Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1975
Page 21
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M-INMPiNMNT(AM) PRESS-TE'ti'GSA.'A (PM) By Johnny Hart I'll ABNER ByAl(pp» MISS PEACH By Mell Lazarus NOW AH KIN /ANIC TH CXJTA HIS 5\OJ\.L. ewe us 24 HCXJRS ANDWEtL tfO-K OUR HOTEL- DOSPATCH . To ITS ORKSINAt. srrerr- TUMBLEWEEDS By Tom K. Ryqn C5I6H) THEY'RE A LITTLE DESTRUCTIVE, BUT IT 1 * AMAZINS HOW AWARE OF THINGS THEY ARE...' /"^WHY NOT? / WE 6ATALLTH£ I CURRENT MAA7INE5.. ANIMAL CRACKERS BuT SOME OTHER Tl WE , DISCOVERED AW AWFUL TROTH ABOOr Brad Anderson MARMADUKE By Hank Ketchum 'DENNIS THE MENACE "He''s singing me a lullaby." NX ' CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Incarcefate 5 Snooty pancake 10 Soho- domestic 14 Yam starter 15 Princely 16 Residence 17 Giving wide berth to 20 - highness 21 Welds 22 Roentgen's discovert' 23 Was aware 24 Soap 26 Way in 29 Stirs up 32 Burmese people 33 Heat: med. 34 Lord's Prayer word 36 Gave wide berth to 40 Rialtosign 41 SUnned 42 Ooze 43 Tables of contents 45 Seasoned 47 Not do 48 Disencumber 49 Faddish thing 52 Popular shade 53 Fill 'er up Solution to Yesterday's Puzzle: 56 Give wide berth to 60 Bard of 61 Sharp pull 62 Rose's beloved 63 Church seats 64 Warty ones 65 Figures out DOWN 1 - Billings 2 Opponent 3 Desserts 4 Songstress Peggy 5 Exigencies 6 Makeover 7 Breakfast fare 8 Moccasin 9 Building add-on 10 Replies the Styx 11 Israeli dance 12 Port of China 13 Umps IS Boxscore entries 19 Skillful 23 Rockwell 24 Unbroken 25 Andy's pal 26 Appeals 27 Dear one, in Lyon 28 Chubby chicken 29 Achromatizes 30 Bracer 31 French sugar 33 Insert sign 35 Oboe or clarinet 37 Missing links? 33 Prepare to take off 39 At center 44 Gross units 45 Golly 46 Climax 48 Corporal's concern 49 Fellow 50 Enthuse 51 Acknowledge 52 Environs 53 Taunt 54 Have Hackle' 55 Females 57 Cooperstown name 58 Company, 'tis said 59 Humorist SEEK FIND Oatmeal Cookies K S O D I U T E N N U T U N A O (' 0 C G R N 0 W E ril\e\L E U F O R K I P C O S E M I I T T A^W L O O F B I N A V R G I D S II 0. A U 0 A M I I S L I S T 0 V 0\I A R A U I I P S , O K O G A K A P A G R A M I E W L A C A U T/A/G C G A I G A I) 0\g\0 A R L E L ;}/L/B R O W U P I E G S P E L W F A C L N P A E D O S G G O E M L A O L T U A 0 A M 0 W U U E E T T U K 0 L 0 A C W P P E D O S U G T A P M L I F U O O E S P E E P G G W O I T I N C I P S S D B R 0 W N S U G A R H A D I. 0 G S V A N I L A R L U D O S V W K N I F E Instructions: The hidden names listed below appear forward, backward, up, down, ot diagonally in the puzzle. Find each hidden name and box it in as shown: H \ K I . N C I'OWDKH M A K C A K I N K SODA H K O W N S l ' l l A K O A T M K A I . V A M I . I . A K;;s H.AISINS WAI.MTS K U H ' K SALT W H I T K S I K J A K Tomorrow: Sports and (lames Toy JE3A.3NTE3 DIXON Forecast (or Wednesday I Your birthday today: Soos your norsonal influence on the rise \ OM e:m inspin; others this y e a r either to f o l l o w y o u r example or what you propose. Simplicity of approach is essen- t i a l . A " d e f i n i t e u p t u r n in material affairs comes toward the end of the year. Today's male natives seek unusual, o f t e n hazardous work, while women are inclined toward social activitv and are very high- Iv regarded. ' Aries (March 21-April 1!»: Be somewhat skeptical while keeping n sense ol humor. Much of today's trivia remains so only because it's taken lightly. Later hours