Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 22
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CM-INDEPENDENT LM« taaca, cau, Maa, Aaril L I HI / Thompson Couple High in Gas Run TUCUMCARI. N.M. (Special)--Judy and ?.!:=hsy ·"fastest man on wheels" Thompson Sunday held high positions in the Mobil economy run which rolled 46 cars into this desert town after traveling 1,021 miles from ~~~ Pasadena. Rockets Blanked on Five-Hitter Dick Hockcnbcrry hurled a masterful five-hit shutout as the Long lleach Rockets bowed to El Key Chorizo. 3-0, at Blair Field Sunday. Hackcnberry also provided the only extra-base hit of the · contest, a triple in the seventh when the visitors scored their first run. They added the clinchers in the eighth. Bob Hribar, who relieved Wasinack, took the Wally loss. [I «tr Cfrsriia _._ «· at H · At at H ArUuan. c l 1 0 0 OAtMor» 1 0 0 Ib 4 0 I 0 H'oM eld. c 1 0 0 Fre*rn. 214 I I Hcinsry. p 4 0 7 I Carter, - He'refa, at 4 0 0 0 Homer. ._ . , . Torrev. C 1 0 1 0 D*arton. II 1 0 1 ' 4 0 0 O K n m i r e r . c l 3 0 0 1 I I 1 0 0 Ltnf afach Racket kms. ss 1 e i ee. r t 4 0 7 ter. Ib 1 0 0 Kirs, rl r.,-.. n Carton, It - ,, 4 1 0 flWavinaeh, D J 0 0 0 l o o Thomas . - . Mr Car. o 1 0 0 1 iundrman. p 0 0 0 T»«s'« 11 1 f J ·Rvrs ba'ted In. «. El R»* Cnc'lM I. OP-Pare Bryant V.'simatk . Heibae CLI SO - ir H f t* IB . 1 1 0 0 0 1 4 1 t ,. .. 1 0 0 0 1 luctenberrv IWI I 1 0 0 1 HBP-- Pearien (Br Hockerberrvl. Ath- Iva (Btf Hoctenterrv T-2 » u--Miller. Don. Judy, mother of two, aver aged 20.37 miles per gallon in piloting a Pontiac Star Chief competing In the medium-priced car class which she is leading. Mickey, who set a -IOC mph speed record at the Bonncvillc Salt Flats, scored 28.14 mpg at the wheel of a Tempest putting him in second place of seven cars competing in the large engine c o m p a c t class. THE THOMPSONS reside at 27341 Eastvale Rd. in Rolling Hills. A Rambler American took over first place as overal mileage leader with a score of 33.29 mpg in the stick shift compact class from the Ford Falcon driven by Long Beach's Dan Jones who aver aged 32.18 mpg. Lcs Vilant of Livonia. Mich., cased his Rambler ahead on the steep grades of Northern Arizona mountains which held the Falcon. Today the fleet, which is divided into eiphl classes, wil take olf for Tulsa on the thin leg of the six-day, 2,497-milc trip to Detroit. e-o n. ewrcattt. Ccrva r Monia. 211 fw: larse eno ne cemp«ti. Rs-b'ei American, 71 It meo: luiuev compact* . JS 7* nvo; me siiet *i Savoy, Jl r»; lo»-rrlced V-lj Crievroiet lmoa'4, 711]: h'«npriced cars Orvilee New Yorker. II M Earlcnc Scores Double in Women's SPAAAU Mccl Former Olympic Rold medal winner Earlcne Drown scored in the R' r l's division to high- Cilv Hnsel)all c.i.i r*4 sifMii - in in ·**-. ir iMwHO Mirwti . _ *ei tw »w- i J 4 CneiiwJ. M^ff^ Sn.m and Ituiiwi · t»i p*** Car walk _ Jt» tot J-- I I Tr»r irti. , . to* «» t-- · 4 J thtt*"**. GlaVKh *n4 rect*l(Jj C«V reir. *LH Akner _ . Ill Sit I-U t 1 _ . _ ... OfMff C«M)y ·r«v«l IM M2 ·-- 4 t T . IH III 111- I I I OM Tsooee-- I I .\1, Houlin*: H^'^ T* n O'*1 71 rr»»iN» H n*''«l 7«U f t . V.oMr JI73 I.e. Y0'h »1I, Dt'reit 1(17 Earlcnc tossed the shot 44 to the t Sunday's SPAAAU track , and field meet at Ccrritos . . ... . :Colle".e. weight events while -Beach's Martha Watson w"njf cc 7TMd^h-rd~iscuV the broad jump and high jump f c a t u r c competition in women's division. SonU Gus«, T.dwina Baker and Shirley Maynard of Long B e n c h also captured first places in the girl's division. GIHl'I DIVISION II B; ni-Robm Heinrkh Br«ch, 31 4; %h*i an Ke-uJCKS (So.aerll. 1301. WOMfN S DIVISION JS-J«5v Alrom lOinafOI. Jtl;' 44S_1 li^l/ Airom (Oina'01, I 041; 441 roUr ^D'trn. I I : ih.TrMl~r.rkf. . . 114}; U*tl« . 1112. COMPLETE WEATHER rosrcAtr Lsfts Bascli aid Vlcmltv: le«r orxxH nipM and rxirnmj hours v».tfi l-.ary luniii ne m .r'ernocfn ttxlit and Tti.ldav. Li*t:. tMns. in Isrrera- li,rei. M 8*1 toc.r aoout al. MsuntaiN Areai: tVo 1 * tlovd.r.eil Kl ncillf sunn/ l*ja/ aid lateriar and D«iift VealMi: lof» variable b 9** cJoud.neii but main/ tunny I3di, and Tveiaa/. Lltt'e temperature change. It.ens todaf 72 · 12 i.£«r »:». 