The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 29, 1906 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 29, 1906
Page 7
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Six Room Cottage Modern. Three blocks from square. Good cellar, wood house. Price $2200.00. Nine-Room Brick House In city. Modern. Good barn. Price $2,700. Ejght.-R.oom Frame House Two blocks from square. Price $1,850. Five-Room House. Three blocks from square, good barn. Price $625. Five-Room Frame House Two blocks from square. Price $1,250. Eight-Room Frame House Three blocks from square. Modern. - Price $3,500. Six-Room House Five- lots, good barn; fruit of all kind. Price $800. Five-Room House Five room hoose. Good repair, price $525 00. Eight-Room House Modern. Three blocks from square. New barn. Wood house. Price $2,000. BazelJ.Meek Land Co. AT.Cunningham, Mgr. CUy Dept, OWN A HOME We Have These and Many Other Bargains. $1 ,fiOO—Nine-room dwelling, small barn, some fruit, two lots, in-excellent neighborhood. $2,35O—Seven-room dwelling, bath, etc., barn and woodshed. Lot 50x112 feet. $850—Five-room dwelling, on West Webster street, one lot. $1,000—Six-roomdwelling on North Kim street. Good neijfh- hood rnd a bargain. $85O — Five-room dwelling with .lot 90xUO feet. ' $6OO — Two small dwelling's $600 each, on easy terms. GILL ®> RYA-N, Barney Bldg. ChnUcoUie, Mo. CITY REAL ESTATE. Modern slate-roof, brick veneer, S-room dwelling, large lot, flue shadeaucl fruit. Hue 4-room, almost new dwelling, near Centra schooh price $050 Nice 6-room dwelling, near Central school aood cellar, south front, price $»3a 4-room, ni-w 1 story dwelling on Baynard street, price J500. ,25-room almost new dwellingaud barn and lots and born, price. $T<)0, near Industrial Home. The last four dwellings belong to non resident and hare to sell. Farms. 100 acres Land—40 acres fine corn land balance timber, blue grass pasture, unfailing spring, $2,500, $500 down balance (i per cent. 70-acre Farm—J-room dwelling, barn and out-buildings, 40 acres One corn land, balance rolling blue grass pasture, on 11. F. »., and telephone line, unfailing spring in pasture, price $2 110, 1900 down balance at 0 per cent. T have large list of all kinds of Real Estate and can suit you. Money loaned at 5, C and 7 per cent on city and farm laud. Insurance \rrlttenln companies that pay losses on 'farms and city property. Office across street .from Post Office. L N. PAGE. | DR.J.C.SHELTON, *" — THK jj. Oculist and Catarrh Specialist Limits Ms practice entirely to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat, And the correction of Errors of Refraction by Scientific Fitting of Glasses. Bacterloscopic and Blood examinations nindo for Physicians who are not prepared to make them. OfflcioverGLOltE & MILDER 718 Washington St. Chllllcotue, Mo. Telephones: .jPfllce, US; Rps. 355. H-M-M-H H' I 11; 11 I ** 1 'I-I-M-I •*«*«*«« *«****ll**««* 9« **«» STOKE MASON i House Moving & Raisin? \ Leave orders at ^ tSaunders-Turner "Lumber Yard if J. R. IscOLELLEN I «»»»«»«»**»«******»*«**» Dr. Frances H. Singer Osteooalhic Physician .Successor to Dt. GoiiovJcre F. Laughlln FITZPATR1CK BUILDING. 504 Washington St^' Chillicothe, Mo TELEPHONE 444. CONSULTATION FRtE The Kind You Have Always Bought, ami which has been. In use for over 3O years, has horiie the signature of — an< l «ias becii made under his per- soual supervision since its infancy,. Allow no one to deceive yon in this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Jnst-as-g-ood" are but Experiments that trine with and endanger the health of Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Car=toTia is a harmless substitute fov Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Fevevislmess. ft cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation raid Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomacn n.nd Bowels, giving bcaltliy and natural sleep*, 5?he Children's Panacea-^'Ue Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of The KM Yoa Have Always Bought Sn Use For Over 30 Years. THE CCNTAifff COMPANY. T3 MURRAY VTRCZT. NEW YORK CfT" We Walk on Stars; So Does Mr. Roy Robinson Who was the finder of the gentleman, who wore the Patriot $4.00 Shoes last Saturday. NEXT SATURDAY, SEPT. 22, We will give away another pair of $4.00 Patriot, shoes to the one who finds the party wearing a pair of Patriot shoes and brings him to our store. G. D. BRANT & SON MEiNERSHAGEN FURNITURE GO. UNDERTAKERS. 