The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 16, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY £REE PRESS •~ TEen man? 7 muttered Donald, gripping the anas of his chair. The madman's picture had 'become dread- Solly real to'htm. "Other .; bodies would '-follow, the scouts, Donald. They wouldn!f be nnite 'adapted to dry land at first. •Tbey'dV make their .way' along the river beds.' They'd swarm up the Hudson, the Rhine, the Severn, the Mis- slsslppi. That's what we did, find *ven* 'today we -haven't got very far from the river Banks. Well, they'd •rest and recuperate, eating the fish they found, until the supply became exhausted. Then—' 1 . . ... "Good Lord!" gasped'Donald, And »then the-.reaction came.. Of course Mastennan was raving mad, the maddest, member of the March Hares', club. What a fool he had been to let the old.fellow's dismal prophecies get on his nerves! He leaned forward and placed 'his .hand on Masterman's knee. "Did you go to the navy office with the idea of telling that to the' secretary?" he asked. '1 did, sir," answered Uasterman. "Then, if I may say so without giving offense, it is a mercy that you failed to secure an interview with Mm," said Donald. "Why, Miistermau —er—you,know how hard .it is to convince anyone of the truth of uny- thins a little out of the ordinary;" He was feeling his way carefully now, to avoid hurting the; old fellow. "Why, .Masterman, if you were to make such a suggestion as that at the navy office, they'd shut you up as a—as not quite light," he said. "I know it, my boy," the captain answered. "I've been called cruzy over since I saw the sea serpent off Aberdeen.. I have to thank MacBeard for that Ever since he learned that I was on the track of something big, lie has been trying to queer me. And when I discovered mammalian life on • the sea floor, I was called an impostor, which hurt more. But as I see It, lieutenant, a man can only be true to himself,. and I. stand for truth and fair play, moderation and courteous dealings, not mudsliriging and invective, and calling names, like that pigeon-brained, pot-faced, porous plaster; MacBeard." "But at least you won't .mention these matters to people who—who haven't open minds," pleaded Donald. "JJo, sir. I wash my hands of them all. That's why 1 have told you about this. . But if you don't listerC if you don't warn the world—" "I?" exclaimed D.onald. "Good Lord, Masterman, you can't suppose that I am able to stake my professional career upon the retailing of such a story! -'Even supposing it trim, the thing won't happen in' .our time. Why should a world epoch terminate In this particular generation and another begin?" ..Masterman leaped out of his chair and''.stood beside the lieutenant. He. 'twiiied his fingers convulsively in his long. beard, and there was a look of fanaticism upon his face. "Because it has already -terminated and begun," he shouted. "Because I hive-felt them'." • • • . '• "Seen them, you mean!" "Pelt them, sir! Monsters, between the Shetlands and the Faroes, Just where the continental shelf rises to a hundred feet—feet, sir, riot fathoms—and then sinks to Somehow Donald Imagined that Tie had been behind the door for a long time, and that his entrance had been prompted by • curiosity, >so^ "uncontrollable that it overcame^; all sense of shame'or fear of discovery. •'. , "MacBeard!"' ejaculated the captain quickly. ''Donald, my lad—Donald-^-" He stopped'and looked at Donald in- a dazed way.'' He put his.hands to his head, a look of bewilderment succeeded that of anger, .and he sat down again heavily. His features were suffused with blood. Donald sprang toward him. : "Captain Mnsterman 1 Are you-ill?" he cried, shaking the old man by the shoulder., ... MacBeard- came into the room and stood beside him, looking down at the captain. Donald was conscious, even in that moment, of a strong personal antagonism toward this man. "I am afraid he.has had a seizure," said MacBeard. Cnpt. Jonathan Roderick Masterman looked into the lieutenant's face with an expression of'pntlietic helplessness, smiled, sighed very deeply, stretched out his legs, and died. (To be continued.) MEMORIAL TO ALLIED DEAD Committee Headed by Marshal Retain Seeks Fund to-Honor Defenders of Verdun. Paris. Feb. 1C.