The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 16, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE THIS BIG FEBRUARY CLEAN-UP SALE CLOSES TOMORROW NIGHT At Closing Time This has been our best sale and your opportunity to buy Merchandise at less than the wholesale cost. ^ Do not let tomorrow pass without a visit to bur store. BUY SHOES TOMORROW Choice of th? House$8:90 A]l Women's boots, High and low-heel, formerly priced at . •14.00, 12.50, 12.oo and 10.oo, ior $8.9O Choice of the House $5.90 AH Women's boots., high and low heel, iormerly priced at 9.50, 9.00, 8.00 and 7.50.. $5.9O BUY DRESSES TOMORROW, 2ND FLOOR $31.50 <|J I Q 7 C Value q> I U . f U Plum color Freneh serge dress. $34.50 Nobby dress of navy blue sergs. - . §39.50 Value Attractive navy blue serge dress. $42.50 Dressy dress of men's .wear serge. •, BUY BOYS CLOTHES TOMORROW . Groupe 1 All boys suits formerly priced 15.00 12.50, and 12.00 and n.oo..$8.95 Groupe 11 All boy's suits formerly priced 10.00 9.00 and 8.50 $6.95 Special Boy's MacRinaws Choice .of any boys' overcoat or - mackinaws, sizes 4 to 17.... $6.95 Buy Dress Goods and Silks Tomorrow BUY (N OUR BARGAIN BASEMENT TOMORROW 29c Outing Flannel All 350 light and dark outing flannel cut to per yard 20C 39c Black Sateen 27-in 500 black sateen, February clean up price" per yard 39c 59c A, m oskeag Ticking 32-in 750 amoskeag ticking, Feb- • ruary clean up" price per yard .... 59c 43c Fancy Ribbon One lot ol wide fancy floral ribbon, 5oc values cut to per yard 43c 29c Gingham All 27 and 32-in 35c dress gingham cut to per yard 29c $1.69 Men's Union Suits All Men's 2.00 ribbed union suits, February clean'up price each. .$1.19 98c Baby Blankets 1.25 wool knap fancy baby blanket, assorted colors, clean up price. .-98c 36-in 3.00 taffeta and mes- aline silks, clean-up price per yard ..$2.49 ,40 -in 300 silk Georgette 36-in 2.50 beautiiul taffeta silk, price per yard...... ............$2.19 48-in all wool dress plaids, .5.50 values at per yard . • - •. $4.69 36-in 1.25 wool serges in; all staple " colors, yard J...... .98C crepe and crepe- de chine, clean up price $2.49 4o-in 2.50 silk ioulard clean up price per yard. .. .$2.19 ^7-in 4oc plaid, striped and checked dress gingham, clean up price . -33c 4O-in 3.00 plaid dress goods, clean up price per yard $2.49 4O-in 3.00 flesh and white wash satin, clean up price yard $2.4o ' JOHNSON, VANCIL, TAYLOR CO. .T.ugo-SJ j\via, Felx18.—The •cabinet heiuled-by Premier tiioubh'-fDri- 1 vidpviteh 'resigned... o.n'ipg in the ire-! fusal 'of Prince: Regent' Afw.nclei: .to dissolve the present provisional na- 'tional representation and order elec- T/ons for a national constituent assembly. . . '• . $27.50 1 BELGRADE £??*'•••/•'•v-^i ••<£ "£*Li • '..^ " Headed tiy' Premier'!'Davido"Quits Wheri ; Prince' Regent • lgnpre8~~Reqiiest: 1ANSING PLANS LONG REST Expects to Arrive in Florida, on March 1—Has Nothing to Say on Resignation.. Washington, Feb. 10.—Former Sec- '•etary of- State Lansing proposes to take n long rest. Mr, Latising, it was learned here, will go to Daytona, FIa.~ arriving there Mnj-ch 1, nnd to remain indefinitely. Mr. Lansing says lie has untiling to say on the subject of his resignation. •W-- __lJ . -Sax . -T*3i "32- ..£l*~ r<£ii^&^ -• ^- * - ---"^ . uson v •«&.-•,-. "A Society^ Exite" 1 -.- Priven from her country as a moral l«w>r B yet she was all that a woman should S fee 1 ^ Powerful picture-drama from the cele! • should have had last Hfi STUDENT DIES IN BLIZZARD Freezes to Death While on Snowshoe ' Trip on Mount Monadnock, New Hampshire. Dublin, N. H., Feb. 10.—Clinrles MacVeagh, Jr., of Now York, a griulu- =3 J ate student at Princeton and son of the counsel for the United. States Steel corporation, died ot exposure on Mount Monndnock during an- attempted snowshoe trip to the summit, invcoin- pany with CImrlton Reynders of New York, a senior nt Harvard. Also RUTH ROLAND in "The Adventures of Ruth" Saturday. Don,'t miss : Also FOX NEWS § .Qur house is thoroughly disinfected' every K- day and well ventilated during' the evening. |t 11 and 22 cents • 16 TOURISTS ARE KILLED Twenty-One Others Are Injured Wher. Bus Falls Into Riv^r , in Italy. San Remo, Italy,' Feb. 10.