'PHONES: NIGHT 153. DAY 397. Office Hours: 8 to 12 A. M. 1 to 5 P. M. Visiting hours by appointment. Ofllice:Bunkof Ohlllicothe bids. Telephone S70. Dr. Ghas. A. Wolfe, Osteopathic Physician Fifth Year in Chillicothe SPECIALIST IN CHRONIC DISEASES CONSCI.TAT1ON AND EXAMINATION F K E E . Beautify the Complexion IN TEN DAYS. Nadinola BOUGHT KANSAS HAY. J. S. McNally returned Thursday evening from Kansas City where he purchased two car loads CREAM, the on- . equaled beautifier if j farmer, of iiay from a Lawrence, Kansas Mr. McNally stated that S endorsed by thousands, and guaran- i ^_ > teed to remove WMU freckles, pimples, liver-spots, tan, sal- lowness, etc^ the worst case in 20 days, and restore the beauty of youth. Price 50c. and 51.00 by leading druggists or mail. Prepaid br NATIONAL TOILET CO.. PvU.Tesw i>B. B. M. GRACE, Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 3, 4 and 5, Wall- brunn building. Phones: Office 39b; residence 399. J. E. CALLAWAY, M.D Anv Chronic Ailment. Disease. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat given special attention. Office in Walbrunn Bid's: Office Pione 57. Residence Pho«e 11. DR.W.H. PERRY, Homeopath Office Rooms 1 anc} 2 Wallbrunn Duildimr. Residence 1 '1542 west Calhoun St: Office ohohe. No. 531: residence phone. No. 593. All calls in citv and country answered promptly <?~y or night. • <••••>••. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy, N. Swetland Drug Co., and others. J. George Wetzell of Braymer was the guest of friends in the city Thursday evening. CASTORIA For Infants and J5hildren. The Kind You Have Aiways Bought Bears the /^T j^/J^L^zT Signature of k6*V2TV%£*^ Are you troubled with piles?Ono application of ManZan will give you immediate relief. Sold by the N, J. gwetland. J3rng Co. DUE TO DISSENSIONS. Butler, 'Mb., Sept. 20.—Th closing of the Bates Nationa Bank is said to have resulted from dissensions among its officials The liabilities are placed at §145, 000 and assets at §239,000. paid-up capital of the bank i §50,000. The Bates National Bank, the oldest in the city, was organize in 1870. Its president Capt. E. J Tygard, is one of the best-known bankers in the State. The. officer are J. B. Newberry, vice-presiden and J. C. Clark, cashier. There are two other banks in this city. There was much surprise and a 1 ttle excitement this morning when the bank did not open its doors for business, and the following notice was posted: '•This bank is closed for the purpose of going into liquidation and the Comptroller of the Currency has been notified accordingly. Every depositor will be paid in full, dollar for dollar." The notice was signed by the bank's five directors. It is said that when settlement is made a reorganization will take place and the bank will reopen for business in the same building. A bath cleanses the shin and rids the pores of refuse. A bath makes for better fellowship and citizenship. Not only should the outside of the body be cleansed, but occasional use of a laxative or cathartic opens the bowels and clears the system of effete matter. Best for this are DE WITT'S LITTLE EARLY RISERS. Pleasant tittle pills that do not grippe or sicken. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. SENATOR MISSES WEDDING. Des Moines, la., S«pt. 10.—Senator W. A. Clark was to have been the guest of honor at the wedding of his only niece, Miss Grace A. Baker, to F. A. Nichoas last night. But the Montana millionaire was held up by a railroad accident in Kansas, and be was compelled to send by wire his wedding gift, a check for $10,000. Miss Baker had twice postponed the wedding to accomodate her rich uncle. She is a poor clerk, and the millionaire mining man lad never previously paid her much attention. When he found that almost his only relative was to be married became interested, he could buy the hay in Kansas Irom §2 to §3 cheaper on the ton put down at the depot than he could the Livingston county hay. It is a well known medical fact that pine resin is most effective in the treatment of diseases of the bladder and Kidneys. Sufferers from backache and other troubles due to faulty action of the kidneys find relief in the use of Pine-ules. §1.00 buys 30 days treatment. Sold by the N. J. Swetland.Drug Co. APPLE CROP FOR SALE OR TRADE Having to leave the state on business soon, to be gone till spring, I want to sell my fine crop of winter apples (ben. acres loaded) in a lump, on the trees; or trade j for town property well located. J. W. Green, Box §14. s20d3t ^-» m* "~~ Karl Blanch {jyd and Harry L.ea- hy will spend. Sunday in E aidr Springs. " -•- ' : . A. cold taken at this time of the rear is generally hard to get rid of )ut it will not be able to withstand Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar. That will cure all colds, coughs, roup, whooping cough, etc., by driving them out through the bowels. If you have a cold, try it and f not cured get your money back. !?o opiates. