Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 3
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 3

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 3
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FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 3, I960 T U C S O N D A . L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 3 Nikita Again Lashes Ike C7 Says K' s Claim Untrue Continued From Page 1 I not condemn the United States be-! left us "can and will I cause it was under U.S. control j chief). Somebody always will be with the western-'" so nothw £ else remained to us j filling Dulles' shoes. If it is not behind Allen Dulles (CIAierally recognized superiority in the most up to date and effective Continued From Page I j serving the muse ot a renewed this threat and added that military ; co irf wn r which if it runs its be improved" nations, --Again rejected P r e s i d e n t ; i but to resort to our own re- i sources." A Soviet correspondent asked Dulles it is Herter or Nixon." j tercontinental ballistic missiles." Khrushchev twitted Eisenhower j Khrushchev said he originally about playing golf "at a moment Eisenhower's "open skies" inspec- j Khrushchev to comment on West- j of crisis when the Senate com- tion plan, describing it as "worth- j ern reports that a Summit con- j mittee on foreign relations is mak- less" and. amounting to "espion- f er ence is not likely within the j ing an investigation." next six or eight months as sug- j "Does that mean he is in charge j started had planned to submit his revised disarmament proposals to the i warheads. Mrs. Wheaton s~;d she assumes; there were conversations between flict which no one in his senses wants." Mansfield, a member of the Fnr- would be williiiR to accept Khrushchev's endorsement. t h a t the American people, regardless of party, are not fining to pay any serious attention to Mr. R. Norby, postmaster hrrr, Is one of the frw persons in the history of the U. S. Naval Reserve, to ret i r e as an admiral n f t p r once having been a seaman. Norby was a seaman In 13,1(5, commissioned as an ensign in LI It I C. »VC.I f7- V\.MI V V t iiniiviiti L". » · v v · . t- i ' t i-V\(\ i i · i Fisenhower and Khrushchev o n j « R n Rations tnmmittre. sug-! W)ru «, hcnev .,, t , lfjn p t ,,, imrrvenr ! 19M - anrt wa ' an a d m i r a l ln COOL QUEEN""""·· Auto Refrigeration Completely Installed Unconditionally Guaranteed NEASHAM SERVICE CENTER 124 S. Cherry, off B'woy. Phone MA 2-3514 $ 259 i^iacmiuv* ^« MI HA · » * » « * * w » i w i i * ·· "ii i . Summit conference in Paris. T^e i ^ problem of reuniting divided W? »^J^ ^^ KHRUSHCHEV SAID the United Nations Security Council did LADIES' NO-IRON Ship 'n Shore . Shirts 2,98 3.98 Newest no-iron Dacron-Cot-' 1 ton casual shirts and pop-1 ons. S l e e v e l e s s , short sleeves, roll up sleeves. ( Whites, pastels, patterns. 1 Si?es 30 to 38. ®%$Si^^8S® MARLO'S CAMPBELL PLAZA gested by the Soviet Premier. "It is not we alone who need » Summit, but all the right-thinking of national affairs?" he asked. Khrushchev said .there were men of "great wisdom" in O U l J l I I l i i t,UJUt,'t L.IIV.U III A *»* »·». * · * -- | _ i , j i i meeting collapsed before it got Germany, but added. "The chairman s alleged sum the conversation is ab KHRUSHCHEV SAID he himseH went to Paris "with the most serious and good intentions and people." Khrushchev said. "We j America, such as Abraham Lin- not with an empty portfolio." will be disappointed if there is no j C0 ] n an( j others and we bow to Summit but^we will continue our them," efforts. BUT HE COMPARED the pres- Some people think that' the I ent "dark, period" of the United Berlin problem can remain un- States to the 17th Century Russia solved indefinitely if there is no under the reign of Czar Boris Summit conference. They are mistaken. "We will wait a definite period and then call % meeting of the interested countries and sign a peace treaty \vith the German Democratic Republic (Communist East Germany) alter which the Western powers will lose all their rights to West Berlin." Again referring to Eisenhower, Khrushchev said: "God knows what decisions can be taken if such a man it head of a great state. Of course, John Foster Dulles is no more but he ICASH or REPEAT OF A SELL-OUT! CERAMIfc TILE 29 SQ. FT. (Whilt Supply Laid) | New b *· «*» tor you Oe-H-Yovr»i)f*ra to iMtoll that lite tploh obov* your tuber your ttall ihowtr or bathroom floor. TK» typt of do-it-yourj»tf work H to oaiy you tadiM can do it without en* minut*'i Mo from your hutbondil Com* in--wt'll ·tow you howl Sal* Ends Soturdoy | Jun« 4th How* W»«Woyj 8:30-5 TMi Saturday 8-6 2641 N. CAMPBELL AVE. PH. EA 5-1 517 under Godunov, known as the "time of trouble" in Russia. In his opening statement, Khrushchev called for quick adoption of the new Soviet disarmament plan to ^avert the threat of a global nuclear war. Khrushchev said the Soviet Union was prepared to begin "complete and general disarmament" without delay but it had "serious doubts" as to whether the West wanted this. He said the Western plan was no good because "even after the implementation of this plan there would remain armies, military planes, tanks guns, military bases on foreign territories, general staffs and nuclear bombs." Khrushchev complained that the Western powers "in effect propose control without disarmament: To speak frankly, such control'is nothing but intelligence, But he insisted the United States wrecked the conference ternnl situation in Russia may ! account for the Soviet Premi '- j j name-calling. j j "The abill'.y lo talk tough to the! i Russians is supposed In