Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1975
Page 22
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for Trumpet' debut 'brilliant : By DAVID LEV1NSON The 19th century, from which the bulk of the current symphonic repertoire comes, was a very serious century. ' Us composers wrote m a n y long solo pieces, and they concentrated on instruments like the violin, cello and piano, which can play lots of notes in lots of ways and which, RATINGS C General Audieicn. All oft admitted. DC All agei admitted. R Reitrieted. Penire uider 17 not odm'med unleu occon^wnied by parent or guanlian. AduHiOnlp. Noweundef 18 admitted. NOTE: ( Iwl leokra kmt diHtrat ml. 'mgs, me more restrictive rating prevdli. Pr Gen 1-327-3 317 E. Ocean 436-3973 OWN ii : M "CHINIII OOOMTHIt" (·) 12:45-- :00-7:J5-IO: 5 "SHIN ILOWI l» MliOOH" _ : 'HIT P»ri 01 ItUCI lir'i:illS:3S-'.ll5 m 4918 E. 2nd 213/438-1001 OPEN 6:41 "IAW AND DISOIDEI" I' 1 Itti ONLY IO1DS OF FIATBU5H HO:U above all, arc capable of sounding somber and important. If any 19th century composer wrote a trumpet concerto, it has escaped my attention. Composers in our cen tury are more playful and more interested in odd sonorities. They occasionally revert to! the happy 18th century practice of w r i t i n g c o n c e r t o s f o r oboes, trumpets, bassoons and other instruments w i t h limited r a n g e in tones and emotions. It remained for Henri Lazarof of the UCLA music faculty to prove that modern instruments -- and the availability of that technological wonder, the tape recorder -- make it possible to write a trumpet composition that is both playful and powerful. L a z a r o f ' s Spectrum: Two Scenes for Trumpet and Orchestra had its first performace by Los Angeles Philharmonic t r u m p e t e r Thomas Stevens w i t h the Utah S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a under the composer in Salt Lake City last Friday. On Sunday, there , was a repeat performance . at UCLA's Royce Hall'. The work complements 'the trumpet with what L a z a r o f calls "subsolo- ists" -- flute, clarinet, h a r p , percussion, horn, cello -- sand with tapes recorded by Stevens. The soloist also doubles on F l u e g e l h o r n , w h i c h Sounds l i k e - a ui-igiilci, brassier French horn. There is improvisation in the Lazarof work. There is a good deal of jazz feeling. There are some crowd-pleasing effects, as when (he orchestra duplicates the old locomotive cheer and when the trumpeter engages in the sort of razzle-dazzle t h a t shows up in high school b a n d programs under names like Trumpet Trio- Jets. And there is an imp r e s s i v e augmentation, via tape, of the resources of the solo instrument. The orchestration -- for 41 players · arranged on stage to create blocks and waves of sound -- was brilliant. So was the performance. The orchestra played w i t h verve and punch. Lazarof's conducting was plain and workmanlike, but it had no need to be more. The rest of the UCLA program was conducted by the orchestra's music director, Maurice Abrava- riel. It consisted of Schoenberg's Five Pieces for Orchestra, Opus 16 and Prokofiev's Symphony No. 7. . ' Abravanel is an uncommonly awkward ftmdue- tor -- he seems at times to have two left arms -but his orchestra is well- drilled, and there seems INDEPENDENT (AM) Gimmicks versus good, --mixed night at L.B. Arena OPIN M) THE LONGEST YARD" HI