OA. ro». ntlfc4--fcrhr«jj*" ** ·e£^rmsT RACK. 4%TSrleneI"j~»eer elA ere* · Coil cleMn*. Teie-eer imo. MceM 35. e^e MOO. 0 VS. ArueU. CUL. TeerUov. ^«m coci^toie SeAiwi M fecei »«·« torn me-m t««. Cloemne pro «rir t 1 4 i M r . f ·. ·y?!jc?, Wvl po4 ·mn«r--ScTi ti M, nnt-Sonn, Tav- H. C McftrM*. G*m " · " - --· - Luck Goes Against Gun BoWjDraws Post 'Position 18 By ERNIE MASON The ruck of the draw went did not fare m u c h better, Jagainst Gedney Farms' Gun'drawing the 16th and 17th **oCrffi*"»H*S i '.Celv 1 i Bow Thursday when entries spots. This.big trio and i wn tor «ec^ eerTy tteon:[were t a k e n for Saturdav'«'f1»M hnru torrmfnr M»in field horse. Bounding Main, Santa. Anita HandS-jiH win break from a four- cap. 48 hours in advance of stall auiUiary starting gate if IS go ppstward. Santa Anita's main starting the race. Gun Bow came up with the ^ 18th post position, the very gate has 14 staHs which is y^j outside spot in the field of; enlarged by the auxiliary gate. « **" *ceie~ I5r S entered in the V/t-mile assuring IS horses can break » » Trertw K w race that highlights the Santa from the gate. If more are ^ pterct i'!?. . ..^ .. » _ j «. _ .1 . . ., ., vlporouo fcondiwe.! eCeuo'td-Cum Fllolif Trvtf Tune tU KiyEt JLCINT mcv« eite cammen* Ml T»n«--J-uil Cteer. C»~*e rr-.. 1 irre»d* *jr». v/tofcont4 vnoey erruie-e. Oinefo Bey .^__ lot 1.U -- ..-,tTIt!CHT niede ue *rv*4 Mule en Hotrtertr t,f ·- eWvine-jmjIOe. WACt tAM91N« OeiM l«no I Xeor - Vtfl «:» : Anita meeting. And he must entered, they must start from remake his outside start with outside the gate. That hat- SS 130 pounds. - - ' " B? ^^ rano and Admiral"! Voj-age. record 23 started. err»jnr.- iac»« OOOCri EtV^woTfer teclt M tarty itMei. eo^ei* 'iix*ti*if cmi* fes* ·« in · TV* e»ve wiy efler Mr BIMCII **Y wra Mvtr far »f» (Oct.,, - . tort mr-l C»TCHI ft-5«m« itronBly awftr ^Tgermn too. Kitty ·«·!·. ·uni Owoor CM Anc^tnt Tunc'M'dtfo .... Lime Codive. SKI «lkne n Ku£ *·· «KM. cnn ««.«. n »»».«r un i.» p « star, o*-m»***j 3r«0 Judemtnt, E-trttt «»* Mint, »:«· ft left tew 1 ·*»*·*"'· f* rxn.r. O«v!« tui IKi Hwrmi U Trtv m fir* vires whca MUtftl KLMQ 0 Couole^-Foc* Tt« Foetl ? · in over. OCMd strontfy M let euerter ofTerL Time 13"*. ·*· ·* .i ·! ZT*""' .*« ·"· "* »rwe. HU««I 1 4i«v r,r7?ocli f. -^.'i* l ,. tr l* J»?._f»_m» oner eiert. toot »., M ^ntr ^LI let !« », rhrvo'n t*den SOtTCHIO -- Lacty * **" *" *"'**· "^ ora. Mint* ,.... Murrt K410. JJtrro Vl»to 9m I-TM klw. Mofcr \ra -- Sotitftctton. J*cot« ^.,- A. A. Fo:r. Fo r Quest Ctovtt ICld. AOamo Wlnura WvRpurn, |rm Irs s ?: «.?r ifSi U Cerrwet 52»fn» Flo'r; C««erJ j g*T vine e'^li. O^ee 3W Wlnura WvRpurn, |rm __ turn Unuxr. CV. WnHrav Cotua. innr irn cieer. | meyo4 w trrontfy reunare stretce. ture "* IS xS »S^iT»Tcit*mo»^oe l * S * 1 *"«*** m jVAmr* MIA movM But his two top rivals, Cy- pened in 1947 when 22 started and also ia 1946 when a Top Track Teams Set for Debut -- Two l o c a l t r a c k teams SS could set a lot of records before the season is over make their head THE ENTRIES, in order cf post positions, were Win-Em- An. Quita Dude. Olden Times. Viking Spirit. Mandate, Three Links. Drill Slit, Gay Challenger H. Nevada Battler. Doc Jocoy, \Ir. Consistency, Rocky A. Cadiz, Colorado King. Bounding Main, Cyrano, Admirals Voyage and Gun Bow. JTort food trem ei*e. wte erltftno. ue fej Winner--i fj. fry ma«n Hemp--eTIoflllre tinlshe liymm. Wn4 ty w. 1 ^Juieoon" I otter i * , , f · out $400 to get that cute blonde sprat er, · J-J»nice Rinehart. here. The Abilene "tornado" extracted , _ and aahs from the crowd,'but ran like most cf my ·.'