Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1929 · Page 25
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 25

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1929
Page 25
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THE ALTOONA MIRROR—THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1925 I *" f> * "Hoii£y Bee's Business" v Millions of busy bees fly from flower to comb turning the sweet nectar of flowers Into a sweet for our tables. This bottled or comb delicacy ttlay have come from the clover-field, the blossoms of dandelion, goldenrod, ihe apple triee, or any one of fifteen to -ighteen other varitles of blossoms. "Honey-drizzled" gives just enough flavor "Vhereaa "honey poured" makes any,dish much too sweet. To drizzle honey, place the jar in warm—not hot —water ten minutes before serving. This make's the right consistency to tfrlazle tiny threads Instead of pouring ... heavy stream. •".•vjlkfast fruit and cereal may be l «iproved with the use of, a bit of "onej The children will enjoy it. Special prices ' SMALL SIZE MEDIUM SIZE $4.95 SIZE $5.95 i "Wear-Ever" k Aluminum ggRoatier xj EVEBY with a layer of potatoes tfteed thins ;hea a layer of the Hvef alijSed *«id cut in portions for serving. Spwwkv* with salt and pepper; repeat ufttll ingredients are used, having potato al top layer. Pour In milk to Com* to the top of the potato. Bake ilfl ft ?50 degrees P. oven two h6ufis ofi longer, adding milk as needed. Whert the potatoes are done, there should be alft over supply of liquid In the dish but the liver and potatoes will not \)6fAty, Serves 8. ttonte Cerent Drizzle a tablespwm of. warmed honey over cereal. It will soon be absorbed, especially with hot cereal, Then add milk or cream. The children will' like to do this, and a small pitcher all their own will add zest to the morning meal. Money-Fruit If Its grap'efrult, peel fruit, divide sections, and add thre,e tablespoons of warmed honey. Let ( 'stand 15-30 min. May be prepared the night before. Natural sugars add more than sugar to our diet, They contribute a trace of minerals and one or more vitamins, and a bit. of protein. Honey Is one of the natural sugars and justly belongs on our gantry shelf. The young people need the added advantages that natural sugars give. DOUGHERTY HARDWARE STORES Uth Ave. llth St. 7th Ave. 7th Sf. The housewife's name for highest quality Franklin Cane Sugars Always full weight Franklin Sugar Refining Company More Delicious This Way D EEP fat frying preserves their natural flavor and delicacy—frees from grease —fries them crisp.delicatelytastyandbeautifullybrown.Justtry!. . . Fry Them in a Deep Fat Fryer Cod Fish Cakes GORTON-PHW FISHERIES Glouceltcr, Mils. After that Long End Ron! BETWEEN periods, after th« game, or •wherever' an extra supply of quick energy is needed, drink Moxie. After an afternoon in the' cheering section Moxie relieves parched dry throats and eases tired nerves. Its wholesome tonic ingredients, its bitter-sweet tang and it* sparkling carbonation revitalize almost instantly. Moxie is the safe drink—endorsed by athletic and dietetic authorities. O.K.'d by millions. The Moxie Company of America—Frank M. Archer, President Per Cent W HAT kind of management would you think it to accept only half your income? < -Yet many people are willing to get along with only half their rightful store of health. WESTMONT BREAD is hundred per cent food—builds hundred per cent people—made from only purest ingredients—you'll recognize it at once by its delicious flavor. Buy it once, you buy it always. Westmont Bakery Graharit Honey Cream 1 pkg. cream cheese or 1 e. cottage cheese 2 tbsp. warm honey Blend the cheese and honey until a Rood spreading consistency Is obtained. Spread on crisp graham cracker, top with another graham cracker and cut diagonally. , Honey Salad % c. diced pine- 114 c. diced celery apple ^ . j Vi c. warm mild 4 pt. whipped /4honey ^tbsp" 1 e m o n % tbs P- prepared juice mustard Mix celery and' pineapple nnd honey, blend lemon juice and mustard, add to whipped c^eam and stir In pineapple and celery mixture. Arrange on nosts of lettuce, top with cherry and chill for 30 ifilnutes. "Filling the * Party Plate" Club meetings of all kinds are at the fore in fall activities. Most of those gatherings mean refreshments. At this very thought some one has decided what would be in order that would be different from last year pr perhaps just the last meeting. A bit of sweetness usually ends the menu. Many are the combinations that may he made to fill the sherbet glasses. For this-orange and nut whip have all the Ingredients prepared and chilled, ready to