Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 16
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Pag» B-8--INDEPENDENT ' i_ *· II* Uf^J Vab H DEATH IN OUR SKBES Today, more than ever KENT FILTERS BEST of all leading filter cigarettes,v at any price! Controls (Xhls Is another In a. series ol articles on our crowded air lanes and what 1» being done to prevent mld-alr collisions. Watch for other articles.) By BOB HOUSER Complete electronic control of air traffic? Who. needs it? On May 1, 1956, "the Civil Aeronautics Board began providing military air'-bases and airport managers : .with form questionnaires in' which pilots could describe, in effect, "how close I came to being killed :oday." . . , It's, called a "near-collision" report. In the 10 months ending in June 1957, there were 1,080 near collisions reported involv ing 1,500 passengers.-The-CAB said the real total was probably much higher because some certainly were not reported. * * * * , MORE THAN HALF Involved military planes. Most occurred around big "cities with New-York,'Washington, Los Angeles ' and 'San Francisco leading the list'in that order.. On July 2, 1956,. the Budget Bureau publicized a government report on weaknesses 'in the nation's then 21-year-olc traffic control systenv designed to handle 160-mph DC3sV It said passenger airlines then were averaging four near collisions per day. There were 58 reported near- ollisions·'from/April to':,June ast year^-.most r of them in the ^os Angeles-Long Beach .area; ,vith 43 involving military., atr- raft .. .- ' · · ; " ' ; ' : - ;' ' , ·* * *. · * -, '·' . ·'·'; DESPETE continuing·'· fatal- ties, both military and cpmmer^ ial flight safety- records .Save een remarkably-good' inview f- the. .increased .air.-/traffic, higher speeds and conversion to ets. ' . '.. . " · . .- ' ; ·"" It is to ' th? credit, ** housands of private-'pleasure iyers .and the instructors-who train them.that a vast majority f them are. careful users,.of ur diminishing air "space;..';.,_ Now the best, hope for sur- the air is the/Air Mod- »rnization Board, headed-by Air Force -Gen. Pete .Quesada and including the. undersecretaries f defense and commerce. So good on meat loaf and metiheJ pofafoesf BinB Beef Flavor Mushroom Gravy is the only ready-ro-use gravy made with wonderful BinB Broiled in Butter Sliced .Mushrooms and -famous ·" Kitchen Bouquet--the magic gravy aid used by good . cooks and chefs for over 80 years. - . "" You'll Enjoy BinB Be«f Flavor Mu»hroom Gravy! So ConvMi'enf--3utt H»af andS«rv»l blank'.'check .and empowered it to'call,on any.o;f the .facilities tathe - department: of defense.or cbmmerce.-to .get : a ipecific,'jol) THE AMB FOLLOWS President Eisenhower's Aviation, Facilities Planning; 'Commission inaugurated early in 1956 and leaded by Eastman Kodak's Edward P. Curtis, and also the Air Navigation Development Board.- What is-AMB's appraisal, of current air .hazards? 1. There are.' already -; too many planes flying at top grea a speed for most air, lanes under Civil Aeronautics^dmin jstration control. · 2. Communications are too slow. 1 When a pilot Js-.distan from a control center he mus radio through-his company ra dio room; he can't .talk directly with the · controller. CAA is-at tempting to remedy-this now b: b u i l d d n g peripheral, radic ranges. These will-eliminate th time-consuming relay of raes sages: ' 3.,All towers are now oper ated manually. CAA is cur reritly spending 13 'million dol lars on 27 -long range radar sets which will enable operators to keep track of planes elec tronically. (A contract'for such a facility in' this area_iis"'ex pected to be let.soon'.and per haps be available fall. 4. There Is a shortage of. per sonnel. More men are needed and it takes 18 months to tw years to train them. (A heavj training program is in progres now, the CAA'says.) When th two-year lag is. overcome, "th pipeline will be full of trainee and the shortage should dis appear. 