Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 31
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 31

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 31
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Shinbun Alley Home To Newsmen ·/ - * - ' '" ' TOKYO, Oct. -30. (£·)--Most newsmen who covered the Korean war ·'gave 'their' overseas address as No. 1- Shinbun *Uey. -This is the location of the Tokyo Cyrrespondents' club ^During the past four months the" traffic" thai flowed in anc · out of the five-story building at times rivaled that of a state- ·idc hotel caught in the crush of ' »n American'-Legion convention. It-'isn't a pretentious club and definitely was not intended to'ac- . "This is the only chance a-gu3 "cotarnodate the nearly, 300. corre- has to "act as a civilized "reporter jin/vvtrlenta -w"hA nallerl U-VloTTm while Ghnillrl flCt'" ,«pohdents who called it home while the' fitting raged in Korea. ^ But in chit and cluls-happy Tok' e r e everybody has t o have to buy food anchdrink and 'to a club to buy a chit--it Svas;the only place reporters realiy felt at 'home. Rarely did .newsmen ;;have an .opportunity 'to spend more than a {couple of days at -the club. They m-ould fly in from Korea after two weeks or. more at the 'front .to' take quick breather and to write copy In a measure of comfort. Slept In Dormitories . The correspondents slept dormitory-style except for a dozen or ' 10 "old Japan hands'* who permanent club residents. As ~ Jimmy Cannon of the ifork Post once put it during a trip'anese^sta'ff;: Chances are they didn't New "home" from the then-raging Taegu sector: should act." Tile tiny-'bar-o'perated virtually around the clock until weary cor respondents--back from Korea for an honest-to-goodness rest -- com plained to the executive committee about the post''midnight noise. ,, A heavy-eyed investigating' corn' mittee .of stairs to- three ^groped the .bar , and down-, the : found- .43 persons--all nonmembers of "the ::lub and all nonreporters. The midnight bar curfew was im posed the next. day. But cor- respondenfs who liked a late nightcap were unhappy--especially at the military brass who -had .made all the noise. Not'the "east.of. the' reasons that newsmen were pleased with the correspondents' club' was the Jap- Study Segregation In Schools - L-.r-rnr , · . 'I School segregation in. Arizona-.will be. discussed in a .panel-rdiscus-. »16n today at'8'pjn. v in the Roskruge junior high school under sponsorship, of the Tucson Council for Civic Unity. Presiding as moderator in-' the discussion will be'Mrs. H.-H. d'Autremont of Tucson.- Four other.' Tucsonians.and a Phoenix man will participate. Included in the panel ivlll be Gregorla Garcia of Phoenix lupreme . president : . of '.the Alianzi rlispano-Amerlcana; ..'Dr. .'E.. H ipicer. Miss Maria L. Urquldes ,taj. Dorsey J. Watson and- Rober X Morrow, all of Tucson. .-'· ,, . Spicer, a member of the arithro 'C-logy'department of the University if Arizona, will speak on the ques on, "Do differences.between races :«]! for separate schools?" .Miss Urquides, a - classroon eacher at Sam Eughes school, wll liscuss: "How, a teacher looks a chool segregation." "Segregation--tlie'Negro point of lew," will be* discussed by. Major Watson. · Garcia will discuss: "Segregation .