Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 10, 1972 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1972
Page 16
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·v«U .ARTIST'S CONCEPTION OF WINSLOW EXPANSION conslruction now underway is expected to be completed by Dec. 1 oil the Winslato gi;»iriasium.cojetoriuiii; Population Doubles In Decade Rogers Schools Face Space Problems ROGERS -- "Our. biggest challenge is just lo provide enough space and teacheis to match the growth v This statement by Greer Lin gle superintendent of Rogers schools for the past 17 years, reflects the immense'task educators here h^ve faced in. a city which has more than doubled its population since 1960. The remarkable growth of the town from 5 700 in 1960 to an estimated 13 500 m 1972 (1970 i census figure was 11 050) has kept the school enrollment in cieasmg steadily, S Ihe problems created by the five to six per cent increase per year for the past several years must be met With an antici pated enrollment of 4500 for the 1972 73 year the major problem of the district accord ing to Lingle has been a n d continues lo be providing class room space to match the growth Ife would like to see at least in the first three grades a teacher pupil ratio of 1 20 or 25 The ratio is good in some schools he said but some have a"l 33 or 34 " NEW SCHOOL OPENS '"Crowding will be alleviated greatly this year with the open ing of the new 14 -- classroom 5424 000 Eastside elementary schcol The building is^ pot ful ly completed but it ^ilU?e plac ed m use at the beginning o ichool f On the planning board nov. is an eight classrgtmi buildini to be erected on the'high schoo sife The school board has au theorized the architect and su permtendent to proceed wit plans rlhe school system now utihz es six elementary schools i seventh and eighth grad middle school and a higl school encompassing grades nine 12 Within the next tw ears, Lingle has said, some- ling will have to be done with he middle school The system an then reorganize on a six iree-three basis again (revering to a seventh-eighth-ninth ;rade junior high school con- :ept) TRADITIONAL The Rogers school system is till largely traditional with no pen class rooms and team caching in only a limited way The, operational budget for 972 73 will be approximately ;2,17S;000 'compared with $2 D31 614 last year Lingle said Russell D Jones former ^orthside Elementary school principal will be the new East ide principal. Mrs. Eberline Vugent Westside Elementary school teacher will become Northside principal One new counselor Ted Me Conaugh has been hired to re ilace Mrs Christina Rogers vho ib retiring as middle school counsel01 Twenty eight new teachers lave joined the faculty for fall and fifteen new.staff members lave been added to take care of growth TEACHER SALARY SCALE Teachers received a raise ef 'ective July 1 which boosts the rase pay $400 per year The new salary schedule ranges From $6 600 for beginning teach cis with a bachelors degree to $9 000 for those with a master degree and 15 years experience No .basic, changes in the cur ^^Ittmftirfc* planned for thi year Still being \yatched ar several 1971 72 mno\ations in eluding a four-tract curriculum set up which divides the stu dents into four basic groups special education basic cduca tion general curriculum an honors program A new humanities course wa introduced in the high schoo last year. Rogers has an Exemplary vo- ational-'program, one of eight slablished-iri schools in the ,ate last year The state De artment of Education is Iry- ig a program of providing pecial counselors to provide iformation and vocational orl- ntation. CURRICULUM Courses in the Rogers voca lonal program include vo ational business, mechanical rawing or drafting, machine hop vocational agriculture, ome economics, and the gen ral coop program with stu lents working half day and at ending school half day Some tudents are also sent to the 'ocatiorial school in Fayette- yille Some limited courses in osemotology have been worked tut with a local beauty acade my Started last year also was a Title II: program, The Rogers lesearch Center, which pro ides a program of parent ori- ntation to'stimulate parent's riterest in education and to study the effect this lias on he child in school accomplishments. AU elementary school chil dren will register at their re spective schools at 9 a m on Wednesday, Aug. 23. Middle school and high school students were pre registered in t h e spring but w,ill have onenta tibn dates announced, .Teachers' orientation: will - begin Aug; 21 The 1972 73 schedule is Aug. 23 - registration Aug. 28 - first day of class Sept. 4 - Labor Day holiday Nov. 23-24 - Thanksgiving holiday Dec. 21-Jan. 1 - Christmas March 12 16 Spring Break April 20 - Good Friday holiday May 25 - Close of School. The superintendent of schools, who has 27 years in/the 'fie] of education'plus four years 'o military service t sums up hi feelings about education -wit this statemenl I believe lha the school should make ever effort to provide the best qua lily education for all its stu denls consistent with;its finan cial sources And you need t go a little beyond that if yo are doing your job, he addec An Arkansas native. Ling: served .as .superintendent ; Ozark prior lo coming to Rpi ers and has,'served'as a hig school puncipal at Ozark an Alma He holds a bachelor degree and a Diploma of A vanced Study from the Umve sity of Arkansas. Winslow I I f I I f N/ewGym ». i ' 1 1 . .fcLOW - Winslow li onq f tlio,smallest communities In \eistWe and,expansion pf Hip chool Arogrnm Js 9110 of Ihe )cal efforts unrtei\\w to mcc,t ic expanding pPfdV |( ,J T|io community passed a l^OObO bond' Issue this spring start a building program tor 10 school Tlio first, project