Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 20
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"· IW :p« 9 . C.4--INDEPENDENT ·"« ·«*· M "« *" ' , . . _ ----£ Senor Was 'Napping; Had Win in'La Palme 9 Jockey Standings' BOSTON W--Umpire Larry,llam« homered on Paul L* Palnw'i M pilch a« tlie leadoff batter In the last or the ninth Inning. The game originally had been let lor the afternoon but became of the running of the Nnpp'i watch and f a i t h In knuckle ball played major roles In Saturday nlght'i celebrated 4-4 curfcw.cut deadlock be' twren Chicago and Baltimore White Sox manager Al Lopez 'laid Sunday. .'. Roughly 10 aeponda itood be' tw«n the league leading White Sox and victory when Dick Wll- FaelGood All Day! . M r J . J . o i U Canada. California WM oai of tho» poopla con-; ' itintly troubltd by Indigestion ' ; and heartburn. "Foods I craved alwtyi mimd to give m« hurt. , . ; burn," h« uld. "and the tern* , . poriry plaaiunjiutwsin't worth , th« uncomfortabU aftrr (Sects. ^ ·Th«n I hurd about bow tour , itomtch could actually be pn 1 vrottd before It sUitl. I tried It '. -and It worUdt Htrt't the l»cr«li First thing upon (tiling r ' drink a |liM of wittr to which , thi juice of hill · lemon, 11««- ·' · ' ipoon of honey and X tiaipoon '.' of' his been , add*d, The pleiunt-Uittng, rf. ' · fervescent mliture leemi to ' , iweettn Ow itornach and aids In ' ' tlit prevention of f ictu itomuh ; '· acidity." Why not tain Mr. Mb advice. Try thU method younelf ;' 1 for 30 diyi-«nd you will feel ; Utter all day, toe' . . · f, ,'Ctitrc»Puktt^at til drug ittnu I - economy tin only 11.00. . · . ' - Preaknesi nearby, Baltlmorc'a management requeited a 7 p, m atartlng time. True to league rules,.the Chicago player*, were consulted and agreed to It. TM A 10:20 curfew was lot to en able them to make train con nectlons but three hours and 20 minutes seemed adequate. "We had a one run lead going Into the last of the ninth," Lo pez laid. "There Is a clock In ccnterflold In Baltimore and I could »ee that It was very close to 10:20 when LaPalme started the Inning. ... · . - - . ; , - - "But there was a catch to It. '- . · · · · "THE UMPIRE behind the plate, Nnpp, Is the man In charge of Informing us when It's 10:20. And I'm not permitted to ask him what hla watch reads. ... · i ; "There Is the possibility of stalling to kill the time. I had something In mind all right when I had Billy Pierce In the bullpen warming up. If the hit ter, Williams, gets on base I was going to bring In Pierce. That would have killed some reclou« time for ui." "I sllll think we're all right." continued. "I'm expecting L,aPalme to keep throwing hose knuckle balls at Williams. Then comes the next pitch--and wham--and out of the ball park t goes for a home run." AT