Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 13, 1967 · Page 54
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 54

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1967
Page 54
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CAMPBELL Open Weekdays 'til 9 Wed. and Sat 'til C HOLD-TV TUCSOM TODAY'S BEST TV :54 Farm and Ranch (c) 7:M Captain Kangaroo 8:M Frankenstein, Jr. (c) 8:30 Space Ghost (c) 9:00 Superman (c) 9:34 The Lone Ranger (c) 11:00 The Roadrunner (c) 18:30 The Beagles (c) 11:00 Tom and Jerry (c) 11:30 Mighty Mouse (c) 12:00 Underdog (c) 12:30 Rifleman 1:00 Outer Limits 2:00 Auto Racing Highlights 3:00 Championship Bowling (c) 4:00 Barn Dance (c) 5:00 20th Century 5: SO Jackie Gleason (c) ·:30 Mission: Impossible (c) 7:30 Pistols N 1 Petticoats (c) 8:00 Gunsmoke (c) »:00 Million Dollar Movie (c) "Vanquished" 18:45 HOLD Late Show "Mara Maru" ARIZONA'S LARGEST AQUARIUM Tucson's N«w«t IT Riwrt KUrtn* £*h ft Gold fth 5056 E. Broadway '327-637S Mam. thin Thw. 1M Fri. 1M Sirt.lMSiM.lM Local Channels 4 KVOA NBC C KUAT UA-NET 9 KGUN ABC 11 KZAZ UN 13 KOLD CBS Morning 7:MA.M. 0 Beanie and Cecil CB Sunrise Semester College credit courses in English and philosophy are taught by New York University faculty. 8:00 A.M. Q Linus the Lionhearted CB Whitsunday Special . "Galileo," a malor oratorio with music by Ezra Laderman and libretto by Joe Darion, Is scored for full orchestra, chorus and 12 soloists. The authors selected Galileo for the sublect because they believe that Ihe storms which sWirled around this brilliant man are paralleled In the present troubled times. Ara Berberlan sings the title role. (1'A hours) 8:30 A.M. Q Peter Potamus 9:00 A.M. Q Bullwinkle 9:30 A.M. Discovery '67 Repeat. The strange undersea creatures and unsolved mysteries o f . · Earth's scrawling ocean world are given in a two-part program, fhe first today, CB Mass For Shut-Iiis 10:MA.M. O Mexican Theater Variety show with news and music. · IB Herald of Truth / Religtou. program 10:30 AM. IB Face tne Nation . Sen. Russell B. Loos (D-l_a. is hiter- vlrwed. 11:00 A.M. O Meet the Press C K Yen, vice-president and premier of the ReB-jblk: of China, Is ooest. CD Shirley Temple Movie 11:30A.M. O Frontiers of Faith Can human We be regarded as meaningful? A series of four " C a _ h c i l l c Hour" proarams deals with this "central concern of contemporary m*n. JACK PAAR In Hollywood doseup Channel 4, 8 P.M. 2:M P.M. MOTORCYCLIST In "Pursuit of Happiness' Channel 4, 9 P.M. Afternoon 12:00 NOON Q It is Written George E Vandeman. world tracer, lecturer and th-oloalan. speaks from his study OP subiects of interest. 12:30 P.M. Q Movie Time (2V» hours) Q Directions The role of the military chaplain Is discussed by officers of the Army. Navy and Air Force. IB Professional Soccer League The Toronto Falcons meet the. Pittsburgh Phantons at Varsity StadKim In Toronto. (Two hours) 1:06 P.M. 0 Issues and Answers Former Alabama Gov. Geo.»n: Wallace discusses his plans for 196*. fD Life of Mary ·The World's Greatest Mother," the slo- ry of the life of Mary as recorded in Holy Scripture, is presented, with Ethel Barrymore reading from fhe Bible'and Ruth Hussey enacting the role of Mary. Loretta Young also participates In the program, and the Rev, Patrick Peyton discusses the Importance of family pray""' 1:30 P.M. Q Family Theater "The Chinese Stick" Is the nime of the program. CD The Joyful Noise Features Include the story of a ccllefle student who deckles to renew his dedication to Christ, and a Moody Institute of Science feature, "The City of the Bees." (IVi hours) t-M P.M. Q Red and Blue Danube "The Beautiful Blue and Hed Danube," an ABC News documentary 'aklng viewers on a picturesque and enltahtenlnfl trip down the Danube River, Is repeated. (On* hour) CD Naked City Efforts of the police to control crime In a big city are told. 3:00 P.M. O New Orleans Open Golf The professional golfing tour, now play Ino at Lakewood Country Club, is seen In final action. (1V hours) O Dan Smoot CD Spanish Film (Two hours) CD I Love Lucy Repeat series stars Lucille Ball. 3:15 P.M. Q Science Fiction Theater "War Gods of Babylon," starring Howard Duff and Jackie Lane, tells of two Kings, brothers, who clash over a beautiful girl, · defying the decree of (he oods and bringing tragedy. Filmed In Italian, with English dubbed In. (!'/ hours) 3:30 P.M. CD Amateur Hour A loo* trombone player from Kansas competes with dancers, singers and musicians from Oklahoma. 4:00 P.M. CD 21st Century The many ways In which the awesomu power of atomic energy may serve mankind In the' future are reported by Walter Cronklle. 