Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 18
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;': Page C-2-INDEPENDENT -* u '"V"*-. .-.1 . Meet ?Four Local Athletes 3:59;Mjler «» wu kMi*(r«ii»* lj«MU* «»d third In lh.luO.MId tn iMtu* «h*inplon* LOUIE KK1DLS Poly. · ' Mp»rt--Cw lr**k, rv»--4«o, " " -15. ~ fM(. · Inthoi. Is poundi. iiporloMo-- NOB*. Sophofnor*. HllkUi«l, -- Krttlo ·«· i Pol/ 1 * fop CM 440 ninnr 1 Ihll y«tr *n4 **l nv4r*l m.*t r4«ord* lo l**suo duill. H* ellmunl **uon wiuj him In Iuti» flniii. KB10 KOBKI BI*«I Poir, 8p«rt-- Vtrillr iwlmralni, '»·-- It. · -· iWt JON KBXROAT Mint-- Poly. Hport -- B*« (r««ll, K»»t~ H twt. 1Y6 . Hrlfhl-- « fMl. · Hint. Sophomor*. p 4 « l - **w* *.nd wu A hMvy *«or*r (or vanity thii p*.ll M**on v H* h4lp*d P o l x iwr* i-3-3 ·w««p In UMU* nn*l*. Pol. ]ln« dtpth In BM 1.... J ump ·v*ht, JoR *eor*d An* uiu* win *nd Ihtn flnlih*d fifth In Co**t (humptoii- Zone Shutout BUBBOYEH . -WIUoo, ~V*rilt)r iwlntnilBi Brwt.--Buiurflr, rtuy. At»--u. P t O T l O « l lip XoWU Junior, nln*. in Hit lint' rut of pr*^. o«mp4tlUM, h * 1 p o A Wllwa win r*«il L«MU* voriiur tin* with · fourth _...T»._ loo , )r , 1 4 bulllrllr HKNNV JUNKS H*k«ot-- Polr. Bport--vinllr tmk, K m t o -- H u r d i o i , hlftt TOM IMLONQ LARRV BAY MwT 'Ml. 1 iMh. "-- iji _jou»», fiipirliM*--Ul- t«nn*n. ··Dlo/. H Hlfkllfkta-Wonu U · ftF (ln«ll.l In lln law ntiMlM ·nd WAI on* of Polr'i Md- tnM ' Monn · Ul* Hk»l won tn« notlt LMIIU* til),, H* b«u*r«i hi* own Mhool r**ard will) 19.4 clovklni ·iiiir IKU if. H« i"' run hlih« In It I *nd lwiM ··1 In hllh lump llr fwlmmlni, Urn*-- Oltlni, Af*-ll, . Hlik»-- a f**l. SH IntbM. W*Uk-- IM poundi. PrmlM* y*«r l*tt*rm«n. Senior, HUMIlMt-IMLoni w*l undOMltil In dutl ntMti ml* r«tr and won tti* CMit U*iu* hinpKMhi|, H* hti plM*d «n tll-Cltr tun tor two r««.ri innl*. roiltloK--Fourth nun. An--IT. ' H«lik»_« ft*l, II InthM. WHihl--111 pound*, t*Mvl««« KlpOrivM*--I4t* t*rm*n senior, HllkUim*--Bar h» b**n n *t**dr Dolni wlnn*r for Pinlhtr nttliri Ihli MMn. Ht hu so«4 All**,round *ourt Maas Wins 6fhinRow * - ,' for Tigers WASHINGTON UB -- Duk BEFORB 12 NOON today commissioner Cecil Zaun of the ,,TM ..... --------------- Metropolitan Conference wUl Maas. who didn't win a same have polled, by telephone, the · fop .Detroit last season, scored , his sixth straight triumph Sun day as the Tigers walloped the Washington Senators, 6-1, and took over fourth place In the American League. It was the feeble Senators fifth loss In succession and their 16th In their last 19 games. Maas, who had a losing streak of 11 straight before he started his victory streak, gave up five hits. He permitted only one man to get as far as third until the seventh when successive doubles by Herb Plews and Jim Lemon produced the Washington run. This broke a string of 13 scoreless Innings for Maas. Chuck Stobbs, Washington's leading pitcher last year with 13-15 record, suffered eighth straight loss. ^ "'-""US 5 ultlv'Jf B I t a 1 t T 0 his 4 1 1 6 U»o«.rf 4 0 4 0 §»rt*r*l.o j 0 · 0 M.Bellnn , 4 l § ' k»f».p ToUll 9 I IT S Total* M l J' 14 «,t for K*mn*nr In llh. out »r H*ruM« In Tin. Hi ·» 41 U. Bolllnf-llunnlll. Jolt 4. Wuhlnilon 4. BB--S taint 1. MMU 1. Hlrn*M« I. . SC . . . ^ «· 4. st«tta 1, K*ni»*nr , Hrd* fcO-- «t«bb« 4.1, XimiMnr 4-4, H«i- 1-1. mh4 jii o-kj Hrii ·.V. T _ K*«in*r*r 1*1, H*r- n»»*i 0-5. )l,4* »-0, WP-- Mui (*·!). UNo-SUbbi (0-81. b--RIM, Romnil, llofH*. topp. T--Ilil. Alt,--l.l». g f . . JjeMarco in li feature Bout HEW YORK (UK) - Tony De* Marco Is an early U-3 favorite · tohlp Walter Byara In a welterweight 10-rounder Saturday i nlrfht In Boston--one of the feature fights on the week's card. D*|»lsrco ls top-ranked In the division. Byars Is rated ninth, In Wednesday's TV fight lightweight contender Kenny L4\h» Is a 17-3 choice over Tobthplck Brown and Randy Sandy Is favored at 8-3 to top VlfKll Aklns In Friday night's ml Idlewelght TV bout. he week's schedule Includes; *'!. Twl1 'I 1 ; ?)·!'-- Mff y*. Ar«l Miwmi r*r rt*w orl*«n»--ChorUy ' Til t Al WUII«mil PlUlbun Itu W.«» rtnttntf *MU4o, Vfaff^wyt *SSfeL«5l»- [onl. Own.--Billy Lri llll*m*i IOM SulUt v*. CJly League Bateball eight members of his junior coir [ege domain. Qar Zaun will ask each Metro ball la not a popularity contest member one question, to wit! ·Should Long Beach, East I*A, or San Diego represent us In the Southern California junior college baseball championships T" A 1000*1 shot came winging out of the Blue Friday when Long Beach lost to Valley, Har- xr stunned East L.A. and San Diego snuck Into a three-way tie by winning Us finale. Since only one team from each Southland conference Is per. mltted In playoffs, Zaun Is running up quite a, phone bill today, says he thinks It's the only possible solution. Joe undoubtedly Is right, but this voting for a playoff spot, It seems to me, Is carrying democracy a bit too far. Base- Personal feelings grudges and feuds will enter Into the voting MeT I'm a "flip-the-coln" man 0 * * * BUT WHATEVER the mult of the balloting today may be Hicks does not feel his Vikings "blew" the title. »,., , 'Sure we lost our last two Arrives for Relays . ' ..-·. : v . . - . . ' J . *\ SAN FRANCISCO (HE)-Merv L i n c o l n , Melbourne mller, arrived In the United States Sunday to compete In five major track and field meets. The 33 - year - old schoolteacher, accompanied by his coach, Franz Stanpfl, flew In aboard·« Qantas airliner. After a short layover at International Airport the pair enplaned for Los Angeles where Lincoln Is entered in the Coliseum Relays to be run next Friday night. " Lincoln, who has posted a ., 3:59 Hat mile, told sports- ·writers In San Francisco he ·.! would be "running to win but I am not going for any records." , "There are ' some scalps worth getting," he said, "and ;. I'll be trying to do my best." '« Lincoln, who has been '. hailed as another John Landy, ". also will compete at Modesto, ·'' Compton, Bakersf leld and the · national AAU meet in Ohio i next month, . " Two other runners 'Who v ' have better four minutes In the mile--Derek Ibbotson and Brian Hewson of Great Brit\ aln -- left London by plane Sunday night en route for the · ; States and they too will take ,' part In the Coliseum Relays. . Ihbotunn ran a 3:39,4 mile at London last Aug. 6 and Hewson ran a 3.59,8 mile there May 28, 1935, when he and Britain's Chris Chataway and Lazlo Taborl of Hungary bettered four minutes In the same race with the latterwln- ' nine In 3:59.0. Texas League '%# The United States' Davis Cup