Independent from Long Beach, California on February 1, 1960 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
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Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 6
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p ag(! A-fr-INDEPENOENT Italian Song Lovers Feud * * * * * Sweet-Singers Set Helped by 'Howler' · SAN REMO, Italy UP) -Both sides claimed victory Sunday in Italy's annual W EST COAST H I HE 642-0? BARGAIN PARKING} IF . . . YOU WANT TO SEE TWO FEATURES . . . ATTEND BEFORE T P. M. II , , You Pioler Only "THE BIG FISHERMAN" See II From the Beginning 12:15--4:20--8:30--10:15 Hlva i L t l i u r e l y D i n n e r i Convenient ETenint Shows it 8:30 and 10:15 NOW AT REGULAR PRICES songster battle between the sweet singers and the howlers. The jukebox-h o w I set contended the crooners rang in a hog caller to win the first victory for melody in recent years. However the argument may be settled, let it be said for the record that soft- voiced little Italian comic Renato Rascel's nostalgic "Romantica" won the annual San Remo song festival by an overwhelming 186 votes of judges. Shaggy-haired, r a s p y ! voiced Domenico Modugno,. unprecedented two-t i m e winner of the contest in previous years, hollered his way to a weak second with 84 votes. ¥ * * * NOW THAT'S where the argument begins. Each song was sung twice. Little Rascel, just knee high to a microphone, cooed his g e n t l e way through "Romantica." He sang it in the same melodic way that made his famous "Arrivederci Roma" an international hit. Then Modugno leaped, hollered and battered the acoustics with his new howl-hit "Libero" (free). It was in the same boisterous mood as his two earlier successes, "V o 1 a r e" a n d "Piove." It was a terrific performance, and up to that minute it looked as though the mustached Modugno had won again. # # * * THAT'S WHEN the sweet singers rang in Toni Dallara, Italy's jukebox king, whose singing sounds like old home week at an American Midwest hog-calling contest. He did "Romantica" the second time, and in his own style. What was it like? Let this one anecdote suffice. A few years ago when Toni reported for his Italian compulsory military service, officers learned he could play the trumpet. They offered him a job as bugler to wake up the troops in the morning. But Toni was quoted as replying: "I'll yell 'em awake. Who needs a bugle!" * * # * HE YELLED them awake Saturday night. And when the microphone finally quit trembling there was little doubt that a sweet song had won, and that a howler had put it over. Victory at San Remo usually means automatic popularity for a song in Italy, and success abroad. But third place, with a niggardly 26 votes, went to a snappy little ditty which possibly will sell more recordings in the coming year than either of the two winners. m · , ft I* DOMENICO MODUGNO Weak Second It was ' Quando Viene La Sera" ( w h e n e v e n i n g comes). It has rollicking melody and a fast-talk chorus. SHOW TIME As a public service The Independent presents the fol- owing schedule of starting imes of features at Long Beach theaters. Times are furnished by the theater managers. For matinee or other ad- itional information consult he advertisements on this page or call the theater con- :erned. "Goliath and the Barbarians," 5:15. :30, 11:30. "D«crt Desperadoes," 6:45 TOWNE 'Goliath and the Barbarians." 8:20, 1:30. "Desert Desperadoes," 6:30, 9:55. RIVOLI "Last Angry Man," 4:30, 8:20. "Born 'esterdav," 6:?0, 10. ATLANTIC "A Summer Place." 8:40. "Wreck ol le Marv Oearc," 6:30, 10:55. LAKFWOOD DRIVE-IN "Go'lath and the narbarians," 8:20, 1:30. "Desert Desperadoes," 6:30, 10. HI-WAY 39 DRIVE-IN "The Third Voice," 8:30, 11:30. "The Cookie." 6:30, 10. LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN "The Big Fisherman." 8:45. "Wreck f the Mnrv Drare." 6:30. 