14 is 14 fc«te Wtea ana weatlier laescatl IN. catKtfclasi la Mealcasj Bseder): llr/M variable w net r*-om.n« wvitefty 10 t* 70 knots.In allernoont laonlr Vaowa aa: MJ1 IMjlttt 6L. · ire llrach. Calif. I'CnUC NUTICK IS IIERKUT ~:VKM. THat I *lll. f« Wedaeatlair Ih. llth dar of April A.U. 1K2. at 11:01 o'clock H. of thai dar. al II* North entrant, ot Loac lleach County Kldr. 41) IV. Oceaa Illtd.. Cllr of lonr lleac-h. Couatr of I»a Anareies. aeU at |iublle auction, for lawful ntoiwjr of Iba L'nlted Ktates. all tha rlftit. title, claim aad Interest of aald defendaat Walter Carl Foreman of. In and to tha above dracrlhol thtrnl prop»tlr mar ,, --. _ - rals« sutnclent tunda to aatlafr aald Ju'lcriKnt. mlth Intfrrat and rosta, etc.. to th* hlfnrat and bfst bidder. Dattd tbla Ulh dar of March. ""crm J. riTCHESs. Fh»rlll of I»a Art'les rnuntjr. SOT. IL ALUEKT TUHNEH. Deputr Flierllf. Joitph B. Murphy, · 15 Stcurltr Dldg.. Long Otach t. Calif. P l a i n t i f f s Attorney Mar. l». it. Arr. 1. ». 1M1 (III-LH1 Noel Ends Drills for Aud Fight By FRANK HARVEY Following a rough five- round sparring session at the Main Street Gym Sunday, Tommy Noel was declared in top physical shape for his 10 round battle with Jorge Gon rales Wednesday night at Municipal Auditorium. Milton Parks, Noel's manager, said he would confine the handsome Long Beach youngster to light workouts and no more boxing sessions the next two days. Noel is anxious to meet Danny Valdcz if he scores an impressive win over Gon zalcs. · » « ·' WHILE Noel was Imprcs sive Sunday, fight followers recalled Jorge's convincing wins over Abe Villa and Na cho Mcndoza last year at the Olympic. Jerry Stokes and Felipe La razola figure to turn in a hectic bout when they hook up in the six-round semi lain. Tony Valcnti, local middleweight who had to get off the floor to beat Jimmy Blair in his initial start here, faces Jose Zapata in a five-rounder. Gino Hernandez and Licho Guerra, scrappy featherweights, also are down for Sjji"·j^jTM* by - Count)-, "suit tf'California. Caiaviu"falKuriiia. la ana for lha 5uualr ijlit. of tba Cemril Hauler and five rounds in the opener. AL Hockey Results Cleveland J. Birf'a's ). Providetxt IB. Qutbtc 7. lOnlf aamtl tcMduiefill Legal Nolica NON. RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notlre la herrhr elten by tht unilerslrnrd Jack V. IVrry. rtlHlni at I.1JI jvterwm. . llearb. Cali . . . f o r n i a . that after Ilif dat* of April 2. l*i. !-«· v.ill n«t t« rrspun.nLI f»r any debts, liabilities, or cbtira- tlona IncurrM by any persona other than himself. Dated Marrh 31, 1M2. (sicned) JACK v. rrnnr Pub. Arr. i. 3. 4. W3 (31) UB.I. N O N . R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE rcotlre Is hereby elten by the inil'riirner! Clayton N. llaufen. · si l i n t at tr.SS. I l l f l n r . e/o Kl'et · o . ?«n Franrlsro. California, that ilt-r tli» 'late .| April 2. IW2. lie u;i ni.t l» resi»in»lhle fur any (lelits. lialiilnies. *.r n h l l r a t l n n s In- nirr*-.l l.y any riersnns nther than .-If. at"l Maul, II. IJriJ. iicrierl) I'LAYTON N. IIAfCKN i. Arr. :. ::. 4. IM: i»- · · tt'jal r»el ta OFFICIAL CITV PRINTING. AtlL . LA LA or aa much I f*ltl ______ _________________ «.' Loa Antelea. U tb« Matter il oj* Ih. unite of KKLLIK r Ul IIAUIK »k NKU.IR I. IIAD1K aka NrXUB IIKIlrf UADIK. DtttaaoJ. Kotlra It bereby rliea that I ha .union of llaldii U. KrUluileh. [·uMie Administrator cf Hit C-vuuty of Ua Aarelci. I6r In* Probala «.! 11* Will i'f tha abnte-named df reaeea atui it** Its lasuanra of Lr-ttrra nf AdmlnlsftV-r. irlth IV will annexed Ihtreon to lha petitioner. in «hlch referenda U hereb' mada (or further rarttrutara. · ^ I....U4 · · · · * ( .i'»lA«t A U rust NOTICE OF H E A R I N G OF PETI TION FOR PROBATE OF WILL No. 45J '10 In tli« Superior Court of the State of filiform*. In «nd for Ih* County of l»a Ancelra. In th* Matter n Ih- Ejtal* of BESSIE TAltVl.N SCIIWAKTZ. D*r*ased. .Notice ll ill en lbt the K lltlon of luldo U. KrlatoTlch. Ihlic Administrator of tti« County ..... nf Lo« Anr'lea. for tb Probate of CAHMA tl« Will of tht atoir-namtd de- e-eased and for tht Issuance; «l Letters of Administration with the will annexed thereon to the petl- tlonfr. to which rcferenca la hereby made for further particulars, irll b« beard at »:15 o rlcxk A. 31.. on April II. IK2. at tha rourt room 01 Department 4. of the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the Countr of LOJ Anfeles. Cttr of Los Angelea. Dated March 21. 