--the Mexican-American point oi View," and Morrow,-: superintendent of Tucson schools, will discuss administrative aspects of segregation. An invocation will be given bj father Dennis O'Connor, pastor of Blessed-Martin chapel, and a speech lummarizing-findings will be..pre- ;ented by'Rabbi Albert Ti.Bilgray jf Temple'Emanu-El. Stewart L. Udall, Tucson at- :orney, is president of the civic unity council. see'each-^reporter -more than 2 dozen" times during the Aneric'an 'entire ."-stay in Tokyo. But .after once hearing the correspondents' names the Japanese remembered them. . j , Sometimes the Japanese had trouble understanding American accents -and there was a correspohd- ing foulup BOW and then in food and drink- orders. But generally the service was good. Never Will Forget - Tne club's lounge, furnished with 'comfortable but battered davenports and easy chairs, was the .scene of "some get-togethers that Shinbun alley probably will never forget. But generally it was z sur- prisingiy- quiet place, with the library almost as 'popular asjthe bar: urn Snug Otttt'rtt, "31 Mondiy Ev«nlnj, Oct. 30, 19SO After the .first few. weeks :of-'.the war, you-could almost always see l correspondent with an arm or a "leg in a. cast resting hi the lounge. There were others battered and beaten--reminders of the toll the Korean war, inflicted on., news- The men who covered it. · drops / . · boxes/with ever increasing stacks 'at letters And packages, addressed to, those correspondents who would never return to the club--to'those who.lost their lives on \the embattled peninsula, or en route there, tany'pump"organ is th'e correspondents' club's monument-to its own 'Korean war dead. The in strunieijt was "liberated"" at Taegu by ..Charles Rosecraris, International News Photos cameraman:.who was killed six weeks ago in a plane crash. Flew Organ Back 'Club members and a co-opera- But .perhaps the grimmest-mem- respondents return to live air force flew, the organ back Tokyo. It stands in 'the center of tile lounge and has "Rosie's" name on,it. A day-doesn't go by iat some sentimental guy "doesn't finger out a tune or two. roster of active" members day by day as the cor- JOE SHHH...THCRE WAS A SMALL MICROPHONE \P THERE... I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF IT SOONER. NOW LISTEN... I MUST TALK' FAST r've ONLY A FEW MINUTES L6FT_ HOP4UMI. TH6Y:MUST HAVE GOTTEN WISE TO It* MICROPHONE ;.. CALL'THC INTERV iEtV'TO AN END ttv l/xn ones were stirred " by the Driver Postis $20 Bond Here Bond of $20 was posted today by )r. Janet M. Bible, 44, of 3S09 fCalle Sonolta, charged by police ^'ith speeding along East Broadway jit; 3^05,. a.m. today -and with lack' ' ' - Canada Invokes Added Peacetime Restrictions OTTAWA, Ontario, Oct. 30. (U,F)-Finance Minister.D. C. Abbott.an- nounced today that new. peacetime consumer credit ·- controls requiring "one-third down payments on automobiles and .20-per-,-ceht payments, on many ;other ..consumer goods will go "into effect Wednesday. WHEN THEY CAU OUT "TRICK OR TREAT" GIVE THIS HEALTHFUL TASTY SWEET.,.WRlGLErS . . .... --. -- - .-- states mail ;n view of Je nearly over Korean war. Others are heading'elsewhere toward, possible new wars or where other men are fighting in "police action." But wherever they go, they']] remember'."the "Tokyo, correspondents' club. After all; it was "home" to most of them for a memorable period. · . - " - ' . MARY ELIEN JAMES. DAUGH- ter of Dr. and Mrs. H. C. James, 2634 E. Fourth : st, lias been'elected social chairman .of"Stuyvesent hall, ·freshman - dormitory .