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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 12, 1958
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independent By DAVE LEWIS~ · Spirts Mitor' With professional sports teams toning.more and more to air travel, new "disaster-plans' are Destined to be Saw up as an aftermath of the recent plane'ac- ddSt atMuMch, Gerrnany-inwhich^ I^g» foremost soccer team lost seven'.of (its stars with.several who . fa this c o u n t r to the average' American .fan 'have .'teen a · , . course! tut those, arc the/leading persor^ties ^ca^ recall off- ^'··Disaster plan- Is » new and frightening: phrwe of the *" The *N^nil CI Bask 0 etMl'' Association^ whose. teams, travel more ttan any others in 'organized -sports, has already officially adapted such a plan as has baseball's American League, . , _ _ T h e National League, which pushes its f rentiers , : to ; - the West Coast this season, thus. setting the. stage for.the^mpst mass fUKhts cTattletes over the Rooky Mountains rin sports history, Kal no official, plan, .but has accepted terms orally under a "gentleman's agreement." " '* · · PRO FOOTB4LL, WHICH PIONEERED ABB travel by sports teams, formal 'plan but is ready for emergency LOCKYER'S BREEZES Hawks obtain players. The .league, also has. a great! . ' of talent on clubs in-the American, Quebec and Western leagues .which they -either 'sponsor : or, have ..working -agreements -and .Swhorn ihey obtain players^ regularly for ^ u r y p l a c e - ·l-Jie American League adopted Ita JPi 0 * 1 TM.''*"*^*^. weeks ago The circuit has Insured -every 'team for*.1,875,000. or $75,000 a player. If an accident takes seven or more players, the team can obtain replacements Irom a talent pool. . This pool- will be formed before .the fseason opens in;. Apri when eacTclub wm submit a secret list-of -10 players, it:wquld part with-to the league office; A team in. trouble, could select a maximum of 21 players-three from each-of ; the other seven - clubs-at a stipulated price of ; $75,000 .a .player: -.v ,;v -, ^ The National League "gentleman's agreement : is,sumlar although it hasn't been put in writing as yet'despite ,the if act " the senior circuit is exposing itself to increased air travel-this season. '· . . . ^ - · ' · ' INCIDENTALLY, 1 THE AMERICAN LEAGIJE .drew^up a "disaster plan" for.the first,time back in-1941.-Wlierivthei St Louis Browns were scheduled to be transferred to,Los:Angeles The announcement of the franchise, shift,was to be-'nia* .Demember 8 of.'41, but the Japanese attack on Pearl-Harbor;-the here day before canceled the move,' - sekson, a team would be split into small ^roups,andstravel : -on ^ Afferent flights. No more than six player^werer.tol.-be.aUowed 15-4 lead HaUtime found USF · - . - '3SS2fiSSttx~.~**^ tency would be to cut the squad limit Irbm 35 toother 33 or and their, 82-- possibly more-fwhlch would make at Ieast:S2 to 8S ; extra league play, pliers avallaJble.Then, too, there are always 20 -or to ."old High poin ' ' ' p l e r s avallaJbe.Then, too, there are aways -or to . o ig Bros" with a lot of football ieit'uj them who could be called Gaels' tuck 'Sigaty who scored from voluntar or fofcedreUrement to 1 «U In. 18 The Dons' classy guard PIUS fVJllJI, U *.VV V* *vw*fvr+M. , « -- - - --T ' . _ · back from voluntary or forced retirement to fJU In. ; ^ ^.- _ . _ The National Basketball Association made plans last.spnng Gene Brown led the scoring to deal 1 with sudden disasters. The'other teams would contribute for the winners with 16 part of their talent to a league pool from -which a new-.tesm s. M«r'e arr T VSF could be formed. Under the provision,,-each'of toe surviving seven, teams would pick; their five top. players who would; not be subject to the disaster draft. The rest of their.'players would . be placed in the poool. . . ' . . ' ' . v ,. ^ --, . -·· M , '« The club owners would-then place a price, tag on-eacn B1 . player injthe pool'and the team reorganizing would be aHowe( . to buy two players from each surviving team;; or a-total of,. 