Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
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Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 21
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STILL EYKS HEAVIES Arch to Continue / With Ring 'Career By FRANK HARVEY ' Ageless Archie Moore, the wonder man of fistania who by all boxing standards should have retired from the prize ring at least 15 years ago, apparently is going ;o continue his ring career for some time to come. Moore, after his lopsided victory over youthful heavy weight h o p e f u l Alejandro Lavorante nt the Sports Arena Friday night. Is busy mapping out plans for future ring en gagcmcnts. · · · · OL 1 ARCH made it plain to one and all following his knockout victory over Lavorante that he considers himself the best fighter in the bus! ness today and that he would make every effort to entice heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson or top contender Sonny Listen into a ring with him as soon as possible. However. Archie admits he may probably have to wait CIIKIS TATKEAU... Has Hi-si EK A IN BASEBALL, THAT JS Martin, Tatreau Leading in Early Prep Statistics Polly High's slugging first baseman Jerry Martin and Wilson's crafty southpaw Chris Tatreau are the early leaders among local prep batters and pitchers. - Martin has nine hits in 20 -- llries for a .450 average. He f T Heavy Slate for L.B. State Fresh from scoring the firsi doublchcader whitewash in uite some time before he ets a chance at the heavyweight crown. Patterson and Listen are igned for a title fight some imc this summer, the exact ate and place to be named n about two weeks. Should .iston win he has agreed to ;ivc Patterson a return bout vithin a year. This s t y m i e s Moore's chances to Improve his posi ion in the heavyweight pic ure to any extent for at least a year. * · · · MOORE, who said he can still make 175 pounds, indi cated that he might meet larold Johnson for the light- icavyweight title -- if the )rice was right. When asked if he woulc 'ight Gene Fullmer later this rear Archie was evasive in us reply, but indicated he ivould consider Fullmer, add' ng again -- "If the price is right." Dual Features Prep Card A repeat of the great broad jumping duel between. Poly High's Man'in Motley and Wilson's John Yancy high lights this week's prep sports card. TOE PAIR will square off again at Wilson Friday when the Bruins and Rabbits tangle in a Moore League dual meet. Motley, a soph, jumped 24-G'4 to 24-3 for Yancy in the LBCC Relays over the week end. Schedule: tar* vt. poly al Sllvfftda Park. Downfy at Jortn. St. Anthony «t Pius X, all al 1:11 Dm. FRIDAY lataoan -- Sr. Anthony at Jordan vt. Pel/ al Jilverada Park, bom 3:ls pm.j Mm.kan vt. Wilton, % pm.. ·nd tahewood vt. Do«r*y. I pm. tc'r« game and has 9-for-18 in Moore League play for the bat lead there. TATREAU has allowed only three earned runs in inning? for an 0.87 earned run a v e r a g e . Lakcwood's Jim Parks (1.15) and Poly's Terry Rowe (1.99) are next. Lakcwood's Harold Martinez (.421) and Millikan's Mike Caldarclla (.407) are the, only other .400 hitters. Poly has five batters over .300. Lead IATTING (Minimum tt II at ball) PUrtr Schaal At « H · A»t Mart.n. Poll ..... _____ n 1 » I -4» Martin«. Lakrwoed ___ 31 I 14 4 .41! CaKfartlla. M.ll.»