Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 17
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A. I«--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) "·»'" ·«*»· ""'·· *""·· "*· "· "*' EARL WILSON SOFTSELL SAM Snatchers Try Hats NEW YORK--New York lias a new type of subway desperado . . . the hal- snatcher. He snatches the mink OPEN NOON MICHAEL CAINE DOVMTOHfl ( WEST COAST DIRTY" J33LO( Ht 6-4209 llr t Wolt Disney's "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" 6.30-10.00 NORTH IORG BUCK CREST 4275 Mini* An. GA 4-1(19 FIH r»ii 'CHARLIE. THE LONESOME COUGAR" I:5OHLY «05AOC» tEKICt ROSSMOOR UiJSlesMamitt! 596-1649 Fltt fllkinf OPEN 6:15 Wolt Disney's "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" 6:30-1000 "CHARLIE, THE LONESOME COUGAR" 8:45 ONLY OWXTOTffl IMPERIAL 317 L Ocun Kid. . HE 6-3973 .hrpiijFiriint TONY CURTIS "BOSTON STRANGLER" FRANK SINATHA "DETECTIVE" BOTH IN COLOR OPEN 6:13 MICHAEL CAINE "THE GRADUATE" "HOT " MILLIONS" BOTH IN COLO* BAY 340 Miin SI 431-6551 WHIP'S WOMEN 1H GORGEOUS MOTION HCIURE 3RD ADULTS ONLY PROGRAM COLOR "JIGSAW" N I I G H B O B H O O D BELLFLOWER HOLIDAY (Smoking Lne) TO 7-7721 "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" "HAPPIEST M I L L I O N A I R E " DOVVNEr NORW/UK MERALTA, Downey TO 1-2211 4:30-"RACHEL, RACHEL" "HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" NEW AVENUE. Downer WA 3(181 «:JO--"SUBJECT WAS ROSES" "IMPOSSIBLE YEARS" hat off a woman's head on a subway platform and dashes away wiih il, later sellin" il. He might he lurking on a distant corner later asking passershy, "Want to buy a hot mtr.k hat?" It wasn't at all amusing to Mary Ann Hoy of tlie Bronx, whose hat was snatched in the 6 p.m. rush. "Out of nowhere and without a sound, a mugger sneaked behind me. lifted my hat off my head and ran upstairs and out," she says. "I tried to follow him but his legs were long, and in the crowd I didn't have a chance." Hat-snatchers also hat- snatch on the street. With mink hats popular now, it's a lucrative, petty racket. One hat-snatcher made a double killing. He not only got a woman's mink hat--but her wig. Bob Goulet's the new pet of the saloon set. When he opened in great voice at the Waldorf Umpire Room wearing a heavy black heard for a future movie called "Underground," cue fan said. "He looks like a skinny Al Hin or a fat Abe Lincoln." Goulet told the first night audience including Skilch Henderson, Phil Silvers, Jerry Vale, Virginia Graham and Joey Adams. "Over on 3d Av., 3 out of 5 guys you see are wearing beards. The other 2 are wearing dresses." Craziest humor today is that Howard Hughes is Ben Casey Also Famous for Racetrack Operations {· 1 I . I I . f i M| M^l'ijyi (cS^i'^Vi ,-..--ery 1 -- Southern California Symphony- Hollyvrood Bowl Association Only Los Angeles Area Appearances emiLGiLeis Brilliant Soviet pianist whoso por- formincgi tr* filled with a Russian exuberance and sentiment. "An artist in the great romantic tradition,"-(New Vort Times) "he made the piano the beautiful aoundlng instrument it can be In the hands of a master..." 2 DIFFERENT PROGRAMS Men., Wed., March 10 412 - «:30 PM Tlcktt«: $t.SO, 4.W, 3,95,2.95 TrCtltl II MUSIC CENTER TICKET OFFICE, 1H NB. Cnnl An., L.A. 90012 ·n« mil Glut ll St. Cllil. Illicit: So. Mil. Mutt Cl.; Wlllichi Music Stores I Mnul Attncill. For info (2131 IM-7111. S.HUROK presents DOROTHY CHANOUR. PAVILION OF THE MUSIC CfNTtX buying s'i much of Nevada because he lullm 1 . 1 ^ astroi- ogists and heard one pre: dicl that after an earth- i quake, "California will ; sink." I ^ ... ., ., The cast members of ; "Hair" gel an extra §5 j each t i in c they take off their clothes in the nude scene, and a lot more are | stripping lately. (One way i to make a bare living.) I WEST COAST 333 EAST OCEAN HE 6-4209 -- -~ OPENS NOON Bclmont LONG BEACH DRIVMN SAUTA FE«l«Z23rt TE44O5 m^ STARTS AT 6:30 NORWALK, Norwalk IS8-J771 :»-"SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" "WITH i YOU GET EGGROLL" SAN PEDRO STRAND, 1035 So. Pacific TE 2-M31 "THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES" "HEAD- WARNER !32-7m "BOSTON STRANGLER" "JOURNEY TO SHILOH" TORRANCE U N I T E D ARTISTS 325.4232 "THE BROTHERHOOD" "BARBARELLA" Rolling Hills. PCH-Crenshaw 3U.J4M 1 P.M.