14 players. After a brief tryout period, thenumber would be'cu to 10 'players--the league limit--and the .other four men -returned to their former clubs. ...... - ' . , -. y . Vikings Post 85-67 Victory By JERRY WYNN Pasadena College defeated Long Beach State 70-53, and Lockyer's subdued Sewart Air Force Base, 76-68, In a doubleheader before a packed crowd at tfl» 49ers' gym Tuesday night. 1 The rangy Pasadena cagers '·may have experienced difficulties leaving Long Beach in the dense fog, but they had little trouble finding the highway to the"~basket while on the hardwoods Their shooting accuracy --38 per cent from the v floor and rl8 of 29 from the free throw line--coupled with tight zone defense earned them control of the hard-fought Lockyer's won its contest in aj breeze The touring Airmen from Tennessee, minus a few regulars were no match for the Long Beach AAU quintet and only remarkable foul shooting--26 ft»\ 30--kept the score"respectable *. «" ' WNG BEACH State'was in contention until the final 11 minutes when it trailed by only 49-42, but the classy Crusaders then broke loose with a rash of baskets that enabled them to coast in minutes ' Bolstered By HAL IIXINGWQRTH Long Beach City CoUege had too much class for £,351 L A Tuesday night, burying the Huskies, 85-67, to maintain its one-game lead in the Metropolitan Con- 'erence basketball scramble It was the ninth* victory!in and ··their 21st his^ season East -in league competition East L A kept within staking distance before intermission--but then it became a rout Long Beach bolted into an 11-3 advantage, spearheaded THE BOARDS during the final « m , TO TM by new players, Ron Winterburn, Dick Dickinson and Ivan Schuler the 49ers played well in holding Pasadena to a 38 32 halftime advantage jy Dave Jones' five points, and thj s interval k.ij.j-.iii Aiaj-i ^^^^.^-^ . ^ r - r , t, * - to a 38 32 nailtime Bob Kenny of Lockyer's outbattles Irn Dingus of,Sewart Air Force Base for gecond half rebound. Lockyer's scored 76-68 victory--(Staff* Photo by Skip Shuman) _.~,_ ~- _, Dons Rip OFFERS 44,000 SEAT PAEK Near Title tut iced lts fourth ltral *' nt * ^ a TM c ° ked house a pacsea u of 11 straigh ^t points to open up a and their, sixth straight in , point man was the orrr 2 3 3 4 ; YS 5a""r *3 5 2 3 4 j 0 11 3 1 Dunbar 4- J. 11 4 3 5 111 Brown 4 8 1011 2 5 2 3 8 Llll Tnd 1 1 2 2 3 11-1-23 Cnlnchm 1 4-4 1 i 0 2 3 0 2 RusieU 1 1 2 0 ; o 1-1 2 i ConnollT : 1 O-o 2 2 Rdnvch 1 0 0 0 2 Kobln«on 0 0 - 0 2 1 ;llallen\. -0-0-0 0 0 HARDEST PUT TO CARRY ON WOtTLD BE colleges in the event of a disaster.'In most cases,' the ; schedule .for that season would be canceled; although some schools'might'elect to carry on with their "junior -varsity" squads; : - -. --. - . . : . . · ...j England's Manchester United team was not the first .soccer team to be involved in a disaster. The -hazard's.of ; mass- air travel were first pointed out when all mepbers.of'.the. crack soccer team-of Turin, Italy, perished-in an crash ,in 1949. The team was to'Italy what .Manchester United' wasto England,.-. Meanwhile, the. two. most fllsastrous acciaenta' In this country, involving athletic teams :were train and .bus wrecks: ·,'. In 1903,.a train carrying the-Purdue-football team,collided with a freight in Indianapolis: The.16 dead-induded-lS^layers .and the. Purdue trainer.. The. school .called -off .the -rest of Its schedule. ' ' ' . v : .- ... *- .·'··. '.,-.·'· -.--' .' . "·.-,'.·.'