«l . _ » ' »ll - -- · " . ._ Havrt. Sf. Aftfwny ------- II Lavnha, Poly ,,.-.- ----- 1* 7 0 1 7 I J f 4 10 I Lucat. Mill.han Lawrmct. Jcroa.1 ,,_, 5» - . Lanon, Poly . JJ II II LatrnM y ' " » 13 1 JJ) J 7 1 -7 At*wtt, Jordan _ Johntton, Jordan r - - - VYitiiamt, tt. Anthony _ II i 4 t 01. Lakrwoo* _ ·· -'· ' it. Anthoni Cfimtcontfton. " ' Willia-nt. Poly ... .. . Cmrnonl, W.lton . JJ I / 2 JW twood _ 17 f t ! hony 71 I t MJhkan If 3 a .... 37 * 19 .kan. torn 1:1! cm; Bal .akr«rx4, 7 pm. C«1tU4*tfwood at Dcwnty, M.HAin at Wiivin, Pel* ·! Jordan (lit round); War- rtfi it Mdiikan, wnen at Latewoed, Downey at Jordan fjnd r»und)--«natcl i ri pxnt bt ctavd ttvt viftk; coactK* dt- ttrm'P« day Jt*d »it». All' - (L) - - ·an (J| a ·tn in II -RBI. NL Hork«y Playoffs CN(*y) t. Mff^trral 1. Ntw Ycfk S. Tcron'd 4. Russell Competes T^vice Tim Russell nms at home ; twice this week for Long : Beach City College and that's ; the top sports attraction (or ' the Vikings. ; Russell, who had school record times of 9.5 and 20.7 against Harbor Friday will be Trailer! Turns Down Hid lo Coach Italians ROME (UPI) -- Tony Tra bert has regretfully declined an offer to serve as coach of t h e ' Italian Davis Cup team, the Italian Tennis Fed cration said. The federation said in a communique that it approached Trabert, who was in Rome on business, and offered him the job of coach. in action Tuesday against East Los Angeles and HI Camino Friday. The Vikings host 1-ong Deach St. and Orange Coast Friday night in a big swim ming meet. Oil-IOC',. .1 LI t rrn - TMieay BateDan-- I.BCC v». Santa Monca a . . Gl't-LBCC at UCLA. I.X p n. Wednetday Tenmt-Santa Monica at LBCC. 3.30 m. Gvmnailict-- tl earn no al LBCC. J p m Friday tateball-LBCC at tl Camni 3:3C Trae«-tl at LBCC. !:» pm Tenm»-- LRCC at Bakerir eld. 7.30 pm Gelt-LBCC at Batmreid. I S*.mnu«g-OCC aid L.B. IBCC. ?:30 pm. I..P. Soccer Quit Kdl-rs Hcilonilo. 2-1 Lee Mnrskell scored two goals as Long Beach Soccer 49cr history. Long Beacl State's baseball club battles USC Saturday in a twi-nigh twin bill at Blair Field to high light the week's heavy sport card. Jick Foley and Bill Wilson tacked up shutout victorie: over UC Santa Barbara, a ran accomplishment in college cir clcs, to run their CCAA marl to 2-4. Coach Dick Clcgg' 49crs step out of conference play again Wednesday when they tangle with Cal (Pomona) at Blair. Pol LBSC's swimmers entertain Orange Coast and LBCC in their second roughest test o the year. The 49ers' only loss this year was at the hands o USC. Saturday the 49crs host thi L.U. All-Comers Relays in an other feature attraction. Firs event starts at noon. The week's calendar: TODAY Calf-lBSC vi. LA. Sti'a at V.t CC. I pm. JV (aitoaU-lBSC al WM!*r Frcih. 1 p m . WEDNtSDAY ·auban-LBSC "· Cal Pol/ (Pomona Call-LCfC n. San Dlrgd SI. at VI em a CC. I p m. S*Nnmlft*-- Oranst Coatt and LBCC LBSC. 7:00 Dm. Trxtl-LtSC at t'l Off* St. } SATURDAY uiC (doubl . lrrxadt al Blar Fir'd. 4:U pm. Track~L.B. All Corncrt Relays LBSC. II noon. Tmui-- San rernandi Va:iey St. LFtSC. 10 am. crew-lluc »».