1X2. WILLIAM «.!. SHARP. Countr Clerk and Clerk or the Superior Court of the State of California. In and for the Countr of Loi Anteles. Ily O. VINES. Deputy Harold W. Kennedy, County Counsel iW Hall of Administration, Lot Anjetes 12, Calif. MAdnon S-36II El. 6SZOS Attorney for Petitioner. March :». 17. April 2. 1{2 1311 LBt. · 737J1 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE NX 74-K-3SU On Die :Mh dar of April. 156:. at 11:00 A.M.. at the main entrance In the Cllr Hall on West Troadwar In Ihc- Cltr of Ixmj- ISeach. State of California. HANK Of AUEItICA NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINCS ASSOCIATION, as Trustee under - - - - date." " ' -and ilUlllKI. M. SMITH. Imsbam and wife, and rfrorded on Aprl! 3. 1'61. In Imok T-173«. race Kl. nf Official Rerorda of Onjntr df Lnn Ancelea. California, riien ti secure an Indebtednesa In farnr r; II. n. ROBERTSON and J1AII nARKT ROnHRTSON. fcustand and vife as tenanta In common, by reason of the breach nf certain orilliralior.s secured therebr. notice of which waa recorded nn December 17. 19S1. In hook I* heard at re by will o'clock A. U.. OB April 1. INI. 'at Ih. court room of Department 4. ot the. Superior Court of the flale- ..f California. In and for tlia Couatr of l^oa Ancelea. Cltr of Loa ALftUj. Dated March K. IK!. WILLIAM ». SHARP. Countr Clctk anrt Clerk of the Superior Court of the- Btale of California. In and for the County of ny O. VINES. . Ancetea. Deputy Harold W. Kennedy* County Ceuniel (M Hall of Administration, Loa Angeles 12. Caul. MAditon 5-3811 E. fUtt Attorney for Petitioner. «? Anr.l · 1«£? I It I l.ltl March M. 27. April I. 1X2 (3t I.III. 73MI NOTICE OF SALE OF P.EAL ESTATE U N D E R EXECUTION SHERIFF'S SALE NO. M MS :sj JOHN K MILLER.' rialntlff. ALEXANDER V. PAVLOVICII and ^ 1'AVLOVICII. , Defendants By virtue of. an eierutlon. l»ued out of the Municipal Court of Loa Ancelea Judicial Dtilrlct. of the County ot Ixa Anielw. State of California, wherein JOHN E. MILLER la Judgment Creditor, and ALEXANDER V. I'AVLOVICII and CAUUA E. I'AVLOVICII ar« Judf ment Debtor*, upon B juarmcnt entered the 1Mb day of Decem!*r. A.D. 13SI, for the »um of One Thouaand Eleht Ilunlrcd Slity- Setrn and no/100 (IUC7.00) pollar* lawful money of the United State*. hefidel coata and Interejt. I hate Irfied upon all the ritl t. title claim and lntere*t of aaid Judirment Debtor* ALEXANDER V. TAVLO- V1CII and C.MIMA E. PAVLOVICII of. In and to the followlnc de- vcrllxd rral estate, f ituate In . the Chief KBilneer UI»B dtuuall ol Twenty-Ill* IMIaia (Ut.U) per Mt, which drpoall *" b* refuaded upon relurai of »uch rople» IB »i»d cendl- lion wltblB Illlera (1» da)a aJler lw tlda at* ul'Bed. I*urauant t« i'ut 1 *f Chapter I. Attlcl* VII tit the Municipal Cud* of th* City of lxBf Vrach and IteiwIutloB No. S» of tht IMard ol Water IVminilaaloner*. th* City Cvuull. tr Ilraolulloa Vo. C-lluS. and th* Ituard ol Water Commla* alonet*. by nilnula order dated NOT. 1MI. hat* BKertalned and deter- .nlBed Ih* cenrral prrn!!!-r «ia of per diem wace* aad overtime · ·tea for each craft or trp* o( laborer, workman or mechanic required In In* perfortnaac* of public work. Coplea of aald reaolutloa Bnd reneral preralllnc was* i.te u determined by tha Board of water Commlialonera. are on flit In the office of the Reneral Manager and Chief Cnxlneer. Said Job claulfl. catlona and ceneraj prevailing rate of per diem wace* are Incorporated bereln by referene* thereto with Ilk* fore* and effect aa If etproily »et forth bereln. Any contract awarded bereunder ahall providt that the contractor muat rctraply with t»* trcneral prevailing rate of per diem wajrea and overtime «acc*. at apeclfird In aald rcao- lutinn and minute order. All blda muat be fubmitted upon forma tr be »ecured at the office - - - - Manner and Chief County of California, acrlbed , . Lo« Anerles. State of and bounded followa: and de- All rlclit. title and Interest In and tn aald real rropertr hereinafter described, which m-aj formerlr «'f ivciird In the name of Alexander V. Tavlnvlch and Carma H Tatlo- rlth and which Is subject to the lien and charse of the Judrment In tli^ abnvn entitled case In faior , f John K. Miller and acalnst said defrinlants. Alesandcr V. I'ailovich and Carma E. I'atloslch an abstract nf which Judrment waa rec-ordcd In I!ook M-lS.l. at I'aee IS: on Dec-em- IT 19. 