4:30 P.M. O Concert for Youngsters ·The Boston Pops Orchestra is heard in a children's special In which a feature is the narration of verses by Ogden Nash to Salnt-Saens' "Carnival of Animals." During this portion, artist Llsl Well, children's book Illustrator, draws the animals on panels, working In rhythm to the music. (One hour) CD Desert Trails Flora and Fauna from the Arizona- Sonora Desert Museum are shewn. 5:00 P.M. QVktory at Sea Some of World War H's most dramatic sea engagements are shown. CD Mrs. America Contest Jn a Mother's Day program. Channel It brings highlights of the 19*7 Mrs. America Pageant at San Dleeo In wh'ch a mother from each slate and the D': .- ct of Columbia competes In such ict'.v' 'cs as grocery shopping, safe driving, interior design, meal preparation and child communicating. (One hour) CB Lassie Forest Ranger Corey Stuart (Robert Bray) works on Ihe Keep America Beautiful campaign. Repeat. 5:30 P.M. O World of Color The first of a two parler, "The Love of Wllladean," stars Terry Burnham In the title role. The story of tmn-aae rivalry also stars Michael McGreevey and Roger Mobley. (One hour) Q Danger is My Business Series about hazardous occupations. CD It's About Time Repeat. Hector and Mac (Jack Mullaney and Frank Aletter) learn that an abandoned puppy they find !n their spaceship is believed to bring bad kick. D Big Time Wrestling CB Ed Sullivan foody Allen, Jerry Stiller and Anne Aeara, along wllh the Turtles and Les- « Uggans singing from her new Broadway musical, "Halleluiah," are - head- tned. (One hour) «:30P.M. EJ Hey, Landlord! iepeat. Trouble develops when It appears that a hired killer Is oul to get ·W of Chuck (Sandy Baron). 7:00 PiM. _ Bonanza Ben (Lome Greene) faces a destructive gold mining operation, on his beloved fonderosa. Robert Mlddleton and Georae :handler ouest star. (.One hour) _ The F.B.I. Inspector Ersklne (Efrem Zlmballst Jr.) Is assigned to guard a peace emissary believed to be the target of an assassl- nation plot In Ihls repeat episode. (One hour) B Stage Elevei. "Action In the North Atlantic," st»" | r« Humphrey Boaart and Raymond. Massey, Is a very good 1W3 drama about the Merchant Marine durlno World War II. CiVt hours) CD Smothers Brothers- Janet Leigh and Ihe folk-rock learn of Simon and Garfunkle are guests. (One hour) 8:00 P.M. 0 Jack Paar Jack Paar Is lolned by Judy Garland or.d Bob Newhart on an Irreverent clospup of the foibles and fancies of the world's film capital. Special Is call«d "Jack Paar and a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hollywood." (On* hour) Q Sunday Night Movie Repeal. Marlon Brando, Montgomery Cllft and Dean Martin star In a 195« dramatization o» the Irwln Shaw novel, "The Young Lions." The powerful slorv tells of two Americans and a German, young soldiers during World War II, and how they are affected by war. (3Vi hours) CD Candid Camera Repeat Comedienne Marge Green barges Into a hotel lobby weartn* earrings in which live goldfish are swlmmmlng in one amusing sequence. 8:30 P.M. CD What's My Line? Tony Randall sits In lor vacationing Bennett Cerf. Mark Goodson and "-·-- Gurley are guesl panelists. g:45 P.M. CD News 9:00 P.M. Q Pursuit of Pleasure NBC News Special turns the spotlight en the new "Fun Morality," showing how pleasure Is pursued these days In many forms. Motorcyclists, communities where LSD and other "soft dru»s" arc used and many other areas of pleasure-seeking are stiown. (One hour) Evening 6:00 P.M. 0 Voyage to i^ottom of Sea Repeat. Admiral Nelson clashes with * moderator of pseudo-scientific films. Nelson Is played by Richard Basetiart and (he moderator by BalnbrMge Wells. (One hour) BARBARA STANWYK Seen in "Wagon Train" Channel 11, » P.M. "CITY OF THE BEES" On R-Tgious Program Channel 11, 1:30 P.M. CD Wagon Train "Waoon Train," starring John Mclnllre as Ihe waoonmaslcr, also stars Barbara Stanwyk. Series tells about the days when waoon trains carried settlers westward. (One hour) America! Camera visits some of the country'* most beautiful spots. 9: 30 P.M. CB Across Seven Seas Josh Douglas hosls this travel series. 10:00 P.M. News, Weather (B Niteline News, Sports * Blockbuster Movie Dan Da ey, along wnn uin^n """::,* and David Nlven Story tells ° ' » E"£ choanalyst who becomes too Involved with his patients. CB Network News -- Harry Reasoner 10:30 P.M. CD Bold Movie "Outlaw of the Ped River." starring George Montgomery, Is the film. CB Sunday Night Playhouse "The Cf »rg« at Feather River," st»r- rlr* Guy Madison, Frank Lovetoy and Vera Mites, Is a good 1»S3 western about American cavalrymen and an Indian uprising. 11:38 P.M. 0 Peter Gunn; News Reruns at a detective series. Information in these listings is provided by the television networks and local station. The Citizen assumes B* responsibility for rrrors caused by late changes in scheduling. SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1967 TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN PAGE 27

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