—A memorial to the 4CKXOOO allied soldiers killed In the defense of Verdun will be erected through the combined subscript-ions of France, Oroat Britllin and the United States. Marshal retain heads the committee, which .has issued an appeal ' to the United States and (livat Britain to join France in this work. The monument will stand on Douan- itionr hi!l. Hie sci'iie /it' atniio of the hardest} lighring of the \vholn sic^o of Verdun. ADRIATIC MOVE Paris Temps Says U; S. President Halts Settlement" : of Question. , Suhcommitee's Report toJBeSubi mit'ted to the Full Cdrn^ : • • • , mittee: '.• ''••'?•"' ; •'-' DISAPPROVES ALLIES' PLAN r ARMERS WANT RAIL CONTROL i National Council Would Have Extension of Government Operation of Lines Two Years. C'hicaRii. Fob. If!.—Extension of snv- i-rnnicnt operation of tin 1 r:ii!rn;ids fnr twi> ycnrs Avfis ni'god by tlie Fanners' Xatiotuxl fotmril, ono n(! tlu 1 cliU'f units in .the All-Amei'icnn F;mm."r-L;i- hor Co-bporativo .con^res?, wliirh IMK!- i'ti its three days' sessions liore. The •'r:n-ops" wore against srm'rrnniont ownership.' luit in.ilcii-sed- the pnticiiilrs of the rittnih plan for triiiartite r-un- trcil of the linos. Declares United States Will Find it Impossible to Continue in 'Confer^ . Mice if Matter Is"Settled With... out, Consulting Washington, Paris; Feb. .10.—Hugh .0.- Wallace, the American ambassador, delivered to the foreign office, a memorandum from President -Wilson, 'according to the Temps, in which the president said he could not approve of. Premier Lloyd George's proposed'settlement dl the Adriatic question, which has been submitted : to, the Jugo-Slays. ^,,The newspaper-says that an identical?memorandum was delivered to the British foreign office in London. ••„•••' ''Threatens,to Quit Council" •The Temps says President Wilson allowed it to be understood' that the United States would find.'it impossible to continue Its'conference i£ the allies settle the AUriaic question -without consulting tho United States. Italian circles iu allied capitals are reported t,o he greatly disturbed over a note sent by President Wilson to the supreme allied council, disapproving of the proposed compromise hy.which. it was hoped the'Adriatic question might be settled. •'Premier Millerniid has; explained the reported negotiations between France and Jugo-Slavia last fall,, by which, it Is said, a community of interest between the two countries would be recognized in the Adriatic, according to London advices to die Journal. It is said members of the supreme allied council a're Satisfied with the statement made by the French premier. Premier Nitti of Italy is reported to have ordered the suppression of the newspaper responsible for rli't- first publication of "the reports. White House Noncommittal. Washington,.Feb. 10.—White House officials refused to discuss the statement of the Paris Temp's that President Wilson in memoranda to the French nml' British foreign offices for settlement of rlid Adriatic problem. There was neither confirmtitlon' nor denial fltat the position of the United States again had been laid' before the allied governments. SIMILAR BILL PASSED HOUSE BIG PRICE FOR SCOTCH BULL Five Thousand Guineas Paid for Rothiebrisbane Knight at Aberdeen Cattle Show. Aberdeen, Feb. 10.—At the Aberdeen cattle show 5,000 guineas were paid for the champion shorthorn bull Roth- iebrishanp Knight. It will be exported to Argentina. Under normal exchange rates 5.000 guinoas would be a little- more than .f2u,000. Measure Provides for a Drastic Cori:• trol of Expenditures at'-Their Source—r.fireates Accounting : . -, . Department. Washington, ;Feb. 16.—..Agreeineht 6.n a national. budget measure was' announced "by: .Senator Medlll Mcr Cormick .of Ill.inois on behalf'' (if himself and Senators Keyes, Edge, Siiii.- '*mons and King, tlie other members-.of the senate subconimitte«. ; i , .'The measure will be*-snhinittcd to the full'committee on budget' legislation enr-ly this week, and shortly' thereafter it is'expected to be reported to the senate. The. senate bill-is.'ii cnmbinntioi! of tlie M.cQormici; and• rh'e Ci>od .bills. TI;o lurtor tne:'.:-:r.:x' \\-.\\: passed by tlio house last fall.' . Tlie plan proposed by tlie .