15:!. as Instrument arm). official records. Ixis Anrrlea County. California. Said I'roi»rlr Is describ«t aa follnws: " . M. In HIrk A of Trad . except th* northerly l feet thrniif lii the City .f Ixn:c llcach. Countr of I^ja Anteles. Plate ol California, as per map recorded In TUiok 199, 1'acea 3 and 4 rf maps, In the ' " .f th* Genera! Enclneer. All bid* mutt to aealed blda and l* accompanied by B certified check or bank draft payable to the city Auditor of Ixmc lleach. and drawn on B aohent bank In Loa Anirelea County, or B aattifactory bond In , an amount not lea* thaa ol such bid. a* B ruarantt* that th« bidder will. If awarded a contract. within ten (10) rlajra after auch contract 1* tendered to him for aijc- nature, execute and deliver auch contract tn th* Secretary of th* Hoard of Water Commitsloner*. to- cether with a cood and aufflclent corporate lurety bond equal to ;3tt of the contract price, conditioned upon th* faithful performance ol auch contract, and B cood and uf- ficlent corporate aurety bond equal to SO^e of th* contract price, conditioned upon the parment of all material and labor claim*. The Board of Water Commlaalon era reserve* th* rlcht at any time prior to the awarding ot a contract to reject all bid* and to return all deposits accompanying *urh bid*. Dated at Lunc llrach. California. thla IJth day rf March, mi. BRENNAN 8. THOMAS General Manacrr and Chlrt Enclneer Iach Water Department Pub. Apill :. 19«2 (It)-- L.B.I. NOTICE OF P U B L I C H E A R I N G ON I'HOl-OSEO ItECUUUEN- DAT10N TO AUEND TUB ··CIRCULATION ELEMENT Of' T1IK IIKNKP.AI. ri.AN-IHGIf. WATS AND FREEWAYS" OF Till: CITY OF LONO BEACH. CALIFORNIA. SO AS TO DELETE THEREFROM A PRESENTLY DESIC.NATED SEO- MENT OK THE CARDI^V CltOVE FREEWAY ALIfSN- MENT. NOTICE IS HEREBY B I V K N that the City Plar.ninc Commisnon of the City of Lone Beach. California, upon the recommendation, and t Publle'r.jvEN. That I will, on Wednesday l o m l n c described property, altuatedl Uss_ICIAt C j l « ftltUfa. lumlnairra. laoiraTUllaiiT. IHill boiea aad other appunenaKcai a«4 dolac all icccaaary work la lha (ollowUc slreet: BAN ANTONIO DRIVE between Imc lleach JfouUtard and Ora«c« Annua tirtpllaa; aar of lha Improvement berelaabota arKrlhed already com- pleled. All ol tha work aforesaid ahall « dona Is), acrordanca with and .n Ilia llnea and fradea ahowa nn "liana A Specifications New n-lM] For th* Imprurement of San An* lonla I)rlt« Utweea Lom IXach HoulevaH and Oranca Avenua bjr lha Installation of fjTreet 14(htlnc In lha Cltr of Loni Beach. Call- rornla'*. on flla U tb» cfflra of th. Cllr «-nctner. Said flana and spcclflcationa ara herebr* referrM to for a full and detailed deacrtp- tlon fif paid rn-npnxd work, eir Imrrovcment. and for tha description of tht lint and crada to which tha work Is tn ba done, and ar« mada a part hereof, tha earn, as thoush tullr Kt forth herein. Copies ot aald Vlaas 4a Specifications No. n-3J«3 mar b. obtained at said cfllce- ot the Cltr Enilnerr. Roorri Ml Cltr HalL Refer^nca la herebr made to Resn. lutlon No. C-180TT.- adopted . . City Council of the Cltr of Ixinc Reach, on th* llth day o( July 1MI. declarlnc It* Intention to order raid work to be done, tor a deacrlptlon ------------- --' jmprovement t and dlatrlct. and for hlch Reaolu- of tha work or Ihc assessment _ further particulars .-.. _ tloa of lotrntlon Is on flic In th. office, ot the Cltr Clerk ot · said Cltr at Lone Beach. Said Cltr Council hat determined and declared that aerial boada shall be Issued to represent each assessment of ftftr Wt dollars c-r oter remalalnc unpaid for thlrtr dars after tha data of recordatlon ot warrant, for the coats and expenses of said work, or Improrement. aa provided In said Resolution of In tentlon. · Tha procetdlncs for the afortsatd work, or Improvement, shall be liaJ and taken under and In accordance with that portion of the Streets and Illchwars Code cf the State of California, known and deslenated aa th» "ImuroTement Act of 1911". Pursuant in Tart :. Chapter 1. Article VII of Municipal Code of the Cltr of Lone IVarh. Ilia Cllr Council. tr Resolution No. C-l»l?5. has ascertained and determined the eeneral rreraillnr rate ot per diem wares and overtime waees for earli craft or Irpe cf laborer, workman or mechanic required In the performance of public »ork. A conr of said Resolution la on file In the office of the Cltr Cnclneer. Said jnh classifications and eeneral rre- valllne rale of per dlcm war,ea and overtime are