Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 15
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I TOMORROW! ROW! Thursday. That's when an aggregate of 13 women's . dubs of our town will present their treasures and Trifles Fair at Veterans Clubhouse. Pacific Ave. and 28th Street, from II ajn. to 3 pja. (it there's anything left to buy and you are still browsing around the many booths, bet they wxm't chase you away it 3, either.) ·The wrong date was announced (through no fault of ours up here in the women's section citadel, thanks goodness), in our Sunday section. As Arabella Snider, chief in charge of publicity for the gang-buster event, said when she saw her paper, "My head fell right on the floor." So did ours until we discovered, by sleuthing, the wrong date had been furnished us (no fault of Arabella's) in one of those it- happens - in - every-family type series of mishaps and misunderstandings. We felt -Jy KHA MASTERSON TO.MOX- sorry for them, naturally, April V. but awfuliy glad to be "off the hook," being human. Reason we're making such a fuss about getting the date cleared up--we think it's a grand thing to have dubs pool efforts and produce one big event for charity. This is experimental, under guidance of Dames Club, and should be lots of fun. If affair goes wen tomorrow, look for more of the same all over town. If you read Sunday's cover page youTI recall that each club takes its share of proceeds for its own particular chosen philanthropy. Good shopping! Good eating! See you there. · · * SPEAKING OF charities! Atari!}!! and Doug Graham attended the recent Pathfinders benefit ball at Palm Springs' El Mirador -- aa event that netted, in one night, $30,000 for Boys' Club philanthropy. . Prior to the ball the Grahams were guests at cocktails of Lucinda (Kolmbach) and Herb Carpenter--now Retirement? Just Word For Busy Volunteer Secretary WE,THE SHEER DELIGHT . . . DINNER AT HODTS FOR ALL THE FAMILY By ELISE EMERY "Retirement? I think it's wonderfulT But brown-haired, hazel- eyed Florence Van Gundy is hardly an expert on the subject On · Saturday, March 9, more than SO past and present employes of the Health D e p a r t m e n t , and other friends, honored Miss Van Gundy at a retirement dinner party. They lauded her for more than 37 years of secretarial service with the. City of Long Beach. , They gave her a certificate and a diamond pin from the city manager's office. They showered her with/ gifts. Letters and commendations of Palm Springs a n d New Hampshire. Reason the ban was such a .huge financial success. Marilyn said, was that almost everything -- food, favors, etc.--was donated to the cause; in addition guests paid $100 a couple to attend. Such a successful charitable event reaCy has Airs. G. and Mr. G. perking up their ears and envisioning a like affair to aid their favorite charity, Children's Home Society. Marilyn has been on the state board of directors for 10 j-eirs and active in the group for 27 years. Doug has been state treasurer for 15 years. Quite a familial record. Plum-Tasty Ham Baste ham with extra heavy syrup from a can of tangy purple plums. To serve, surround ham with pitted p!ums on orange or lemon slices. for the late Herbert Danes. who was in charge of demo- "··"· ··**· *** tition. The following year she joined the Health Department staff. There has been much progress in the fttld of public health -- people are much more health-minded and across the country health d e p a r t m e n t s are recognized as essentiaL "Of course, as the old problems are solved, new ones come along. Smog, for example." h! W " INDEPENDENT--P*gt B-3 Doseri Gold Desert : ly set lemon gelatin, then chill until firm for a colorful dessert. Fold 1 cup chopped fresh California dates and 1 cup whipped creaji into partial- --Staff phol» SINCE RETIREMENT from the staff of the Health Department, Florence Van Gundy has had "no time to sit and knit," but she has resumed an early interest, the study of music. poured in from federal, state and city officials. · « · * DR. L D. LITWACK, City Health Officer, spoke of her "many kindnesses and loyalty . over and above her duties as secretary." The following