The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 7, 1957 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 9
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, "' v r •(. t , a ', ' ' ***-, / *'"J- LL"*':^ j, "ty*iLi: M • ^ < «9 a •*>* *^P * " ' Recife Boob - --<~- -"-"far-11111 it^n'M i ft&a- i-jt-f *-'» <^>Ui^uisJ*^^^Hiafl*E»MtaB»^»lHtti^«tttf»aSiUSBl*to Sweeny Old Ocean News Pww*. for fttVB a Piofite 8 with *•* tt *«*•&£« » nttfcl **** ***** * tefSHHot ttflet Met *Hfi *» * Jttc* fttf fnt^pwvvinv •at ) il «oed «*a wv vipvBBv mflllfln on ( "But » good - to6l Li a , but report they ftfoot editor »t „£««& an the advance the processor* do, we ,M will improvise . , . insUt on developing our Calvary Baptists Now Conducting Vacation School A lOtdey • Vac«U», Bibl School .began M tut^CttMP Biptirt Chutth * fteejoft «»w of being eatffht i& ... t flood **ult in Sin An Icantff.- f r™* *ttte<l ** *** &*»% ttdtt Sr. in thY Alamo City aft* '^fmttTwaeo to visit Mr. t Hftr M. A- Wood, parent! June. 1 arailoti'] Merclse •Itij as? ffr~',"'', • flirt toee^hief' at, the. or*w* * . Clubsj ~ • at th* WX Sth** tta tsuftht - the B« torcea mosvpi j Indoor* where they i cleaning lob*. , around 138 clean_* were" planted near '. line, U, «. n«jr», j»i»«. w. —• aid,*and Mrs. Sidney Also present was Mrs. .Wayne H. ralrchlld, chairman -• «Oyster" Creek '*——•-»< ill Marries FP Presbyterian Cerempny M I MM. Jimmy But* «™ JennULBteasoft, Son , D i ,«. «wi Mr*. Paul Biwso* j made the trip with the Hoop-1 rrojflf 'generations of Bobby 6. Brown'* family were their fre«*VB*re recently and the I family reunion was held at the Old oeean Country Club. I Hit mother, Mrs. Jesse CoX I of Dallas, Mr*. Betnlce Ingram lot ft««p6rV Preston Ingram lattd IBM Lou Ann Ingram of La** Jackson were those rep- 1 resenting four generations of (the family. Some -twenty-five member* if the family attend ed the gathertel. Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Young and chlklreii of Los Fresno* are guests to the home ot her I parent*, Mr. and Mr*. Amos lAugsburger. They are also visiting her brother and family, the Jame* Or**. Before they return to the Valley, they will go to New OrleaM* for a brief visit with the Clarence Augsburgert, for merljf of Sweeny, and visi {with relatives in Bey City. dty fttftC weAfta* ***« K Ic* tue fhe itt«ta t»1>H with *nd marble contaifter, «t on * SMS M . *nd MfS. atleSditttt will be Biter', «I this city with Whom she «fli *ffl make thett he*h« thU iummer. uieimt « atuucub at Te&ti &cffh«Nm College, where he physical MtftaSem tnajot, t been employed by the ifloit n»* iHSfl wffiSlrticr the Jerry tent* sturt? CRM. LBS8 FtNfcft?. MOft* PRBSS1ON . . . t wonder if parent* could eter be eonvlflc- ed thai off-the-tecord expression* fit babies (and adults too, for that Matter) aft far more interesting and more beautiful to photograph than the prim, perfectly correct, alt-etamed-up, dressed up, stiffly posed pictures that nil most albums. The baby tan be ever so homely, or ewr M beautiful, yet h« IS still the most wonderful thing alive If the eij«*sicns of in- teUlgeaee, humor, sadness, curiosity are captured to toe nhetoRraoh. If you want * Sottfmr eblW that yoall probaUy treaaute more tbea others, try ahoottng a, picture of bin crying over a broken toy or spflled glass of njfflr. It takes patience and a little waiting fat Just the right ex* preewon, but it's worth it. it's also worth