11:30. LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN Last Anory Man." 8:40. "Born Yes- crdav." 6:30, 10:30. ART "Inn of the Sixth HODDlncss," 8:39. Kismet," 6:30, 11:05. PALACE THEATRE "Kelly and Me," 2:35, 7:10, 11:45, 4:M. Enemy From Spac?," 4:15, 8:50, 1:25. 5 Guns West," 3:11, 5:46, 10:21, 2:56. Ban 4 Boy-Crazy 9 Girls -SHOWN 3 * 7 P.M. ONLY *^^1 [Hoppity Goes to Town R E S T GA 416-1? OPfifl 6 P.M. FREE PARKING SHOWN AT 6:30 and 10:50 i"ITVTi/~i T"fc 1 jFTC rrobe ion Payola jUfjjja-j I u--- i INFiDEL i 0:::y KIM NQV£U FREDREC MARCH WASHINGTON UP) -- The (i Federal T r a d e Commission jj:Sunday broadened its attack i on payola by filing nine more i complaints against r e c o r d ma:;nf,icturinc, companies and (lis* ""outors. The actions brought to 37 the number of complaints }! charging thai concealed payoffs were made to television \ a n d radio disc jockeys to itv I M P E R I A L HE 639-72 ;£!.V«;i duce them to play certain OPEN NOON BARGAIN PARKING NOW SHOWING Edmond O'Brien--Larainc Day in a New Sound in Terror II 1 TTOD VOBCE" Plus -- A New Comedy H i t ! "THE ROOKIE" Richard EAGAN--Dorothy McGU I RE "A SUMMER PLACE" In Colnr-4:30-lo:3S Gary COOPER--chnrllon HESTON "THE WRECK OF THE MARY DEARE" Color--8:45 StarK WEDNESDAY 'YUL BRYNNER _ GlNA LOLLOBRIGIM ; records repeatedly and thereby s t i m u l a t e sales. T h e companies a c c u s e d Sunday were given 30 days Rites Wednesday for George Bowser, Ex-Theater Man Funeral service for George Bowser, 67, retired Fox West Coast Theaters' general manager, will be at.10 a.m. Wednesday in St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Los Angeles. Bower, who had a home in Los Angeles and also here at 4918 E. 2nd St., died Saturday in Santa Barbara following a long illness. He was 67. Trisigaon (memorial prayer) services will be held at 8 p.m. Tuesday in Pierce Bros. Mortuary, Washington Blvd., 720 Los W. An- il which to file answers the complaints. to] The manufacturers A NATIVE of Greece, Bow named ser came lagc of I I to the U.S. at the were: Time Records, Inc., and Rienl Corn., afliliatcd firms In Mew York - Vco-Jav Records, Inc., Clilcaoo; Rime boy in Re-cords, Inc., New York CMv; C.nnc J . Iccordlna Corn, nnd tnd Music, Inc., stM'VICG affiliated llrms in New Y j r k Cllv. All Soutli Dlstrlbullno Corn.,' Orleans; Superior Record Sales Co., Inc.. New York Cltv; Ravmonrt Rosen Co., Inc., Philadelphia; All Slate R e c o r d Distributing Co., Chicago; Ideal Recorc Products, Inc., New York Cllv, and Ideal Record Products of New Jersey, ' Newark, N.J., affiliated firms. 11 and within a few as working as a bus St. Louis, Mo. After West Coast Theaters, as Southern California division manager. Bowser retired from the organization in 1955. He held membership in several organ- zations, including the Pacif- c Coast Club. in World War he went to work for the Skouras brothers, Spyros, George and the late Charles, as a doorman in their first theater. He developed a friendship 111UTON 1REI) 'Running Bear Tops l\Tune Poll 3rd Time CHICAGO (UPI) -- Johnny Preston's "Running Bear" remained in first place this week for the third time in United Press International's top 20 tune list. In second place was "Teen Only once in 3000 years... anything 'like C O A S T HE_642-09.._;a.".:;" Angel" by Mark Dinning. "Where or When?" by Dion and The Belmonts moved into the No. 3 spot and Marty Robbins' "El Paso" was 4th. Jimmy Jones sung his up and coming "Handyman" into fifth place and Frankie Avalon's "Why?" was in sixth. Seventli in line was "You Got What It Takes" by Marv Johnson. "Village of St. Bcrnadctte" was once again settled in eighth place and "Down by the Station," a catchy variation of an old tune and verse, was in ninth. Tenth was Jack Scott's "What in the World's 'I Come Over You?" The top 20 included (numbers in brackets indicate position this week, rating lust week and number of weeks in survey): {1-1-8) "Running Bear * i, , Johnny Preston