bring sober thoughts. Taurus (April 20-!SIay 20): Unless well budgeted, money »ets out of hand with little to skiw for it. Conversations run in circles, convey emotional m e a n i n g s unrelated to the Gemini ( M a y 21-Juno 20): Visitors pop up when least expected, or turn put other lhan anticipated Their news is sur- p r i s i n g a l t h o u g h relatively unimportant. Calmly t r e a t today s changes as jemnorarv. V.'UIK-1'I Win" -l^"".' · Cnmnlieations a t t e n d any ca- reer'effort. Teamwork encounters minor snags. It's up to you to abstain from fault-finding. Your luck improves suddenly al end of the dav. \fQ (July 23-Aug. 22): Meet the smoother, more peaceful contacts for a itegmning. Bring together all sides, a fevv at a lime, for reconciliation. Kxpect no definite conclusions today. y, Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): TT\ for tranquiuty despite excite ment. Travel is favored, bu should be planned around alter native routes as conditions ar subject to abnipt change. Ubra (Sept. 23-Oct 22): Th bright new idea is the thing tin morning, but spend at least . day checking it out before yoi decide to apply it. There's mor lhan one factor needing judg '"Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Amuse yourself, but not at the expense of others. Help those who are confused. Most schedules f a i l ; the more complicated, the more inconvenient. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): The spirit of adventure can lead you out of your regular pathways. No h a r m done if you've 'taken can 1 of ordinary chores first. Home life is richer. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Thrift is something you normally practice naturally. Today is not the day to overdo it. Get help, a second opinion on any technical matter. Ammriiis (.Ian. 2tVFeb. IH): Quietly Keep vour seu-aminn as everybody has a great deal to say about secrets (hat can't lx' kepi much longer anyway. Family affairs become exceptionally busy. Pisces (Feb. Id-March 20): Communication includes much naiiior, ninny extras that are confusing Concentrate on people wto have told their stones well and straight before. WHAT BUSINESS YOU SOI HERE, MISTER ? LOOKS AS IF THERE'S \ TSEE DOWN IW FRONT OP A 1 THIS TCEE WAS CUT.'. BLOCK EOAD' I THOU6HT I'P TRV THE TROUT IN LITTLE INDIAN RIVER.' By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK | LOOK; THE WINDOW \5 OPEN'. MAYBE IT WENT IN LETS CHECK IN THE k MOU5E.MAY6E UNCA. ) WHERE DID W/WMJE IT TME BASEBALL-1 LANDED INThlE DONALD 5AW IT. f FLO, THESE ^ / LETTING OUT ! \ ,,J(JSEfe NEEP ) I WHAT HAPPENED UETTING oar J\ TO YXR PIET/ KEEP TRYING LOSE WEIGHT -AMD A GOMZ OUTSIDE SETS UPAHEAK-SPLITTIH6 CLAMOR! By Dick Brool^ JACKSON TWINS HffS \ JUST THE SAME 7*1 STILL SAV ~^ JUST / I WISH THEYP [ WE SHOULP'A GON' ^SET A GUY CUT TO THE \ HEPE TO Fly By Bob Montana TWO E'S, THREE F'S, AND A C-MINUS/ I SEND X YOU MY LESSONS MUST I'M JUGHEAD S ) TAKING COOK.IN6 'S THE A SIX-COURSE (COURSE 'CORDON BLEU V BY DINNER.,' * MAIL/ IN) TO THE SCHOOL/ /ABOUT A SOUFFLE PARCEL POST/ HAVING TONIGHT ?. By Morrie Turner YEAH, THOSE THING?! ARE EASY TO REMEMBER I ENOOY THE LITTLE S.'PEUKTS AfWUT PEOPLE LIKE LINCOLN THRCWIN THE FR1SEE ACROSS THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER I CAN'T REMEMBER THE PWE5, ANP ABOUT THE LAWS ANP THE . 1 «2JEV!'«i««v,/.-^jr:'.y)^*'J*.*^ 1 *'''' T ' i '*'

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