-at Ohio Wes- -leyan' University, Delaware, Ohio. Miss James attended Tucson-senior high school where she.edited the yearbook. · AT H O M E - A T W O R K - A T PLAY FOB.ASTRANGEC:WWO SNEAKED INTO SULPHUO .UNDER SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCESk'YOU PICKED TMt CONS PLACE TO HIDE, MISTER. YOU SEEM TO KNOW A GOOD DEAL ABOUT ME. WOPPY SHOOK OFF HIS PUHSUEBS.-BY. ESCAPING FBOM THE-HOTEL AND HIDING INTHE LAND AGENTS OFFICE... ' I ALSO KNOW YOU DEFIED OUR CNTQY .1 PERMIT. LAW AT THE INSPECTION- DEPOT, SLIPPED INTO TOWN'AND PUT UP AT THE HOTEL WITHOUT STATINS'.YOUR MAM CO -BUSINESS. LUCKILY, W LIEUTENANTS, ; CAUGHT UP WITH YOU. ' YOUB LIEUTENANTS?' ,J LIST WHO ABE YOU? i UNFORTUNATELY FOR'YOU, I AM KNOWN AS THE-SILVER-FOX/ UST CHILD HA WB FREE use o" an Accordion Instrument to be taken home as though It were' yours. Let- tons--Book--S12.00. Use of Onr Accordion Free SEAGONDOLLAR MUSIC STORE «4 E. Consreis Ph. 2-5931 ^ MDU HAD ( T H A T FOR S DINNER ( MONDAV ^ S'fEVt £ Ftilurn LAMM THIS:LEG OF LAMB WAS'-YOUR LAST SUNDAY'S, DINNER BLONDIE, SWEETHEART THIS IS VOU(? DAGWOOD-- . , \ ' Bible -refused -to .accept fetation -when stopped early today by , police. Asked to sign the cita- ion, : the -signing, being a -promise rto appear in court later, Mrs. Bible |re'fused to do so, police said. ; .Police said she pulled 'away and ·refused to stop her car when police ·gain pulled along side her; waving her to the curb. When telephoned by- Capt. Frank .Keefe of the traffic^ division today, Dr. Bible told him, police said, that «he was afraid to stop during^ .fMight-time drive. She also said her; . attorney told her once never to *ign anything unless he had had' »n opportunity to inspect it. I BOOSTER RUNS RACKET MEMPHIS, Tenn. (U.R)-- Mrs, Pearl . Eeaves is stuck with -a racketeering rooster. Every , morning about 4 o'clock he shows up on her front porch and starts crowing. He^wbn't go. away until she tosses liim a'j handful-of feed. Give a Gift of DaJoty -Pidy SerVice , FOR A HAPPY CHANGE CALL for money saying- Dainty Didy service; choice 'of 12 kinSs" and. sizes of diapers including SXAP-OXS, solid bottbrt. containers. Reserve In Advance and Save! Wo Have Not Raised Prices. Have the Best--Insist oa Assured Laboratory Control ~The~SeaF of I Prestige dinty ICLtf . ··TOPS FOB BOTTOMS" _ ., 831-S. 6th Ave. '* 'Ph. 3-96] P " ' "_ Voluntiry Compllinct vilth Strict 'lubaratory Control Thru' Prominent' Eaitfrn Co^leo* Under F*d«r*i Pur* Food and ' Dru0 iDcciflcitlonf. CHEER'O, COLONEL!..YOUR wrry TOR TWO OF MV ; CONVALESCENT PILOT* ·ncKLEP MY aiKJosrry.' AIR. FORCE, AMP FLYINO OFFICER SALT, EOVAL CANADIAN AIEFOECE, BOTH COMBAT CASUALTIES OFF FLYINfi STATUS AT ·ffle MOMENT ', WTHQUR MAJOR CANYON TO lrJR?-CHINA',05T£NJlBLYON RE5TLEAVE, ) 6 I WHAT POYOi) THINK ACTUALLY A5 COVER fCf. A SEARCH Wsfee * . MAJOE. CANYON MAONS WK-OME'MOtJSIEUE.' CEOft-WHo {vj WILL; HAVE l/£ PO ; 15TEAN5-5HIPPIN5 WAKSOOC'STOTHE | tf [ IN.INPO-CH1NA?' EEP .STAR 6VBKR\llf\5 IN THE J-ilLL^ ^AH/COLONSLjHAf 50ET CF -:U5TAKC,, PUTY SHOULPNTBE VVA5TEP ON^LAPS; :52t! ANPI.SHOU1.I?- , HAVc TAKEN IT L *v Mikon Canii?', _ _ _ - - . f K/.TTK.', COBBER, WHEN SMftSHER- 6DOR LOLL5 ' IN.FEEEPLU5H, HE.A5K5 : NOT WHO.PAIP FORTHE.. 