Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 44
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Unhappied Couple Departs FCUUID rou CHOPJ I Swrtt r*tO*M. 6i»« Pt««. I .O INDEPENDENT--P« 9 « »·" Iflf tiK*. Obi- FrL. Fit. JT, IM · . By TEDD THOMEY · On a recent Saturday night, three ravenous men and three ravenous women arrived at The Teahouse Japanese restaurant. 5730 E. Second SL. and announced cheerfully. "Wen. here we areT . f» Since the, restaurant was Jammed to capacity, Japanese hostess Shigeyo asked: "Do you have a reservation?- Back came the reply: "Sure do! Phoned it ta last week. The name's Inkington. We asked for 8 o'clock and we're here right on time. Man. are we hungry! Let's start the feastT Shigeyo checked her reservation list But the Inkingtons were not on it- From past experience Shigeyo realized what had happened. She phoned a cearby Chinese restaurant with a similar name --The Tea Garden, also located on Second Street--and checked its reservation list. THOMEY Sure enough, the Inkingtons and their four friends were on it. They had boobooed and phoned their reservation into the wrong restaurant. Since the Teahouse couldn't accommodate them, they gathered up their heavy appetites and departed, presumably to have Chinese dinners instead of the Japanese feast they had planned on. Occasional little mixups like that enliven the routine] of The Teahouse's owners. Hank and Jane Hodgdon and Bob MitcheU. Their restaurant operation is unique, since they cater only to groups of 6 to 30 persons, exclusively · by reservation. Their artistic, many-course dinners ($4.75 week nights; $5.75 Saturday nights) last for three hours, and include authentic Japanese party games and colorful ' Japanese happ: coats which the guests wear while dining. People who drop in casually for dinner without a reservation are politely turned away. One night a man and his wife came in the front door simultaneously with a group of eight who had a reservation. Shigeyo thought · they were part of the group and seated them at a low ' table with the other members of the party. Pretty soon the eight members cf the group (doubt- ,.lessly wondering whether they would be stuck for the tab for the two uninvited guests) whispered to Shigeyo: . -How come they're with us?" SJiigeyo then broke the bad newt. Slou-Iy end nnbe- lievingry, the man end his wife removed their happi coats. ' As they trudged hungrily out into the bleak, dark night. · they uere--to put it mildly--definitely unhappL * * * A PRETTY STEAK IS UKE A MELODY--Fortunately my red-topped spouse and I didn't need a reservation last Wednesday night when we visited one of our favorite restaurants, the Melody Cove. 1960 Santa Fe Ave. Jerry and Jo Reynolds, owners of this beautifully redecorated place, call it the "house of relaxation, syncopation and escape." And you know something? They're absolutely right. Smooth recorded music fills the paneled and carpeted dining room and lounge, the service is relaxing and Jerry's wonderful $2.65 top sirloin dinner win help you 'escape from the hJgh prices demanded for steaks elsewhere. That steak is a beauty with superb broiled flavor. It's thick, juicy-^and as tender as a bunny's ear. Waitress Phyllis Paris, "gracious as Perle Mesta. also brought us big. lip-smackinply good preen salads, topped with a rich bleu cheese dressing; toasted garlic bread, onion rings; steaming baked potatoes oozing cheese sauce and chopped green onions, plus numerous refills of superb coffee. Verdict: That dinner grtt this department'* AAAA rating for top quality ct a reasonable price. Another fine item a the Melody Cove'i $2.25 ttriyaki strafe, served with a cup o/ exotic ginger-spice sauce. * -A- * THE $1*00 AQUARIUM --While we dined at the Cove, our rinkydink daughter spent minutes of delight observing the antics of tropical fish in an acquarium above our booth. This prompted Jerry to tell us about a man who dropped in one night, praised the aquarium and · commented: "We've got one at home like that. My wife J wouldn't take $1,000 for it" [ "My gosh," said Jerry. "A $1,000 aquarium? It must i be a beauty." J "No." was the reply. "It's not nearly as good as · yours. But we have two lively small boys who were noisy i and drove my wife nuts--until we got that little aquarium. { Now they sit quietly and watch it by the hour." I , * * * · ' DEPT. OF DIFFERENT PLACES TO GO--One of the · very nicest top class restaurants in Palos Verdes is