--"THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES" "THE SANDPIPER" WILMINGTON CRANADA IJ4M77 "HELL FIGHTERS" "THE HELL WITH HEROES" Mir*- AionOri, PiresloiK n\-1U4 "THE WRECKING CREW" "Live A Lillle, Love A Llllle" PARAMOUNT, 14711 Mrjmt. I13-M4I "THE IOSTON STRANSLEK" "PRETTr POISON" NOW SHOWING IN 3 THEATRES! TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: Some people w o n d e r e cl about George Jessel's age. and Cye M a r t i n said. "Put it i his way--he knew lack Benny when Kenny WHS ::u." WISH I'D SAID THAI: Fannie Flagg's suggestion to harried mothers: "If you want a few minutes 10 yourself, alone and undisturbed--do the dishes." EARL'S PEARLS: True love is a mutter of marrying the girl, even if she doesn't have a steady job. Every day brings more candidates for mayor of N.Y.C., and Taffy Turtle says she's not surprised: "The mayor's mansion is one of the few Manhattan dwellings that's still rent- controlled." . . . That's carl, brother. By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Horse players are a rare breed among motion pit-lure and television stars, most of whom came up the hard way and have a t r a u m a t i c respect for the dollar. Among the acting fraternity W a 11 o r Matthau, Jimmy Duranic, Don Adams and Vince Edwards are the greatest bettors. Oiht'rs may spend an afternoon or two at the track, bin the quartet mentioned above are addicted. Edwards admits that any day he isn't working he's at the track --usually the §100 window. REMINDED that all horse players die broke, the ex-Dr. Ben Casey grinned like a guy who just got word from the jockey that his horse couldn't low: "Not me. After 10 years I'm just about even." "This may be my greatest campaign this year, based on all the knowledge (if horses I've picked up in the past." "The only people who understand horse players are other players," he explained. Vince can visit Hollywood Park, Santa Anita and Del Mar approximately seven months a year. All are within driving distance of his home. The rest of the time he visits tracks in the east. His wife, Linda, joins him on Saturdays. * * * * "PLAYING the horses is a science; like with chess players. Very few actors learn to handicap a horse. If the conditions are right and I'm familiar with the field, my chances of picking the winner are good. "I don't bet on every race. If 1 see three or four horses have a b o u t the same chance, 1 lay otf." VINCE HAS no plans to buy a horse. The thought repels him us much as the $2 window. "To buy a horse right you have to put out about a quarter of a million bucks," he said. "1 don't mind betting on them, hut 1 refuse to feed them. Open 4:15 P. M.--Free Parking INE OF THE FINES! FIIMS OF THE YEAR! ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE BEST ACTRESS-PATRICIA NEAl BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR- 1ACK AIGERTSON MGM presents me Puliuei PLUS 2nd BIG COMEDY HIT! MY FATHER IS IMPOSSIBLE ... MY DAUGHTER IS IMPOSSIBLE, BUT .. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN... *·#·/ FnMnMGM / MNAMSXW* METROCOLOR BARBERSHOP QUARTET SHOW tox Office QneftS :45 P.M. FORGcTlK MENUS, If YOU VfflNTTO SURVIVE.. PLAY DIRTY] Play irLDAVENPOlllLGra-HMYIDK-AivBeuvto-wiFicKiG LVl BRAGG ..MOM*. TECHNICOLOR" PANAVISIOIT Undid Artntt 0-HIT WEST COAST LONG BEACH ONLY! "HERE WE GO AROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH" COLOR 2ND BELMONT HIT ONLY ELAZfV Mature Audiences · TONY CURTIS "The BOSTON STRANGLER' "PRETTY POISON" | FRIDAY and SATURDAY 1 I MARCH 14,15 at 8:15 P.M. 1 | LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM | I FOR TICKETS CALL 432-8047 | iiiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiii^ IAN FRANCISCO JEWILI JCRItS 11-11. NOW AT L^ST THE SCREEN OPENS UP!! NOW PLAYING! Show Starts at 6:30 ALL COLOR ADULT PROGRAM! RaoueLH/eiCH CIRCLE DRIVE-IN .HWYlOlitTMFFICC EEMH1 THE OLDEST PROFESSION i jMBBEiaffra) \. -.