CALIENTE-r^,' Wire-to-Wire ·1 - · · ! - . · - - . ' . ,1. AGLA OALIENTE (UK) -- Wlckerblll, ' » hard - hlttJne ·peed star, captured the featured Pawtucket Handicap at alx furlongs Sunday over a heavy racing strip. In the 4-10 handicapping oontMt 10 players ploked five out of a poulble six winner* to take down 94,612 for each $2. Jockey John Nell shot Wlck- erblll, the lone favorite of the afternoon to th« front at once and It wan a wlro-to-wlre win. i Wlckerblll paid $4-30. 3.00 and 2.60. Time waa HIS J/B. Caliente Results KIHKT HATE--I FurtaMU .Bin. nw.t H«nel4 -. I.«o ».(0 s.»o lu.iu Fir. Mil -- I'.!» ».(* lluvbordtrrour, Contr.r»i .--.... 3.40 Tim.--l:OK SerMchwi-- T*rm Chul« Ov«r BtMy, up 'R Poon, ]Udlaril B.i A. PndiiiMl. KKtONU RACK--MIK llM T9 Tu4ll .,1111. Wlnnl.. UIIIIMli 21.JU t.ll jr. !h«Ur.-lfrpi'TM«~'~'.'.'.'.'.'~.,..!-.,, »!oj THn»-- I I 4 S W . IMnlfDM--BMI Rid., fov.ll, Mtnftkli*. T H I R D BACK--4 Kurtum.l THrllnl Ruin, N4II 1T.*U T.»K ».SO IUI. B.II Jllcl*rdwft 10.»U T.4II lim Hue.. Kl.lfl. «.«0 Tim*--1:14. Berilchttl^RlpUM Kuru. R..I u«.ri, Klli:ilTH HACK--4 r»rlM|ll IlnuM. l'«r.MI 7.1U 3.«l S.OO lunl.r* Cro».. dulMr Ulr.n, Ptlaltr --. Tim.--l:lb. 8«rAlrh«d-- 21-34yri.old 5'8" to c'4" CALIFORNIA NEEDS Petrelataa Deputy Jkerlff lereler Patrel Cnit«u CerrettloMl Officer Uqu«r CtHtrql P«tnl Law Enforcement Officers Receive Avtraq* · Starling Pay · $347 to $441 ptr mo Prepare yautttll «·* f*r · with itcurlrr from ilrlbti, lovodi end pay (utt. WRITE TODAY PM» Offlur Tnlalng Strvlt* P.O. Mi 101 , . Lm« iMik, Call*. » . , , , - : · - . . - . · . ' Stud HW frx lafraiall*a «f ·ppcrtualtta la lew eaftrc*m«nt UuutlM MorrW ,,. , mil. D«U. TH« t.Arnl Uuln.y 11.40 111.SO I.«n (.liorll., D.l34llo 10.10 6 * Tlm5i-l"lB.' l 'a*«d?- l -' lly|.o, I'iniok. ninf.. Il.llr 4~W. P«I4I till. NIXTH HACK--* rvrlmdl '..I U.I, Andiron _ 7,W 4 M I.OA '..ctimcnl, Ultlticll ...__ 3.30 3,» Cry.t.l 3am, CintBHhl -- 3.4o Tlmx-l:l«. Btr.ith.a--Ur«n. Vlcl' Nlpplo, DlD|4roU. OAl. KKVKNTTI RACK-- I rt MIUl ilkr, L*or ,.. ^ . MO 5,90 _____________ A.40 3,40 Norn Hl L« rid, Elho, ailaur ... ...... ------- ...... -. - . Tim«-- DBJ. H.rthd-- Bit Browni. Jim n»»rd. Korlun., KKIHTII RACK-- I , 'f Mil* I Pr«« I^Mri.r. And.rpon 4. SO 3,4n ).SO Jim /. Kill. KI.U. ._..._ 3.*0 4.«n Oood Word, tHI ............ - .............. . Tim.-- till. 8««Hlnd-- Hurllns. NINTH BAre-- I,', Mil. | Top P.rlarm«r Hlch JUron ,ir4.on ..10.M 4.W^ S. M Urook, AIMl.ruil ,,._ 2.»0 1.41 Nnor. Contr.r». f.40 «-l:iSW, BtrlcJ»d--Olory Win. ·un Junior. TRNTH RArftF4l FartMim Wlrk.rl.ll], N.ll 4.2(1 MM l.M W«yw«id I»dr, Uo« 4.00 } "0 ilIlpoB. B«II.1 3,«0 Tim. -- HUH. »er«lch«d -- Old Jilll T TlJBVITMIH RACE--Mil* Mt »" W., Puck.ll.r. Andr«dt- 12.90 p.4ft 3,A4t Abl Abb*/, ?ri4mp«yii.. A,00 S.2Q Bullr.Ror. Andtrwn 7.KC Tim.