lilS ONLY "CINDHEUA UBEtTY" itrt.ift.ia "CHAIlEYVAUICK"iN» "TRICK BABY" m · 4 3 8 5 4 3 5 ·- ADMISSION DISCOUNT COUPON-St.SO Mill AIIIMlt1.Mjnil7iOOr.M. (rVn..tVir. "THE WHITE DAWN" l»i s T * ' COME SEE OUR NEW TWIN! N E I G H B O R H O O D TORRANCE . lollipj Uilli, Turmc* I3J-14W " hx. Crt. w r . t Cnmilicw ·DISNEY'S "ISLAND AT THE P OF THE WORLD" (0) THE TRUE STORYDf AMAH WHO BECAME A LEGEND YOU'LL NEVER FORGET... * Challenge '^pree © LAST DAY PLAZA 429-3012 CYPRESS TWIN (714)828-1660 WEEKDAYS · 5:00 · 7:00 · 9:00 SAT SUN · 1:00 · 3:00 · 5:00 · 7:00 · 9:00 SORRV NO PASSES "LONGEST YARD"di "VANISHING POINT"di I La Mirioa, Atondri, Firtslant fil-llt) SUPER ADULT ACTION!; A L O N D R A G M O F T H E Y E A R ON «IOIID« at 605 - .PLUS 2nd EROTIC FEATURE ADULTS ONLY Doled (X) IDOCTOR AT7:ISONtY P1STOLERO ( X ) ' , HIUBKHIi AOU1T FUN "GROOVETUBE" 1 TW-LITIHl«lULTl$1.3j'g| 5!70 Atlonlit A,f . Long Beach «3-«803 Open 10 A.M..J A.M. ATLANTIC ADULT THEATRE AMERICAN m-j GRAFFITI 'Ugj3 ATJi«.7:4I **** I TWI4ITI HI. ADULTS $1.35 S:15-Si» f, I SC'ENCI-fK. AOVINTUII « B j "DARK STAR" J »T6:M-I00 . J T W I - U I I M I . A B M » I $ I . B · [j . . ; . VAT »|OM|00 TWI4IH ff HI. 'BEIUTIFUL PEOPIE' 004:00 TVC - AOULTI »' »Gf A"YIOilNT IXMIIIHCil "CHINESE GODFATHER" IT «:M-I:M I TWI.lltl HI. AOUITi I1.J1 l^i VM- ·iOO The famous im KITTEN Adult Theatre ataan FULL ..iH,H,i,w $ 1* OFF Op«n7 dayl 10 a.m.-2 a.m. 17806 B.llflowr 2 INCREDIBLY EROTIC MOVIES AladeRe«Y'5 TTiey're beautiful, young.and on SO fexyf-Froo Press 1 You jusl won't belBvc the things theydid" ADULTS ONLY® HIKHIII BROIMIRV LONG BEACH 217 EM Ocean Blvd. 437-1267 Bo, Office Open.: I0«» Season opener Jean Genet's chilling tale of a love-hate relationship, The Maids, with Susannah York (left) and Glenda Jackson, will open The American Film Theatre's second seas'on with daily matinee and evenings performances, Jan. 27 and 28. Screenings are scheduled at Plaza Theater, Long Beach; United'Artists Westminster Mall Cinema, United Aritsts Cerritos Mall Cinema, the Mesa in Costa Mesa and the Brookhurst in Anaheim;' Season tickets are available. Single admissions will be sold on opening days only if available. l i t t l e doubt t h a t he achieves from it exactly the s o u n d s 'he w a n t s . Those, sounds are drier t h a n Los Angeles audiences are used to. from the Philharmonic, and Abravanel's Schoenberg lacked some of the impressive contrasts of tone color Z u b i n Mehta got f r o m the Philharmonic when he played the work last month. The counter- p o i n t in t h i s chamber music for large orchestra was clean in the Utahans' performance, h o w e v e r , and the logic was clear. .Abravanel's Prokofiev was ^cheerful, t e n d e r , affectionate. The work is first-rate but forgettable. Commendably, Abravanel did not try to make it bigger or more important than it is. By DEN1SE KUSEL Staff Writer How c a n you follow theatrics l i k e whiteface Kabuki makeup, b l a c k stars, s e q u i n s , Buck Rodgers space pants, fog bombs engulfing the stage and fire-spitting smoke stacks? Easy. Just play some good old rock sounds. Find a balanced effort. Feature good musicians. And forget the gimmicks. The rest takes care of itself. l\nd this is exactly what Wishbone Ash did Friday night at the Long Beach Arena. They played their gig and left the games to the group with the least talent -- Kiss. Camel opened the first third of the bill with' a m o v i n g w a l l of Moog. synthesizer sounds. Their best effort was "Lady Fancy." Kiss, billed as a hot band of fire, was more balcony balogna h i d i n g behind a mask of glittering trickery. For the Kiss 'personnel, which includes drummer Peter Criss, Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley on guitar, and bass player Gene Simmons, the makeup is an extension of collective fantasies. U n f o r t u n a t e l y ..