·· In organized baseball's most-serious .travel accident, nine players were killed and -six injured when a bus carrying .the Spokane team of the Class B Western. International, League plunged down a mountain in'June, 1946. ' - Boxing Results At Mlwnl B«Hb--Larry Boardman 40*4, Marlborouih,'.Conn. t . dec.. John y Dlrllio. -142, fiayonne,..*r,;.J.., (10) At Sun .Bernardino--Herman S u " c y 128W, LoiAnieles-, KOd-;Bob,Kohledo 30%.:Pasadena,.- (B). ;'','.-., -, -';.-: At'illohinoiul--Bobi Butchir. l»6:;.'Sai ·mnclsco, KOi :Q»ort« - K«nn«ily;-.198 rejno,, (3). - , - . - . ' · " . ' - . ' .··-·*;.·. College Basketball , .. 63. PB po'?lJaSt. 68. Ortnon Col. of Eduo, B9 whtttler 58. Cnl Poly (Pomona) M. caico St. SO. Cal AKglM 7. sin Jose St. 71. San Francisco St. eo. "i. lor 72. Vlrjlnla Tech 73, - acton * Lee J1 M«cAlester 07. Humllne 65. Nortu Dakota St, 63, Moorhiad Tchrs 52 Stemphla St se Murray (Ky) 50.' Roffi St, Floflaa soBtaern 74. Tennessee Ttch 85. Western Ken " tU WMWgton St Jettenon 73,.'Wheel '"J'rovldenc'e 58, Rhode Wand 3ff. Moreheart St. 89, Tampa 64. ' Lehtch 74. Dickinson 68, Kloe 5T. TIMS AftM. 57. · · ' Ml»sl»slDll 55, East Tennessee 1 St. 53. Souliliii Tech 65. SW Louisiana 53. Bt, Peter's (W) 79, .LIU «.- . ' jrcjiTOX'COLUEQES 1SCC 85, Bant LA. 07. ' , _ Ornie Coast 78, San Bernardino 75. - . L.ACC 59, Compton 44. - Stockton 7S, West Contra Costa 68. Oakland 74, Santa Rosa-47. . , Yuba 55, Sacramento St.. Ftosh 49. '500'Nominations ,INDIANAP.OLIS-.. 1 W) -- Pat O'Connor of .North Verrion . Ind., and Marshall Teagye o: Daytona Beach, .Fla.,- were nominated . again Tuesday , to drive lor the' Sumar team 1 ' o: Teire Haute, Ind., in-qualifications for the 500-mi]e auto race May 30.': , TRADE HELPS BOTH RAMS AND BEARS Rams coach Sid GUlman- figures a t\vo-fpr"-ono trade that sent Bob, Carey ; and'; Jesse Whinenton :tb_the Bears- In exchange L for- ^35-pound tackle Kline GUbertCwlU help: both clubs, t ' ".;;·.·....,' : "It was dimply.a case ot, giving up a player : we^;dldn't actually have for .one who will help us, 1 ;- Glllrnan .skid- of Monday night's, swap.- He- was referring to l Carey, an:; end, who did not play for the" Rams last year because' of business commltnients'ln-.Chl-'. cago.-.-- ." .. ;.?! '-v:'.'.;.;.!-;.·'.·'.'.',".· ' Gilbert has captained the ·Bears' offensive unlt y the last two years. Whlttenton. Is »-, defensive half Tiack. v Although they will be decided underdogs in their clash- with USE Friday night i- L o n g Beach' City 'College, : , Pepperdine's -Waves hold one 1 . surpris : ing edge.over .the third-ranked Squaw Games Arena . SAN;; FRANCISCp-.v:(OE)i-i. bill has been introduced jointly in both houses of Congress '· re questing authorization; for; both military support '.'and :· construe .Won of an ice/ arenai-.for.l.thi i960 Olympic Winter^ Gamesfa Squaw Valley, .it' was^ Jepprted here Tuesday. - ·; -.' ; \'.'. ''-- AAUBasketball LocXyer'p 7«, SewaH-'ATB ej. 1 -SLBL JXnvw 113^ Peorli. 10». ..,. , Ot. 14 21 27 2019 Tot 2325,J01»6» Halftime »core: .USP -MS. St. Mary» Buffalo Makes Bid for Steelers' Franchise BUFFALO, N.Y: (^-Buffalo made an attractive, offer for a National Football Xeague franchise Tuesday, waving a |l,000-a-game rental lor the 44,000 capacity Civic Stadium under the noses of NFL'dub owners. In an offeriobylously/alined at the somewhat dissatisfied Pittsburgh Steelers, the city »ald W would negotiate a long- term, low-cost lease with any NFL team willing to move to Buffalo. 'Civic Stadium,: a, concrete ,bowl with 88,785 -permanent seats, gets scant usage at present. It once held the Buffalo BUs of the All Anwrlca Conference.'