5HOUTJISHALL LIE ·· BACK AND CONSIDER HOW A1UCH Pi(5S£R CHAE/A IT.i WOtiUP REQVI 5LONCD FEOAA THE YANK..' GASOUW ALLKl, »v Kirif VODKA CO LLINS? // leaves \ou breathless! mirnoff "the greatest -name to or 100 proof. _ ·. M»'de from 100* jnm ncutn! spirits' · ; 'Stt Pierre Smirnoff .FIs.lnc,Hirtforl, Conn. ANNOUNCING A New Service D e p a r t m e n t U n d e r t h e Management of George A. Stewart W e I n v i t e A l l O l d a n d N e w C u s t o m e r s T o V i s i t OurShop Complete Service · on Both Imported and American Built Cars 240 N. Stone Phone 3-0183 ACROSS L, Musical direction for »ilenc» 17. Behind » vessel 29. Become lex severe «. High mountain "' ». Spigot " 12. Latin reralon of the Scripture* 11. Ocean 11. Early En*ll»h money 15. Razor sharpener it. Army officer IS. Speedily 20. Malice 21. Matron !3. Insect 25. Frozen .dessert 67. Smooth 26. Native metal glossy 37. Uncooked 3S. Persian fairy L Dutch commun* ·12. Arrived' 43. Old-womanlsb 45. Bang down .47. Side 49. Scene or action 52. Devoured 63. Epoch 54.. Teara down E5.. Autlrmativ* 66. Turf Solution of Saturday's Puzzle DOWN i. Palm lilies 1. Siamese coin /z is 37 sf £3 I. Chewy candr 4. Abscond C. Bark of tn« paper .mulberry «. P.iaa 7. Constcllatloa ·8. Chums 9. Bracing 10. Mountain ridge 11, Turns whit* 17. Think 19, Chefs plec* 21. June" but 22.;.Exi*r St. --Bed canopy S7. : Black cuckoo' ^8. Female sandpiper .30. Ancient Roman ofBcIa). it. Gymnastlp swing 33. Kind of meat 34. Female the*? 35. Muddled 3S. East Indlu. tree 39; Growing out ·40. Ceremonies 42. Lobster ro« 44. AKe»- 46. Bowlni! Implementi. 48. Gone by. 60, Born tl. Invite :k, 1 think something dishwasher. ; What It's not Trust me. If you are ^T a racketeer or a bank ) that bad. robber nights, I won't / I'm going .tell a soul. j-. -^ to art school. can't promise anything, bu.t I don't want to 'wash, dishes all my life. DICK TR.4CJ THE ELECTRIC CURRENT IS. CUT TO A MAGNET' FOR, LOADING STEEL SCRAP- AND 6OO FOUNDS OF METAL | PROP JNTO ATRUCK. Chttutr Gout* IT BM_LS IN A JUMBLED MASS OVER A BLACK OBJECT WHICH ONLY A 'D BERPRE WAD, BEEN TOSSED INTO THE TRUCK. WHERE DOES I DIRECTty TO THAT LOAD /THE FUF5NACE. Ltl ABHEK gy At Capp WE COULDNT DIG TH'MOUNT'IN OFF OF PAP(/ -SO WE NAMED IT AFTER HIM.7- "SADOEST'THING ABOUT THE WHOLE MESSV INCIDEWT IS FVWSY' WONT HAVE NO- - TIMErMOURH.OM ACCOUNT O'TH'ROAD- WORK SHE GOTTA CO. Af Nt i-uu Theyll Do It Every Time By Jimmy PROBER RE5MI5 RATIENTS TO WITH \ MIMIM/4 AGGRAVATED \ Y RHINITIS CREEPUS! ! CONSESTED-U PIZZA T2ENA TZiA«U'MM« GASTRITIS HITEST1TUS AHD iMFLAMmTlOhl OF THE VESTIBULAR;- OMeROPHOBW ROAD- VTO LIMBER UPX)RE WORK?\CREA.KV OLE'LAGS, WHUFPO?-)SO A i'O'KIM KETCH , :f\ MEW R4PFY- R3' VORE FATHERLESS J CHILE, IN TH'SADIE HAWKINS DAV. RACE^) NEVAH MIME. AH IX5Ki l T V/AMT NO PAPP^EFAH CAJNVHAVETO! RIP KiKBV AH KNOWS | HOW VO' J MISSTH'S. MIZZUBLE) LI'L RAT sow-BUT:) AGROWIN'S BOYNEXOS A PAPPY/' AHIL RUN.':'' Alex JUT LET^ MECHANIC TAKIH TECHMlCAL TERMS, AMD 7WE DOC BIDWS A FUSE.' QUITE A JOB- TORSIOMAL R4MPER, TAPPETS ARE SOLENOID. r^EED'rJEW PMNET/4RX PIMIOMSTOO^THEH WE SEE HOW THE TRUNIOM COULD USE-' ME// -ROTOR FLANGE' /AHOTVER HLNNERD VtW'W SCIN' 'ORDERS PER NEW /CRXTf! I CAN'T ' SLEEP! I CAN'T EAT... WE OVTTA L PUT TH6 HEAT ON THAT ^DETECTIVE MELOCY LANE SONSS! A MILtlON BUCKS' W3RTW O 1 BUSINESS-AN' WE CAN'T FIND HER! I'M 6OIN' BOILED DOiVN, TWC CLIPPiNSS' SHCM THIS, A«. JOHW...WHEN CORNELIUS WJ DCRPE'S WIFE, /_,,, WHO;ONCE. WHS /A EAAV3LS.SIKSER, x^S^-r ziTM DIH3 FIVE YEARS /4^,HE : BECAME/ ^L^^ A RKXLSE AND:APPASeJTLV' / .J 3 =?=' ~" WENT TO. EUROPE... ^ -^ SIR...MR. J^K I MR. Kf. KELOOfS'SCV\L\S1W,YDU- ItFMD! VDU SEEN I' nER LAST! WHERE/.YOUR;.. ISSHEf' LITTLk ORPHAN ANNIH Harold Grtf NOTHH MEflL~AND OPEN MR COOKIN' MAKE-VUH Mtetrr -n«Y COTE? THEY C«LL Wi ~MLD"

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