combine just beforei serving. Ornnge Bud Nut Whip 1 cup whipping cream 1 cup orange pulp . -1 cup powdered peanut .brittle Whip cream till stiff, fold in peanut rlttle, which'" has been rolled or pounded to a powder. Then add orange sections, frotn -\vhich all membrane has been removed, and which have been cut in smaller pieces. Serve at once. This is enough for (i to 8. The sensible hostess never sends her guests away uncomfortably filled. A single course with a beverage for late afternoon' and late evenihg refreshments is wisest. Too much at one time spoils the dinner, appetite. Fruits are. not'as filling and always a safe dessert with no chance of failure. Delicious Dessert (Serves 6) 1 pint whipping 1 orange cream 1 c ' walnuts , . 2 bana.nas 12 or 'more large 8 ]arge sllceg pme _ marshmallows apple Add chopped nuts, finely cut marshmallows and sliced fruit to the whipped cream. •• * • • . Salads supply a crispness and touch of color that will improve any menu. When served with a fruit salad dressing they are in full party dress. Fruit Salad (Serves 14) 1 lb'. white grapes 1 can white cher- 1 can sliced pine- rles apple 4 bananas % lb. . shelled pe- Small bottle mara- cans ' schino cherries Use a fruit salad dressing with one- half pint whipped cream added. The Electric Maid For Modern Mothers Electric Range Ilotpoint electric heat is pure, clean and .wholesome and gives off no fumes, J. E. Heaps Electric Co. 1004 Chestnut Ave. Below robtofliee A Celestial Menu HE story of the Graf Zeppelin's world tour it now history, and history also to its passengers is the food provided by Heinrich Zubie, chief steward on the huge craft. They undoubtedly cherish memories of the flight but don't you think that some of them have also just a reminiscent tickle of the palate when they think of the things,that,Zubie got from Louis Sherry when the big airship left New Vorkf and which ht served to them far up in the air. An Aitonlshlng Menu These foods included, among other things, three hundred < one- gallon cans of soups, relishes, meats, fish, vegetables, French dressing, mayonnaise, catsup and sauces. Potato chips, caviar, peel- ed asparagus, sour gherkins, nnd special table water were also among the provisions put on board. The fresh fruits included grapefruit and oranges and the fresh meats served were sirloin steaks, lamb, tongue, and Virginia and domestic hams. " Bread and cake in large cartons, .as well as tasty tarts were taken along on the airship. Even Ice Included To keep all the foodstuffs fresh, and in order to be able to serve cold what should 6e served cold in this celestial menu, dry ice was included with the food cargo. Flying may In time become commonplace, but there was nothing commonplace about the canned and fresh food* provided for this great initial flying adventure. A Week's Menu for Variety Menu planning or the happy combinations of. foods is a. real art, at least we will all agree that no mater how well prepared the food may be if the ntire meal lacks color or crispness, or a variance in texture It falls in creating the desired appetite appeal. The week's menu should include an imple supply of fruits and vegetables n addition to the necessary protein foods such as meat. Breakfast Orange Juice Scrambled Eggs with Bacon Toast . • Home Made Marmalade , ' Coffee Milk Luncheon Macaroni and Cheese Apple and Celery Salad Whole Wheat Mufflns Milk , Dinner Ham Scalloped with Potatoes Buttered Carrots (oven cooked) Lettuce and Tomato Salad French Dressing Parker House Rolls Butter Apricot Upside Down Cake with Lemon Sauce .Coffee II ' Breakfast Fresh Grapes • Pure Pork Sausage fried with slices of Mush Maple Syrup Toast Coffee Luncheon Minced Ham on Toast Molded Spinach Salad with hard cooked Eggs French Dressing Fruit Gelatin Custard Sauce Cookies < Milk Dinner Roast Veal with Bacon Franconia Potatoes Masred Turnips Prune and 'Cheese Salad Whole Wheat Bread Chocolate Blanc Mange Whipped Cream Coffee \ III . BreakftiHt Stewed Prunes Ham and Eggs Country .Style Toast Jelly , Coffee Luncheon Split Pea Soup Crisp Crackers Lettuce, Egg and Tomato Salad Mayonnaise Dressing Apple Cobbler Custard Sause Dinner Veal Cutlets (made from Leftovers) Mashed Potatoes Tomato Sauce Steamed Squash with Butter Cabbage Salad with Cream Dressing Stewed Plums Coffee Cup Cakes IV JireuUfiiHt ' Melon Whole Wheat Cereal with Top Milk French Omelet with Broiled Bacon Luncheon Spanish Rice with diced Bacon Buttered String Beana Brown Bread Baked Pears Cookies Milk An Old Favorite Dinner Baked Half Ham with Raisin 1 Sauce Candled Sweet Potatoes Boiled Spinach Jellied Vegetable Salad (from leftovers) Cottage