5. Parallel airway* are heed cd. This will require a lot o new navigational aids; On electronic aid, a compromise be tween military arid civilian de veipoments is only now begin ning to go into operation. . Congress created the AMB last July, virtually THE AMB PBQGBAMls en- jrely, research ; ancV·'- development. It - is .developing,, mbdify- ing, 7 ''testing .ahcf. evaluating.:sys- iems', -prc«edures!--'and( devices or air trafflc t ,control.- : ' !·" ·It is trying to find' out what ..ind -.of- -aircraft...proximity .yarning -device is'-bestr'.what kind of :shbrt range navigational aid;.is" ; .best,- how.fjmany' are needed; and w h e r e . ' , . ' , , ' · ·'··· The AMB must complete Its pb by-1960. . · / · - . ' . :In'. 1960, aU .aviation, agencies are supposed to be grouped nto. one single authority'called the .Federal Aviation : Agency. t will be built on the present oundatlons of :the AMB, CAA and CAB.: . " :"Technical stu'dlea-.of the AMB have'just'got under way..It has not yet come up :with ! anything concrete. , ' . . . rra. .ULTIMATE 'aim. is tb mproye-traffic'control; .to display, traffic data': on electronic devices in control centers-which how operate manually. A principal aim ,is to Jnt'egrate .-the military and civilian ;air traffic systems and ^eliminate oyerlap'- ling traffic control'devices. 'Time.table of theiAMB' improve edsthig navigation and air traffic control equipment by 1960; to further refine and put the gear to work from'1960-751 Do you own your car--or does it own you? Switch to Rambler SB- America's True Economy Car ^s Rambler's first in economy, easiest to drive, turn and park, smartest in appearance. Highest in resale value, too. That's why Rambler sales are. breaking all records--up 81% I And only Rambler gives you the best of both: American big car room and comfort plus European small car economy and handling ease. New Rambler AMERICAN ONLT Amincan Aftrfon tfort for AirwricaiU U789 Sauniti fietoiyrdtllvtrid pria II KlnMlu,'W1it Inchidlnf Automitlc Iranimlnlon, whlti ildi will llrM ind otNr ·qulpimnt, II dtslrtd, fUU and loal IIKH,- Ifiny, «xtn.. SEE THE NEW '58 RAMBLERS AT YOUR RAMBLER, NASH OR HUDSON DEALER one.- under the new ;FAA.-. · · " . . . . , ThtfuLy. developed-jrognun will havi fiuTelictronlc: confrot , Whether or not ipeclal'equip- jneht will'-: b*' : required:? for'all civilian and military planes 'Is currently under-study'. This-aspect is considered by the AMB to be one of the most important phases of its current studies. . . . . - · · . . . « .* · - . . . . · · ..--· MEAm\'HILE, the -CAB- is awaiting Feb. 28 deadline -on a new safety proposal;- The pro- .posal : would raise airport,yisi- tiility-'fequirements 'from'-.three tc-^fiye miles^aiid'and ceiling^re- qulreinents.from'IjOOO to 1.50C Suicide Driver . . . , . · . . . . Y. : .The CAB will 'decide ; on this measure?Feb. 28 "after-, getting industry'..reacti9n; · . . : .;. .· v · I- David ;"H-1 Holladay; : an;. ih- g'^the.' world's only : flyr ing .'safety:- school'; for .