Incorporate-! herein br reference thereto w i t h like force and effect aa If expressly set forth herein. Any contract awarded bereunder shall provld. that the Contractor must complr with the eeneral prevailing rate of per diem wajrra and overtime wairra a* specified In said Resolution. Rlddera must file with each proposal or bid a check payable to the order of the Cltr of Ixine IVarh. ce-rtlfled r-y a responsible bank, fnr an amount which sl.all be nnt less lhat ten 1101 per cent ot the aprre- pate of the proposal, or a corporate suretr bond In famr of the City In .said amount, and satisfactory to the Cltr Kncineer. or a bond for said amount and so livable, alcned by the Udder an.l ly two C) rjrctl'S. who ahall ]ustlfr. before any officer competent to administer an oath. In double the said amount and over and above all statutory exemptions. IMds must lie submitted on forma provided therefor, which will tie furnished by the Cllr Kncineer upnn application. The Cltr Knjrineer sha]l f i t tl-e lime fnr the roi N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Notice Is hereby rl»en by the undersigned Robert Cnrkhlll. reaid ic at I»Y12 Tark. llellflower. Call irnla. that after the date of Marrh i 19»;2. he will nnt tie responsible ir any ilehts. liabilities, or nbll- catl'ins Incurred br any Arsons other t h a n Mmself. Dated March 7). 1K2. (Slfnedl ROIIKtlT COnKHILt. lly CLARA COI1KIIILL WK1II1. Mother ·uh. Mar. y. 31. April S. 19«2 lit) .11.1. N O N . H L S P O N S I D I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice Is lierehv riven liy Hie Vincent Dlttretm. re- Idlr.e at z:.*?!'] Lnrurt. l«onc IVach, ·alifnriila lhat alter the date of Friday. March 30. litfj. lie w i l l tint · res|H.nsll.le fnr any debts, lia- .illtles. «.r riMlcatiotis Incurred by any t-rrs'ins t.ther than himself. Dtted March ^1. IH:. (Slrnedl V1NCKNT DIMF.f!LIO. Pud Mar. SI. ." ' " " ·"' i..i:l. , April 2. 19(2 lit) Trust. Including fees, charges, a n d l b y "ll.e city Cou expensra of the Truitees. advance).|,,i l^,,,g iieach o and Ttrf Connoerab 1 . low clouO-feit and IOCAI fvi but la*, mocntnot and allemoonl. Lltn. in lempera- 71UI NOTICE OF I N T E N D E D SALE Notice Is hereby c I v e n that CHESTER C. KARLK KSTATB. of 2IK ftth .^t.. Seal I'.earh. California. tntenda In sell tn ARTHUR CLARK WARD, of '·-· Ruswell Ave.. Ixinc I:, arh, Cahfiirnla. All stock In trade. f u t u r e s . c|iii[mrnt and cotnl w i l l .,f that IMall Ca«.illn« Se Station bii.-ine.s. known as CHET EACI.E CHEVIIIIN' SERVICE, and -d at Wftl The Toledo. Isint l]. Calif. .rnla. and that a tale, t r a n s f e r a?.d assignment of the sam- w i l l I* made, and the eon therefor w i l l lie paid on or after April 23. I9S2. at the elcrnw department c.f WESTWARD ES- |CltinV CO.. at 1111] Ixing Beach * SUN. MOON AND TIDtt ! SiMme: 1 4 9 a m . Suniel: 4.14 om. MMecn.: 4 37 « m Mnoniet 4 M pm " TK»«- ii-c*. !4 teet at lot imrintrrrteit at IM rnrtT«r»l-TT|--,-.-,- ^ -,,.,,,, loot at I.Jl am. .14 -01 IMI al l.u tm. ! !(!.'S r ' ""'" - IUNDtY'1 V.r»IHtH ItfPOKU Calitarnla . SI )l n n M u Victorvil i Nati.n . Det Weifie De-rait Fa.rtaikl I La VMil . · H areit Am. Loweit II 41 Acratt t H L Prc. U \3 M 41 .11 11 M It 47 1« 11 J» .It U )1 14 II T » II .19 U It U 41 H 41 il . ss » t at Yt lowltone. Wre. Wnr«-«mli* . H 41 41 M L rre. U 74 .01 I/ 3J . ia n .01 ·t ji *1 41 1 SI . 41 44 141 M 4f 14 11 Jl Jl 41 . f« 71 44 37 .It 41 31 \4 41 M 14 SI Jl I 01 M A D K M N K t. r.Ar.t.K. executrix Puh. Ai-ril :. 1K1 ( I t ) I.I: I. 415101 NOTICE OF SALE OT REAL ESTATE U N D t n tXECUTION S H E R I F F ' S SALE No. SO DITM mi. In txv* 4II7«. . of Offlcl*) Ilecnrdf. vlitrh -Ir/.i rn-ltt*i that a icrant |i mad^ nf tli* »irluitt* Jlrht ti txruj-y Apartment No. 3 on th« tint tltnr ot the anartrntnt tou«* tuildlnr locat-vj on caM Ur.d m aNnwn on tttf plat altacdM tn paid ritrrd. tncettirr * Hfi richtu of Incrris and rcrcsi U ·nil from laid apartmrnt arid |fi* u«» |n rummnn with oth'r* nf th* I'ut-tic portion* ar.d mulrnt'nt «( Mia tuildlnc an d-. i it- .1 In -4; J 0' t 1 ai.a »nlrh d"d TfffTif* and ricrpti the UM nf all arartm^nt* -»xc*Tt Apattnifnt No. 3 KXCKIT th« f*H 12 f f t nf faM land. K«r th* purpn?.- *.f payinc f - M I - p'turtA hy Mid Uc'd «f . _ _ . N. La Drei Avc. Lot Angtlet 21, Calif. WE 1-1401 April r. 9. li. SX . IATED thla 30th Jiy rf March. QFFICIAL CITY PRINTINO j NOTICE OF FILING OF I ASSESSMENT ' . . Notice Is herebr ll«en by lh» C l t . J'arch WKRNKR RfCIITI Director of Plar.nlnr l.rX)DA D. UATMIAU Secretary of the cay IMannlnc Commission 1. April 2. 