Monday, she was back at the Health Department She's returned many times since. "I offered to do volunteer work whenever I was needed in the department," she explained matter-of-factly. Miss Van Gundy has served as secretary to five city health officers beginning ia 1934. Her bosses have been Drs. S. G. Arnold, G. E. McDonald. Frank \V. Stewart, Harrison Eilers and. since Aug. I, IMS, Dr. Litwack, She has seen the depart- to help 6 simple tips you get a better wash 1. Prepare Clothes Properly Close a9 zippers and hooks. Check for loose buttons. Ekjpty pockets. Turn down cuffs. Treat stains which washing win not remove. Sort according to color, material and degree of dirtiness. This shows you how many loads you will have. Check proper fabric washing instructions which e^-rnf with your machine. 2. Be Sure Your Water is Hot Enough Fabrics needing a hot wash require water of 140*. If your washer is distant from your water heater, if pipes pass dose to a coU surface, or you have a small capacity heater, your water may not be hot enough- Have your water temperature checked and heater set to provide 140° water at washer. 3. Don't Overload Your Washer Overloading reduces the efficiency of your washer. For top-loading machines, fin tub loosely. For front-VedLng machines, fill drum half fuH. Be jure clothes can circulate frcrfy during agitation. A mixed load of different-sized pieces washes better than one made up of large pieces only. Use the Right Kind and Amount of 4. Detergent With a top-loading machine, you should generally use « high-sudsing detergent. With a front-loading machine, it a better to use a low-soAsirj detergent. FoQcrw detergent manufacturer'* instructions regarding amount to ox,' but remember, if clothes are extra dirty or load a Urge, you may Kive to use mart. _ "Boost" Your Detergent for Better O. Washing Result* A new product, improved Blue Rain Drops, helps your detrrgrat fct out more dirt. It docs this by making water perfectly loft, so your detergent caa work betler.Then it adds its own cleaning power to that of your detergent. The result: more dirt is removed from your dothes than ever before. 6. Keep Dirt from Settling Back on Clothes New Blue Rain Drops docs more than help your detergent get out more dirt. It contains X-62, a remarkable ingredient that keeps the removed dirt suspended in the water. This dirt can be thoroughly rinsed away during the drain and rinse cycles. Thus, since X-62 prevents dirt from Killing ieari en clothes, your wash comes out much, cleaner and brighter. I n laboratory tests. Blue Rain Drops, used in combination with a leading detergent, doubled tfif cleaning pnutr of the detergent. These tests were conducted in soft, medium end hard water, so you can count on new Blue Rain Drops to hdp get your clothes * biter and brighter, regardless of the type cf water you have. · New, improved Blue Rain Drops Water Softener is available at local food stores. It is manufactured by the A. E. Staley Mfg. Co^ makers of Sta-Puf* Fabric Softener Rinse, Sta- Flo* Starches and Diaper-Sweet*. · Blue Rain Drops is unconditionally guaranteed, on a money-back basis, to give yea the whitest, brightest wash you ever had. These results are guaranteed no matter what kind of detergent or washing machine you use. or whit kind of water you have. · Next time you shop, pick cp a package of B!oe Rain Drops Water Softener and *ce for yourself the great difference it makes in your wash. ment grow from a staff of 17 to the present 85. * · · · "IX 1934 we were concerned mostly with environmental health and the control of communicable disease. To these, the department has added nursing, laboratory, and maternal and health services, an Xray program and in alcoholic rehabilitation center. -In those early days. smallpox wasn't too rare. There were 40 cases during the winter of 1938-39. Today there are none. We went through a rabies epidemic or two. Diptheria wasn't uncommon.