-O''*»r*ia al Berkeley Oplion I't-to Daley POMPANO DEACH, Fla I/T1 -- The Washington Sena tors Sunday optioned catchc Pete Daley to Toronto aftc learning that Dob Schmidt' finger injury was not serious and he may be available fo PAUET STILL IN COMA... EIGHTH DAY NEW YORK (UPI)--Benny (Kid) Parct, the stricken former welterweight champion, remained In a coma for the eighth straight day at Roosevelt Hospital Sunday. The courageous fight against death being waged by the 24-year-old Cuban boxer has given friends and relatives new hope that he may recover, but a hospital spokesman Is not as optimistic. "Although Parct Is fight- Ing hard, this doesn't mean that his chances for a com' plete recovery are any bet' tcr," the spokesman said, "His c o n d i t i o n hasn't changed basically for the past few days. He's still In critical condition." HIGH SCHOOL STANDINGS VARSITY IASC1ALL W L W ·Pofy . J I -MilI'lM _ 7 Lateoood . . . . _ Wincm . . . 7 Jordan . . . . . . J 2 Downey . . .. J ·--Played t« caTte: Poiy-Jordan l^ai makeup eame. JAYVEE BASEBALL W L W 'Lalewood ._ » 0 Mill kan _ ; rt.l»on a J Poly / I ·Dowiey .. ^. . J 7 Jordan 0 t.t same; PolvJordan ha makeup oame VERSITY TRACK Poly ----- 1 0 Jordan -- -- 7 I Oo.ney M.IUan --- I Jordan ------ I Lakewood - I Jordan _______ I V.'llion . _ t W L Poly 1 0 Wll.kan ~" J I . . . . . . VARSITT IWIMMINO W L Downey 4 o Toly ..airwood _ _ 1 I wnton Uill.han .. 1 1 Jordan _... .WIMMINO Poly . Down.v . _ lakrwood . Poly _ 4 0 Wilton I . 4 o Miii'kan I. 7 J Jordan 0 CCC SWIMMINO w L w 1 I lakroooil . . J 1 I W.lton I . ,, J I Jordan 0 GYMNASTIC* W L W lahrwrx4 .. . 7 0 Jordan . . . . . 0 -' ikan . . . 7 0 Poly - 0 on _. . 0 I TENNIS W L W the opening pame with Detroit Tigers April 9. the Poir - VUltihan 1 0 . . . - I 0 Jordan _.. . 1 0 Downty . COLF PC fy Is 40. Witon JO and Wilt, I an M; ernm imavanaDi by the resignation Club edged Dell Gardens 2-1 Czech champion'in Sunday's Cup competition left vacant of former Czech champion Jaroslav Drobny. « Pan American Park. Kcdondn Oro turned back CASH IS EASY to raise when you use Classified to sell articles. Call HE 2-5959. Long Deach United, C-5, in the opening match. Bob Tostado tallied twice for the losers. A R E Y O U O R W I V A DRAGGIN' TRAIN Any one knows (3 keep it rollm' you reed ever; put in food itoiimg oilier... squire nheeli no".'! help asjboiy. II yoaf cir ii ;lm' stick «,!! it till ytu cet to lit{ Beach tntice Kibmltfers... 3525 licj Buck Bill. We'll M.e it running smootn as silk in no tixe it ill. Rm( I viNe |CS Iro^i 43.95. motor tune-up, Juloxjl;: trinspissrons. bntes relined t rotors d. Sure, *e have i p k .o'e... C». 44407. Udifidaotixrd cvslom talloitd lulls ait o laiirc* ol gratifying plaaiurt for th« mart Ihol coniidari hit op. paaronca. from Ik. fintil I ad ord Domailie Continanlal -- Convantionol t l»m · tUX KCNTALt · ALTCRATIONI FREE · PARKING Acron lha Sir.. I UM latdk. Calil. aVUav. Axil L INI LAVORANTE INSULTED, BUT CALM Argentine heavyweight Alejandro Lavorante. still mrting from Friday night's cnockout by Archie Moore. Sunday got insult added to njury. The giant fighter walked ntoa doughnut shop across rom his Los Angeles hold and heard a former coun- ryman call him "a big iluff" in Spanish. Witnesses said Lavorante merely placed his big right hand atop the man and. brushed him off. Enraged, the name caller threatened