--1!4T44. BcrAl.hMl--n«| HAn or. ImK GRinbl., Rupr.ln., Tlly Fly.r AMr L*.. Bp«.dln AnuJrlMr. JBIA Tomlll., Trine* R.llR. Southern Association 'h.ll.r»oi« A| 140MI4, rill. W.mpm. 14-4, 1.3. Lull. Kock T*2. Blrmlnih.m 1*4. · S..hvlll. 10-I. H.w Orion. ··!. FREE! PEP BOYS I ALL NEW 1957. CATALOG J Com* In today and gtl your copy/ NEW LOW PRICES I PEP Bars PRE-HOLIDAY SALE! · LACK f IDIWALL TIMES Sill · Wlt 4,49.15 4 rOn]3 7IO.IJ 7.40.11 1 (KM JO. 11 ftl.. 1 Mni n.n · tin itti 4 4 4 1 »J.I IIJ4 PAT ONIT OR 3 TIRIS »l^»"" Jt.«" 4)l,t4" 41.71** M.l»'« YOU IAVI It.ll If Jl If.tT 21.47 14. J» WHITI S IDIWALL TIRIi SIZt 400.14 440i1S 470ll 7.10ml) 7 40.1 J I.OO-l.lOi,!) Nt-trW^O OKI. 1 Urn 744»» 7l.fl« 7111" 7111* S1.I7» f7.44* PAY ONLY FOR 3 TIRII 4t.4*" «,«4" 4S.1«" 11.14" I4.TI- , 44.f»* 1 . YOU IAVI 1411 J.»7 74 07 7477 17 )· 1141 ·rim (««.r.l l» · 'PI.. (.J.r.l )· wllk 1 old r.,..i M l.l. llru. 18 MONTHS WRITTEN GUARANTEE v against any and qll rood hoiords PRICE Cadet BATTERIES SmW Trtl-llnf prlui ittt ttiMili Silinn 3-Year-Old Title Fracas in^Air; Belmbnt May Decide Ghamp^ · ' J ··'- - · -·· · ' - -· · M. ' ' -' BALTIMORE # -- Bold RuL er'i sensational Preakneia vie* tory over Iron Liege, the Ken tucky Derby hero, blew the 3- year-old title (racai Into the itratosphere Sunday and again left It up to the Belmont Stakei June IS to determine a probable champion in that division, Thli li the ninth atralght year hat the Derby and Proakneu wlnnen have failed to solve the .rlple crown and 3-year-old championship, a n d B e l m o n t Park Is happy to have It that way. The JIOO.OOO--added Bel. mont Stake*, over the rugged mile and one-half distance, always has been tabbed by'New Yorkers an the true "tcit of the champion." Not ilnce Calumet Farm's Cl« atlon, In 1948, hat a hone made a triple crown grand slam, and no Derby winner hai taken the J reakne« since then. Iron Liege had been somewhat neglected by Calumet when Gen. Duke waa battling Bold Ruler during the Florida winter season, But Gen, Duke came up with a foot Injury, mimed both the Derby and the Freakness, and may not make It for the Belmont. Then Iron Liege was moved up to the vanity and upset the Wheatley Stable') Bold Ruler, the favorite, In the Derby May 4. There are two, and perhapi three other colti who could fig- lire gtrongly In the Belmont, One It Ralph Lowe'i Gallant Man, who wai noaed out by Iron Liege In the Derby when Jockey Willie Shoemaker made his now famous finish line mlijudgment. Another la Calumet'a Barblzon, the 2-yoaiMild champion of 1956 who hai been hampered IhU ica ion by a coughing attack. A third li the surprise colt of the Preakness, the D. M. Sta ble'i Inside Tract, who wan closing rapidly Saturday In the mile and threc-alxteenths classic and lurely would have taken second place In a few more strides. A thin piece of cloth was glv en credit for Bold Ruler's vie tory In the Preaknesi. I t - w a s tued to anchor a mutilated tongue and took the pressure off the colt's tender mouth, cnabl Ing Jockey Eddie Arcaro to guide him. SYSTEMS-MINUTE . Bring This Ad With You; K , If i Worth '»,. imwA$H50 e 10862 S. ATLANTIC . *£ r jj.,- NE 5-2448 . LYNWOOD . 