- they never say what kind of fantasies produce music which would make a deci- ble meter blink. Music loud enough to turn the arena into a blur. Music with enough energy to make you forget what it is that you're listening to...and that is the reason for going to a concert. To listen. - · Kiss explodes with sound. Too bad it's not w o r t h picking up the pieces.. Wishbone Ash features the two finely tuned leads of i A n d y Powell and Laurie Wisfield playing dual lead guitar. ' , PACIFIC WALK-IN THEATRES IATI SHOWS [VERY FRIDAY I SATURDAY LAKEWOOD CENTER WALK-IN GOLDEN GUN (« S*P*Y*S {MI LAKE WOOD .CENTER WALK.IN THE LONGEST YARDm Pllll · J1UMI MAN CINDERELLA LIBERTY (·! OMK iiitt P.M. . LAKEWQOO .CENTER I WALK-IN MUl NtWMN · lOMIT IIDFOID THESTINGiH) LAST OF SHEILA i«: LAKEWOOD - CENTER WALK-IN · LOHO BEACH TOWNI WALK-IN fOI ANIMAL LOVtlll BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 101 FUNNY CAR SUMMER m on* IMC P.M. CMIOU O'COHNOI . MNKT IQigMjM. LAW AND DISORDER m LORDS OF FLATBUSH(M) ·an411.OfU UT.I Cinema I CHALLENGE TO BE FREE" 101 'VANISHING WILDERNESS" "THE GROOVE TUBE" in WHERE DOES IT HURT!" m CO-HIT StPtYtS 5000t GRAND PRIX ADULT THEATRE* 1339 E. Artesia, No. Long Beach Under New Management Now Showing "THE GEEK" (X) 'IF YOU SM KAY" (X) All x-roted lilms Phone J23-9628 Hon. thru Fri. Open 6:15pm · Sat. 8 Sun.-6pm · Shows Start 6:45 Children 6 thrull-50t · Children Under 6 Free! LONG BEACH CIRCLE 101 Hiwiy and ILaVeoood Blvd. 4399513 LAKEWOOD Carton at Cherry 424-9931 , 10TOPSTAU ALL 5TAI CAST AIRPORT 1975 IPOI MY NAME IS NOBODY IPOI AIL NEW 6ISHIY HIT (1.) ISLAND TOP OF WORLD (oi LONG BEACH LONG BEACH DBIVI-IN ISln Ditgo F.y 5anta ft Ave 634 6435 CHAKIOT OF THE GODS m DISNEY'S/WINNIE POOH 101 '[X)hO ONI UNMt II |X) I{1.) AFTtl SCHOOL THCHEIS ( (!.) HACK ME tONI8HT(X) V»;/ {}.{PIIVITE IfSSONS (X) *""· ,.j4.| «OUHD WOILP F'ANMT mi LOJK1 BEACH LOS ALTOS 1 OKIVI-IN n Diego Frwy and CAIIOU 0 COHWOI EINIST IOIONINI LAW AND DISORDER ID LORDS OF FLATBUSH IMI LONG BEACH LOSALTOS2 DRIVE-IN ALL ACTION SHOWI (1.) CHINESE GODFATHER in (2,)HONEYBABY,HONEYBABY[K! (3.) BRUCE LEE'S FINAL DAYS LONO BIACH LOS ALTOS 3 DRIVE-IN srAciDOUTOorsscr STIANOCLOVE OINtUTlOH DARK STAR (oi THE CLONES INI GjHey Street I So. ol Anaheirr 831 3370 ALL ACTION SHOWI 1.) CHINESE GODFATHER m 2.) BRUCE LEE'S FINAL DAYS 3.] EASY RIDER i«i PARAMOUNT ROSECRANS DRIVE-IN' _^ ONLY MIA DIIVMN HOWINOI .aktwojd I AL PAUNO ,t Ro B «c,.J GODFATHER PART II m 1 NIGHTLY AT 6:45 t IdlU P.M. SOIIY, NO M"'«l COMPTOH COMPTON ·DRIVE-IN ALL ACTION SHOWI '- (I.) CHINESE GOCTATHiS in w " 1 ,°.'