3. 19(2 (3O LR The City of Ixine Reach resenes the rllht to reject any and all bids. Dated at Lone neach. Callfc Ihla 29th dav .f March. I«t2. " Pa'ted "at Lone neach. California. his 29th dar 1 March. 1*(2. UAItUAHCT L. IIEAHTWELL (SEAL) 1Mb. April City Clerk , J. IK2 (K)-L.n.I. ·t th. Cltr NOTICE OF A W A R D OF | «.f said Clly did. .n the rlh d a y ' CONTRACT nf March. Mi. file w i t h aald CilyL.l^f"l«nt to ResolutloB cl A»ar.l. Clerk the assessment »llh attachrd ·*·"- C-1V2J of the City Council of .hitl.iii f.,r ll.r i l i . u i o l ' l M i i t i.f "·' ·"!· cf Lcrj lleach. adu|-1er] the AI.LKTS IN nLDt'K KAfT OF March rT. 1X1. dlrectlne Ihla notice. IAII1Y AVKNCK. im\Vi:»-\ FIF-!nollre la hereby r»en lhat tha said 1 TV-SIXTH STKKKT AND Nor.-' ( 'itV Council In o|»n session on Ihe TON STI1KET. In the Cltr of I.onic" 3 !!' day of March. 1»»2. o|»ned. "Var-h. a« rtesrrlbed In llrs..|utl'in"xa-nlned and publicly declared all .f I n t e n t i o n No. r-txiu. a.luMed "·«'"' I'rntwsala or bids offered f .r Announcement 00 If any. th* C-IM-5 adopted sr-ale.t tirnposala or bids offe: ..icil of said City tl" follnwine work. lo-»lt: m tt-e_ I9lh day oil. The Improvement of Allersi In and f r.f Truit and "^errnr"if"'MM!r2pteriir*r."TMI.'"ln"which'lVe.oltV.i' 1 ''«'' east cf Interest thereon, tl.m rt Ii.tentlon reference Is hereby .'"I' "ii Norton Stree not.* In unpaid c.f Trust, w i t h Interest tn the dale of sale. Dated llarrh 77. 1IM.2 R A N K OF AMKnICA NATIONAL TIIL'ST AND SAV1NOS ASSOCIATION, as Truitca lly A. U IIItCHAN. Trust Officer. Ilr MKIII.IN W. COI.K. Assistant Trust Officer. Pilh April ? » l«. 1«2 111 I. n i made ,rk description Improvemcl.t. . east cf Street. Is hereby .'"I' "ii Norton Street and f i f t y of aald s-ienth Ftreet, In the Clly of Lone l:-ach. California, by patlr.e th Ci.uncil Ciiamh-r of the i'lty Hall of said City, as the time and place w h e n and where all [iersnns Inter 7175» NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. 7I-K-3S'* On lha 2Mb day of April. IK!. at 11:O) A.M.. at the main entrance In the Cltr Hall on West Uroadway, In the CUT of Ixinr. Reach. State , ·TTanfi.rnla. RANK OF AMTniCAl}^-' 1 NATIONAL TKUST AND SAVINiiSi 1 M .'., ASS(X,-IATION, as Trustee under 1IA " IVM -- ' Notice Is futther t n e n that saldi'"ad«ay w i t h Portland cement con- I C i t y Clerk dies berel.y fix the rrete f n a tnchea In thickness: coti- l l s t rlay of May, 19I at IQ-.'W stnirtlnsT Portland cement concrete · ' · A.M.. rf said day. at the'curb. eutter and sidewalk; and - 'djinr all necessary rradlnr. And thereafter, to-wit. on Hie "Tth - ... day "t March. 19*2. said City ested In said work or Improvement Council awarded a contract fnr atld under Resolution of Intention wotk tn the lowest, recular. re- No C-ISISS or In said assessment sponslble bidder, to-wll: Fully will be lieard br aald City Council. Miller Contractlnc Company, a cor- A!l persons deslrlrc 1^ be hetrd.Ilioratlnn. at the prices specified in 1 s..all. i.rlor to said date, appeal to »· proposal and bid en flla for! lha 6ty Council by bneflr statlni "id work, to-wll; I In wrltlne t^.a rrounds c.f appeaf 110171 s- 1 - " 5 ! _ _ Funerol Notices Any objection r.ot made I n ' t f c e I'ortland Cement lanier he . . .lerelnabove provided, ahall be deemed voluntarily wilted, and any person entitled to app-al shall ~ ?d to haia ct.i.sented to n«M asscs«m»r.t. l^rr L. UKAP.TWELL City Clerk ot the MUIIIF.L ... wife, and recorded on March T. 19*1. In bonk T-ltJS. paie »so. ot Official Records County nf Lns Anrrles, -- -- . California, given tn secure an In- MARfiAI'.r.T A F «l U S M A N. deMedness In favnr of II. P. I'.OH Wd n"Trust dated February !«.,,,.., , ^ of l i e Iteaeh Ml. executed by C. C. SMITH and!'"/*'.' ,}:'! ?'I'i^.-ii'll n I ItrillF.L M. SMITH, husband .nd "'"· A p rn -.Jl. 1«». 1^1 I..H.1. I'UiMlff. \». WALTER C A U L * corded r.ri December ^' '««-,k M-9JO. race .'.7I FOItSMAN. Defendant. Ily \ l t t i i " nf an execullnn . .. . it of tli* Superior Court, nf Ihe.breach rf eer Ci.tmty .f I^.s AtiKcles. Stata of iherrt.) noi C a l i f o r n i a , m l i e r e l n Marparet A. - - P l a i n t i f f , and Walter Call Foisman Iiefrndant. tiivin a jurlc- Tnent tl.e 21st day nf Nov.. A.D.