.-·race; horses: Down tie track. '.. · · ; - LONG BEACH ARENA must be a tremendous place '.·£ (»f_a track meet. I wrote previously that Whitfield coa- ^ icidered it second only to Madrid. Spain. John Dixon has ·" -juoted some performers' enthusiastic reactions. _» "s," 'Canada's Sig Ohlemana, who won the 1000-yard run, X · said the Arena was so fine for an Indoor meet "that Td ;*-'fvtn pay myself to watch another." !;"· ':·', MaxweU Stiles, who has seen more track meets than .,:·. Ford Frick baseball games, daims it's the BEST in the · ·J^wMjd for spectators. (Now, next time all we have to do j t .Is fan lit the shotput rirg and heighten the pole vault bar.) · I' . · . HIGHLIGHT of the whole show (to rae, anyway) was a Jktle-recognized attraction--the Hoffingworth one-mile waft. · My winner. Ron Laird, seemed to get the loudest ap- ;' Plause (at least I clapped like a Beatle fan) when he I · Lipped into the finish wire three seconds ahead of Airman J'« iP* a DeNoon. · J.' 1 -1 This clean-cot youngster, who doesn't even look his J i ·{ 23 years, had quite a day. Before the big evening event, «} i be Xuned up by testing the board track at 5 p. m. m a ·a'jdance walking event. |t During that twilight event, Mr. LainJ set nine (that's "~ I said) American Ctizens' Indoor records. The new _ probably subjected to prolonged AAU perusal. Cr5vere set by the Hollingworth Walk champion in the fol- VJ- lowing categories: 3^ mile, 4'/J mile, 5-mile, 6-mile, 6, 7, rx% 8, 9, and 10 kilometers. f f Majte I can't pick horses, but somehow I've an in- »j · born sixth sense when it comes to the cinder sport. Es- *» pecially when my men WALK. BLUE NORTHER, toppled .,. . . .the oddson favorite. Face The «4 debut today to Flct ^ by a narrow nose fo!- full slate of attrac- lowing i thrffling head and , _ . _ , 'head stretch run in Thurs- Long Beach State's talented ^ f $40,000-added SanU Surack team, agam loaded. m 1 ^ stakes for 3. year ^!d fa- the running events, hosts Cal [^ Poly of Ftanona on the 49ers' campus at 3 pja. High's rapid Rabbit!. The first two fillies left the rest of the eight-horse field U 'f.'"' ^Centennal lengths behind as they - ... v i-- :e1 tne 1 l'H» m i l e s in in the state this j :4 j2/5. equal to the stakes perennial power record Kt ^ 1958 by snv(r m a 3:15 ' *Sca.fS »»y tn test euertor mile. Santa Aiiita 'Cap By ROV BETZ _ _ Fvmr. FO. v--wn cor » fl«tT tULtt--f, tmtnn, 1-tMXkd. Clolimno- r n*n* Mo ecreWiet ^._ S9O Sfiac* M _ Monkr*. l»llre ITS seje gaajel stel. tnon Crottne T ' too Sir Krvfn. Ken Mor xTC« I 9nt iinodo font. Ve»i m 1 !»-· Von dief. S«onwn 115 II fSSBS^JV 1 ' 01 '* !1 ' ' 91 C-rm Town. Wi,. ... Pj_Crovtr,_.VU:Dani«i Ci^ ~Tlma--1 Both teams have a Lirgc ·^v'ir^! nxim * cr °f ^"eterans bade f^J^fLBSC has »Iso added state junior college quarter-mile Jchampion Kerry Wright from rict" to JCerrito s and high jumper John Rambo f roa Long Beach r«r« City College. Gymnastics, golf, baseball make it a full day. Complete . i» Kt 1T4 J.TI 9i - tl 11 11 7 1 n T4 . . U t IV 10' 101 im TrtiOS ^j rj^*j n_ n Fnry n.n llyt-wtti mn toro*rf to tih* frwrf, MONKEY ha4 »^ty SD*^* **** bact. a4*JrTCt*rf sVmrfilv horwt tn l«t ejuarter, SOCIAL ' I^^J a tttrtona out rn «av« fTw* v ·* takfwooa Ccuntrr CUA, 1 · .Tract -- Cal Po'v (Porwna) at Lo Vat*. timvtotin (Hant a (YBrtl ___ J *j«j Tarn Run (Caekt Boundawrv Fr»v) I Pusftfnataha (A. Valanzutla) __ I3» l Turv*r-» L*d (loroOanl IU J O'* Xaarcat TN4 I Elaanor^SM (Brl . . . lTraiwf. w. w, Morrt*. Cawwi-- Scact m#n4 Mor*«. t* MTL W. It Fisher. Tm'"«^-- wtflna '·'- *- M*«tiach*f'. Miir-«l pool 177734*. Tti«*+» « ! 