Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on April 30, 1963 · Page 10
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 10

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1963
Page 10
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PAGE 10 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 30. ARA SERVICE On All Major Appliance Repairs And Cooling PHONE: 325-3313 24-Hf}. EMERGENCY SERVICE COOLER SERVICE Pumps · Tubing Pads and Fitting Carrier Refrigerated Cooling Immediate Service Ph. MA 3-3772 705 E. Broadway Citizen Charlie's Crossword Puzzle This' liit contains, among others, the correct words n e e ' d e d to s o l v e Citizen Charlie's Crossword Puzzle No. 443, published in the Citizen yesterday and today. ACHE ALIKE ALIVE APE BUY CHAR CHARMS CHARTS DEPLORING DEPLOYING DUDS DUNS EBB FEN FILM FIRM FOWL GASP HORSE HOUSE HOWL LAMBS LAMPS LIFT LINT MINT NEON PAGE PALE PANE PASS POEMS POETS RAP SCAB SCAR SEED SET SHED SHY SIFT SIT TENDER TENSER TRAILERS UNA VIED YOWL A $250 cash prize is offered for the correct solution. All entries must reach the Citizen office not later than 9 a.m; Thursday. Lil Abner ENJOYED BY MILLIONS in the CITIZEN NOTICE OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS DUE ON IMPROVEMENTS All persons owcing property heretofore assessed for improvements within the following Improvement Districts in Pima County, Arizona: Adelaide (Contracts 1 2) Alvernon Manor Blacklidge Drive (Contracts 1, 2 3) Campbell Avenue .\'o. 2 Campbell Avenue Acres (Comracts 1, 2 3) Canice Casa Solaricga (Contracts 2 3) Catalina . . (Contract 2) Chrysler (Contracts 1, 2, 3 4) Colonia Del Valle Colonial Heights (Contract 4) Columbus Boulevard (Contract 2) Coronado Heights (Contracts 1, 2 3) Cragin (Contract 1 2) Dry den El Sahuaro (Contract 2) Emery Park No. 1 Emery Park No. 2 Fairmount (Contract 3) Fremont (Contracts 1 2) Frontier Village (Contracts 1 2) Fruitvale (Contract 2) Garden Homes Government Heights (Contract 2) Grant Park (Contracts 1 2) Grant Road (Contract 2) Grantland Acres (Contracts 1, 2 3) Hedrick Hills-Boro Hi-School Hughes Irvington (Contracts 1, 2 3) Kenyon Kilburn La Mar City La Mesa Linden Park (Contract 2) Lynwood Maria Manor Mission Manor Montecito (Contracts 1 2) .Mountview (Contracts 1 2) National City (Contract 2) North Campbell Avenue North First Avenue North First Avenue No. 2 North Tucson Boulevard (Contract 7) Olive Park (Contract 3) Oracle Road (Contracts 1 2) Palomar Park Lane East Pima Verde Prince Richland Heights Rillito (Contract 2) Romero Road San Carlos San Clemente (Contract 2) San Gabriel (Contracts 1 2) Speedway Park (Contracts 2 3) St. Margarets Tucson Boulevard (Contract 2) Ventura (Contracts 1 2) Wakefield (Contract 2) Will take notice that an installment of interest becomes due and payable on or before the 1st of June 1963, and if not paid on or before said date the same will become delinquent and a five (5%) per cent penalty will be added to the amount thereof. D. A. Dl CICCO Superintendent of Streets PUBLISH: April 30th, 1963 in the Tucson Daily Citizen and May 1st, 1963 in The Arizona Daily Star Monday Is County Tax Deadline Pima County property taxpayers were warned today :hat 5 p.m. next Monday is the deadline to pay their taxes or be faced with a penalty. County Treasurer Carroll Christian said that of a total tax bill of $18,294,311 for the second half of fiscal 1962-63 total of $8,344,182.50 has been paid. (This includes state county, school district, city oi Tucson and South Tucson and sanitary district taxes.) Because large taxpayers such as the railroad and mines wait until the last moment to pay, the total received next Monday will be near the tota! due. The penalty for failure to pay is 10 per cent of the taxes due per year, split into one twelfth of that amount for every month's delinquency. Advertisement · · The shocking truth about the new FEDERAL BUDGET Why has President Kennedy's new budget been called a "deceitful presentation"? In May Reader's Digest you'11 read shocking facts that taxpayers haven't been tolc . . . why conservatives and liberals say federal spending must be controlled . . . and how it could be overnight! Get the May Reader's Digest now on sale. People have faith in Reader's Digest $ 250 CASH PRIZE Citizen Charlie's Crossword "The Old Brainbuster" PUZZLE