^ ]l*f^i. f n r th* sum c.f Twn Thousand Four llundied Thirty-Six and Nn/ 'icsi il:.l:r;i«n Dnllara l a w f u l money ·|.f II*. t'ntt'd States, liesides costs l a n d I n t e r e s t . I have levied upon all · I h - rlelit. t i t l e , claim and interest i f MI.| d e f e n d a n t Walter Carl Fora- tnan of. In and in the following |i1es-rllM real estate, situate In the City r.f Ix-t r l u n c h . Countr of Anceles. £tate nf California, and bi'iinded and described aa follows: lit A Tract Nn. 147SS aa per Map rernrtle-l m 331. Pares 41 tn I*. lnrlii-h. nf Maps In Ihe Office of the Itecntder of I-ns Angeles KILTPOX and MARCARET I'.OH- ERTFON. liu«band and wife as ten-, anta tn common, by reason of th*[ NOfTciTbF FILINrFOF ASSESSMENT N«tlc» Is hereby then by th* City Cl»tk nf Hi* City of IX.IIK Ileach. California, that the City Engineer of said City did. on tl.e. 23th day i.f Marrh. 1*6:. file with aald City Clerk the. assessment with attached Concrete. P a r e ' m e n t . Including preparation ot sub* grade, per a-juare foot _.. . |041 Jt.VC 51 117 Sq. Kt. S- Portland Cement Concrete gutter. Including preparation of suhgrade. per f.juare foot ... 0 M 1*2.30 Sq. Kt. Portland Cement Concrete Fldewalk. Including preparation of a u b g r a d e . p e r square toot mm+ ;: . -· a . l « - . J _ . . . .' a«^ f «BSS(^_ . I J^ ' ^T^^Sfc^ I Per D«ytiir.i Mondoy fifgrti ikew Hi|h Ttmpirttui't Iipicttd" Treit w.teoKl. vat SNOW IS FORECAST Monday in some nrcas of New England and portions of lower Great Lakes region and Ohio Valley. Light drizzle is expected in Pacific Northwest It will be cooler along Atlantic coast states and westward through Mississippi Valley. imon. by reason of Ih^iClerk the assessment with attaehfd a t ln p. pnet'iiinfl Main nbllratlnna serurMuliaeram for th* ImrroTement of. ,.';,,;,/,· ?·,,!,,,.. itlif ,f m h i r h »as re- Ihe NOimi-SOUTII AND FOLTII- Ji.?^h Wlndlnc T\.»^K.»^.. -tr ici^i t K l i - f r r v f t c-r-n-i-c-n at r wa r\r i . i i r n . inriiminE; OSJ 1300 . IKI. ' i n l K R L T KAST-WKST AI.LKTS IN nf Official RLOCK KAST OF KAST AVK- preparation of sub- praje. per linear f~.t LAND OWNERS reorn Ocevt tin). It /n Street EMI et Piee Avenue . . . Ca.l JADE OIL CO. rj mi N ~" J CL-Vii--Ed*»»rd R.« «9« !*. tt \taf Araenn*. SwrvvM ey atw^tv tcr. Mr». M Id* C. Sn*bv; br*t*r. John Clmt.. ·r.y%«*^i'»n Aixt knowlffl nod i«ndr* Brpo-t; Sf«»t areVKknildrtfl. Debt* S.* **) L a w · r d A. Knowltt. S*rvic.t Tu«*i*r i *"· ·' fflt Chtwti «f CHRIiJENSCN PINO H f A R T W E L L -- J«rne«"F-. t ·?* U ef 341 Ornil P*rk Wnl iwry.»»tj by «'*», Mrs. Cara A.I Mn. J4»rp*4 Cl divgtiter, M/«. Lo * M Hiiim. Priv«'« trrvic* lw*»- tttfi 3 Dm. MOLTOH U SON CHAPEL. f*nHl rtou**! Ott*R A y^Wr|TlJljrBTb«!ov.'i.l"wi)t CI S. Rift nMtntrr of Mrt. Mjrp t M. twtrt; t't'tf f t M^- .(.· G, Jrll, C. Ctom. f fnd l l K f c » y . $·*-.«'··» I P"» I«nr1«* Si«-tt..^« t fiobtr-rt OUDCI. nu *~f" Jl.r StVt BrmM no. For-nt L**n McnwrUI Park. G1mU«. FOREST LAAH MORTUARY In cfi«ro*. _____ .. jfAMANS -- V«fl U. n. cf 14731 Rvon, Bftnioww, Survival by, Rxi»td A. ana ciYM B; iilten, ftr*. Mtbtl Hunt, tfn. Dorothy Wliun. noht g'atndcrwl- artf.. fw» great · tr«noftwklrfn. soviet T u t t d a v . 1:» om. DE YOUNG t SMITH BELLFLOWER MORTUARY CI..WXI, Btniicwrr. ^ tn _ _ VVHITE--Maud* J.. cf lilt r. Et-ther. iixvivfd by ruec** *nd rvfc-ncwt. 5cr»k» MgrKU*. l p m. w-m Rev. Hrtun Wim«r el- PATTERSON SNIVELY 511 LOCUST Funerol Directors 4 HOLTON S SON Funeral Notices ts co SO.OT its co l»i« City of In|f Itrijrh, Tountj- tt !· AncvU9. 8IH.* of C*li. firnia. u IT tnup rts-orrfM in 1-vtx ..9. pac- 11. rf UlJT'l- UiV'iiis n**rord« In o(firt* «.f th*» fnimty r^f«t«1fr if ftiil rountv. "1»».*'rit«-*i1 In tl* d***-it frnni Itlfhir-l T. P'-rrj' rfcor1'-i JIIT.A 4. 19M, In tx^k 4m?. I^C" U7. of (Ufirlll Ifnn1«. wldch Vnl r**rit.*i that A fttr\l i« mAdt* nf ttii* -*ifiu*.t»* rljrrit tit »rrupy «p»rtm.»j.t No. C r.n t f i * fir-l flr-nr rf tli* tpArtrn^nt tnu»* liuiMlne. Itmtril «.n e*»i.l land, *« shown on |l*t ·ttttfl.-*-! in mid d't-il. Inffth-fr m l t h rtcliti i.f Incrr*i *n.i tci*** f t an4 from MH ap»rtm-*nt · n.) th»» u«* In fommm u l t h n t h r r * »'f the rillir rortl»n« .ti.J r.ui|ni«nt fif MlJ l-mldlrc *» rl.*,»vrih*f1 in rtl'1 tl^rl anil n h U h rtf^d rr^*rT»*i an i, »?iffpu th* u-xt. KXCKIT \bf MH 12 f»«-t nf M i l land. Knr the purp^it.