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. BRYAN AT ATLANTA Atlanta, Ga., Sept 20—William J. Bryan and Mrs. Bryan arrived rom Augusta today. The pro- tram includes a reception from 1 to 12; a luncheon to Mr, Bryan ind a public address at Ponce de Leon Park during the afternoon and a dollar dinner tonight at which 400 plates will be laid. Mr. Bryan is expected to make his second speech of the day at this dinner. If you want a nice hat cheaper, call at N. Y. Racket. dlw FIXING SHOW WINDOWS Workmen spent Friday painting and decorating the show windows in the Hartman White Front store. Mr. Harlman will display some of his fall and winter goods as soon as the window is completed. Danderine GREW THIS HAIH And w» CM PROVE IT NEWS FROM PARSON CREEK Parson Creek Valley;-Sept 21— (Special -Correspondence)—Harold Lane is on the sick list-this week suffering from an attack of typhoid fever. Dr. Morris passed through this vicinity Tuesday. Wheat sowing and corn cutting are in full blast. A scarcity of hands is the main complaint. > D. W. Grice is replastering his house this week. W. R. Smith and Mrs. Powell were Linneus callers Tuesday. | Several of this neighborhood attended the sale at Henry Cher- ] ry's Wednesday. | J. R. Allen and family attended ;he barbecue at,Wheeling Thursday. , i The rag tacking at Mr. Gregg's Wednesday was well attended and several pounds of rags|were sewed. John Canada, the hustling Hec- a merchant, has the foundation 'or his new store under head r S t PPffiff VEOETABtt The fact that S. S. S. is a purely vegetable preparation, containing not the slightest trace of mineral in any form, has been one of the strongest points in its favor daring its forty years of existence. It is recognized, everywhere not only as the best of all blood purifiers, but the one medicine that can be taken.with absolute_safety by the youngest child or the oldest member^ of the family. Next in importance to removing, the cause of any disease 19 the condition in which the system is left after a course of medical treatment. Medicines containing mercury, potash or other strong mineral ingredients often do permanent injury by eating out the delicate lining and tissues of the stomach, producing chronic dyspepsia, unfavorably affecting the bowels and so damaging the system that even if the original cause of the disease has been removed, it is left in such a deranged and weakened condition that the health is permanently impaired. S. S. S. enjoys the distinction of being the only blood medicine on the market that does not contain a mineral property in some form. Being made entirely of roots, herbs and barks it is absolutely harmless to auy part of the system, and while curing disease adds strength and health to every part of the body. S. S. S. removes all poisons, freshens and purifies the blood and gives better and more lasting results than any other blood medicine. S. S. S. is the very best treatment for Rheumatism, Catarrh, Scrofula, Sores and Ulcers, Skin Diseases, Contagious Blood Poison !md all troubles due to an impure or poisoned blood supply. Besides being the King of blood purifiers S. S. S. is the best and most invigorating of all toalcs - THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. $1,000 REWARD IF NOT PURELY VEGETABLE. MI88 STELLA WELLS, D37 8. Huynphrey *v»., Ohioago. HalrwlU not stop falling of Its ownacopto. ~i JL Inn ~" *-*«•• —« wit-hrtMf frnntmant the thinner cure. Sick If not curec) . ., wlU not stop falling of Its ownacopri, Tlomjer you let It go without treatment ner ft becomes, and the more difficult ro lSick W just 'like ilek Peop e.wlirdto I?