the fighter with a cup of hot coffee, patrons added. At this, Andres Palacios, a friend of Lavorante's. scuffled with the man who later fled. Lavorantc. meanwhile, acted as peacemaker and stopped the fight. Gustavo Hucrta, Los Angeles correspondent for a Mexico City newspaper who witnessed the incident, said the man's national pride vvaj hurt because of Lavoranle's defeat by the light-heavyweight c h a m- plon. . Lavorante told · Hucrta that the msn «"»« once a Uuenos Aires garbage col- lector, who now lives In Los Angeles. "When he first came to this country, it was I who befriended him--and now he turns against me," Huerta quoted Lavorante. SCOUT ' · '".' " H ·' ' v J«T'lAf mUl MOf-.''' ' . · " · '. FIAT ·-C1UC.flint FDUICttS': · MwhiMilu'f' Stnlt* . #5TM BfllFLOWEH BLVD, BElLF^ORREY 7-1711 ( OPEL ·«~ij ;·*"·» - - t i V e i INTW* %MMtu.v ' ' . . Ideal lot Handyman end Mtchonlcl JACK STAND .Utro Ittavy conttrvctien for support. Uit pl*l* coofid«IK» - for carl* booh, troiUfi, garogti, ttc. s . VE DfR1MG - T ,,, s B)G BARGAIN · .WEEK! FUZZ HARRIS 122. EAST THIRD ST. PI»M ME 7-MCt Ktploc. Yovr Own Bruthtf and Sovr GENERATOR BRUSH SETS Duplicates of Ihoia *ilh original gtncrotefl. far moil cart. . r«td £1943-1360 i ne 17 Pljm. I 1940-19SOi Cktr. 1937.1956 AERO-TYPE SHOCK ABSORBERS Ciocl liplacintnli far C«nril«r, fl,.o«lk, rontiofc DaSoto. Dodj,, Ck.,,cJ,t and ^erd. 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TTP» 6.70115 7.10115 7M«15 11.95 9.66 11.77 13.95 III Cf 2 JIT C 23.74 18.44 22.98 27.24 43.80 35.80 43.80 51.80 4.00 l.U 4.09 :;iUck'.iuiiuf*.TYrrTi«i«, 670115 7.10115 7.50114 E O O i H 11.95 13.95 13.77 14.45 23.74 27.24 26.66 28.74 43.80 51.80 49.80 53.80 4.M 4.00 5.11 4.00 15 MONTHS WRITTEN CUAR.NTtt [i!i»t load bauiilt la pimnjtf tu eie. PitniltJ noatlity it jjtuncot chute based on rttitir sett- 'htftkt,Mt«itptkt. YOUR OLD TIRE ACCEPTED REGARDLESS OF CONDITION AJ) prk.i »U r^anl T.a axd M lira. WHEEL ·IK tut rntaust I NODTBASI WEttmS INClUDtD! TIRES MOUNTED BY EXPERTS Ktip Oil C/tantr--tongtrf OIL FILTER CARTRIDGES MICRON TYPE for A Neater Wore Aflrarti'va lawntt HALF MOWER EDGER TRIMMER Hfrt'i a d*»kl»-d»t/ tool ftr trio* U f1o*«n btcfi, wall i, i t«p i. Dot* a fast, utot fob "i l»gtt«t ploctt, Crrii towAI a eUo«, thorp look. SPECIAL LOW SSPRINO SAlE PRICE SIMONIZ BODY SHEEN Cleans, Poliihet, Protects R*MOTtt diet, tar, food film, I«J point lV» «O1/ Senovai carbon, grit ether honrtfj iippvritiel. la. craoit lifa ef y««r ti«lar. Ltott foctarf raplocanHflti rarl Y4 1I4M7 l»H. BODY SHEEN four Horn. Cl LINK TYPE DOOR MATS Uii p^'t '· P"* '«·"""· ·" draiMf. gl««t. alt. AJJ;i:«««l TISSUE DISPENSER With Tlttuti [milt loud "woo-woo" Uaat For Shrub* I Small Tit. J PRUNING SAW 9-INCH BLADE lltda Mr/I 1*19 tai.41* lar ilorogt «kan ftct 1« MM; lotkl opa* far nrt- PEP BOYS SAlE PRICE 33' Ntw Stlf-Slitlino "Mfhi" METALIZED TAPE -- »a"«10' Kail, Chroma er Geld finlih. A bn'gSl trial far itW. Ug, cabiatll, «ttb K. W.I ptl t r a c k or Mniik. £5 ^ Oc 39 C I CREDIT! 1)4 IONO ICACH ILVD. . Itll LAKCWOOD ILVO. 11411 ICliriOWtK (LVD . . mi N. IONO ([ACM aivo. .... . nn f. rintiTONi iivo. . AMr! Sttrtt OtM Marxar aK fr*«y (n n«a ui mi iat«1 IMM f r M.

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