* rf pa)lr.r '-Mi- r*tlnr.f t-^rurr-l br MM I-vfd rf Trust. lncliiltnc f^'- rharrr*. in., *»ip*nw» rf the Truiit^i. adTanrr*. If any, under the trrma nf »*,M Dt^ti of Tnj»l and Lnlrml, and $1.371 W In unpaid rr.nctput rf Ih* nritt* f»vurf1 hy Mid I^^il rf Truit. » l t h I n t r r ^ t i to th« ditf Af aal*. Dated iUrch r7, IfK?. HANK OK AW.nTCA NAT10NAI* TIlUaST AM* HAVINV.3 ASSOCIATION, asTruitif nr A. i* imciiA.N. Tru-i O f f i f » r . Ilr M K f t l . l N \V. rol.r, AwfJiit-int Tn:«t O f f i r r r ruin Arm a. ». u. IMJ isti t. n i. 4U.t! anl m h r r e all p**r.*nni Intfr- In Mill mnrk nr lmprot-»m»*nt done untr I?otutinn ot Intrvntlnn .NX r.lM» or In Mid tutftm*n\ will t* li*«ril hy raid nty Counril. All t+r*«tt* dff\t\ne in N* ri*tr.t. (.liall. prior to MM d*t*. appeal in the City Council uy M if fly lUtfr.c In wriiinc tin? eroundi rr appeal. Any ohjt»filfin not fn*d»» In the manner liT»Mn»rio»** proTldfd nhall b* de*-*m*ii Tolnntarlly mtitfil, and any pfr*on entitled to appeal (hall N- ri^mrd to hate fAnirntf*') to the nropn«#-il **ti*«»mtnt. itAROAKirr L. 1IKAHTWKLI* City Clerk of the j (SKAU City r.f IXT.C I»rh puh. Apni 2. 3. iw: (^-i*-nj.__ NOTICE'INVITINQ BIOS mil rONSTIM'ITION OF 20-INCH WATER MAIN NOTICK IS 1ICRERT fllVKV THAT, purttiant to an nrd»*r by the I'.oar it of Watrr Comml»»mn»T* *f Ih* City nf Ixr.c 1»ch. California, Md* vlll be frr»l.r«l at th* offir* rf the Hoard rf U'ater Comml^loT.- .·rt. Rnnrn 412. Water Dep*rtm-nt A r i m l n l f t r a t l o n ItulMinc* -* rt Ka-t Ward low Roa.l, Iinr Tach 7. California, until .t:«' P.M. «n WMnrMay. April 1*. 1H2. at *hlch tlme ratl tM* *lll 1" puMKIr of*-n^d and d«*«lar*d. f^r ror.itruc- ((·in of appmtlmjif^lr .T*-" 1 * f«-et nf ?*-in«-h i*!'*! cylinder fonfrft* pipe «r mortar U n M a n l mateif »!»*«· l pij-e n a t f r mam In Fiilh Ftr**t - - ··· - ·-, In-IT, XinTrt Atir.ue 1.. fUniisiro, Tt*v.m l^t rf !** Cltr Hill, In P»la A.«-nii.-, In »-.- ir dar re v i i t i Tlan^'Cltr until 10 Tl n'rWk A . M . . am F["rofU»1kni WP««:, « M t i TiKM-iv. t f e :«th -lay i^f April. 1X2. ,i.lan« and ·j-:ifi.'«llAn« are nn f i l e . a t » M r h t i m e -nM btd« *lll b* [in the r-ffire .f the fn**ra1 Jlan-;p»iMkty rtp*p«M. etamln'd nn-1 rfe- \*ST and Cht»f r.nflneer. n^nm 412.i r '*rr'1 bv Ml«1 Clly Couiwll. for Water lv^»rtrr"*nt A d m l n t t f r a l i r - n ' t h e f M l n v t n r H"rk. rr Impr^Te Cu. Td». Roadway Kxcaratlon. Includlnr cl*arlne and rrubbinc. n* ravation and ril** rn.«»| of f u r p l u t cflrth and dnine all nccr-iMn- m c i k n A t Included tn f t h r r item* nf (he Md. t»fr c u b i c arl ! 1.9 J TOTAL ESTIMATED IlID « 451.21 "ated. Ixnr Iath. California. llarrh 19. 1^2. M A R G A R E T 1 fSFJlM nty Cli-rk Puh April l a. UMII ,an--un T. NOTICE I N V I T I N G DTDS FOR T»K iMrno^T.iiENT or SAX ANTONIO DRIVE TIE- TWEKN IjONO TsRAClt WH- I.KVARD AND ORANGB. AVENUE Iir TI1K INSTALLATION* OF RTRKCT UHIITING IN* THE «'ITr OK LONd HEACH. t*AI.!Ft)RNI.\ NOTICE IS IIF.RRRT G I V E N * that. pur*iis.nt in Ftaiult and tn Il«Miit|m No. C-1^^21, ItfaVslutlonn "f the city nf ISMK T-varh. ln R.*«Alntlhn nr«l.*r1nir the »nrk hfre-^r m.*ntlor..»d, tdipted r\n th# .77th 1ay nf Marrh. IS I. the Cllr Counrll nf faM City lntlte« and wi:: r.-.-.-.Tf wtiH rirr****' bfd» at t?.e rtfrirt* M th-» City Orfc. NOTICt Or H t A R I N Q Or r t T I - H u i l d i r r . I'"" !·! Warn» n^al.'mer.t In »lf. TION FOR P R O B A T E Of W I L L Iir r I x i h 7. CallfnrMa ' I r - t i l l i r r a street saTelr lit*'-! N». SI C?« In Ihe Fitpeimr Cciurl rf t i e f l a t s C. pie« e.f ,(ati"i.s ina sperlfl- IT Sts'en roriM'le. l-e at tl.e, r'.rdnlts. w t h 1 tai.lef. 1 ^funeral ^Directors 1250 foclfi'c Avc. HE 2-5K1 DORAN-Ira V. Buena Pa'lt. Servit. and interment. Wichita. Hta. ^_ FLANNir.AN-- X34 Tneeeta Pv tary MoeNlar. 7:30 p m. al il. Maenewi Canolit Cnurcn. t)equ.e«n Matt f.a am. al St. MaAewi damal.c Church. c»»of»LO-«iw. M p. m si . S«n Pedro. Service will b. announced. (UTMCOCIC - Orv.ll. p. Ill) a.raoa.e SI. Service and In- teement, Snawne*. Otla. irStR-Anna. 3«7 pine. Service will M aenourced. WALSI4-- WmlTred. fwnerlf eif long Bestft. iervic. will t« WIKUOW -- Irvin P Servct Tweidav. 2 a m . c.^a« Cnaoei. IHiTH-O«aKI le'vice wn N announced SWlTH-Trvnen B. au C I'jenn Seetrfe Ii-e%dav. II a m . 0 dsv Oaovl. 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