°r2a£S kThMVun« i way. Mrs. John Woods spent Tuesday at Henry Lake's. M. C. Gregg transacted business n Chillicothe Saturday . afternoon. W. R. Lilly and daughter, Miss Emma, spent Sunday at James rather's. In these days of rush and hurry ourtesy'is often forgotten. In the mad, pell mell rush of our life lit- e things are done to offend that we rather remained undone, astily eaten meal and its result- nt headache may cause us social r financial loss. The wise man r womam is the one who relieves ttle ills of this sort by a littlo ose of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA. ; digests what you eat and puts our stomach back into shape, iold by Clark's Pharmacy. WANTS 20,000 loFKISSES. St, Louis, Sept. 20.—Mrs. Laura ,. May filed suit asking 820,000 rom the Illinois Central Railroad or two attempts a porter on the ullman car is alleged to have made to obtain a kiss from her when she was en route to Paduech Cy. The first was made in the t. Louis tunnel, the plaintiff vers, and the second in the toilet oom of the car near Carbondale, 1. The porter is now said to be n jail at Murphysboro, III. In her scuffle with the porter drs. May says she thrust her and through a window and hirteen stitches were required to ose the wound. Her cries, she ays, attracted members of the •ain crew, who reseued her. Hard to Find. It would be hard to find a rcore erfect curative medicine for dis- rdered digestive organs than that entle tonic digestant, and torpid ver regulator, known as DR. ALD WELL'S (LAXATIVE) SYR- P PEPSIN. No other medicine as its specific power over these elicate and important organs of our body, upon which you have o depend for energy to carry on our daily work. It cleanses, di- ests, stimulates and cures. Sold y all Druggists at 50c ;<.nd Si.00. [oney back if it fails. EWY. M. C. A FOB FRISCO. San Francisco, Sept. 20.—The oung Men's Christian associa- on has decided to erect a hand- ome new building, seven or eight ories in height, on the site of the d structure at Mason and Ellis reets. Work will begin on the ew building as soon as the plans nd specifications can berprepar- Secretary McCoy will leave ext Saturday for the East to lake a special study of the as- ociation building. A Perfect Bowel Laxatiyo for onstipation, sallow complexion, •adache, dizziness,sour stomach, oated tongue, biliousness. Lax;s act promptly, without pain or riping. Pleasant to take—Lax;s—only 5 cents. Sold by the N, Swetland Drug Co. MISSOURI CARNEGIE GIFT Columbia, Mo., Sept 20—At the pcning convocation of Christian allege this morning Mrs. W. T. loore, the president announced that the college would have a §50,000 building to be used for academic work soon. The new building is made possible by a gift of §25,000 from Andrew Carnegie, supplemented by other gifts. Escaped Death. It is not an uncommon experience for us to get a letter describing how the writer escaped death by taking DR. CALUWELL'S (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN for some violent and dangerous stomach or bowel inflammation. The gentle, soothing, curative, purifi- cative action of this pleasantsyrup is without any equal in the science of medicine. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and SI QO. Money b,ac£ if this fails. CATTLE SLOW TO LOWER. Kansas City, Sept. 20.—Cattle slow to 15c lower, top, Sfi.05; cows and heifers firm; stockers slow; calves steady. I Hogs 5(oilOc higher; top, §6.50; bulk §(5.20(?t640. Sheep steady. I Cattle-Receipts 1,000, including 5,000 Southerns; Native 'steers, S4,00(a6.40; southern steers, §2.75^1.75; southern } cows S2.00@3.00; Native cows heifers, §1.75(35.00; stock jers and feeders §2.60@4.60; bulls, S2.00(<i3.15; calves $3.25 '((; western fed steers S3.50® ; 5.25; western fed cows §2.25^3.75. Hogs—Receipts 6,000; heavy '.?6.10^,6.30; packers §6.15@6.40; ' pigs and lights, §6.00@6 50. Sheep—Receipts 5,000; Muttons S4.75@5.50;lambs §6.00(^7.75; range wethers, $4.25(tt5.75; fed ewes, §4.00(a;5.40. KANSAS OITY OBA1N Kansas City, Sept. 20—Wheat- Sept. 66c; Dec 67%c; May 71%c; Cash No.2 hard OT, ; i(oi70c; No. 3, 66(« ; 67>i; No. 2 red 68c; No. 3, 67(u;67>2C. Corn—Sep 42%c;D0c 38^ a 'c;May 38?4c; Cash No. 2 mixed 43>»c; No.2 white, 45@45Aio. Oats—No. 2 white 33>.<(oj34c; No. 2 mixed, ;n@31Mc. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Sept. 20—Butter- Creamery, 24c; packing 16c. Eggs—2 to.. ManZan relieves instantly the pain caused by those blind, bleed- ug, itching and protruding piles. tt is put up in collapsible tubes in such a way that it can be applied where the trouble originates, thus stopping the trouble immediately. Try one bottle and if you are not relieved, your money will be refunded. Try our free offer. Sold ay the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. MAGON LOSES FACTORY. A few months ago our business men, through the influence of the Commercial Club donated 87,000 to the Lowell Plow company in order to get them to establish ! their plant in this city, Bays the Macon Republican. Tho company accepted the donation and purchased land in the east part of Macon along the Burlington track and erected their shops upon this site. About §2700 of the subscription money was paid to the company, but through a misunderstanding of the member of the firm it seems that the company went to pieces and has not been able to do anything for the past six weeks. This week they decided to discontinue their business in Macon, and are now removing their machinery from the shops and shipping it back to the factory. No one would buy a sailboat with sails that could not be reefed. There is always that possibility of a little too much wind that makes a cautious man afraid to go un- provided. The thinking man, whose stomach sometimes goes back on him, provides for his stomach by keeping a bottle of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA within reach. Kodol digests what you eat and restores the stomach to the condition to properly perform its functions. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. DETECTIVE HAWKINS AGAIN. From the (Jallatiti Democrat Hawkins, the detective, was in Gallatin, Tuesday, ordered a circular printed at the Democrat office, and we havn't seen the mysterious personage since. He was going to Chillicothe to investigate that hotbed of sin, and we very much fear he has "disappeared." It looks as though we were out SI.50. WABASH RATES If you want to go to New York now is the time, the rate is very ow, first class tickets and first class service. Homeseekers excursions. One fare, plus ,?2 for the round trip, ickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale. W. E. CREAMER, Agent. When two strong men come to blows.even if they are well matched, it is not a pleasant U2ht, but if the man wtio gets the worst of it will use -t>E WITT'S WITCH HAZEL SALVK, he will look better and feel be tier in short order. Be sure you get DE WITT'S. Good for everything- a salvo is used for, including'plles. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. Jessie Smith, who has been driving the delivery wagon for the Jarrol meat market has resigned his position and will leave shortly for Colorado Springs where he will spend the winter. Mrs. William Leahy and children, Margaret and Edward, will spend Sunday in Kansas City the guest of friends. If you like Coffee but dare not drink it, try Dr. Snoop's Health Coffee. It's true that real coffee does disturb the Stomach, Heart and Kidneys. But "Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee has not a grain of true coffee in it. It is satisfying, wholesome and harmless even to the youngest child. Being made from parched grains and malt it forms a food-like drink.yet having the true flavor of Old Java and Mocha Coffee. Sold by P. T. Abell and E. J. Barneyback. AN ACTOR LEFT A FORTUNE- London, Sept. 20—The "will of John Lawrence Tootle, the comedian, disposes of an estate valued at §400,000. • . » v Rheumatism Oured in 3 Davs . Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, I nd.. saya: "My wife had Inflammatory Rheumatism In every musclo and Joint: herantferlnz was terrible and her body and face were swollen almost beyond recoitnltion: had been In bed tor six weeks and had eight physicians, but received no benefit until she tried the Mystic Onrc for Rheumatism. It gave Immediate relief and she wiunblc to walkabout In three days. I tun sun'H saved her life." Sold by N. J. Swetliind Drug Company. Roy Holcer has resigned his position, as packer for Adams & Sons, and will return to his home in Sullivan county. Mr. Holcer engage in farming. Every woman covets a shapely, pretty figure, and j many of them deplore the I loss of their girlish forms ; after marriage. The bearing ' of children is often destructive • to the mother's shapeliness. All of this can. be avoided, however, by the use of Mother's Friend before baby comes, as-tin* great liniment always prepares the body for the strain upon it *md e - i. Mother's Friend overcomes all the the expectant mother safely through - • •'-' blessing/, from that use ol this wonderful remedy. Snk! by book, telling all about this liniment, will be sent free. Tie eradfleld Reggiaitr Go,, AtUnfi, QL

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