—Sixteen tourists were IcH'c'fl and twenty-one others injured when a inntorbns fell Into a river while traveling along the road from Taggit to Trlora, near here. T be newspapers say the bad condition ot the road was responsible for the accident. LANSING INCIDENT IS CLOSED Whits House and State Department Officials Refuse to Discuss •the Affair. . Washington, Feb. 1C.—At the White Honse it was stated umplmticnlly Hint discussion of the Rinsing-Wilson incident wa.s closed s« fiir as any officials there were concerned.- No one there would answer any questions relating to the subject. Efforts to obtain any information at the state department were likewise unavailing. ' L>occil News Miss Helen Liniothe returned to her i (Ed-gar Ashley, traveling auditor for home in St. I,ouis today after visiting the Illinois state prison, at Joliet, is Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Gallegly and visiting his parents, Mr. a-nd Mrs. W. J'anjily. i H. Ashley, Sr. He is here because of ! the illness of his father, w'ho is re- BaslcSt ball Friday and Saturday, ported improved. The Ashley family nights, Feb. 20 and 21. Normal Gym. today received a message telling of Cape Girardeau vs. Normal.—Adver-' the death of Mrs. Virginia Roberts, Geo. Adams of Cambridge; OMo, is visiting h isfamily here. tisement. Miss Hazel Oliver, formerly of this city, Tvho is -teaching in the Gillespio schools, visited friends here and at 3i:«.kanda during the week end. aged 91 years, of Los Angeles, Calif. She was an aunt of Mr. Ashley, Sr. M'iss Marie Terpinitz spent the weelc end with Murphysboro friends. Bert E. Hill was in St. Louis Saturday a-nd attended a meeting where arrangements for the aanual outing for the Southern Illinois editors was arranged. The trip wtilL be a boat excursion from St.'Louis to Commerce, Mo., June IS. The Eagle has been chartered, Mr. Hill is treasurer of '.the Southon] Illinois Edi-torial Association. The trip was planned by J. F. Basti-n of the Graham Paper Co., A. B. Richards of the Barnhart Type "Pnimd-ry and J. F. Schmidt. how Lawns Were Named. Years ago the Dutc(i excelled all other peoples in the blenched linens they sent forth. That was in K time, of course, when blenched lineu \v»s considered a luxury. Tlie Dutch gained their fame for this exeefiem-e be'c.-iuse they hnd n wonderful: system ot treating the muslin to make it w.hitf. To begin with, they treated it to blenches and acids of various sorts; and then they placed it.on blenching Inwns, or gr,eens, where it Iny at intervals from March to September. The white material thus produced took the name nf lawns whereon it was bleached—at least so goes tha story. MISSIONARY MEETING. ./• The regular monthly missionary meeting of the Presbyterian chiiVc'h' will be held Tuesday afternoon at. 2:SO at the home of Mrs: J. W. .McKinney, 305 W. Elm St. Pleas'e be prompt and don't forget the 'baby shower'for the missionary hospital 3n the far east. If impossible to come please send your Mrs. McKinaey. MEETING POSTPONED •'• The Woman's,Home Missionary Society of the Methodist church has postponed its meeting from Tuesday •this ^week until Tuesday neit week.— .•.Advertisement. ... . . CARD 61- THANKS • We desire ito express our sincere, appreciation, to our friends for their kindness arid sympathy ia our sad be- J-earement in,the loss of our husband,' son and brother, Hairy House. "We are especially grateful ifo Rev. Duncan MacFarlane and the fellow railroad employees of .the deceased. Mrs. Harry House. -. Mrs. R. J: House, "'' Miss Harriett House. Advertisement. . ...Walter O'Brien, wivo~bas been located 'in Carbondaie tor the last few months, connected with. the^Old Ben, Coal Co.,.left today for Chicago where, he has been, transferred to the Chicago^offices. JITNEY! JITNEYIIITNEY! Call 381 or the O. K. barter shop. I »TI running, lour cars. I can absolutely assure you the best service in the city. Always a good driver to answer your call. I do nothing- but auto serrice, day and night. Remember -phone 381 or the O. K. barber shop. \ Earl Noel, Prop. Advertisement. .'