5 p. M . Friday, ..-! -, I M M |r Mirth »»ImpwU . (yfay 24 Trainer Standings!. MODERN PLANT FOR REPLACEMENT Strvlaf SO (unmet C«np«il«i for O»ir )2 r«r« Marine Glass Co. SCOTT-WOODARD.SCOTT SR. OLAJJ POR ALL PURPOIIS :,', . ' MtmlM/ ·/ lw*{ Cor. I4lh t Mntnolli, Ph. HE 7-7475 er HE :-7S4J STILL GROWING Steel begins anew Century Total a n n u a l steel production ' ' In th« United StaUa a century aco ' was lets than 10,000 tons. In 1858, tha total wai 115,200,000 tona. . It's 100 years since two men -Henry Bessemer in England and '·· William Kelly in Kentucky--came , forth with a process that enabled V' men to make steel by the ton instead '···' of by the pound.'.:....·.-'.,- ,, , ' , . - . These two men could not possibly have foreseen the miracles steel has wrought in the years since....,' No more can we today accurately , foresee what steel may contribute":;;,' to man's progress in the century ·" ahead.' ; -..; . ..'·' '.!;;,, V · .'·!,·.· . ', This much we do know. Quantity ;', production of steel touched off a succession of improvements in our way ·;# of life -- stretching from the e a r l y ' ' ' steel plows and reapers that revolu- - ' tionized agriculture down to the · ' cyclotrons that smashed the atom. .'.· At every step steel has made more '' things, better things, available to l,,[ 'more people -- keeping abreast o f . . the rising population and the ever- ·-? improving standards of living. / - Steelworkers, too, have grown rapidly--in numbers, in earnings, in stature.;" : ' · ' .. . :.·,. Jobs in steel are good jobs. As the industry expands, there will be progressively better jobs.... more good jobs in steel and other industries before steel's second century, is very far along.'[{ " ;··'·-·«. :", - ' ; America and Steel Must Grow Together A M E R I C A N - I R O N A N D ' S T E E L I N S T I T U T E !' . . ;; · Look for "Expan»loi In Steel Benefit* Every Home, Every Bnslneii," a all-page advertisement In the June liiue of the Ktadtr't Dlffttt, , \ , - '; - . . ' . . , , : . i . Or, writ* for imprint to thilnttitutt, ISO Suit Forlv-iicontl Strut, Ntui York 17, N. Y. '·'· ' ' · ' - r j COMPANY MKMBIN* OF AMIBI6AN (ROM AND ·TIIL INBTITUTI IN TM« UNITBB aTATM AR«I »CMt JTIEl COMMKY « *LAM WOOD ITtn COMfAJIY · AlllMIW IWlj* ITtri * CORfORAtlOM · ANCHOR DRAWN STEEL COMPANY · ARMCO STHL WRPORATION · ATLANTIC ITEll COMPANY · THE lAICOCK I