*' Miss Van Gundy first began her secretarial duties with the city in 1925. She worked for Squire DuRee, superintendent of recreation, who was in charge of lifeguards, the municipal band, parks, and municipal market and the old Long Beach auditorium. * · * · LATER, when Don Skinner was superintendent, the multiple duties were divided into the Recreation Department and the Department of Public Service. Miss Van Gundy was in the latter, and after the earthquake of 1933 worked LV HER pleasant home at 2060 Cedar Ave., Miss Van Gundy looked at her many farewell gifts. She read letters f r o m Congressmen Thomas H. Kuchel and Craig Hosmer, Mayor Edwin W. Wade, Supervisor Burton W. Chace, Assemblymen Joseph M. Kennick and George Deukmejian, City Manager John Mansell and Dr. Malcolm Merrill, director of Public Health for the State of California. "My friends ask me what Tra going to do now. I tefl them "What comes naturally.' "Ill play the piano, catch up on my reading, entertain my friends, perhaps travel eventually. I won't have time to sit and knit for awhile. "But cow 1 must hurry, I've promised to do a little volunteer wcrk at the Health Department." Boir ft N1KTJ C3LUCHO II VIS. CM CEIBCI. HCTME1 Of t S o r a e t i m e i e e w mothert concentrate so hard on the technicalities . ft baby care the} forgrt to enjoy their babies. Your delight in youi baby h one of the great golden gifts you can give. The baby mho jj tatVed to (aaJ laughed uita) lovingly, devetps security and sociability. The baby mho a pfa)ed »iih happily (aLOS confidence early »nJ karns invaluable Icvwsi ia co-operation. Vitamin C cvcnabSty. I tnow you mothers usually thrrjl ia trrnn cf orange juice for baby's vixi- rain C. But it should be reassuring to Icow that Cerber Strained Apple Juice and j u i c e c o m b i n a - tions are fortified to give your baby just as much of this important vitamin as GCTTCT Oranft Juice. One can of any of the other eight Gerbcr Jakes supplies over 100% of the recommended di2y dietary allowance for vitamin C. 9 Tarieties ia aU including the new Mixed Fruit Juice and !*rane- CaIJtn nilet for baby cart. By the-boci rules are £ae as tnides but aH rules do not fit afl fcabin and ' any rule b only ai food as its fleii- bility. Geides to hetd your doctor aid y o u r com- loon-sensibte head · nd lead w i t h your heart. Happy is the baby . hose toother males adjustmenti for his (or her) individuality. Cfewtk pa!t«r«i. Your biby . trot i much faster the first year than the next few put together, j That*! mhy he needs protein t plenty to give that )»lh t bocnt. Cerber Strained Meats are high xn protein, low in fat and ever so easy to digest. Points PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH I BEAUTY STUDIO · Gerber Meats are cooked by aa exclusive process wbicfc pre- aervcs the utmost xa catritrve values; injures a smooth znotsl texture- · They're the products of two treat specialists -- Gerber, famous for £ne baby foods and Armour, famous for tine meatx. Gcrber Baby Foods, Box 72, Fiemont. lliclugaa. Election on Tap for ZTA Alum Unit THURSDAY Zeta Tau Alpha alumnae win elect officers during a 7:30 p.m. meeting at the Chapter House, 2S32 E. Second St. Plans also will be completed for State Day April 20. Jinett Martin. Bill Wagner. Russ Sarter and Kenneth Reeds will be hostesses. · * · » Esther Wickham will give a demonstration of flower arranging at the 7:30 p.m. meeting of Delta Zeta Mothers Cl'jb in Soroptimist House on the State College campus. Plans will be completed for family night en May 17. FRIDAY Downtown L a d y Lions win meet lor luncheon at noon in the home of Mrs. Donald Trvutt. 5701 Seaside Walk, -with Mmes. Dwight Williams and Jarnss Pine assisting the hostess. Organ selections by Mrs. Casey Jones and Mrs. Truitt, a brief business session led by Mrs. Charles Morgan, ar.d bridge play complete the diy. » » · · Women's Fellowship cf First Congregational Church will hear Rev. Anand Pasad tell of h'j w-ork with rni- grar.t workers in the Kern Corr.ty Farm Labor Ministry during meeting in Pilgrim Hill Mrs. C. L. Free- rr-aa win conduct 10 a.m. business session ar.d Rev. Emerson G. Hingen will gh-e the Christian View of the News. Mrs. James R. Weeks will have charge of devotions preceding noon luncheon. IF YOU VALVE time -save lots of it by doing your apartment-hunting in Classified ads. 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