t . . Mercury. (2-3-5) "Icon Angel' 1 . . . Mark Din- nlno . . . MGM. (3-4-7J "Where or When?" . . . Dion and The Belmonts . . . Laurie. (X-2-11) "El Paso" . . . Marty Robbins . . . Columbia. (5-8-3) "Handyman" . . . Jimmy Jones . . . Cub. (6-5-9) "Why?" . . . Frankie Avalon . . . Chancellor. (7-9-10) "You Got It Takes" , Miirv Johnson . . . United Arhs!s. ( 8 6 6 ) "Village of Si. Bernadcttc" Andy WillNinii, . . . Cddcncc. (9-12-3) "Down bv the Station" . Four Preps . . . Capitol. (10-17-7) "What in the World" . JncK Scott . . . TOD Rank. 11-16-2) "Lonely Blue Boy" , , . Con- ,1V Twltlv . . . MGM. (12-9-6) "Go Jimmy Go" . . . Jimmy Clanlon . . . Are. ( 1 3 0 1 ) "Theme From a Summer Place" . . Percy F.iilh . . Columbia. (1-1-1.1-6) "Pretty Blue Lvcs" . . Steve Lawrence . . . ABC-Paramount. 1S-7-10) "Wny Down Yonrier in Ne Orleans" . . . Freddie Cannon . . Swan. 7 6 1 1 4 ) "Trncv's Theme" . t . Soenccr Ros' Columbia. (17-0-1) "Beyond the Sra" . Darin . . . Alco. 17-13-10) "The Big Hurl" . Fisher . . . spinel. ( 1 9 - 0 1 ) "Let II Be Me" . Brothers . . . Cadence. 2 0 0 1 ) "He'll Have to Go" Reeves . . . RCA. . Bohbv . Toni Cverlv . . Jim with the pioneering motion- picture exhibitors and came to Los Angeles when Spyros and George took over management of the National Theaters Amusement Co. in 1932. He began the firm's bis career subsidiary, with Fox Stop Pulling Panty Raids, Army Told c LONDON Iff) -- A member of Parliament wants the army to ban i n i t i a t i v e tesls requiring young soldiers to go on panty raids, steal garters from chorus girls and get into nudist camps. Norman Dodds, a Laborite member, will call for the ban in Parliament this week. "These so-called lests are degrading and costly and require no i n i t i a t i v e whatsoever," he said. "Soldiers are made on the parade ground, not by kissing a strip-tease star or gelling a .show girl's garter." Originally Iho i n i t i a t i v e tests posed such problems as traveling 200 miles without rations and on one shilling (14 cents) in cash. COVENTRY, England UP) -- T e e n a g e girls were banned from a local movie theater Sunday because the manager said they cause too much confusion looking for boy friends. "They couldn't care less what film is on," said manager John King. "They use the cinema as a meeting p l a c e to look for boy friends. "They are just generally trouble makers." Kassem to Visit India BAGHDAD, Iraq l/P) -- Premier K'arim Kassem has accepted an invitation to visit India, the minister of guidance announced Sunday. The date for the visit has not been fixed. Probe Sexy Literature, Films, Ads W A S H I N G T O N (UPI)House i n v e s t i g ators open hearings today on complaints that many movies, books and magazines are too sexy and whether some movie ads in n e w s p a p e r s a r e objectionable. The House post office sub committee said it wants to determine, for one thing, whether the publishing Indus try needs a self-policing program to screen out objectionable material. It also will check on how adequately the movie industry is riding herd on itself. The first phase of the hearings will deal both with the 1 content of movies and the nature of movie ads sent directly through the mail and carried in newspapers and magazines. L A T E R I N t h e week, spokesmen for magazine and book publishers will be asked if they feel t h a t industry should regulate itself. The subcommittee, headed by Rep. Kathryn E. Granahan (D-Pa), said it had received numerous complaints about movie ads sent through the mails and others published in newspapers. It said it also had received complaints about some movies themselves. | : ERIC JOHNSTON, presi-l dent of the Motion Picturej Association of America, has, been scheduled as the first | witness. The subcommitteel said it would ask him what! the movie industry is doing to keep movies and movie advertising clean. To be questioned later are representatives of the hide-, pendent film importers and distributors of America, Inc.,; and the Allied States Asso-i elation of Motion Picture Exhibitors. Then the subcommittee will turn its a t t e n t i o n to publishers, calling spokesmen for| t h e M a g a z i n e Publishers'! Assn. and the American Book Publishers' Council. 