14 rvand O.Jtrte* (Trtvlnol ' MJU O'trhtfi (V Vaianzuaii) 111 " "^ !!i iwai _;_ li« TJ Arcor ICwnposI I COfWIJO'l OiJCO IFr U Trv Frut 4M«ktoo 1» Tho T»n lal I §L»koro f Cold Jl ' r ' I TK «D tlCI--1, S."««"""»l _ IK .X10* -111 tCliurclik adnilajBaeul Grant ( f»tr rac* er« I w Solo* (LanDdwl Bonania Bar imam*) ANGELS CREDIT CARD Be a member ol the Argtls "inner circle"! Special prmlejej throughout theseasonl EXTRA SEATS CONSENSUS cho'ce seals *H ti available for your use it every hams gamil SPRING TRAINING Com* down and meet jour AngeTs at Pa!m Springs'. "Red Carpet" treatment a l l t h e w a y l iaucvnoncani I O^ P««tr»v I Afl Tr« T*fti PJlof Pt\» JjaclOuflaw CONVENIENT SCHEDULE » r r u j . A t l rac» an« bark -""^^ ~ I M right games, including t t*t-rijH dcublf headers! Onlf cnt afternoon game! income iiicwte iriC IfoeteAdofie ]I«««A4*re I ire lire»MD»loM IVMSCM I fro »oen4 ) Jvmc^fi u I D Coy ey H I D Dey H f Iron H SELECT YOUR OWN SEAT LOCATION,., YOU'LL HAVE ONE pF THE BEST IN THE PARK! NOW AVAILABLE: CHOICE LOGE SEATS FIRST 4 ROWS! CHOICE FIELD LEVEL SEATS BEHIND THE DUGOUTS! i^ Sulky Turnout X WESTBURY, H.Y. (UPI)-.JA crowd of 35,191 fans turned ia 30-degree weather Thursday eight for the earli- IrJ.h Danilj Rallies for Hialcah Victory HIALEAH. Fla. (UPO -stretch Thursday to set a cew ({ialeah track record while wtWDrne bftfie X/rgt's Ofi^re jf 1525 N. Yftticrn (jutt north cf Sunset), ciflHO 3-7141, of ntti] hand/ coupon Mow. W." Ka»f "Nan* Win terra 1h« Met Co^trxiar teda* C*«*«* torn* o* »Je$t opening of New York'* winairt; the feature race. » j racng \Jkoosev-eIt Raceiray. * i * - · · . . _ Tie six-year-old bay ge!d- ir.g nipped Parka by a head, Irish Dandy returned $2950, JIO^O, «80. Parka paid »«0 aad Jet dipper UA. ANGUS, 1S2J «. 'ttlSTtRN AVT, HOUYWOOD ti, CAUF. Plcise »rn4 brechvre wit)) corrplcte Ange'i fcom* ichiiu'f. »t«llecfj;n«, lid prkit. Luck Loui«e nETZ BEST Hie k o « i (T-0 D e y l T M e»- ' ·3 ir,nr*ry of tacftttrttcTu torcid eace SCTATCMCO-CKadaT. GATES OPEN EARUER FOR BIG 'CAP \\lth a crowd of some 55.000 fans expected Saturday for the 27th running . f the Santa Anita Handi- ap, gates to the track' w3 pen one-half hour earlier ntnen. on J:IS e.r- Cnnoutia -. Mitliken 01 Lo Mirede. ·ohf of Exce'slor. ton* J:TS p.m. free 1enn:« follow* beaebell octiedule. . 3Ia«on's Specials · IIT SfT-lrurrec* toy ·.««««. osual at I(h30 «-*»- Post-thne for the first race win be the customary 1 p-m, and the tine for the big tip, seventh event oa the cine-race card, wQl be 435 p"» Ll/s Itl Mackiu Shotikiii Laftf ONLY 35c ·urn. Bin Sol.-7:3t o.m. - » p.m. LOOTO Thorn Cfl or Wfelt Yo« W*H KA1THT MOON 1217 CHE1IT ATt. UA.ANGELS SEASON TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE-AND OUST LOOK AT ALL THE * EXTRAS' 7 YOU GET! IONG IEACH , . 444 E. Aaoktun Sf. HE 2-Of03 or SP TOIRANCE 20Jt Torrme* Brrd. FA I-M45 nd SP 5-2715 SAN PEDRO 42S Sevtk Pacific Are. SP 5-M3f nf TE 1-2301 .LOS ALTOS 2lit SeDfbwer Itrd. Pkei* GE 4-34*1 IELLHOWEK 17225 ItWtrwtr Itrd. ME 3-2424 and TO 7-27(4 NORWALX 14329 Pisa: Pfc-t I'M

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