innl* squad completed a shut ut over the British West Indies unday In Its first round match the American Zone ellmlna tlons. Singles victories by Bernard Tut) Bartzen and G r a n t ..olden of Wllmette. Ill,, at Port f Spain, Trinidad, made tho mal count 3-0, The U. S., led ly Vic Selxas, had clinched the series by winning the first two ngles Friday and the doubles aturday. The Americans thus qualified or a zone semifinal-series with enezuela beginning at Caracas ext Friday, In Sunday's wlndup matches, jsrtzen defeated Peter Valdei, 1, S-l, 6-1 and Golden, subbing or Selxas, defeated Ian Mac- onald, 8-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-2. Meanwhile, Belgium, D e n - iark, Poland and Italy won the ist four berths In the quarter, nal lineup of the European Zone tournament ,-, The four nations will' join :exlco, Great Britain, France nd Sweden -- each an earlier uallfler--In the European part the competition to determine challenger to the trophy held y Australia. JOE HICKS Long Beach coach Joe Hicks claims the vote b provided for In the Conference by-laws and AU-QtyPrep Net Tourney« Begins Today A field of 37 outstanding Long Beach prepsters opens play In the 10th annual All-Clty High School tennis championships at Lakewood Tennis Club today. Competition Is limited to singles play this year. Qualifying matches begin at 3 p-m, with Irst-round action starting at 3. D a n t e Merllno, defending champion from Wilson High, Is he early favorite. However, oly's Phil Odcgard, Norm' Slo- mann,, Bob Eaton and John McAfee are expected to press him, Today's pairings: - · games t and the undisputed title," Joe admitted Saturday, "but our kids played good ball." "They played ae well thl* Imst week as in the otb*rm ... It was Juit s CM* of the opposition playing a bit better." Hicks said he told his team Ijust that en route home from Valley after Friday's 12-lnnlng heart-breaker. The Vlkes, at that time, had not yet heard of the miracle fashioned by Harbor's prevl ously-wlnless Seahawks, "About half way home," Hicks continued, "I had the bus driver UM P)| ), Milk** .. . ,,. .jnor 8»n VI. Johnllon (P) I lon (PI i »HMlti *. Ill** (PI J 1 1 D»nn*nbrlB« P)l B.kk« P i »*. Cturii 11} ·l B.kk, *r*Uo| tint ., (fi ictton IP) vi, wlnntr (lonua P) it, Uvln* (Pi »«,. H«r -P v*. wfniMr Wln*h**i*r- BoTloitoa Pi! JohMM (W) »·,. B*ri--, .- Irlfii (P) »*, wlnwr Wibfr-B»)ri Ou*r · rru (W) »·. B«««r ( p l l Bftm (J) Yl M*»rd (Pll Mlrllno (VV br«. S I. BOT ·rt»rd ·Bay; wall, M, series. 46-29. Pancho leads the Merchants Top Braves The North Long Beach Merchants scored a run In the bot- om of the ninth to d«f«at the ·larbor Braves, 5-4, In a South- m California Simlpro League game at Houghion Park Sun- Ferrareiie Otioned BALTIMORE wUDon Fer- imrese, 37-year-old lefthanded illcher,, was optioned by the Ultimofe Orioles Sunday night Vancouver of the Pacific Coast League on 24-hour recall. International League S ltta* S, ToronM '. -,. - nntrtil 4.J, lUKh*lt«f 1*1. · ^v irtnt 4-1, Columkvi !··.; "')' ;', American Association · »·«. ,,. nu. ..