-Temporary seats Increase Its capacity to Just over '44,000.' Parking it available for only' 6,000 can, .however. NFL' 'commissioner Bert Bell said that Buffalo Is a good football^rjty,'ere;lfno franchise planning to -move Just now. / The Steelers hope to, play their home games In the tTnlr versity of Pittsburgh's 60,000'seat stadium. ,came within five pointi of the visitors, but never closer. Winterburn was high scorer for Long Beach with 15 points and Jed Young tallied 11 and turned in an outstanding rebounding performance Pasadena, scoring its 17th win against three losses, was pacec Tun Bond with 18 by .center points. LOCKIER'S, fast -breaking Sewart into ^exhaustion, sub sbtuted so freely that even Manager Don Cosby 5-6 fire ball, saw action BigEdMchols was high scorer with 14 Sparking the Airmen were former SC star Dick Welsh who scored 23 points, and for mer UCLA eager Ed White with 21 Puadera. 10 Dalley.. (11). · ~ 1 . 1 Drott No Stranger in L.A. 0 league games .for the Vikings Y in 24 starts Bob Penry L A" is 2-8 Long Beach boosted -tie margin to 65-35 with 7-23 gone in the last half Frequent stolen balls, a'tight zone defense and deadly marksmanship enabled Long Beach to outscore East L A. 25-4 in boosted the edge to 26-15 with eight minutes gone on. Dick Vlarkowitz' 10-footer for the jiggest lead of, the first half J The Huskies narrowed, the deficit i three times to five xints on tha outside shooting f Ray Thornton,., but two- pointers by Jimmy Ralph Smith and Bill Jordan provided LBCC -4(W1 intermission edge. » * * * EAST ~LJA- didn't get a field goal until 426 of 1 the second ialf, while the'Vikings were 3usy pushing then: advantage to 54-33 with-.B01 Ellis' five points. showing,the:way. Ellis 'scored eight more and in seven as The Vikings made good.-on 35 of 57 field goal attempts and 1T of 28 free throws Markowitz clicked, on 10 of 17 shots from, the floor, Elhj five^for seven Long Beach outrebound- ed the Huskies ^-li^vwith Markowitz, Jordan ''and, Jones each ,, grabbing six vLong Beach entertains Santa Monica:Friday.teitsinext ; ] Eaet I»A ' "*"" iMurphy, Thornton Lister " - t WEISS HOT, CASEY COOL Ydnks Rapped for Star Tilt ; (11) Ml y « -M»4e n a- 38 ..».. Pa»one (« White (211 Welsn (23) g elson. (1) - Inrus (14) .-. Halftime score: trt AFB 35 scoring J- · JO. Lockyei'i Hammer-(TJ KennrT I \ «·/ , 8t«r- 8 Vra of » eeriet of utlclH. on- tk« L«MII« itan who will vtalt durtii the 1918 KHOO.) No · stranger to Southland · fans.: is .'young Bichard Fred (Dick) Drott, one of the out- ,stan«lng., -National. L e a g u e rookies of. 1957. On his way .'up to the Chicago Cubs,-Drott pitched for Los An- rubK. Wai h ^^^.^. . Pearson (11) Mr (8) Perldni (8) COSDT Kansas State in AP Lead ·By .The Associated Press" Kansas State's Wildcats, .with only one setback in 17 games a handsome two-game lead the Big Eight basketball race have moved ahead of West Virginia in the Associated Press' weekly national college DICK DROIX Rookie Star-In'57.-' geles in what should be his final minor league season for poll ' Point USF some years to come Working for the Angels- hei'had r a 13-10 - showed his flared for, 878 jaye shooting averages of over d! per cent'each, while Day and Farmer average 10 re- tounds each per game. '-.Yet, two Waves--sensational oph Sterling Forbes 1 and John IT^UIU-OJJU 3UUWCU J113 UCHC.AUA, U1C .'JL»lft_ Jji^.*v -- -- -strikeouts by pacing the Pacific more strength in the over-al Coast' League in that depart- balloting'/and thus picked up ment with 184: "~ " ~ "" """° 1 n n Along the way he set t the Jans a-biizzing with 15 - striker outs in one game, ^tying the LA club record, and 32 in three which statisticians say, ^was another matched mark.; Hg euKC.uvci. .LIIC- HJUAM-*eu«vi-w SOpH OLCIJJIIK J uujca euiLL vwini ons: Pepperdih'e has averaged Rettberg--have better shooting i'.3 r pbints-per-game' more /than TM-««««. ; *Wo« +vi« -nn«"ifit«hn+«' USF; : " . . - '·,,-. .-;-·· ' 'y .':;.-'---:,/ · .Consideruig the "lact·'. that USF.' has 1 . : :a .'phenomenal-; 16-1 record--arid also'.tnat^thetDbns j«jjuwlj''-Dk : r\T\A»^l»iii?i"..'1fi^lilQ i "i. in . - T their, only. rneeting,;thus-!far: : this season^-- this ; item^isV. somewhat startling.' ·"·.