-.-' HUNTING, FISHING CAMPING & TRAPPING TAXI! TAXI! TAXI! Far closed car service call 312 Y, Brooks Taxi 'Station, or 66, Brooks Garage. Night or day service.—Advertisement. of, H*M nrotrm, fldil.j outfit* bwt ptocM t» co for Mi Only 15 oeat§ * copy. Get your copy to-day of Ray Veach, Carbondaie Book Store giiiinniiiiiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiHiiiniiuiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiimiiiiitiiniiiiiiiiini!^ 20 Per Cent Off the Marked Price of AH Merchandise at East .Side of ' " T/" T> "V C TT TT T^ The Square JV K I O H JtL K I ) Ca-bonda e Illinois saving When you stop and.see.hpwjow our regular prices are you will realize what a _ you are making by taking advantage of this sale. Everything in the store is marked in plain figures, we have one.price to all.. If you buy $ f .do and pay. cash'you save 2 oc, 'if you b.jy $5.00 you save $r.oo, if-you buy toe you save\ 2 c and so o i through the stock: The following are a few prices taken at random from various lines 1 $2:50 heavy fleece lined union suits less 20 per cent, go at .$2.00 I ..75 heavy fleece lined shirts for men | ~ less 20 per cent, go at .. ... .60c | $1.50 blue shirts for men less 20 per cent go, at .$1.20 M-iss Lfinra Russell of - Johnston City is the guest of Mrs. Sam Morris. . $2.50 overalls for men less'20 per cent ........$2.00 $5.00 work shoes for men less 20 per cent, go at ......,. ...... .$4.00 I § $2.00 house slippers for men or women less 20 per cent, go at .$i:eo = ' Robert Davis is spending a few clays Binerv. Joli-Tron and John Rains of : in Chester. Thebes spent Sunday with Mr. and 'Jlrs. J. W. Dexter and family. Miss Harriett House returned yes-, tcrday to her home in East St. Louis •having been here since: the death of Jier brother -1*"*L Miss Sylvia McGowau expects to go to Centralia tomorrow for a visit with'relatives and friends. i 83.50 sweater coats for men, less 20 per | cent, go at .':...' $2.80 Mrs. Cecil Bell of Flint, Mich., is i = .... the guest of her sister, Mrs. Howard :§ $1.50 sweater coats for men less 20. per •• / • if -cent, go at :..'..........-. .81.20 $15.00 boys' wool suits less 20 per cent, I _j_- »- •*• _.__""" = go at .$12.00 I $11.50 boys' wool suits less 20 per cent' i go at ; §9.20 | $10.00,boys' mixed suits less 2'0 per cent I- goat $8 .oo | $5.00 boys' suits less 20,per -cent go 1 at ;••'• .-.-.-.... '....,...$4.00 | $11.00 ladies' shoes less 20 per cent go | at -...-.. .$8.80 | S7.50 ladies', shoes-less 20 per cent go i at •••••• •-••., $6.00 | $4.50 ladies' shoes, plain toe, less 20 r>er f cent, go at .$3 60 1 AVihton Walkup, formerly of. Engineer. Harry .House, | city, is visiting friends here. He is oceurrjea Wednesday__;.Her | now in I. P."General Manager J. F. R... J. -House,.expects-to-jporte-rflelfl's officelin Chicago^recently St. Louis the latter part j resigning a position, iri thelocal division offce. Mrs..Elmer Bass and son, George! William, left Saturday riight Jor Milwaukee, Wis., to join her husband who is employed by a shoe firm, there. , C. M. Wiltons, foreman of the round house, who has been seriously ill for the last several days, is improved today. We have a full stock of Children's Shoes all at 20 per cent off' iu Educator • Sitnback and other well-known brands. ^ • ' • ' 1 $=;.op Rubber boots. 20 percent olf, $4'.oo. . . , ' W> now hnveaVery'heavy stock and must close out part of it and sjet the money-atone?. Merchandise is actually getting higher and we will'actually Jose money on many ot these prices wh.efl.we'go".to restqck.^' : • .• liiiaiiiiiiimiiiiiiiniiiimnimiittiiiiitmiiiirairaniiiiiBniiiiii

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