*0!iat<! provides, for ;1 drastic contrc;! of expenditures at their source. Every bureau and department of the government, is'compelled to desjgaale a budget officer to revise the estiinaiw for expenditures made by odicials it; these bureaus and di'psirtnienl'S. : President Muct Report. Tiie prpsidont \vill lie rc(|'ulri!d 1>P- fnre neccinlx'f 1!) exery year to sub* niit vlte bud.cot to congress. It" tnns't set forth tho condition of ihe treasury at tlie end of the current- liscu.l year, and. the estimated condition of the tivasury ci!' tlu 1 year to be tinanceil. In sliurl-. Hie iHvs:do;nt tinist stibinit with his pstiniatc.s l r or- expenditures i'«litii!itus of revenues and siiggi'slioiis i'or raising tho requisite taxes or ./Issuing the necessary bonds 10 meet rlie contemplated expeLiilitnres. In order to permit the 'secreta-ry. of the treasury to -serve iis a real finance ofiicer, :uid not t'oaipcte wiib bis colleagues In the , cabinet as • a spending /Tricer. Ihe extraneous bureaus -oi' the treasury under tlio provisions of • the senate bill.'will be transferred to other dopariments. L i Create Department. I The 'features of the firntil bill, retained in the seuate measure, create a department iiidciiondpnt of all oilier agencies of the governnierit, known as the accountin;r department. This department will review the expenditures made by tlio. departments and report on them ro congress 'with sug- gestions''for improvements. MICHIGAN TRAINS TIED UP MRS, THOMAS' Tells pf the Great Good Lydia E-Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Did For Her. . Morrfee, Mich. -"About a iear after my' second' bmby was bom I suffered - — - ~ — ~ with M******** every so 'tiutt I -flvt » *-'— 3t^- j— _ -J- tn&a Iron: other LAURA JS.SWARTZ ; OSTEOPATBIC PHYfclCIAN Chronic: Dfoeaiea. a Specialty • Office In Laua«r-N!ehc!«' Bid*. W; W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice Si MAC KEY COAL OFFICE —'' '.'•• - •. :' Phone 2O4 . • ' ECONOMY COAL YARD j. B. WOOD*, PROP. washed Nut, Egg art -. Phone 149 K. entirely r«liBV»d. I atoo toot theege- table Compound before mjjlast baby came and am thankful to saJr-tSat It fe- Heved my sufferings very much and' I shall niever-be without it at'such times. KHave told others of its great worth and shallke«pon te'lling it/!-Mrs,ED. THOMAS, Box 184 )( Morrice, : Mich. ; ,; . Women should not continue tip suffer day in and day out and drag out a sickly, Vegetable Compound! If you would like free^confidenttal advice address Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn; Mass. ' - ' the worst blnckiule oJ the winter "in western .'Michigan. ' Practically 'all transportation •}* slopped, "and trains are snowbound in various-places. The Pere Marquette train which left Chicago tit midnighi was reported 'snowbound near Holland. Other trains have been cancelled.'. '' Hundreds are ill .with infUieir/.a in the rural districts.- Even before the. storm doctors, working IS hours daily in the city! were .unnble to visit the country, so their rural practice lias been carried on largely over, the telephone. WILSON'S MIMD KEEN Specialist Who Treated 'President I . Six Months Talks. Flu and Pneumania Help Blizzard Keep the State Dizzy—Doctors ' Are Overworked., . Muskegon, Jlich., Feb. 10.—A blizzard which started Saturday morning and is increasjnjr hourly, has caused A Man Was Standing There. the uttermost abysses of the sea. A natural ladder, sir, a mountain path up to the world. And if you won't tell the .world—" He broke 'off and stared at the door leading into the passage irom which they had entered the cardroom. A man was standing there. He was per- liaps fifty years of age, short, rather chubby, his round face covered with * sparse, prickly growth of hair. His figure was rotund, and like many abort, round men with sparse beards, Ae had an appearance of ]M>mpous dig- Doctor Dercum Declares the Executive'.s Mentality Is Not in Least Impaired. •Philadelphia, ' F«h.' 10. —- President Wilson's jiie'nmJU.v is keen;., wa's the declaration of Dr. Francis X. Dercum, the' eminent nevve specialist who. .for i six months hits been treating- the pres- | rdenf, in coiitro\-erting a iieport in connection' wltji llr. Wilson's'demand "for i Secretary of 'State Lansing's resi'gna- ' tioti 'that..the jiresident wns',.Iu-'-a. highly nervous state. ••'•'. . ;: . . Doctor Dercum wns relucvnnt to tall; at-all about bis patient's condition'. "Ask Doctor Grnyson," J-said he. "He's the man to tall; about the puesi-/ tlent," hut when urged to. say something definite- reKardiug this pi-osident's, condition, in view of t.Iie current