··;'.'.Vjv';^V..v",;i:;(:^-.'. Pepperdine-Jias averaged 73.2 " average fclrbes, perhaps the hottest oph -eager in the Southland, has a 457 shooting average, while Kettberg s average is 46 2 vTickets are priced at $2 (re- er'ved), ?125 (general admis- ion) and 50 cents (children) Dhey may be obtained at the . ; . . , Waves-4season,.record ! :is':13-5), while pSF's' average -for.the-17 -' ' 67i9i-: - ' ' .-"' : - J - '' : ames-'- . r. .-;,.- In .the "defensive ^department, hpweyeri'lUSF^hplds^a-respimd- · Wavesij USF. -^has: limited?;-the VTfcLvca*-' V*-** ·,««·»..--*«"-·--. . , : j^ mLCJ.BUJUL *** JH.l?J«rf»- opDOsitloh;,tb.' 48.4;;points:;^ef -^ · ^ n ·,,,, game,:Pepperfirie to,68.6 points $180,000 Offer per: game/:.,- '';,''.··;·.', , ; -^- ; 7 ; ,-.'-;- ; ;NEW YORK (CE)-- WAVE COACH i)uck ^ said Tuesday-l-hls squad'had;'."a chance",to. ; knock; the-Etohs from the .undefeated pranks- .in :-;West the:;floor, . , , - , ·Art '.Day :are -murder ; on;the boaras." i. ' - - ' " . . . " . . ' . ' Statistics back.- up :DowelL Brown,'.Farmer, and ,ta Cour Allowing locations Norm ··'Heater;*,- ,«22» Han/brook , In a vote of 108 sports writ; ers and sportcasters, Kansas State drew 32 first place votes to 45 for West Virginia Bu1 the Big Eight team showed MOVING' the -Cubs In his fourth year in organized ball, Drott showed the same calm he ' evidenced when he made r the big jump from Des Moines -to L A "He not only led pomts on the usual 10 for first place, nine _,,,,- etc West Virginia was close-behind with 865 1 .Kansas' State'_ -West Vlrclnla 3 Clndnnatf --~-J Xlansas Sail Francisco _ it Oklahoma State 7,'Temple-, . , 8 Dukt the Cubs' staff (15), percentage TScctof · "Spo'rtlni,''- Goods; 121 W r BrowS' Sportlnl Goods 4280 At "Sria? Sportlnr Goods " «35 -:Plne *** " College 1U1 W 79th St Loi PattCTSOn to Reject - · . Floyd Patterson has received but will decline an offer of $180,000 to defend his world heavyweight championship in (Britain for Promoter Alec Griffiths I '-"·Manager Custer (Cus) D'Amato said _he has received In ".victories (577) and shutouts (3) but he tied teammate, Moe Drabowsky, for runner-up honors in'strikeouts at 170 Jack Sanford, of the Phillies, led with 188 There were only six National League pitchers who won more games than Drott Drott got more efficient as the season rolled along and they're predicting a 2b-victory season for him in 1958 Over he last two r months of the campaign, although pitching for a club which s was to wind up in a tie for last place, he won-6'and lost 2. * · * · · : * * HE DEFEATED every club in the league at least twice except Cincinnati (1-2) and did his best job on the world champion Milwaukee Braves In one jame against them he Duplicated his PCL record* of 15 strikeouts for tops in the league 11 North Caro 12 Kentucky 13 Bradle' 13 :,26: Patterson $180000 cent of the gate "to defend FredL£iCbur:%riclif · wejcatijge; our;-.'share-4pf,--rebounds.':,Brown, cent ui. LUC **·*; m u».^uu Farmer'-and; Lai Cour c'are'.C^heigainst British Empire heavy- guys-who:\will-:.'au.' : ybu":;fr6m --·-" 1 - '-- T " ^-' w -- vyeight champion Joe f '."I am dealing, exclusively withi-Promoter Harry"Levene regarding « title defense by Patterson in Britain." laid D'Amato* Giardello Heavy Fayotite Over Szuzina Tonight P H I L A D E L P H I A (BE)-Knockout artists Joey Giar deUo, ranked fourth, and Fran! Szuzina meet tonightiin. a 10 round middleweight bout, mark IngHhe second_round in Pnila _ delphia's comeback as big k.cable from Griffiths offering last ,year I A t . Patterson $180 000 ^.or'60 per. Throughout the 1957^season. only one Chicago pitcher went all the way against the Dodgers HDrott accomplished that feat..when he v beatrSandy TCou- fax 9-2, Sept 10 T Mere ^DrottVrooWe