Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 2, 1973 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1973
Page 21
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TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, !973 · · FOOD FASHION FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT HOMES FOCUS PAGE 21 These molded plastic Stax offered by Copco Inc., will serve many purposes around the home, for snacks, for desk organizers, even used as coasters. By MARY BROWN CltliM HMIW* Idltcr LOS ANGELES -- Letting a nut like me loose at a gift show is the all-time high in bull-in-the-china-shop techniques. All those goodies for the kitchen' from culinary aids, gadgets to place strategically around -the house ; on every shelf, end table, desk top and to hang from the ceiling or on walls are just too much. The scene was the 76th California Gift Show referred to as "Gift City U.S.A.," produced by Trade Shows LTD and staged in five downtown locations -- three permanent showroom buildings plus two temporary locations in downtown Los Angeles. Shuttle busses spurted between locations transporting buyers from one building to another. \ The Copco Inc., space in the Convention Center.stopped me cold with its Format Wall-all, a plastic wall gadget with six pockets, one shelf and three Shops' building. Even though mine Stax to be used for desk organizers, candle stands, ashtrays, candy;' nuts or what"ever. These are circular deals, s are just too much toothed around the bottom arid .top so they interlock and stack' away for easy storage. . ."",''"';" They come in thebrightest o f ' ; white, .orange',"-red; purple, blue and black^The f ;Wall-all. · might be used in" "any room in the house but a;real boon, in. the kitchen:where you could;' have spices, spoons,"scissors', egg beaters at finger reach. Also in that space were new serving pallets of heavy molded plastic -- 'a colorful .innovation for serving hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, meats,sausage, cheese, bread and fruit. - :.·',,.:'.-,. ; ; - · ; - . ; v ,-'·· Spied some avant' garde candles in the Casino Candles space -- such foxy characters as Tropic Bird, .Ypecah Wood Rail, Ollif Ox,'Penguin Pete, Swartzy; Seahorse,. Will .the : Whale, Mighty .Moose, .Arty : Albatross: and Fat Rat. One of the/most beautiful" permanent showrooms is that of the Vincent ;Lippe Corp.; on the top two.flobrs-of,the Brack Shop's building. Even though I'd just celebrated Christmas I was fasc±iated .by.th'e. new, ornamentsV. frees, stockings,' and illuminated' ornaments in one section there? Most unusu-.. al were the "wall · hangings. of macrame shaped'; as" Christmas trees. :with fringe out- lining the branches and yarn . balls faking; as ornaments. . Also delightful were the in- ·verted V-shaped velvet hangings trimmed with illuminated ornaments. It was a veritable Christmas f airyland. . Vohann of California was showing hanging clocks in its space: The clocks, which are battery operated, were in all sorts of shapes such as pods, ellipses, cubes, squares, pendants, drops and spheres and available in a variety of colors. . · · : · " . . Proof that animal lovers number in the ; i millions was evident in .the many displays ' of animals. ; At rKamar's space all sorts of stuffed animals were cavorting on tree like shelves built .especially for their housing. One of the most charming animal displays was at the Biltmore where Jennie and John, Levich were showing their collection, "My Friend and I." These feature a nostalgic note in .such doll 'characters as Div Leland, the pediatrician in hot , pants, or Mr. Bates, the re- 1 painnanj and Aggie the trash picker. There's a;line called Bernards which is made up of delightful rabbits, each one ·different and' fashioned from socks by hand. These toys are made of washable materials and will last a lifetime. Remember when no home was complete without a cross- stitched sampler in the living room bearing the plea "God Bless Our Home" or "Home Sweet Home." Well things have changed. The message now is "Bless this Mess" or "Hang it Here.".' Aprons 'are very much in. They show up in. all kinds of fabric, in prints or sou'd colors for the hostess to.-wear at her best dinner party or over jeans at a patio bake. Some are so elaborate we'll vouch they'll be showing up at some pretty swish soirees. The Mexican exhibits were somewhat .disappointing. It was the usual silver, basketry, pots and paper flowers, papier mache, tin, iron and the like from-Mexico' most of which would be tempting to buyers from the north and.;east but to Arizonans pretty much the same thing that's 'available in our border towns and easily accessible from", here in the center of our neighbor to the, south. Bath accessories are still" colorful but here and there light pastels are seen. Toilet Continued on page 25 \Don Meter, meter If you want to get technical, he would be the first to admit that he was in the wrong. After all, the parking meters that line the downtown ave- ' nues are meant tot shoppers, or for citizens who have brief business in the heart of Our Town, and not for the working stiffs. The meters, as-we all know, are for 12 minutes, or an hour, or in some cases, two hours. But not for all day, even when you trot out of the office and. skitter up the street every hour to plug the meter with a nickel before the meter maid comes by on her appointed rounds. . But on one particular day last week a friend, who might be described as a downtown working stiff, slipped his '67 