··" I made a phone call on the Harbor-East stop, and to check I*A. score. I felt It was a futile call.. "When I heard the result on the phone, I almost made a side door In that booth ... and when I told the kids, the bus was a bedlam!" SHOULD LONG BEACH prove to be the most popular team In the Metro as well as one of the three most talented, « playoff game with Palomar JC awaits on Tuesday, Hicks was somewhat reluctant to talk about a possible Tuesday game, but he did say he was eanlng towards righthander Tom Hudge as a starting pitcher It the Vlkes make the grade, Hudge hu 'seen limited action thus far this season, but won hi* first Metro start two week* »fo and waa tmpertly effective In relief Friday. The Ypsllantl, Mich., boy it primarily ft fast-ball pitcher. Another Vlke who came In for some praise from his bossman Saturday was second baseman Jerry Kelley. The former Poly High plvotman started the season as the team's regular second sacker, but was benched with an anemic J80 batting averae« · month later. Inserted back In the lineup during the second round, little Pancho Leads, 46-25 SALT LAKE CITY ittE) -- Powerful'Ptncho domain combined his tremendous serve with a-superlatlve net game Sunday Jwry has lifted hU bat mark to down Austra,*', Ken Rose- *£-«·*»V.5.$» TODAY, HOWEVER. Hlcki will be paying more attention to the ballot box than to batting averages. It's rumored ' that D. Pat Ahern may drop by. the Vlke Office this morning to sweat U out with Hicks. The portly Irishman has »n experience edge on Joe In this department I . -c Tonight's City League i Softball Schedule · - At ruk A»o--Dtom, 1, »UO. W«J' M*I4 ProdtHtloa »*. Floji U4i"f Clu»i · ill. DeliD* DUMl _r«w*f w. ciun Etoiufleo! DUrn. I, TIM. MCAA ·h4ll ^r^V^SrV.V'Ji"!.!^' At MNf»U« P.rt-t,ip SKA* H*. Mrl »l. Comlrt Ch4TTOl*ll «:4», No. , B, rouiMwr* »i. H»»M Toulh. Al ASmlriJ Klid--7 HO. Af«U* «*. PulfM V*lr*l «:». B*ll»nr Clup*l TO, 111 B*rHI Adull*. At r» AmfHM»--fisa, HunnM Dilr? t*. I. O, J«kr*lMtl| SI4I «"· v*ll«r* V*. til* R*j*bl*ri, At lUrniril Tit* B * L AuU Top* Tl. Coriml! ·'!«, ABin.W Bus Tk Sa. C«llf, Trul Ttmlll, At Okorrr An^otiM, M {JJ"* 411 "! rtL sports car races a record-breaking helby's Maserati in ecord Performance CUMBERLAND, Md. Carroll Shelby of Dallas, Tex., aptured the featured Edgar D, Vandegrlft Memorial Trophy In the national Sunday with performance. Shelby piloted his Maserati 300s around · the Cumberland Municipal Airport track 44 times In one hour for an average speed of 70.4 mph, eclipsing the 68.0 mark set last year by Sunday's runner-up, Walter Hansgen of Westfleld, N. J.. In a Jaguar D. · .,- . * - , . , Moore's Next Fight' In Germany, June 2 STUTTGART. Germany «U3-- L i g h t heavyweight champion Archie Moore will meet Maurice Mots of France Itl a 10-round non-title fight at Stuttgart, June 2, the organizers. announced Sunday. Moore was originally scheduled to meet Pedro Klyssens of Holland on May 23, but Klys- sens withdrew because of an in- fDanes (Soccer Title ·* *' The Dane* closed out the Greater Lo* Angeles Soccer League season Sunday at Veteran* Memorial Stadium with · 7-1 victory over the' Vikings, By whining, the Dane* finished In flrst place, thren point* ahead , of the Kickers. · ,, '· St. Stephen's, 4-1 winner over the Armenians In the preliminary came, finished fourth. The Danes will start their campaign' for the state title la San Francisco next Sunday. 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