h a v e ' At the Capitol, Sen. Albert Gore '· s o m p t n i n p tn d 0 w j t n w j n n i n R olec- (D-Tenn) set the pitch for a \ tions in , his wmin." Mansfield chorus of indignation over Khru-! s a i d , u may b( , ',, rpasonnh le shchev's "personal slurs on the | B ssumption. then. lhal. conversely, n , Senate Democratic, Lender l.yn- j dnrj R. Johnson of Texas also said Khrushchev's attack on Eisenhower may reflect "an internal struggle that may be going on in the Soviet." .Inhnson said the latest Khrushchev blast attained "new heights a d Lt had be coma ob^us President of the United States." I , he B fc Hty ' to t a l k t m l p h to t l i r ' of vituperation." and it would be , s of the j Referring to Khrushchev's crack j Americans has something to do , necessary to go back to the. "days Relations' about Eisenhower being qualified with staying in power in Russia." | "f Adolph Hitler to find a paral- wreckingito run a kindergarten. Gore said p u( Mansfield said that "neither; l c ! -" ' that the President "at least has winning elections here nnr stay-1 He predicted it would bring U. S. Senate Committee that the espionage." THE PROBLEM . of disarmament brooks no delay," he said. "It persistently knocks at the door. A further delay in solving this problem Is fraught with tragic consequences in the present age of atom, intercontinental and cosmic rockets and electronics." Khrushchev stressed .the main points of th« new Soviet blueprint: immediate destruction of means of carrying nuclear weapons to targets, simultaneous abolition of foreign bases and gradual total world disarmament, including banning atomic and hydrogen weapons, in further stages within four years. The Premier said he included the nuclear delivery proposal in its first step even though the was planned and carried out by the United States administration --by Herter, Nixon and Eisenhower." Khrushchev said this thwarted his plan to present the new disarmament proposals at the Summit and thus he presented them yesterday "to the heads of government of all the countries of the world." He said disarmament now was more imperative than ever--"the main problem ..of the day." Khrushchev said his new plan takes into account "some considerations of the Soviet Union's partners" in the 10 nation East- West disarmament talks which resume Tuesday after a Summit recess. Specifically, he said, Russia accepted the "French government's suggestion that .measures should be taken at the^start of the disarmament program to destroy the means of nuclear delivery." He said this would create "firm guarantees against surprise attack--on the prevention of which there has been so much talk in the United States of late." See NIKITA'S, Page 8 qualifications of gentleness, kindness and decency which Mr. Khrushchev lacks." As to whether the Soviet Premier is attempting to influence U. S. politics. Gore said he doesn't know Khrushchev's purpose. ing in power there is going m i solid and nonpartisan front in the mean very much if the campaign United States which always comes " speeches and the press conferences t«ke place on » hill of rubble and ashes." Mansfield said that "just as the Summit meeting should have Wreaks Vengance By Wrecking Auto SOUTH BEND, Ind.--UPI--Police checking a vandalism report found a car in the road with all its windows smashed, fenders dented, hood pushed in and sides battered. The vandal turned out to be the car's owner who wreaked his Soviet Union "now has a gen- vengeance when the auto stalled. cidenl in Mr. Khrushchev's per-i »vr T»M . spective, the peace, safety and j W o m a n I llol stability of the nation and the j Her N a v i g a t i o n Test "I presume his first concern i s , ( a k e n prpccdcncc over t h e U2 in . the situation within the. Soviet Union where he seems to be struggling to stay in the saddle," Gore told a reporter. Gore also said he disagrees with a suggestion yesterday by W. Averell Harriman, former Democratic governor of New York, which Gore saw as a recommendation that Eisenhower "swallow his in time of trouble" and clared: "None of us, Democrats or Republicans, are going to knuckle under to arrogance." pride and visit the Soviet Union'.' if the invitation is renewed. "It is not just the President's personal pride that is involved." Gore said. "He is the embodiment of America's pride." Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont), the assistant majority leader in the Senate, said that "the personal vendetta which he (Khrushchev) is carrying on against the. President is not serving the cause of peace." On the contrary, he said, "it is BOATS MOTORS TRAILERS NEW AND USED Exclusive Mercury dealer. Power Cat catamaran, Nylox, Valco, Aristo-Craft. Complete sales, servicing, repair, and storage. world which are now intimately linked with disarmament, must ake precedence in our perpcctive over his personal vendetta against the President of the United Stales, Vice President Richard M. Nixon's press aide, Herbert G. Klein, said he doesn't think any THUNDERBIRD b A l y i -n[,n ,,, 2?nd · tA 6 3 d 7 4 OUR ACCOUNTANTS ORDER US TO REDUCE OUR STOCK i REGARDLESS OF COST MANY VALUES AT COST...SOME BELOW COST! S*^«W ,,:'.'./.:*·*.','-,'*''-.'f??. .:· VV''^V' " i '®;*:S^~' _ . Gorgeous Styled, Luxury Foam Rubber Cushions. Many Rich Decorator Colors! Regular 1219.00-- NATIONAL FAMOUS KROEHLER '129 Why Pay Mori? Eastern Quality BLOND OR WALNUT DRESSER i HORROR Large Modern Chest Bookcase Bed ,r^ REG. S189.M NOW 99 candidate for presidency PARIS, Tcnn.-UPI--Mrs. Betty Sue Lyons of Shrcveport, La., landed her plane here by mistake. 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