WIICOX COMPANY, TIIIUUR PRODUCTS DIVISION · MRIUM 5T"i.fO"25«, T j.?J i IITHLEHEM ITEEl COMPANY . aRAEIURN AUOY JTIEL CORPORATION . A. M, »YERS COMPANY « THE CARPENTER ITEIL COMPANY · THI CIEVEIAND-CLIFU IRON COMPANY . THt COLO METAL PRODUCTI COMPANY COLONIAL ITEEl COMPANY « THI COLORADO FUll AND IRON CORPORATION · COIUMBIA STEEL t SHAFTING COMPANY · COIUUIIA TOOl ITHl COMPANY « CONNORS ITUL VULCAN . CRUCIILE ITIIl COMPANY, DIVISIONS OF H, K. PORTER CO, INC, · CONTININTAl STICl CORPORATION · COPPERWELO ITEEl COMPANY · CRUCIIll ITEEL COMPANY OF AMIRICA · THE CUYAHOOA JTf«.a *JM COMPANY * DAMASCUS tlllC COMPANY · DETROIT STEEl CORPORATION · EASTERN STAINLESS STEEL CORPORATION · tRIt FORCE · STEELCORPORATION * A. FINU · SONS COMPANY ' FIRTH STERLINO INC. ' FORT HOWARD STEEl t WIRE DIVISION. RESEARCH PARTS AND ENGINEERS CORPORATION · FRITZ-MOON TUIE COMPANY, INC. · 6RANIU CITY STIEl COMPANY · CRIFFIIt MANUFACTURING COMPANY · T H E : M^^A. · KANNA COMPANY · HARSCO CORPORATION · INLAND STEEL COMPANY · INTERIAKE IRON CORPORATION JEJSOP ITllt COMPANY · (ONES a lAUOHLIN STIEl CORPORATION · MiLYN ITAINICSJ ITEEIS , KAIIER STEBI. CORPORATION . MYSTONI DRAWN ITEEL COMPANY · KEYSTONl StEEl 4 WIRE COMPANY · KIUY STEEl COMPANY, INC. · LACICDE ITIEL COMPANY . IATROIE JTEEL COMPANY · I I. UYINO AW COMPANY · LONE STAR STEEL COMPANY · LUKENS STEII COMPANY « THE MAHONINO VALLEY STEII C»MPANY · CLAYTON MARK » COMPANY · MARYLAND FINE t SPKIAITY WIRE COMPANY, INC. « WtlOUTH JTEIL CORPORATION . Mill STRIP PRODUCTS COMPANY · MOITRUP ITEIL PRODUCTS COMPANY · MY1TIC IRON WORKS « NATIONAL-STANDARD COMPANY · NATIONAL ITEEL CORPORATION . "ORTHWESTIRN STEEL I WIRt COMPANY « OSIIBAY, NORTON AND COMPANY « PICKANDS MATHER i COMPANY . PITTSIURDH COM I CHEMICAL COMPAIIY « PITTS1UR6H ITEEl COMPANY PITTSBURGH TUBE COMPANY ·PJfCISION , JTIEL ROLLINB MILLS, INC. · REPUItIC ITEEl CORPORATION · JOHN A. ROtlllNO'S SONS CORPORATION · ROTARY ELECTRIC STEIL COMPANY · IHARON ITIEl CORPOMTION' THE IHENANM FURNACE COMPANY SPANG-CHAIFANT. DIVISION OF THE NATIONAL. SUPPLY COMPANY ' THE STANDARD TUSt COMPANY * SUPERIOR ITEEl CORPORATION · IUPMIOR TUIE COMPANY · IWEETt ITEEL COMPANY- · TENNEISEC , PRODUCT] i CHEMICAL CORPORATION · TIMKEN ITIIL AND TUIt DIVISION OF THE TIMKEN ROLLER BEARING COMPANY · UNION STEEl CORPORATION * UNITED STATES STEEL CORPORA! OJ UNIVERSAl-CYCLOri STEEl CORPORATION · VAllEY MOULD AND IRON CORPORATION · VANAOIUM.ALIOYJ STEEL'COMPANY · WALIACI iARNll COMPANY DIVISION OF A»MIATIDIPR!N8 CORPORATION WASHINCTON ITEEl CORPORATION ' WHUTUND TUIt COMPANY · WHItllNi ITIIL CORPORATION ' WOODWARD IRON COMPANY . WVCKOFF ITECl COMPANY. · THI YOUNC1TOWN |HE[T AND TUIC COMPANY ·f;" I; ·-L.'.'-f,'!- » l ' - ' f-«, ··-. k ··«·'««'.

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