*± lic (2.)HONEYBABY,HONEYBABY(r«i 3. BRUCE LEE'S FINAL DAYS OAP.DINA TWINVUE DRIVE-IN South Figueroa aM52Slrwl 324-5127 (X) NO OHi UNOM II (X) AROUND THE WORLD FANNY HILL w HER SECRET DESIRES (X) ONLY AHA DIlVt-IN IUN ItOOEST CAST EVIt TOWEilNOINFEtNO(K) LEGEND OF HELl HOUSE IK» FOUNTAIN VALLEY DRIVE-IN Brookhunt (So } 9(2-2481 IUIT REYNOLDS THE LONGEST YARD ID PLUS · PETEI FONDA EASY RIDER ID ALL ACTION IHOWI CHINESE GODFATHER HI RETURN OF DRAGON ID BRUCE LEE'S FINAL DAYS WISTMIHSTHH HI-WAY 39 DRIVE-IN BUENAPARK BUENAPARK DtlVE-IN jntoln Welt of Knott 821 4070 SPAC10 OUT OOYSSETI STtAHOELOVE GINEIATION DARK STAR (GI THE CLONES IPGI ONLY Al» MIVt-lH SHOWINSI AL PACINO GODFATHER PART II m NIGHTLY AT 6i45 A 10:15 P.M. SOIIY. NO PASSES! BUENAPAHK LINCOLN ORIVl-IN ' Lincoln WeM of Knott 527 2223 ONIT DIIVI-4H SHOWING 10 T0r» STA1S EARTHQUAKE (W) NIHTLY AT 6:49 A 9:43 P.M. 501 IT, HO PASIII! SPECMUT HOUSE A SIZZLING SUCE OFRAWUFE! V....-.SHANNONKORBEL MICHEUESIMON PAULATIMBEL/ ADULTS RATED I * -SECOND ADULT HIT!- 1 MOVIE, 43S-SS12 34S E. Ocean Blvd., Open Daily at 9:45 AM Open All Nighl PUSSYCAT. 328-6375 Carson at Cravens, Open Oatly .2 Noon to Midnight LYRIC. 589-2877 Pacific at Florence, Open Daily 12 Noon to Midnight dJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinimiiiiiiiiiii'iimiiiniiiiniiiinj IN LONG BEACH E SAVINGS ARE NOW FEDERALLY INSURED UP TO $40,000 NEW CERTIFICATE RATES S I X Y E A R $1,000 Minimum And Other Savings Plans ·Call our office for details! THE BLOCKBUSTER EROTIC SHOW OF THE YEAR DEEP EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR M Funds received by the 10th of any month earn from the first of the month. Funds -received after the 10th earn from the date of receipt. Funds earn from day of ZI deposit to day of withdrawal on passbook accounts. ~ FREE Safe Deposit Box, Travelers' Checks, Notary Public Service = E Money Orders and Note Collection Service with $1000 Minimum Balance E FIRST SAVINGS AMBER TKATRCblNC ROXY 117 W. Ocean 81* 435-3032 starring Gcorgina Spcvlin CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES DAILY FROM 10:00 AM R A T E D ( X ) NOW SHOWING, 3i Open Unlit 6 P.M. Friday! OF LONG BEACH NOT THE LARGEST - JUST ONE OF THE BEST FIRST and PINE PHONE 437.1211 135 E. OCEAN AVE. At Our (eor Entroixe 1725 XIMENO AVE. I BIACH BRANCH % CERRITOS TWIN CINEMAS Vlr :0cen Daily IMS Phone »HI!1J or 934-1019 WAIT DISNEY'S "ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD" ioi -»KB- "TOM SAWYW" -- -(B) "DARK STAi" I "SOYlfNT OMEN" 1 0 : Ocen Daily 12:15 Phone »H1!1J or 934-1019 · I" unlil 1 P M Eicepl Sundjy S Holidlrl, AMPLE PARKING CERRITOS MALL CINEMAS Open Daily 16:15 Phone 924-7724 »!"until2P.M. Imp) Sunday i Holidoyl MATINEE m WESTMINSTER MALL CINEMAS i" until l P.M. DAILY . Open Dally 10:15" Phone (714)893-0540 . i«««Uu»do y »H.M t ,, WALT DISNEY'S i© "Delifihtfully outrageous." SAWYER" ,,, "StPiYiS'U IT) JON M VOIGHT IN ODESSA ·Hi -PIUS- "THEDAY OF THE JACKAL" o) 3J "AN OUTSAOIOUS PAdODV OF YISTERDAY'S SUPEH!ROES" "THE SAVAGE IS LOOSE",, --AND"THERE IS A GIRL IN MY SOUP" (» Charles Branson "DEATH WISH" rao'iii i;u«»»-i»» A.IOI cuiiioi CIHTIR 60S WY. AT SOUTH ST.. IOS CURITOI.CINTIR «05 IIEIWAY AT SOUTH ST. --PLUS- JACK LEMMON "SAVE THE TIGER" LI © THRU WOODY AllIN HITS "SANANAS" irOi "SLEEPER" ID "EVEIYTHIN6 ABOUT SEX"... ··!······················· j|®BURT REYNOLDS "THE LONGEST YARD" --PLUS- WALTER MATTHAU BRUCE DERN "THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN")*) mmmamm ® " AN OUTftAGCOUS PARODY Of YESTERMAT'S (X) SUPIBMtVJtS" f-l * -ANtt- JANE fONDA IN "BARBARELLA" WlltMINITII MAll, MN tlMO fWY. AT MMU AVINUI

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