Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 17
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MEDICINE AND YOU New Drugs Beneficial in Neurotic Behavior DEAR ABBY , Where Does f he Money Go? By BEN ZLVSEK A new expehaintal drug called d i a z e p a m shows promise in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive mental patients, a type often resistant to treatment. The drug. trade* named V a l i u m . helped 17 of 25 patients (6S%), reports Dr. A. J. Krakowski of P l a t t s - ZIXSER burgh, N. Y, in the journal Psychosomatics. Valium, not yet available for prescription to the public, is a chemical cousin of the widely known tranquilizer librium. Obsessive - compulsives art neurotics with repetitive impulses to perform certain acts, or persons tormented by the intrusion of insistent, repetitive ideas. Dr. Krakowski treated a total of 124 assorted psychiatric patients with Valium. Results were good to excellent in 97 (78.2%). The drug proved particularly useful in facilitating psychotherapy (con- talking to a therapist, he says. Half of aQ patients--62-had side effects, how-even drowsiness, lack of muscle coordination or fatijpje. * * · · A HUNGARIAN d r u g called trioxazin has proved beneficial to 20 patients with phobias or other neurotic behavior, according to a Soviet medical journal. The drug was given a trial at Bechterev Institute. Leningrad. Tea of the patients had phobias such as fear of sharp o b j e c t s , of closed spaces, of going out, or of height Ten ethers complained of insomnia irritability, restlessness or anxiety. ' Trioxazia did not cure the phobias, but it allayed symptoms u n t i l psychotherapy could b e a d m i n i s t e r e d . Eventually the phobias subsided. The second group of patients also improved when the drug was given. By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY; I a=t single. I met a single man--a sergeant in the Air Force. We are both 39. * He r e t i r e s next year. He's a s k e d me to marry him. I'm sure' we love each other but I It' ara in doubts' about a few ' t h i n g s . He never has any money. A top (after deductions) is about $375 a month. He lives in the barracks and gets his meal; at the mess hall or the NCO Club. He has no dependents and his clothes aren't expensive. Yet when w-e go out 1 have to lend him $10 or $20 until his next payday. He hasn't saved anything. I wonder what he does with his money?--CURIOUS DEAR CURIOUS: Don't marry the top kick until he gives you an accounting of where his money goes or you'll wind up tucking yourself later.. * · » · DEAR ABBY: You are so right ia saying that mixing school books with babies and milk bottles is for the birds. I am connected with a college, and we have housing for married students with children, but most of then can't afford it. They live in shacks and trailers instead. I feel so sorry for these young wives married to students. Many struggle with small children while husband studies . Aristotle and the Second Carthaginian War. And after he completes his education, he informs his wife that he has "outgrown" her intellectually, and then divorces her for someone more suited to his educated self. Sincerely, -BITTER. DEAR AEBY: We grew up in a strict Catholic horae and never had meat on Fridays. We are all married now and have our own homes. All of us observe the dietary law$ except my youngest sister. "AT.en she has our parent* to tor home on Friday night* she serves her own family meat ind fiies fish for the folks. They have never said anything about it but I know bow it must hurt them. I asked my sister not to do this and (he. became very angry and told me to m;nj my own business. Why does she take this attitude?--HURT BROTHER DEAR BROTHER: Your sister is declaring her independence high, wide and handsome. It is HER way of showing her parent* that sh» Is no longer nnder their domination. She ts being disrespectful, s m a l l , and childish, · · · · Stop worrying. Write to Abby. For a personal reply enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. · · » · For Abb/s booklet, *How To Have A Lovely Wedding." send 50 cents to ABBY. Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. » · * · What's on your mind? For a personal reply, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. U»f tuex CM*. Art t nrrs rut nrrx IN out SCHOOL IOASC* EOA2D OF EDUCATION ELECl DR. JAMESt Crawford FRIDAY, APRIL 5 5; ENDOSSEO it:·:.:. PAUKU fOt tAFFUTY HONOLULU WOMEN TELL HOW THEY REDUCE WITH PAT WALKER'S STAUFFER SYSTEM PROGRAM Lei's Explore Your Mind , M.L Y.WEN WWTT SUCCESSFUL HUSBANDS! TOE Q FALSE D By SYLVAMJS AND EVELYN DUVALL 1. AD women want successful husbands. True Fake False. There are some women who apparently want to play a "mothering"* role. One young artist, while studying in Paris, was nearly starving until he was befriended by a wealthy girl to whom he became engaged. Then he sold one of his paintings for a large sum and got orders for more. His IN 22 SECONDS after entering bloodstream Anacin* is speeding relief to YOUR NERVOUS TENSION HEADACHE Js'ot only relieves pain but AlSOits tension and depression. Contains the pain reliever doctors recommend most. · Distinctive DRAPERIES AND INTERIORS DOHN tiifberf ASSOCIATES £43 W. BROADWAY HE 5-4133 -- H E 7-7443 girl friend, far from being pleased with his success, broke their engagement and took up with another penniless artist. She probably would not have made a satisfactory wife for any man of talent and ambition. · · · * 2. Is there a good f° r * mula for success? Yes .... No .... Yes. Find what you like and give yourself to it. Sometimes the best way to find what you like is to give yourself to whatever you are doing. You are not likely to enjoy anything until you can do it skillfully and welL Ard the only way to learn skills is to work hard at them. Many people need, not so much a different job as a different attitude toward the job that they have. * · * * 3. Aa effective leader must always be able to sway the masses. Tree .... False False. Some leaders, like Hitler, Mussolini and Castro, have been able to sway the misses. But others, like Charlemagne and Stalin. have not. It sometimes is more important to be able to win over a few influential subordinates. Sometimes it is the power and efficiency of the organiation, not the enthusiasm of the mob, that is crucial- There have been many men, like Savonarola. Garibaldi and Kerensty, who were able to win a great personal following, but not to build a movement that would successfully en- Jure. Tension headaches are by far the most cemoon kind. And of all the leadinx pain relievers, only A"*"" has this special combination of ingredient!. Anacia relieves pain fast, aim its emotional lection and depression. Anacia works fat! IB 22 arc- cods after entering your bloodstream. Anacin is speeding r d k I to your pain -brinjcinj remarkable 'all-over* relief. AnacinTaHets are so effective because uVj cociaia the Largest Selling PAIN R E L I E V E R "' ( -. W reliever most recommended br doctors, plus n extra ingredient not found ia leadinf aspirins or buffered aspirins. And Anatia La* rodi a smooth, gentle action. Next time »fcen_a headache males vou trnse. trritaHe, depressed -- tale stron-f jet nafe Anacia. The liy difference ia Anacin maVM the K y d Ifference ia the »ay you feel. PAT WALKER Notional Figure Authority IVxlltr There is still time to join the Elite* PiriJe wearing i new t'i^rc! Todiy inj »onua cm hiy fyz fiacre--the fk-urc JK rcillr lcsenes--ill she has to 3o is come in inJ Kue her problems laifyzeJ--»e tefl her mhere she will lose, haw k«i{ it will tAt tnj the euct cost cf her figure ivimtimi; item thtrc i« mr stiff assumes the responsibility of her fi£urc 1 Never use self-polishing wax on wood floors!" Now,.. Gerber Meats · __,*Si* "* "" in Glass 8i'^ *^^"" With Oaks-Twist* tap*. Yes, Gertcr Meats CUe »1 Gerber Baby Foods! now eeme ia sparking jars that are extra-easy to open and recbs« fcr refrigeration cf tsused pcrtwns. Made from savory Arrrour cuts. thejYt processed by an tnloun method which TocM in" tnmne»t f!»von, protects precious !=irierii and insures a marvelous, morel terture. Strained for wee ones, evenly minced for juniors. And isnt it reKSur'mf to Inow Cut tr*se quality meats ft Cw products ol hra F"*. ipeciinsB-Gerber, famous for fine baby fJJJTjW foods and Amour, famous far fne meats. ·**·*· Gerber.MEATS FOR BABIES .«· tJ4 tv H,;tl OMf./.li -I am taking treatments vuth Pat Waller Stauffer St- tem here in Honolulu. I really had rot thought redncirs could be pleasant Not after trying so many things ind only to be discouraged ahtn they only half worked or did not work at all--but 1 hare changed by mind linct joicg to see Miss Walker, and the salon. "I've been livizg here in Honolulu for 13 jeirj. 1 weighed 191 when 1 went into the salon. A lot of my weight I have gained since I moved to Honolulu. I m diverted and hire the sole responsibility of raising and supporting my six wonderful children. I am 31 yean old. My children »nd I live at 2122-B Ahe Street here in Honolulu. 