your Um« to stop In and talk over your photo- nee* with us. tefldettti! nuwetyj. ; -withthm ptn. Stanaiee, little, b*. ^, rirti PreebyterUft Cbureh l» freepert wa* U» ne at the June 1 afternoon ^dding *t Wise Donna Sue MeCukffl *«* J««e* Lewefl mor: JM» mediate,, • Children, ot4>w workers who was a lr * three years of age • "; In the Nursery by Mrs. . an altar beaked . Vetdle Mae . orchids and greenery ed with cascading satin rib- ions. Mb* Billie Jean Blackeiby, cousin ot the bride, from Oklahoma, terved as «««*; Mnor 'in an orchid, street- ength dress of rubbed silk. She earrted a bouquet of pur- hid*. to. brother ot the bride, Lloyd Scott McCaskffl, »en«d eg heat man, with Waymond Mile* end Sherman Bryant a* ^• J 5SL a rallllOR6AH / S I Mr. L. D. Baakin. . ..... K«ll» Motel**,, i I of the church, I* pastor i y Vacation Bible School. Though smaller, the moon to be the same sin as 41WT j»»*««". "^ ^«— pantaloon silhouette for - v ^^ She use* pantaloon panel* -- gtant loop* ot fabrje — to_add Ettttc to narrow skirts. And in a •few instances, the same gpe of panels Is buUt into the bod. ice of a dress, to give a bloused effect' - • , ; ' The one-piece swimsttit again this season will be the number one style, according to Miami manufacturers. The one-piece tutu in cotton and ela*tid«ed knit fabrics showed throughout collection* at their Teeent spring show* at Miami Beach, Colors included the whole range of blue*, lilac and red. Vrench milliners, too,-have clodded a woman'* face «hould be seen this spring. They Join U. S. designers In featuring mailer and daintier hate, < which reveal the whole face, Instead of thot* enveloping, up- atdc-casteroles of last -esson. i . The slim silhouette dominates lav the spring and summer fashions from Miami manufacture srs. But • great many full-skirted designs *lw show, nu'llf* ularly in tunback dnset* lor sheath v« rtttn in Tulle beck ,_ ._ satin puHMK veil in place, ried a no*M bouquet of following .reception the iere the groom Is a senior udent at Texas A & M, end physical education major. •he brld« is a UST graduate 1 Brattsport High School. For her goto* away costume, the bride chose a blue linen suit wit* a white lace blouse and white accessories, and an orchid corsage taken from her bridal bounwt OutAt-town guests ler the oeremony wen Mr*. Joe Hobbs eantered with the , tiered weddtai brldee' book. $*&. *n *tt*W- ment of white stock, gladioli, daisies. their Waco hen ,, , — cwfple are now a home with the bride'*. pj»P tMttok, Okie.; grandper- „ ot the *rMe, Mr, a*l Mrs. CurUa Jobnae* of A Paeo; Bladys, jUber- HW . Mr*. Ssw A«- mon, Waco; and Ms* Leslie Andersen of M^^ooni BrALDnEMOMT U. J. HeUywoed Wriest HOLtYWOOn/^- -H.'—. Why iyoo dy would went t»- k* an rtor, Richard Boon* doesn't know, but for those-who do, the TV-movie actor bat become one of.«» ftaremott:^ and •^^•assg-jEai STv«rf«?£-- ^feft rector Jef Salnt'i hv lUre is 'what *•. fcettof ft el*j« t adultt stood on mtof • BvTMarte Jeff Corey , JUV WV t ••* *^***""7* ""• New York. Stnford Meisner used to tol n*. "It you can pos- ilbiy be anything elae tovth* world, dont be an actor,, Only If necessary, try it You^hav* to put —-—-—- ^3 piaaiatf ». *jid«eejj|tofVrttw Boon*'* —- Mtltntf' and ,'wiS Acting F». Wt*»» i -immmm**' »»«"•-< embarrastng enough but ™* WI ¥W*. Boone criticised. — ; ----- In«t*U»tion Boone began.hi* school two yaara ago after six newcomer* asked him to. The achoot BOW ha* 40 pupil*. 