NO. 443 A 2S N N W M N H D A 1 B T u R Copyright, 1963 by The Bell Syndicate PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Name SJreel _ City State _ Phone _ If you are not a Citizen subscriber, and wish to subscribe, please put an X in this square. Delivery will start this week. DO NOT PLACE IN ENVELOPE AND DO NOT FOLD CLIP PUZZLE ALONG DOTTED LINE READ AND FOLLOW CONTEST RULES Marine Of fleer's Ouster To ices Committee gate the. ouster Marine officer took part in a 1--Solve the clues as you blanks clearly. would any crossword euizle. Fill In «H 2--Clip puzzle along line and deposit In barrel at Tucson Daily Citizen Office Or paste It on postcard f*: stamp) and mall to Citizen Charlie, Tucson Dally Ciilzen, Tucson, Ariz ENTRIES IN ENVELOPES WILL NOT BE JUDGED. 3--All entries whethsr mailed or delivered MUST BE AT THE CITIZEN by 9 a.m. next Thursday Puzzles received later will not be ludged. 4--Cash prize of $250 will be paid for correct solution. If more than one correct solution is received, prize will be equally divided among the winners. If no correct solution Is received prize money will b» added to next week's J25 award. 5--There's only one correct solution and only a correct solution can win. There Is one answer that In the opinion of the ludges Is the best word fitting the definition to each clue. Decision of the ludges Is final and contestants agree to accept those decisions as a condition of entry. 4--Anyone may enter except employes of the Citizen or Tucson Newspapers Inc. and members of their families. Submit as many entries as you wish on puzzles clipped from the Citizen .or an original exact size facsimile drawn bv hand. FACSIMILIES REPRODUCED IN PART OR WHOLE BY ANY MECHANICAL PROCESS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRIZES Carbon copy facsimiles or puzzles drawn on araph paper are not eligible. 7--Correct solution of the puzzle and names of winners if any will be published In the Citizen next Saturday. CUJES ACROSS 1. Naturally, a man would prefer to avoid employing them. 6. Swamp or bog. 7. The possessor of may possibly be able to turn them to financial benefit. 9. To remove one is easy enough. 10. A housewife would not always have time, particularly, to a sack of flour. 11. A terrified could easily cause infectious fear. 15. Flow back, as the tide. 17. A suitable location is important to many a one. 18. Monkey. 19. Coy or retiring. 21. Catch one's breath. 27. It can help script writers to collaborate succes s f u 11 y, if their ideas are very much . 28. The output of good is naturally not great. 29. There are times when one may feel so without really knowing why. CLUES DOWN 1. Military men would probably feel sympathy for a general · the poor forces at his command. 2. Feminine name. 3. The average farmer would be rather displeased to find a rat in his . 4. The sight of a nasty wouldn't bother a doctor. 5. Might go about one part of the country one day and another the next. 8. Mother may need to baby down while she answers the door. 12. It could be that a person might have need of a large number of . 13. Scorch. 14. Competed. 16. Purchase, 20. Being well along in years normally has a bearing on its value financially. 22. A dull pain. 23. Go by. 24. One woman might claim that it's virtually a necessity in the home. 25. Gas used in illuminated signs. 26. A sharp blow. WASHINGTON -- tr?) -- A, Republican House member says the House Armed Serv- will investi- qf a former who says he hush-hush attempt to dispose of the body of a Cuban shot to death outside the U. S. Naval Base at Guantanamo. Rep. Richard S. Schweiker, R-Pa., said yesterday after conferring with Committee Chairman Carl Vinson, D-Ga., that the committee staff will "immediately start an investigation" of the case of former Marine Lt. William A. Sziii. But Vinson declined comment on either the case or prospects for an investigation. Meanwhile, a former Marine captain believed to be involved in the case planned to leave San Jose, Calif., today with his wife to attend a White House reception Thursday night for 239 Medal of Honor winners. Arthur J. Jackson, 37, now a mail carrier in San Jose, said, "I see no reason why present publicity shoult change things. President and Mrs, Kennedy invited us and we certainly will attend." White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger said yesterday that Kennedy "had known about the case" when Jackson and the other living recipients of the nation's highest military award were invited to the reception. Jackson, honorably discharged from the Marines, has neither confirmed nor denied reports Unking him with the death in 1961 of Ruben Lopez, whom Szili has characterized as a spy for Communist Cuba. Szili, who told his story to Schweiker Saturday, said Jackson had found Lopez snooping in a restricted area of the sprawling naval base where Lopez was employed as a bus driver, Szili said Jackson took the man off the base and, when the Cuban lunged at him, shot him. Szili said he and other officers and men helped Jackson dispose of Lopez' body, then, a few days later, retrieved it and buried it in a shallow grave inside the base. The.story leaked out and th«[ body was found in October, 1961. ,-·.."·' Szili said he and two other officers' were forced out of the 'Marine Corps white 'Jackson resigned under pressure^ I Hemophilia: Isilent tarror for I 100,000 Americans I Last year, a fathergave blood | 44 times In 44 weeks for his | two afflicted sons,There is no I cure for this dread disease, | It s t r i k e s c o m m o n e r s a n d s royalty alike. Rnad the pitiful | story of hemophiliacs in the | May 4 Post. Their fear of- j; haying children. Of getting | Sl.OQOof plasma fora tqoth $ extraction. Alt in this week's The Saturday Evening Ppjst America's most quoted magazine WHICH SKIN PROBLEMS BOTHER YOU? Dryness?, Itching? [_J Chapped or chafed skin? [""] Eczema? Bath itch? I""] Soap or detergent irritation? | | Overexposure to sun and wind? n n Taut "tight" skin? Rough, scaly skin? Flaky skin? ALL ENTRIES MUST BE UN BY 9 A.M. THURSDAY Look for Puzzle Solution and Winner's Name in Saturday's Citizen 3 Boys Tell Of Smoking At Fire Site A fireman's casual conversation with a boy at a salvage yard blaze Sunday led yester- Avanti-mspired... BonnevHIe-tested! R2 SUPER LARK day to the apprehension of hree boys who admitted dis- :arding cigarettes at the icene. The boys, one aged 12, and wo 13, admitted the smoking ncident after they were picked up at San Agustin and arrillo Schools yesterday. Det. Gerald FitzGerald said police were led to the identity of the boys through the fireman's conversation with the burth boy, who was not involved in the smoking, FitzGerald said. The boys said they were smoking in an area between :he Copper State Iron and Metals Co., 98 S. Main Aye., and an old adobe building owned by School District 1 and located at 76 S. Main Ave. They said the fire started after they discarded their cig- We designed two new cars--and built a ; lot of our record-setting Avanti into them: supercharged R2 engines... heavy duty springs and shock absorbers, plus anti-sway bars, front and rear ...trac rods, rear...racing type disc brake*, the safest known and ours (alone. 'Wo named them R? Super Lark and R2 Super Hawk and had Andy Granatelli take them out to the infamous Bonneville Salt Flats for final performance and endurance tests. We could scarcely believe the results, but the official U.S. Aulo Club timers confirmed them: R2 Super Lark-132 mphl R2 Super Hawk--140 mph! Two- way averages--under the most punishing weather and surface conditions. That kind of performance, combined wilh their gentle 'round-town man* ners, told us these cars were ready. R2 Super Lark and R2 Super Hawk ara now available on special order at your Studebaker dealer's. Flash: front seat safety belts now come factory-installed on every car-another advance from Studebaker. AT I 0 f t arette butts in the salvage yard. Police suspected arson when Daniel Parkhurst, of 1120 E. Broadway, saw boys unning from the salvage yard ust before the fire was discovered. However, FitzGerald said he fire will be ruled accidental, since the boys did not ntentionally set it. Battalion Chief Paul A. Williams said about $1,150 worth of damage was done to Doth properties. The school milding contained second- land clothing gathered in PTA- sponsored clothing drives, according to District Supt. Robrt D. Morrow. Most of the clothing was saved, Morrow added. Advertisement Suddenly M;y Memory Failed Me I A noted publisher in Chicago reports there is a simple technique for acquiring a powerful memory which can pay you real dividends in both business