5oy, -, Struck y Car, Injured A 3-year-old Bell Gardens boy suffered major injuries iunday afternoon when struck by a car as he walked onto Magnolia Ave. near Seaside Blvd. W i l l i a m H. Lowery was admitted inlo Seaside Hospital 'ollowing the 12:50 p.m. accident. Police said the youngster was struck by a car driven y Janice Sue Mathews, 17, of West Covina. NOW SHOWING IN 10.00(1 THRILLS! J THEATRES! COLORSCOPE R K E H J O O D HA 5:2530 l»l t. onion OPEN 6:15--LAST 2 DAYS Dorothy McGU I RE--Richard EGAN In PLUS 2ND TOP COMEDY HIT! DAVID NIVEN, MlTZlGAYNOR Happy "Anniversary * uuffMKnfHMrji "» SUMMEIl PUCE" "EOCE OF tTEBIIITT" "L'lL *BKER" "10 FT. BRIDE OF C»IIOT_IIOCK^_ ___ STH«NI, Op" "tlj'o P.M. FR J-JJOO "THE BID FISIILRMHH" Shown it G mil 9 P.M. WILMINGTON O n a U A D A IStnakint Lotcs) TE 4-1471 "DltflT OF A HIGH SCHOOL BRIDE" "OHOST OF 1 DMAOSTFUP HOLUVT " BELLHOWElT TO 1 - 1 4 1 1 "A SUMMER PLACE" " K A P P T A H K I V E R S t R T " G A R D E N G R O V E JE 1-660D "THE BIG FISHERMAN" "HAPPT A I I N I V E R S A R t " H A R B O R , 23112 S. VHraonl TE 4.8501 "THE W O R L D IK HIS ARMS" "THE PHAHtOM STACECDACH" LA MfRAOA Alondtl · Flrfiloni UN Mill "HAPPT A K I I I V E R S A R T " "LI'L A B N E R " LINCOLN, Buini Pirk "THE TINCLEB' "PICKUP A L L E Y 1 JA 1-2111 ROADIUM, 1 4 1 1 1 Plrmt HE 1-4 "BLUE DENIM" "THE P H A N T O M S T A G E C O A C H " 602 W. Wllhiln. "NEVER SO FEW" "ASK ANT OIHL" ROADIUM "A 4. Radondo Belch it Crinstiiv "TEN NORTH FREDERICK" "SUBWAT IN THE SKt" TWIN VUE. ncuiffli tt 152nd DA 4-6121 " H A P P T A N N I V E B S A n T " "HOUSE or INTRIGUE" Plus--"DESERT DESPERADOES", NOW! RIVOLI OPENS NOON ADULTS 65c 'til « the Last NOW! LOS ALTOS STARTS AT 6:30 FROM THE BEST SELLER! MIST PIUKR-IUTO lOUt CLAUDIA MI-J06Y BUI! -Plus--2nd Hilarious Comedy!-BORN YESTERDAY Judy HOLLIDAY · William HOLDEN · Broderick CRAWFORD ALL-COLOR SHOWI ASUMMER WAGE EGAN T O D A Y I OPEN 6:15 PLUS-- «RECK OF THE MARY DEARE" · GARY COOPER T O D A Y ! CIRCLE STARTS AT 6:30 II II O A NEW SOUND IN TERROR! THE THIRD VOICE EDMOND O'BRIEN · JULIE LONDON PLUS -- H O L L Y W O O D ' S NEWEST COMEDr TEAM 1 . TOMMY NOONAN PETE MARSHALL "THE ROOKIE " PLUS GARY COOPER "THE WRECK OF THE MARY DEARE" n :.- --J VRT ' 4th S Cherry X GE 8-5435 'fe; ..·.» INORID B E R O M A N -- C U K T JtlflGENS "INN of 6th HAPPINESS" "KISMET" HOWARD KEEL--INN B L Y T H ecooeeoaooooeocaeooceo'J 30 PINE AVE PHONE HE 6-4429 "KELLY AND ME" "ENEMY IN SPACE" "FIVE GUNS WEST" Open All Nighl--Doors Ooen 10 a.m. C'Scopc and Color comedy Cary GRANT--Jnynt MANSFIELD "KISS THEM FOR ME" Rod CAMERON--Joan LESLIE "HELL'S OUTPOST" Malty SLOAN--Bill ALDAN "BRAIN EATERS" I£U STRMD JCEDAR PIKE · Phone HE 6-4733 I M K I R K D O U f i l A 5 THE BIG TREES" 'The Flame and the Arrow' Burl LANCASTER--VlPHinifl MAYO HEW smug roiicr -- »u sort thin FRI, 'QHC Sunday* VV Holidays 50' HARD OF HEARING? w l d t r f r o q u t n c y ranga brings In founds never before reproduced through present convtn- llonal hearing aids. · V a s t l y f m p r o v t d t h a hearing of 9 out of 10 waarcrs tested-In actual test among people who wear hearing aid*. world's firs HIGHFIDELITY Hearing Ai( That's all that is required to convince most anyone with a hearing loss t h a t here is the closest thing to normal hear- next to normal hearing ilself. Courtesy to Pensioners Open t 30 to S Sal. 9:30 to I EASY CREDIT TERMS 508 E.LM AVE, LABS. OF LONG BEACH HE S - 4 7 9 6 INSURED SAVINGS ALL FUNDS RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE THE lOlh OF THE MONTH EARN FROM THE FIRST

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