1 have been o frustrated and upset for so long because cf my figure. But thank heaven 1 heard about Pat W a It e r and the Stauffer Salon. If not, I would probably be still gaining. Miss Walker told me th»t 'S» often women think just because they have children that they must lose their figure, but that is not so. A woman can have a family and still have a good figure if thell do something about her problems. And she can if only she will seek professional advice ind help such is ouri'. "I'm lojinj in all tK riftil place, and I'm to tiithojH Lecan*« I'te lo-I oirr V' 2 incLet off ol eatb Uufb and Ire lot* 3 inches off ta'j tummy. I'»e lwt 2 inct« elf rach arm. la fict, il it rrallj l*fmnin» t» ihow ia mr rlothei aod I"«t oolr b«n uVicj treatmesli for a ftw iliort Ketlh Hazel OlihetfjVj--JIM I Ahe, Honolulu, Hawan, i »!and» erect, ready for meeiurtminl by Min Pel WalVir, National Fiovrt Authority. . I t fcr litli Cruz -- ... tayt Henry AI. Tobty, Research Director of the world'i largett hardwood floor maker "Many conscientious housewives may be ruining their beautiful wood floors by using self-polishing wax--but they | don't know it--yti! The fact «, most self-polishing waxes i are made of ryntfatic plastics which cannot be removed from wood floors, without damaging the finish or the wood. So the lajtrtolold *tU-polithlng irax pile up until the food SOOT beeomti darkened and ditrolored. \ The onry wood floor care we recommend is Bruce Ck-anir; g Wax or Bruce Floor Cleaner. Both contain a combination of rrnorMe Bquii paste wax and watfrte? wood floor deaner. They clean; remove the old wax; and leave a rich, 'new coat at paste wax protection--all at the same timel If yon prefer a heavy ; coat of wax, use Bruce Cleaning War. For lighter waxing or badry coiled floors, you'll want Brace Floor Cleaner. It'« the right ws? to keep wood (loon clean and bright." ··My name is Mrs. Vicli Cruz. I live at 128 Prospect Street. Honolulu, l a m a native of Hawaii. I was born in Honolulu -- it'* mj home and I love it. When I told Miss Walker thit I loved my home ihe said she could easily understand it because she thought it would be a beautiful place to live. I'n a housewife, I work but it home. Four children keep me very busy, but as hard as He worked at thai, it never helped me to reduce. My husband is a heavy equipment operator here in Honolulu. I really love going to the Sabn for my treatments. Long ago I began to think nothinj would help to reduce me and at that time I was really worried because I weighed over 200 pounds. When 1 found out the Salca had opened here 1 thought I would go talk to somebody. I called the r amber I sav in the newspaper and ttey told me to come in and they would see what my problems were. I told them I had lots of problems. They were all orer and they told me not to worry. Jast come ia and so we made *a appointment *I am taking treatment! ia the Salon now. I really feel wonderful Fa losing and every week shows great signs that Tia wea oa my way to a good fifure. My clothes are needing altering, but I'm going to wait until He lost even more. Ia just a short time I've lost over 17 poBcdf, SH laches in lie waist, 4 inches in the tammy. 2H inches on each thigh, 2 inches on tach arm and of course Tve lost other places that I seeded it too. -One of these dayiFm going to **«·»" «"W- ?° Me *er ef fwf ckiWun. VkVi Ov, rf HI ·"". ·-.«* ««·* *«-- " ..... Of I."- Virile Cra: program w»fc »«« fof WotVir. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR NEW PROGRAM CALL OR COME IN FOR A FREE TRIAL TREATMENT AND FIGURE ANALYSIS Ui^rPatWalker'iKieatifjc.persotialiiedgiiidaBce.any woman eaailim down uqwcily and euily at told by the women above, for over S miffioa wonien tiroogtoat the United Statet har« trimmed fcxa vita this program. Try it! Too eaa lave a eoocpbmestary treatment and figure analysis at no obligation. Molt woscea see changes b 10 dayt. VisiU art otSj »100. Ptoc* : more informatioa. PAT WALKER STAUFFER SYSTEM SALONS DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH 421 MIT FIRST ST. HEfcliel Mill Hum I *.«. t* I §.«. UKEWGOD CUTER mi-si rieoiu Mltcilf 4-HTt Him: I i.". »i I I.B. View in UJISM, Ste "Pat V'jUer Present i" t. THE VALLEY Dl M i l l 1JS4 RESlHf, IU9. Him: I I.B. ti 1 » B. · C6J Cljuvr.' 9, M'jv'il'. I HONOLULU'-: I SSI KUiOUIl IUB. Mm » 52»t Hurt: I » «. li I »-·. Fri. us II AM.

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