28 of whom are TV and^vVactow., Ctosee. are held two night* a week in i kindergarten. The veteran actor U bu«y b day* with movie* "Killer en th wall" and TV. He gave, u, "Medic" tot begin a new series about a l*th century «£ra eye In S*a, Franctoeo. ttla; Gun, WW^Twei^^utJ sucks to his drama school "be- caue* I get a lot out of It." IKV « m*4*mn*» ».— *— - . — * inom« move to College Station, f4mUr ^ At.. i^« nnnfi !• • caMlnf — - - - Mrs. and Calvin Brown. They also are visiting j \m M. CeU Bird. with other relatives here—the. Barry Chenaults, the John Che-1 naulta and the Will Hammonds, j Among local students receiving their degrees from college* last week and this week are Jaunel Phfli and Mrs. « ' lughter of Mr. Phllp, who) San Marcos; 1 Bible School Pupite I 3 Register At U The Willow Drive Chapel vacation Bible School will begin with preparation day Saturday •t 8:30 ajn. In the Lake Jackson Junior High School All children ate* through It ere Invited three to at- UHVUgP IV wiv MBV»«VW MT vw^ tend and register Saturday. The "— school will get day J«ne 10 ^_ __-— through June 14 fi*m 8:SO m- ttt 11-.SO *J*. each day. e " '• Attend Conyention Mr. and Mrs. Ben Luhn wan among the attendant* of the 28th District convention ot the Optlmltt Jntsr—"—' ^ A at th* Shemrex Houtton May N 1. dlally tovited- f mif 'MC#ff i&mRti [*#& iflpt da •1UW* wav> — PMfCC Atftdltfttod MiMkk ™ -.-•• • • • r Charles Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil ABen, Baylor; Jame*, Patterson, son of Mr. and Mrs.} Wright Patterson, A. * V Wlnde Chenault, daughter Mr. and Mrt._Wlnsto« Cbs suit, ~ An»*i, mmmmrn ww«u< daughter of Mr. X. MeKinney, and John Brooks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jena {Brooks fc. University of Houston. Miss Phllp ha* accepted a teaching position in the Alvin Schools where she will teach 4th grade students. This wiO bring the total of three of weeny's ex-graduates who will be teaching in the Alvin school* this fall — Miss Carol Ups- eomb and Billy Man Christian and Miss Philps. Miss Jane Jackson, daughter of Mrs. Mabel Jackson, who teaches in Corpus Christ!. 1* visiting with her mother here. Another guest in the Jackson home is young Miss Patty Gascamp of Houston, a granddaughter ot Mrs. Jacksen. Invitations have fane out to the Xastera Star Chapters in aumondint t*WM to attend the Sweeny Chapter-* testa!- Istfoa of officers 1 ceremony that win be held Monday evening. By th* tone etttoen are installed for neart year, the ceremony win porbably he held in the new Masonic Ledge Hall that win be erected on Main Street, nest door M Dr. Hester's ifflcv tBiHitimi ,SHOUIBOR TO-OAY AM> SAT. History , (ID I Led 3 lives 8:00 (2) Buffalo BUU 1" (8) To Be Announced (11) Range Rider , UJ) Mickey Mou* 5:30 (2) Sky King (U) Sports & Weather 8:45 ill) Doug Edwards dfid 'the News 8:00 (2) World At tsr*e (11J My Little Margie (13) T. V. News 6-10 t» Today In Spertt (13) Weathergal.... 