rumor, he added: "You force me' to say . that the president's mentality is toda-y keen. i "Should I follow my incliiiafipn and habit'of not discussing Mr.. Wilson's condition,' it would ••• immediately be concluded that his .condition was not satisfactory. • That is just the impression I do noi wish to create. ' That is all I have to say, in the matter." HENRY BAIN TRANCFKR GET OUR PRICES . Phone 342 K IDEA! Open your Lucky Strike package this way—tear off part of the top only. " , Protects the Lucky Strike cigarette—a cigarette made of that delicious real Burley . tobacco. It's toasted. Drives to the Q'uirinal,. Where He' Is Welcomed by the King of- Italy. ' ' . . .' -Kome, -Feb. 16.—The shall of. Persia arrived here Saturday and w»is greeted by tlie crown prince and ministers: He drove to the Quirinal, where he was weicomod by, the king. • • ' CHEST CLOGGED UP WITH HEAVY COLD? Don't give it 'a chance Co "««t in"—u»e Dr. King's New Discovery •:.- • . - dangerous stage .where a .cold or cough or case ol grippe might get the better, of you may, be nearer 'than you think. ; Prompt action 'with Dr. King's New Discovery will avert a long siege. . ' For. fifty years It has loosened congested chests, dissipated tight-. packed phlegm, broken vicious colds and coughs. 'Give'It to the youngsters—take it yourself. There wfll be no disagreeable after-effects. 60c. and ?1';20 a bottle. At your druggist's. Give it a trial. Bowels Become Normal ' —liver livens up, bile flows freely— headache, biliousness, tongue-iur, Btomach-sonrness, disappear when Dr. King's New Life Pills get to their natural, comfortable action. .Purgatives, never pleasantly corrective,- sometimes habit-forming, should not be taken: to rack the system .violently. - Nature's was " the way of Dr. King's New Ellls-^gentlyr but -firmly functio the bowels, eliminating the lot tine-clogging waste; and promot' . the moBtgratffy ing results.,- Cl the syttem with t&em and kno . —-, of «piUir-t«w«ta. a$o. ** H.O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY J .!' SUPPLIES Phone 233 W: A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND TH« • ; -' ••• EYE ' v . : .; . •: Ey«» Tett»d ' , Qlamt ntk* Virginia Bldg. .' Cartoondal*.' III, DR. J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINQ H»ur» I to 11 A. M. and 2 to • P. .. PHONE SS F. L. LINGLE, M. D, Q»n*r>i PracUB* •p«el«l attention to Ey», Ear, / and Throat - .. QlaMaa •Fitted • • - • --- • Phon«t: Residence 830-2, Office W-t Vlrfltnla Building HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law Phone 282 K Suite 112-1.18 New Hamilton Building DELIA CALDWEJLL,, M. B. McANALUY BIMLDIN6 211 Weit Main 8tre«t Office Houri—S to 1UM.M.; 2 to 4 P. M, CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candles, and Ice Great*! Telephone »44 Y . CHIGHESTett S PILIS *?^-^j. - _ THE DIAMOND BBAKD. A <<«m . tot- S.I»fnmond Bran I»A!L; in Red irid Wold boxes, sealed with Blue Iclco no other. B:iy of lI.Ci . SOLD BY DJil' Mcu*y back without.question , If-HUNT'S Salve fails in rhr ' trcatmentoflTCH, EC2EMA., RINGWORM, TETTER or other i tching skin diacasea. Try a 75 cent box at our risk. HEWITT'S DRUG • > i8iSrSl. c ond "Wwl St. Louis . .A" Refined Hotel for Your Mother, Wife and Sister Single Room -with Private Bath' "' '$2.00 "$2:DOr '-$3^60 ' " 'Double ?3.00 -?3.nO.:.?4.00 Room without bath. sincle.'vl'.SG Room witKoutba ill, doub!c,C2-OX v2.:JO 4 Saort Blocks fro U=i=n j:=tte RuddyCheeks—SparklingEyes —Most Women Can Have '— . ' Says Dr. Edwards, a Well-Known Ohio Physician Dr.F.M.Edwards for 17 years treated scores of women for liver and bowel ailments. During these years he gave to his patients a prescription made of a few well-known-vegetable ingredients mixed with olive oil, naming them Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. You will; know them by their olive color. ^~ These'tablets are wonder-iiTOrlargon, the liver and bowels,--which cause a normal action, carrying, cff the'waste: and poisonous matter in" one's system. If-you have apalefece, sallow look,, dull eyes, pirppjes,, coated tongue, headaches, a. listless, no-good feeling, all out of sorts, inactive bowels, you take one of'Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets nightly a time and'note the pleasing / reaults. Thousand* of woraen aad men take

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