·, Bfctefsmercte/as 2ND HIT "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER", UNITED ARTISTS 2I7E.KEAI HE 7-1217 OPEN 12:15 Now I Showing 2THEATERS -ACADEMY AWARDS NOMINATIONS! BeUActress-PATRICIA NEAL Best Supporting Actor-JACK ALBERTSON PLUS DAVID NIVEN · COLOR "IMPOSSIBLE YIARS" NOW SHOWING BOX OFFICE OPENS 6 P.M. ALL COLOR ADULT PROGRAM! TICKETS ON SALE NOW 1969 PACIFIC INDOOR FIB. 28, MAR. 1-2 PRICES: $2 thru $4. Jrl. 16 and und«r % pri« Sol. Mat. and both Sun. perfs. Tickets at all Wall.chs Music City stores Mutual Ticket agencies and at Computicket Outlets. FOB INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS CAU. LONG tUCHAHENA, 437-2255 Mar.7at8:30*Mar.8at710»Mar.9at58:30 SEATS NOW It Mllnhlliid ThMlnl Ml Offict · St. CHif. Muiic Cl., C37 S. Hill St., Lot Anftln · Williihi Mink Cirf'i · All Mutiul «f««Kiti iuffuim 1 ' Number of Price Total Dale Tim« Tickik Desired PtrTiclel Amount fritti J3.SO, H50, J5.50.1E.50 n«i (714) 776-7220 D Charge to my MNKAMCRICMt! ^ N»MC_ ADDRESS- CITY "And there's no dial- , lenge in betting only S2. ; If you're getting in the game, you've got to play big. I always bet the daily double and most of :!ie lime 1 bet to win--mil to plate or show. Eedwards had one imal bit of advice fur beating I he races. "Tlie secrt-1 to winning i.i never run in:; of money," he concluded. 2 BIG HITS SHOWN TOGETHER FOR FIRST TIME! CEREMONY WTICHNKOUHr OPEN 5:45. STARTS 4:15 Suggested for Mature Audiences! JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR "RACHEL, RACHEL" "HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" COLOR LONG BEACH TOWNE Atlantic and Sin Antonto GA2-12ZI OPEN 6 P.M., STARTS fi:30 SuBOested for Mature Audiences! Elizabeth TAYLOR · Mia FARROW "SECRET CEREMONY" Plus Frank Sinatra * Rnquel Welch "LADY IN CEMENT" LONG BEACH STATE E. Ocean at Pine 437-2721 J OPEN NOON . ; 5 u ones ted (or Mature Audience*! JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR "RACHEL, RACHEL" PLUS -- "THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" A A A 4!IC ~* T ILL SEATS ·« SHOW LONG BEACH RIVOLI Long Beach Blvd. at 6th St. · 436-3207 OPEN P.M., STARTS 6:30 JOHN WAYNE · COLOR "HELLFIGHTERS" PLUS-SEAN CONNERY "SHALAKO" COLOR PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES ADULT PROGRAM! RAQUEL WELCH · COLOR "THE OLDEST PROFESSION" PLUS--NATALIE WOOD · COLOR "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER" .LONG BEACH IOSAUDS , DRIVE-IN t BttlHowtr Ot. HA 5-7412 1 Sugqested for Mature Audiences! JOANNE; WOODWARD · COLOR "RACHEL, RACHEL" PLUS--"THE HEART IS"* LONELY HUNTER" Li PATRICIA NEAL IN "THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES" COLOR "IMPOSSIBLE YEARS" ENDS TONIGHT! Suggested for Mature Audiences! Elizabeth Taylor · Mia Farrow "Secret Ceremony" "COOGANS BLUFF" Suincstcd for Mnturc Audiences! A D U L T PROGRAM! R A Q U E L WELCH · COLOR "The Oldest Profession" P l u s -- N A T A L I E WOOD · COLOR "Inside Daisy Clover" I Utaraod Blvd. I MRoixriM I MEM1S1 i Suqqested for Mature Audiences! JOANNE WOODWARD · COLOR 'RACHEL, RACHEL" PLUS--"THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER" ADULT PROGRAM! RACJUEL WELCH · COLOR "The Oldest Profession" Plus--NATALIE WOOD · COLOR "Inside Daisy Clover" SAN PEDRO SAN PEDRO DRIVE-IN Gaffey Strut 'So. of Anaheim j 831*3370. Suoocsled for Malure Audiences! MICHAEL CAINE · COLOR"PLAY DIRTY" "TRACK OF THUNDER" San Dfego Frwy. A i ro*huriI(S«.) 962-2«ir SuosMlfd for Malura Audiences I JOANNE WOODWARD « COLOR 'RACHEL, RACHEL" FOUNTAIN VALLEY DRIVE-IN i inclwi lelf-iddrisKd stamped invclopt lor [·turn if your licked LONG BEACH : HONG BEACH DRIVE-IN Sn Ditto Fury. , atSwitir*An.4 834-M35 ' Sumtittd foe Mature Audiences! MICHAEL CAINE · COLOR "PLAY DIRTY" "TRACK OF THUNDER' SvoMtttd (or Milurt Audlencen MICHAEL CAINE · COLOR "PLAY DIRTY" "TRACK OF THUNDER"

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