-military and : 'commercial\'.flyers':ayTJni- .AOLong, Beach; l »teel worker whpitried: ta:.Wn:.'Wmself''.in- a head-on a'uto' ; collision; In; : I.yn- wood'Jast; Wednesday :iught; was charged .with'murder,-^Tuesday for. the .death, of anuinsuspect- ing driver in . Deputy' Dist; ·Atty.'sRichard J; Tobey ,issued-.rthe^ complaint 'agatostStfcinley; : Joseph' iMordes, 30/ol ilOli'.'.iAlajjiitos'.^ve,,; vvho escipedvwitlv..a 'broken,'jaw, cuts and-^ruises in! the sinashup on Century..Blvd.,:near.Harris St.v' ^'···:. ··-". '· '·' V.".'-^-'! ·'·' Tha_other motorist, 1 OfjUchard Butts, 32,.of 6808 East Motz St,' Lynwood, 'died -in- St Fran cis. Hospital v 25 .minutes"·«·« tte"'collision.'-^ :V . : '·" ." '·: · Police,'said* Hordes' auto .was trav'eltng;, ; 90"·miles'; per' hour at the, time of-the/suicide attempt. .,nairowly,'missed.sev- eral-othcr motorists on-Century Blvd:;'-'.;TM,. . ' . . - · ··::.''··' -..-;' .'.:,' · Mordes.-was, arraigned'before Municipal" Judge..'. Sidney-:/W. Kaufman ; m.C6mpton-Municipal varsity of'^Southern .California, favors, '.even -.more, :stringerit measures.,His,'.views.will ; -be;clis- cu'ssed'here, next..'.' Court" and held without bail pending a preliminary hearing after next Monday. - . ·He requested a public defender be'appointed to represent him at .future, proceedings. ;24,670;British Reds LONDON UP) .'-- Britain's Gpmmunist Party announced today 24,670.-.members], 'or- 95 per cent of the 1957 total, have taken 'out .party, cards for .1958. · MercuryAbrasives CUT-OFF MACHINE MFG. BY F. OBEAR SON DEMONSTBATION 5:30 PM TO 10:00 P M Tonite Thursday AT LONG BEACH WELDERS SUPPLY 1629 W. Anaheim ARE YOU A VICTIM OF WRON* DIAGNOSIS A V O I D G U E S S W O R K WE USE SCIENTIFIC CLINICAL LA1ORATORY MFHODS TO HH DIAGNOSE YOUR AILMENT At ih« Diagnostic Office. h«r« li what you g*t for $J: H*ad-to-ta* abitrvatloii ihowi condition of iln. can, RO» and throat, lings and rtipiratory tract, bon» itnc- tur«, pul» and ktart action, blood pruiura, itomaeh, kldncyi, colon, proitat*, f«mal« organs, glaidi, itrv*ii lystcm, llvtr,and gall bladdtr. Von wHI r«c«Iv», among oth»r fd/njf, cardiograph ttit of ktarf, a comflttt blood 1 count, coniiiring of ncmogloblii, rtd b.lood. count, whltt bleed count, color fndax and comp/tt* dlffirtnf/a/. [f will b« txplalntrf to yoi lit full dttall in ilmplt. tn- dcrsfanrfabl* langvag*. You will r*c«Iv« alt tkh for only $3.00. fat your mind af ta». Havt your cnccfcvp today..' IN SOUTHERN CALIfORNIA SINCE 193 927 E. BROADWAY DR. S. J. ANDERSON, D.C.. Dlrtctor LONG BEACH -- KEmlock 6-4603 ygunti MONDIT, WIDKEJIHT, FRIIHT, i mtu I -- TUESDAY ut . n i l THUMDAt I »tll) - IATUM*r, I mtll 1 · You Mini li-lnj TM. Ad WIWl Y.,o 4 OTHER OFF!CIS IIRVINO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA-Ind. 2-13 | f/lc\ A ir Y"-"'*-' "*M V / ! 'if- ·j^i-^,'1%- MM foter Thousands ask us why. The Encyclopaedia Britannica's answer is that, since beer is over 90% . 'water, the composition of the water used in brewing greatly affects the character-and quality of the beer.* . x -. .' ··· ' · ' ' · · ' ' . . . ' Olympia's own artesian wells are one of the world's few sources of water so remarkable that it is naturally, perfect for brewing just as it flows from the ;· earth, It is this ^rarewater · : that achieves for Olympia-a/uJ for you-, · ' ' " ' ' - . . a refreshing good taste :thatiiever changes. ·Oly Vititort qre alwoyiwekomt to "One O^ ·For detailed explanation ace jrab-sectiott "Water" under "Beer

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