rtcord c 198T S» time fight center after a two year blackout r * /Giardello is a 4-1 favoriti mostiy on the bash, of a 1956 win over unranked Szuzina But Szuzina, not'one to loo at rankings, says simply ,, 'Glar dello very good fighter--strong tough I'll beat him." Giardello's record shows '' wins, including 25 knockouts and 13 losses, and he has streak of 14 victones.goingvfo him. v Szuzina has scored 22 ka: oes In 42 victories .He lost 1 His victims include ^ Virgi Akins, Randy Sandy, ^ Mos Ward and Charley* Cottonr' Today's Sports^Card tat Wire General manager George, 1 Weiss of the New York l2tot under the collar at Mickey Mantle, Whrtey ora and Bob Turley, sharply crltcized themTuesday r their appearance in a charity game at Key West, la., last Sunday. Mantle, Ford and Turley all; layed for the American League All-Stars in a. nine-inning game gainst the National League ord and Turley each pitched hree innings in the game that as held by the Major League aseball Players Assn AH proceeds from the game we channeled for old-time ayers, who were not covered the recently established pen- on fund 'If you asked those guys Ford and Turley) ,to pitch three innings the first day of pnng training, there would ba lenty of. beefs,' Weiss said Yet theyi go into this game ·old and. think nothing* of it - » * « * "MANTLE SHOULDN'T have layed, either,' the Yankees eneral manager continued "es- jecially with all the trouble he as had the last year" Weiss Vas referring to leg and tack injuries that forced Mantle to the sidelines late last ear and made him only a part- ime performer in the World eries against Milwaukee "Look^at Ford We sent him o Mayo Brothers Clinic for a omplete physical checkup this winter and he was told to con- entrate on exercises lik"e unching the bag Now if he doesnt go good I suppose he'll blame all the trouble on-punch- ng the bag ' * * * * YANKEE MANAGER Casey Itengel t*k Weiss,' protests in tride It doesn't make any difference to me" Stengel said 'I dont know how they pitched fast or slow Maybe they threw high flies s I've got too much to do to worry about'that,' Case con tinued. 'I've got a pennants CASET STENGEL, Pitching High Hies? SUPERVISORS HONOR HAINEY Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors cited Manager Fred Haney of the world champion Milwaukee 1 Braves Tuesday^ for "Inspiring, the youth of the nation." After a scroll was presented to Haney, Supervisor Warden Dorn observed.; ^ ,, "All this sweetness ^and light will 1» forgotten the first time the Brave* "meet the Dodgers here" 'Tm Klad t the "Codgers came out here," Haney 'responded, "but well show;yon what a championship club'can do to the^Dodgers.", * ' INDIANS--General rnanaier - L«4 warned holdouts that he wall de iict 1100 "om their lalaiy ior «ach da"oipractl^ they misi alter lUrch *~ ' n lam are Ml»ni» *V^**J Cbl» C.rr.«j,el V Ogden's 67 Nabs Texas Pro-Ant: SAN ANTONIO, Tex. *U#-Bill Ogdea captured the annual Oak Hills Country Clubxpro- , '(289)' 'ended brief hoido n ut amateur vtournament, Tuesday \ 8 9 ) · n , f , / S « S by Hirlnjr for an eitlmated «t "00 '" »OMll» e SeqSrt* to trad* wlUi 8ena B r o n K o o . -.TM TSoSa (11-10 »t San^Antonlo) bteame is, Mepltal Cuban -Winter Leapl.) fame.) Sports on Radio-TV muit»--?KMci) ,, » 30 r with a 5-under-par 66' Ogden was one stroke 4 sJiead of Jay 1 Hebert^and Canadian Stan Leonard. Each had 67. 1 Tommy Bolt took fourth place with a 68, and another Canadian, 'AL Balding, was^next with his 69 ^4^ ; S'S^^49er 9 BoostTrice.. led rookie 'catcher ,1 at Toronto) to jlfle Coast, League. San Fraiiciscoi 49«rs* announced Tuesday an Increase in,~tlckrt prices for their NationapCoot- b'all League games at ir --· Stadium next /fall seats- will be $4.50 while era! admission tickeU- I

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