Pudding Chocolate Sauce Coffee Milk V ItreakfiiHt; Orange Wheat Cakes with Broiled Bacon Syrup Toast Coffee Luncheon Ham and Egg Sandwich Fruit Salad Cookies Milk Dinner Swiss Steak Mashed Potatoes Scalloped. Tomatoes Lettuce Salad with Mayonnaise Dressing Date Torte Whipped Cream Coffeo VI Breakfast Stewed Dried Apricots Creamed diced Ham and Hard Cooked 1 Eggs on Toast Coffee Milk Truncheon Cream of Spinach Soup (made from leftovers) Crisp Crackers Toasted Cheese Sandwich .Fresh Fruit in season I Milk ! Dinner , Tomato Cocktail Baked Green Pepper Stuffed with Ham Creamed Potatoes Buttered Parsnips .Fruit Salad ... Wafers Coffee .VII Ilreuli flint Applo Sauce ~ Pork Sausage . Bran Mufllns Coddled Eggs Gotten, • Milk Luncheon Macaroni and Cheese with Chopped Ham (leftovers) Celery, Carrot and Cabbage Salad Chocolate Pudding with Top Milk Coffee Milk Dinner' Pot Roast of Beef Browned Potatoes Peas In Carrot Cups Cole Slaw ; Sour Cream Dressing Applo Pie Tea Coffee or Milk Appetizing But Economical Meat Dishes Within tho late yours wo have heard great deal about the "sunshine vita- Ins" and their Importance in the diet, specially during the winter season. As soon tia the weather becomes dls- BTeeablo the children aro forced to lay indoors and the adult members of family go out-of-doors only when cccssary. Tills means that all mem- ers of the family get little actual sun- ilnc—a fact that accounts for the many colds and illnesses prevalent uring (he winter months. Since these necessary food elements re not carried Into the system by cx- oslng the nldn to siinliglft, we must oolc to other sources to supply the sunshina vitamins." According to the research of such nen n.s Koossler, Mo\vor t and Hunke of ho University of Chica'go and other oted nutritionists tho meat organs avo stored in fhcm these sunshine. Itamlns—the vitamins that build good c.d blood so necessary In keeping the uman machine In pijrfcct order. Liver was tho first organ found to ontain these valuable elements but It s now generally agreed that kidney nd heart arc a close second. The vers of all the men* animals aro qually potent and valuable for their lootl regenerating properties. Pork amh, nnd beef livers when properly repared are Just as delectable, just s efficient, for their "sunshine vitamins" and much loss expensive than alf's liver, The same fact holds true or the other meat organs. The wise homemaker will Include lose meat organs In the diet not less ban once a week and more often an eslred. They are relatively tncxpen- Ive and most tempting If tho recipes elow are followed: J1TCAHT AND LIVER IMTC. 3oil a pound of liver until very ender. Chop rather coarsely. Clear., nd quarter slxhambs' hearts and boil ntil tender; then cut in thick slices. IVhlle tho hearts are boiling, add a alf bay leaf, 2 finely minced onions, i small can of tomatoes, % cup minced elery, pepper, salt, 1 teaspoon sugar ind % teaspoon curry pqwdcr. After he hearts have been removed, boil tho fravy down to about l'/a cups, thicken t with browned Hour, strain, mix with he liver and hearts and fill a deep, rusMlned dish with tho mixture. Put m top crust, making a vent in the top nd- bake the pie until tho crust is done. Servo hot with ciirrant jelly. This Is a rich pie but" It is also economical, as the hearts and liver aro 'nasonablo in price. Serves 8 por- lona. For over thirty years SALADA has been the leading package tea in America. I! BBI^Jj^ BBI|P P^^MI ^^^B^^^^P^B^B ••^•v •^•••^•^ ^^^^P^^^^*-* TEA "Presh from the Qardens" n 567 Some Grapefruit Suggestions Grapefruit,'In addition to being high ly palatable in beverages and salads is a natural tonic. Physicians and hog pltala recognize its value in supplying, the vitamins CHsental in curing cold and Influenza and building up reulHt unce to these common afflictions. A an "eye-opener" in tho morning It 1 unsurpassed. Hotels, clubs and lead ing restaurants are now servln straight grapefruit Juice in response t a demand from many who prefer It t grapefruit on the half shell as a way to start the day right. If morning grapefruit juice is prefer red ice cold, it should be squeezed th night before, sweetened if desired, an chilled in the refrigerator. Chilling I far preferable to adding ice, either I orange juice or grapefruit juice, j combination of the two, In proportion to suit, makes an excellent coektal that will "hit the spot" at any hour For those who want an extra tan In their grapefruit juice a drop or tw of ginger syrup or bitters' may b added. Two Interesting but simple recipe are given here. One Is a substantla fruit drink and the other a Bitl Either is recommended as