yellowy Dodge Dart two-door into a metered spot a half block from his place of business. , · Through the day he watched his clock and was pleased with himself for remembering without fail the hourly jog up the .avenue. It was late afternoon and he was making one of his last runs of the day when he noticed something strange about his auto. It had four doors. And all along -- ever since he took delivery on it --he had been thinking it was a two-door model. No. Now, he just couldn't have been wrong about something like that all these years. Our friend looked inside the car. It was different from how he remembered it Decidedly so. By golly, this wasn't his car. It was an Impostery Here, all day long, he'd been feeding the meter for somebody else's car! Then he looked up the street and, sure enough, two spaces up ,was his own car. The meter beside it showed red. And tucked neatly beneath the blade of the windshield wiper was one of those rectangular-shaped cards of an official-looking buff. Greetings! Snatching the parking ticket, he noted the time of the violation -- early morning.' Sighing, he slipped the ticket back beneath the wiper blade and returned to the office. The winter day had been a pleasant one, he rationalized, and the brief spurts of fresh air had probably been good for hW. Small consolation. ' Our friend has since paid his $2 debt to society and has resolved not to park at meters any more. And he is hoping that one of these days he will run into the fellow who owns the other yellowy '67 Dodge Dart. The one with four doors. ' When he does, he'll tell him about how he fed the meter for him the whole of one day. It's a long shot, but who knows -- the guy might take pity on him and give our friend the 30 or 35 cents' he contributed to his car's well-being that day. Of course 35 cents wouldn't cover the cost of the parking ticket, but it might soften the blow a bit... STAYING WITHIN the law can sometimes create problems. Take, for example, the case of a certain midwestern state, which recently passed a law prohibiting publication of classified ads that discriminate between job openings for men and women. ' Here are a few want ads that appeared in newspapers of that state since the law was passed: "Pregnant man or woman wanted to model maternity clothes." "Man or woman wanted to do razor blade.commercials on TV. Must have heavy beard." "Topless go-go dancers wanted. Must have good legs and no hair on chest." Renewed interest in indoor plants inspired designers of Prelude Creations, Los Angeles, to make whimsical plant holders. Want to know the time? These battery operated hanging clocks will give it to you in all shapes and sizes. Vo- hann of California showed them in their display at the Convention Center, one of the sites for the 76th annual California Gift Show last week in Los Angeles. They're colorful and touted to be completely accurate. Inside Focus Action. Please! Edited By GILBERT MATTHEWS HELOISE ·-- Ever wonder about the person who passes on household hints? Story and picture on page 28. HOMES -- Stories about homes and gardening are on pages 24 and 25. SUE GILES -- The Citizen's social, writer attended a Scottish party at Skyline Country Club. Story and pictures on page 22. TELEVISION - The TV schedule and TV stories are on page 33. QUESTION -- In June I ordered $15 worth of photographs from a studio that's in the Phoenix area. I have a canceled check to prove that I paid for the pictures, but I haven't received a single photo that I ordered. I have written to the studio several times. They said they would mail the pictures. However, this turned out to be just an empty promise. Can you stir up a little action? ANSWER -- Not a little - a lot! The studio said that the photos now are in the mail. The manager said he is "very sorry" about the delay. QUESTION -- We have patronized a local restaurant for several months and always were satisfied with the service until our last visit We saw two male employes with long hair that almost came down to their shoulders! The employes were wearing hats, but their hair was so long that the hats didn't do much -- if any --good. We think that the long hair is a health hazard because hairs could get into the food. Launch an investigation as soon as possible. ANSWER -- We left the investigating up to the Environmental Health Division of the county's Health Department. The division reports: "The employes were instructed to tie back their hair in addition to wealing caps." · QUESTION -- Since July I have received only one copy of a magazine that I subscribed to. I enjoy the magazine very much, but I never dreamed that getting it by subscription would be so difficult. If the publisher doesn't straighten out my records soon, I'm going to demand a refund of my money and start buying the magazine at a store or newsstand. I hope that you can get the publisher to stop messing around. ANSWER -- Everything's okay now. Effective next month, you will get the magazine regularly. Meanwhile, the publisher is mailing you the most recent copies that you didn't receive. Sound off! t DEAR ACTION: I don't think young persons should be allowed to vote until they're at least 21 years old. Lots of people claim that today's kids mature faster than we "older folks" did. That's a bunch of baloney! · If you have a problem to be solveik WRITE to Action, Please!, care «f the TBCS** Daily Citizen. P.O. Box 5«27, T»cson 85711. List y»r name, address and telephone number.

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