in 4 scries of improvements is n 5 pO square foot building of e enforced concrete and con icle block to house the gym ias|uir) cafetorlum kitchen aclllllcs and a stage A! special feature of thi pns(ruct(on is an exterior slagi and amphitheater These an cuuently under construclioi and will, be completed Dec 1 futuie plans call foi ne\ clence and library facilities T^he, consliuqtion ^s one par of tl\e expansion undeiwaji vhjch inciUdes expansion of tli jhyslpal fitnqss progiaw anc leVelopmept of a school athjeti Nofthwrtf ·TIMW, Thundoy, Students Return To Winslow School Campus Aug. 28 , . . . , _ - , - . . -- ' Students retaining lo HID Winslow schcol campHs r Aiig' 28 will find many mprovcmcnls completed or jndcuviiy 3 , ' ' Mil day classes vill _,. AUg, 30 and faculty meetings scheduled prior to the'bpen ng dhtp' according to Gene Kliig new pilnclpal of the high school The ·'schools, are under Ihe bupouiston of J. :R.: Kennan W a s h i n g t o n County Sehoo Supervisor. Russell Blaylock is principal, of '· the -elementary school Tho completion by Dec 1 o the new ''lunchroom-gymnasium Will piovide space for the luncl program and for physica education, Including basketball Volleyball and. a beginning program of football. The present lunchroom will b remodeled to create a ne\ s c i e n c e department Th existing libraiy is being ex padded and the extra space Wl more than double the si?e Winslow school nOw has c o m p l e t e 1 j equipped horn Siloam Springs Calendar Aug. AUg; 10 Principals and secretaries repoit for duty 14 All school peisonnel rcpoLt General faculty meeting 9 45 a m Personnel meeting 10 45 a m Registration for all new students including fust gradeis beginning at 1 pm 15 Workshops and school building faculty meetings i at 8 a m Aug. 16 School starts, bus will operate. School dismissed at 12 noon Aug 16 Sept 4 ', / Half day sessions Sept 5 . Full day scheduling Nov 17 t TM Juiiioi pla Nov 23 24 _ Thanksgiving holidays Dec 19 20 ^ \ Fxams and end of semester Jan 2 1973 " Second semester begins Mar 24 April 2 Spring holidays April 13 - Senior play April 21 Junior senior banque April 27 _* uture Farmers of America Rodeo May 4 , Spring music festiva May 13 14 Sunday^afternoon or Monday night giaduation May 1418 * Exam week and enci of schoo A total of i 182 days are scheduled One day will be taken r x Easter if not used because of bad ( wcathci previously \\hloh wab Fqulp s fund' conowtcs building, dderf two yenis ago tent has, added us fundi Qcamo, avftlliiblo and presently !i onq. of the best equipped the area, according to school Shop N work jis 'one of the pedal courses' provided and t u d e n Is participating are ransporlcd by bits: to Boylnnd here Archie Carroll conducts 10 Class which provides in tructlon ! in; wood working 'elding, and ; electrical wiring Students .may (akc part in ·arlous organizations,'includlni Indent council, National Hono ociety,, the yearbook stafl U i t u r e , jHomemakors o imorlca and the Library Club, ,A spec.ial Dreading program, I on dueled for seventh ani eighth graders and ejerrjentar, tudehts will b,e able to par icipate in a similar program his yeir A special readm eacher and a teacher-aide wl direct the pragrarn. A ninth grade civics cpurs vill b'ei.aiight during the secon seniester arid tlje first semeste vill be devoted to Arkansa listory. The faculty in the high schoo' n addition to Principal Kin( are Luther ' Baccus, Elizabct fardage, Ila Campbell, Cynthi Walker, Ann , Harbison, Fail Marie . Hiekrpan, Mary. .Salic Janie, ' Noisewater'-. and Line Bradley The' staff of the elemontar school includes Judy Ramc; Christine Cobb, Betsey Smlt! Billie 'GriffitTi,: arid Evely Lyons. Lunchroom workers/ are Si Surririiers ^ hd.' No veil e · Robbi n and" 'James ; Tomlinson custodian. The administrative v staff dedicated to the '· principle total development of studeni and to provide a climate whii fosters physical, mental a emotional growth and enabl each student to function i f e.c ! 'ti y e l y , .happily a democialically i n today society. GLENN W. BLACK ' ~ .. superintendent oj Swam prlngs Schools School Head Af Siloam Springs Since 1953 .- SILO AM SPRINGS - T h e r t j i ) ,as been phenomenal grovyth rt H he Siloam Springs Schools ill n enrollment and construction of new buildings Institution of ' new programs and an Increase - ·· n teacher personnel i f Supt Glenn W Black has i. seen the district giow from an ' ·» enrollment of 1 200 students to i f · neaily 2 000 A new high school, i I lunior high building and a new elementary school have been constiucted during that period ' Black has been .superintendent J ''« of scliools sinne 1953'but served'^! two ye-irs as coach previous to ' that time He also taught In thp '"' Rogeis Schools and at Lonoke. He returned from military duty n i ; with the U.S; Navy in 1946 ahd'-'f-: was high school principal 'im""' 1946 A native of Admire, Kan hs attended S i l o a m Sprr-'s '") schools and the College of the '' Ozarks and leceived a BA de-' ' gree from A ar College at ht Monticello in 1537 " ' BACKTOSCHOOLI With Fabulous Everyday Low Prices SELF SERVE SHOES .cm Send Them BACK-TO-SCHOOL with the most complete wardrobe ever... and SAVE! SEWING and SAVING go "hand in hand". Take Advantage of These Fine Buys, NOW! We have a large selection of beautiful fall colors in crush velvet and velour, 45" to 54" wide. ' Womens - Teens SIZES 4 - 1 0 IN MANY COLORS AND STYLES GIANT SELECTION . Out Wacky Colors 88 9 00 a m --' 00 pm Monday-Saturday 416 N Col legs Fayetteville Mon-Fri. 8-8 Sot., 8 q.m.-9 p.m. Hwy. 71 South Sprlngdqle New For Fall HEATHER SPUN Polyester and Acrylic Prints and Solids "Ideal for the layer look" 64"-66" Wide $C98 5 Yd. 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