6-1$ (i) Channel 2 NeWsreel ' «3) John Daly and the News 8:25 (2) .Weathercast 6:30 OhjHelen O'Cpnndli. (S) She Art* Around U* (111 Beat the Clecit US) Bin Tin Tin •.A*. m *}BC News Foseph Cotton iiverslty Forum r. Adams and Bve 1:30 *:<|W-Story . (8) The Sculpture (11) Playhouse of Star* (13) Cros«ro*d* 8:00 <2» Blondie «) Texas In Review (H) Westpolnt Story (13) Pin Oaks Horse Show 8:30 ttVUte ot Riley (8) Sign Off ..,, (11' 8:00 (2) (11) 8:80 (» 0:00 <2) (11) U» 9:30 <» (11) 10:00 (2) (18) we* Show 9»O «ayh«u*t Jobile* ; HM J**** 1 ,^ i Sfleat SerWf* .. ' Pto 0*k« Show Soldier* ot The Vi*e Premiere Pet- Late 10:16 11:00 (» • (ID I-.JO (11) Etentet Hyma a Parade UNTAMfO YOUTH j From City Auditorium 9:30 (2) Dragnet QDTertion to Person II 10:00 ,CU Dr. Christian " (U) City Detective • US) MovieUme U. S. I! 10:30 8:00 (11) 8:80 (11) 8:88 (2) 8:00 (11) (2) 0:18 (2) 8:30 (H) (2) 0:00 (11) <2) 0:15 (2) 0:30 (11) (2) 10:SS (13) 1:00 (2) (11) (IS) . lAUWAYVfl trUKMiV4Y» 3«T Super-Cushioiiil "-•9ff ^iff -^^* ^4^ ^BfmF-. . .Wl, iB^lw-^^W!H^-T*- •. TO-KRK AKD SAT. utw Axm —nr "NEW MEXICO" Sport. lioo ,l:S5 13:00 1S:00 1:25 1:30 _ Tonight UtVLate News (2) Sign Oft (13) Sign Off (11) News Headlines (11) Evening Hymn SATURDAY l-JO (11) (2) 2:00 (2) (11) Lamp Unto My feet Morn^?1)evonohtl faHh *or Today The UvtogWoret CnxistUitl Sd^ftc* Camera Three Church hi the Horn* Lev* Take a Trip" Industry On Parade What's Your Trouble The Christopher* Frontier* of Faith Sign On Christopher* Heckle* Jeekle!-- Jlrtt Methodist Chiircn wnd am Hickocfc This I* the Life Waterfront 1:00 2:00 3:00 Warren O. Harding is^ only man who went direct tram the Senate to the PreeJ dsney. "T«XA» TO Lilt JS Niwk With atamRtratt coot IN MroM M* r. M. AMBtUOMIN TO 8AT. MB»-1fmrjW»W taMt A The Girl Cant H«MpIi I (13) Teat Pattern \ (13) Sign Oh I (11) Rural Reveille (13) Soundtrack ) (2) Cartoon Carnival (11) Captain Kangaroo \ (2) Off To Adventure ) (2) Howdy Doody ) (2) Oumby (11) Mighty Mouse ) (2) Oumby 01) Cisco Kid » (2) Capt. Gallant (11) It's A Hit 0 (2) True Story Ol) Big Top (13) Jungle Jim 0 (2) Star Performance (13) Hockey Jones, Space Cad't 0 (2) Tlar««iuse 18 (11) Lone Ranger (13) Sagebrush Thestre S <2> Baseball Warmup 10 <2) Baseball (11) Utah Carl 10 (13) Farm Journal .S (11) Baseball 10 (13) Into Focus N> (13) ?ln Oaks Hone Show n (2) Pott Time Roundup it (2) Playbou** 15 10 (It-Saturday Showtime M (11) Scoreboard 10 ui) Saturday Matinee (2) Western Movie DO (13) Buster Keeton Theatre r 10 (I) Annie Oakley U3)Popsicle %MIWo« US) Circus Time 4:30 8:00 8:30 8:00 6:10 7:00 UI) Academy Theatre (11) Utah Carl (U) Academy Theatre (13) Sunday Showboat (18) The Pulpit (2) Wide Hide Woett (11) Mr. DUtrlct At- , , torney (J) Topper . ;• i (2) Press Conference- •' Ol) The Three Muf-i. • keteer* I (2) Meet the Press ... . (11) See It Now i (t) star Performance) ' (2) Bengal Lancer* ^ (2) Circu* Boy : (11) You Are There (13) Screen Star's _ Theatre •••••' •.• CD Stove Allen ' , (11) Lassie ^ __ • (18) You Asked Tor » • (11) Mart and Oowet Champion • '' (IS) All-Star TheaM (2) Alcoa How , v ,'. (11) GE Theatre US) Original Amataof; Hour • (11) Alfred mtcheoek (2) Loretta Young • (11) $84.000 Challenge. (IS) Date With the f Angela . .. (2) Susie (11) What's My Lme US) Hollywood Theatre) i (2) People Are Funny Ut) Xd Sullivan Show i (2) Dr. Hudson's Journal i (2) Star Movif Time (11) CBS Sunday News- US) Mike Wallace Interview* •« i ui) BUI Roberts Carnere, I US) Movteume U. S. A, UI) Late Show I (S) Hall* of Ivy '•sssSL •» » U» Evening Hymn A \ (U> Late News iEH^5w 80ti9|<1« ' W»T.1««II My m *rr M «I4I • wM fir; • »•* tf ** T Mi*.,** I£iii WKI. T90BS. Fil fit Iron Petticoat! WOW WOWPMl TELEVISION CINTIR movad | to » brand MW * LOCATION; 36 CIRCLE WAY" LAKE JACKSON PHONE r«911 r _*> f, 7, BALJS AND iBXfUJi •*. -•jV 1 ' ivl^l'-V ulv-i'J

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