Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 9, 1962 · Page 12
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 12

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1962
Page 12
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Monday, April 9, 1962. P. 12 New Missile From fruck Stirs Dispute WASHINGTON (UPI)-The Air Force, which tangled with Defense Secretory Robert S. Mc.Na- mara on whether tit push ahead on ihi' RS7W, is in a new struggle over development of a truck-' launched medium range missile. Development of the nuclear mis-j ile originally was requested i a s t j January Ity MeNamara to give the I'nitw! Stales and its allies a new all-ut'ather weapon to attack bank-field targets. Bui ii now appears that some lop Defense Department officials have had second thoughts about the new missile. The disagreement over the do- vclopmen! of the missile was discussed in testimony before a House appropriations stibcommit- ire. A heavily censored transcript. of tho discussion was made public today. Ii is known that initial plans called for a 1,200 to 2,200 mile range unclear armed weapon which could be launched from a truck. Brock way McMillan, assistant Aii Force secretary for research and development, said the original department order directed tliC; Air Force to begin developing the mobile medium range ballaslic missile (MMRBM). But two or three weeks later he said, the order was modifiec by the department's deputy direc tor of research and engineering. "We were no longer, in lik words, authorized to develop, but authorized to initiate a program leading to development," McMillan said. The Air Force official said the change had forced the Air Force to "modify our approach to the contractors. .." McMillan said there had been continuous discussions about the modification of the development order but that "we have not succeeded in getting him to accept our views on the matter." He saic the Air Force "would still like to get this guidance revised." Fishermen Hit Under Kennedy Trade Expansion WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Representatives of the West Coast fishing industry declared Friday'that President Kennedy's trade expansion program would do great harm to the industry. Statements submitted to the House Ways Means Committee now holding hearings on the pro posed program, said some seg ments of the fishing industry could even be destroyed as the result of Japanese competition, "We have no doubt whatevei that the tuna industry will be one of the industries placed on the sacrificial block to mollify oin Far Eastern 'trading partner,'' said Charles R. Carry, exccutivi director of the California F i s h Gunners Association, Inc., Termi nal Island, Calif. Carry said his statement had the support of the fish canning industry "from San Diego to Seattle, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii and American Samoa." He said giving the President the powers called for in the legislation would destroy the free enterprise system "by giving one man the authority to determine which industries should be allowed to live and which should be sentenced to extermination." Siory Of Priest Lost In Plane Proves False DOWNIEVILLE (UPI)-A Catholic priest, reported missing with :i single-engined private airplane Wednesday by the Federal Avia;ion Agency, today said the whole j '.him; was a big mistake. j "Snme nut up here reported mei ris lost." said the Ilev. Robert! '"onni'lly. "It's getting so a per-j -MM can't even leave t o w n forl :mve days. This is very cmhar-j rassillR." I Father Connelly took off from 'Irass Valley A i r p o r t Monday without filing a High! plan ''lie plane's owners, who had; loaned him the craft, reported 'mtli pilot and plane missing Tuos- 'ay night, selling off a search.! The plane was found at Napa Air-i :«irt. but Father Connelly was not.| "I attended a funeral at Marc ''and Tuesday, went to the in- ;lallalion of the Rev. Joseph T. 'iriliickcn as archbishop in San '·'raiiciscri. and got Ihe airplane; -ci viced," Ihe father said. "And Wednesday night i (lew back imi line with friends. I hope Ihisj sclllcs all Ihe liiss." YOUR MONEY BUYS MORE IN A REAL DRUG STORE The drug store in your town or neighborhood is very likely both owned and managed by a registered pharmacist. The ethics of that profession guide all his business endeavors. He is the trusted partner of your family physician--and his idea of service is not limited either by store hours or dollar signs. The products in his store are chosen against the background of his pharmaceutical knowledge and training, and your satisfaction with them is of personal concern to him. For he and his store are part of your community. His hopes and his future are tied to yours. 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