and social advancement and works like ma?'c to give you addec poise, necessary self-confidence and greater popularity. According to this publisher many people do not realize how much they could influence others simply by remembering accurately everything they see, hear, or read. Whether in business, at social functions or even in casua conversations with new acquaintances, there are ways in which you can dominate each situation by your ability to remember. To acquaint the readers of this paper with the easy-to-fol low rules for developing skill in re membering anything you choose to remember, the publishers have printed full details of their self training method in a new book "Adventures in Memory," which will be mailed free to anyone who requests it. No obligation. Simply send your request to: Memory Studies, 835 Diversey Parkway Dept. 6494, Chicago 14, III. A post card will do. Dermathera* -new medicated liquid makes water a therapeutic treatment for your skin CIJCC Transpor- · IVCC tation to SEATTLE 1962 Model Cars All Gas-Oil and Proper Insurance included. No Gimmicks. 920 E. 22nd St. MA 4-0421 This new kind of skin care is a ' concentrated, medicated formula that makes water work for you as it never did before. Counteracts many prevalent skin problems to bring you a new kind of skin comfort and softness. Upset of Moisture Balance Causes Many Skin Problems The natural aqueous-lipoid (water- oil) balance of skin is upset by wind and weather, heated rooms, air conditioning, too many baths or showers; by simply growing less young. Taut "tight" skin results- dry, rough and scaly. Itching follows, often in localized body areas. How Dermathera Restores Upset Moisture Balance C o m b i n e d w i t h w a t e r , n e w Dermathera Liquid turns into a misty emulsion that is adsorbed by your skin. It rehydrates skin with moisture, then replaces natural oils to "lock in" moisture, lock dryness out. Soothing emollients help prevent more dryness, scaling, itching. Three Ways to use Dermathera 1. In the bath. Dermathera Liquid homogenizes completely, so its restorative benefits are adsorbed by all parts of your body. 2. In the shower. Here, too, your skin adsorbs its ameliorating medication like a thirsty sponge. 3. In the washbowl, between baths or showers. New Dermathera Liquid gives remarkable results in toothing localized trouble spots such as heels, knees, elbows; smooths away dryness and roughness from exposed surfaces on wrists', hands and face. A Unique Ccinbinaiion , New Dermathera Liquid brings you gentle cleansers, soothing emollients, moisturizing humec- tants, and germ-killing hexachlorophene. Its cleansers are so effec- Dermatheca live you may even prefer not to use soap (a big advantage if soap irritates your skin). Its emollient lanolins are the closest ever found to the natural oils of human skin. They "lock in" moisture that keeps your skin soft and smooth with aa invisible dewy-feeling film. For The Whole Family Men and women with dry itchy skin find new Dermathera brings a new comfort, whether used in a relaxing bath, or familiar shower. Older people find it a boon for the dryness and itching that come with age. Teen-agers like the way Dermathera Liquid helps protect against odor-forming bacteria and rough, irritated skin. In baby's bath, new Dermathera Liquid helpt prevent diaper rash. Why you can benefit Hypoallergenic and free of irritants, new Dermathera Liquid is a clinically proved,pharmaceutically superior product. It offers you a new kind of protection even if you have no special skin problems at all. A truly therapeutic preparation, it gives nature a helping hand at keeping your skin soft and supple, free from dryness and itching. Take this ad to your pharmacy to be sure you get new Dermathera Liquid. ·Tridemtrfc HENLTYI JAMES LABORATORIES, rMricili. Tin Proprleliiy PJurmcRiliuli nude to EtWul Jdnfc NEW Upholstery ALL WORK DONE IN TUCSON FREE Occasional Chair Upholstered WITH ORDER FOR NYLON OR EQUIVALENT FABRIC FREE FOAM CUSHIONS With Zippers. All of this Included in the sale prkel ONE WEEK SPECIAL 2 PC Set or Sectional from Includes Fabric and Labor (ATALINA UPHOLSTERY 249 E, 7th St. CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE $2.00 Down Payment $2.00 No Paymunt Until Jun* 792-3154

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