an exhllara tor after the fatigue of bridge playin or shopping, or for serving at between meal affairs. Florida Fizz 8 Juicy oranges 1 cup sugar 2 grapefruit 3 eggs Squeeze fruit, strain out pulp an seeds, add sugar and stir until it dis solves. Beat eggs well. Shake egg and Juice with cracked ice until we trapped, using quart Mason jar o large cocktail shaker. Four glasse not more than three-fourths fu!l an then carefully add cold dry ginger a or carbonated water. (Makes four large portions.) Grapefruit and 1'ltf Salad 3 large grapefruit A few preserved flgs Li'mcfo for dressing Peel fruit, remove memttrane from each section, cut meat into pieces and arrange on crisp lettuce leaves with figs. Serve with dressing made of lemon, or lime juice, a dash of paprika and a suggestion of powdered sugar, (one teaspoon to a half cup of dressing.) 1 teaspoon, salt 1-8 teaspoon curry 1-8 teaspoon ca- powder yenno pepper 4 onions Trim fat from a fresh kidney and cut in % inch slices. Dredge with flour. Fry chopped bacon and suet In deep saucepan, add kidney, chopped onions and pepper and turn^ until meat is thoroughly soared and coated with a rich brown gravy. Add tomatoes and seasoning, cover closely and simmer % of an hour. Servo very hot on narrow strips , of buttered toast. s r; A r, j, o p E D POTATOES AND I.tVKK WITH PEi'1'EKS AND ONION. 1 Ih. liver % green pepper 4 cups sliced po- minced tntoes blunched „,. ., 1 onion cut very J % teaspoons salt fine Milk as needed Butter a casserole. Cover the bottom Hot Waffles What a treat these cool days. WAFFLE IRONS for electric, gas or coal use $1.25 «p W. H. Goodfellow's Sons 1319 Eleventh Ave. 11AKICI) IN 1 small liver Popper Bncon fat pint milk salt ut liver in serving pieces. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and arrange in a greased baking pan. Pout over scalded milk to just cover. Bake in a moderate oven or 300 degrees F. for 40 to 45 minutes. Serves 5 portions IAVK11 WITH VKOKTAUI.KS. 2 Ibs. sliced beel 1 quart small Hver tatoes 2 tablespoons ba- 1 tablespoon celerj con drippings ' top or parsley 1 cup small onions 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups cut carrots 2 teaspoons salt or turnips 1-8 teaspoon pepper Prepare vegetables, cover with boiling water, boil for |0 minutes, then put in baking dish or casserole "with tho stock in which the vegetables have been boiled; add 1 tablespoon of flour, mixed with cold water. Cover with ho liver prepared as follows: Remove the skin and the veins from the llvci; cut Into convenient pieces; sprinkle with the salt, pepper and Hour; put nto a hot pan with tho fat and sear quickly over a hot fire. Cover dish nnd bake In a slow oven for one hour. Serve In casserole. I1KEF KIDNEY CK10OLK RTYI<E. I beef kidney, 4 tablespoons flour thick slice b'racon 1 sweet popper 2 tablespoons chop- 1 pint canned to ped suet matoes All Good Things to Eat SPECIAL Oysters, Fresh Fish , and Country Meats LOHMER'S MARKET Corner 3rd Ave. and 7th St. Open Dully 0 A. M. to Midnight Growing children must have a small amount of iodin daily. Worcester Iodized Salt fills this requirement. The percentage of iodin is minute, sufficient to prevent Simple Goiter. For table SALT tor cooking. Rptammenriett h\ Physiciun PREVENTS SIMPLE GOITFR TOD AY-AT BARGAIN PRICES/ Clicquot Club PALE DRY more than ordinary "pints" T HE best ginger ale on the market and the best value too. In clean, new bottle* only, and one-third more in every bottlel Sparkling, exhilarating in itself . . . and a perfect mixer besides. Thoroughly digestible because it's fully aged. If the label s«ys "Clicquot Club Palo Dry" it's a full pint. Not theordinary 12oz. bottle,but IGor. — l/jmore. Try the Party Package. 12 p(«. in each carton, 48 of, (3 bottle*) more in every 12. Alot more,lm't it? You actually get (Ai« mac A finger afc~cx- tra in each pint bottle of Cllc- aaot Clab Pale Dry. Healthy! Direct From Our 'Own 76 Farms Dial 5945 When Serving Tea---Always Serve MARYLAND . Tea Biscuits With That Sweet, Rich Flavor Place In a Warm Oven a Few Minutes Before And They Almost Melt In Your Mouth K VI, AND Tea Biscuits are made from an entirely different dough from thing- else in the baked line. The flour is a special prepared patent and is sold only under the name of MARYLAND Tea Biscuits and made in Altoona exclusively by Haller's and are fresh daily. These biscuits are kept fresh by being wrapped and sealed In wuxeU paper, one dozen (o a package, uuU aro very alee to have for any luncheon occasion. Sold By Most Leading Grocers Haller's Bakery 1208 Fifth Ave., Altoona. Phone

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