the ( Hunting Horn in the Peninsula Shopping Center at Silver Spur Road and Hawthorne Boulevard. Designed like a ! beautiful southern hunting lodge, it offers prime rib, J steaks and continental dinners. The large cut of prime i rib an jus is $4.75 with mixed green salad, and baked » potato with sour cream and chives. Veal scaltopine a 1 $335.... Definitely worth a drive into the countryside · is'De Palma'j Italian Village. located on Highway 71 '. near AlberhiU, south of Corona. Owned by Joe De Palma. J clever, original Long Beach restaurateur, the Village is · .similar to De Patma's restaurant at 910 E. Willow St, ) RESTAURANT IIA .V. 1 Corner of Pacific Avenue A An«n«i« Long Beach but U t much larger operation, Joe has tinned it into a Knott's Berry Farm type of attraction, vrith scenic concessions and numerous Italian displays. The dinners are huge Italian feasts.- ranging from $2.75 op. The place draws throngs from LA. and Long Beach on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.'. . . · Also worth a drive are the splendid sea food dinners at Sim's Sea Food, 16278 Pacific Coast Hwy, Surf side, vhere countless varieties are en the menu, ranging from kippered salmon or Alaska cod to barracuda, deep sea bass, steamed finnan haddie, grilled tuna, pilled sand dabs, fresh lobster, bouiUibaisse. shad roe -- and even fried squid. The great big complete dinners are from $2.35 to $535. * . *. * VAS 1ST ANDENKEN HAUS?--From time to time I get inquiries from readers wondering where they might find an authentic German restaurant. I'm happy to report that the Memory House at 11837 Downey Ave, Downey, is a fascinating German restaurant owned by Mary and Bruce Blossom, who serve American and German luncheons and dinners, plus imported beers. Memory House (Andenken Haus in German) serves fine sauerbraten dinners for $1.85 including soup and salad, potato pancakes. vegetable, beverage and dessert. Pickled pigs knuckles are SI .SO. DEFT. OF FUN AND FINE FOOD--A musical fashion show will be held Saturday at the large Crown Cafeteria. 101 Alamitos Ave- starting at 2 pm. Pert Darlene Hood win be one of four pretty models from the \V2ma Hastings' agency who will display creations from the cafeteria's gift shop. Entertainment will be supplied by tenor Ronald Nowak and Seama Green, head pianist at MGM studios. Miss Green often gets $1,500 for a concert appearance, but will donate her talents for this occasion, as a favor to L. E. Smitley, president of Crown Cafeterias. A tender filet mignon steak wrapped in bacon and skillfully broiled is one of the pleasures at Al Hendlin's beauteous 4130 Paramount Blvd. at Carson Street. The beef is choice grade AA, accompanied by huge salad, chilled relishes, baked potato, bread and butter and beverage. It's $3.50. Ken's Restaurant, elegant place at 3918 Long Beach Blvd., serves a rousingly delicious spencer steak dinner for $2.85, including a bouquet of chilled relishes served in a silver shell, fine salad.. potato, vegetable, beverage and dessert. The Americana, Beflflower Boulevard and Carson is another must for your dining out list. Currently featured is a special $255 price on the English cut of prime rib lu jus. with beautiful salad, large baked potato, cheese toast and beverage. * * * MEMO TO BARGALV-HUNTERS: The Chefs Inn. 2912 E. Anaheim 5t, features, from 4 to 8 p.m. daily, southern fried chicken with soup or salad, biscuit, mashed potatoes and vegetable. How much? $135? $1.75 or $150? Nope. Just 99 cents. · * * * BIG, BIG, BIG--The malts at a drive-in on Pacific Coast Highway in Leucadia, near Oceanside, must be gargantuan. I assume they're served in glasses big enough to hold a full-sized car or truck, because a billboard out front says very plainly: TED'S DRIVE-THRU MALTS. DELICIOUS FOOD AT SENSIBLE PRICES 'Dine Out Here!\ JACK'S OR5ICAH B.ISH MDIBiTS U J JSSI 54JO E. 2nd St. ttLMONT SHO» [HAPUU LUXURIOUS DINING BOOM FOR YOUR D I N I N G PLEASURE rum STEINJNGU AT THE i T E M W A T : : f IP*i RANCH^HOpSE! PRIME RIBS King Cut ..... 3.95 Med. Cut ..... 3.25 *mfltl» OliMM : (ittritlmtll Reservation S»*-2372 ; I EDO Pacific Coast Hwy SEAL BEACH ' SCANDINAVIAN FOODS SMORGASBORD STYLE Li»k»i-Di»r U A.M.-I F.M. D«D r -- Ctei.J Tic4«r ' Wt Offtr CkBirti't Portion 7' ' SUKCAT FEAST ONLY 1,50 nun in i i ».«. 1UIBI1 IEUI IT SGANDIA INN SMORGASBORD P K O X E 4I1-771! S277 E. SECOND ST. IC«ricr U V » r » t l Prepmterl. IICKAID c«J IETTT ANOEtSlN SMU.L IAXOUIT HOOK AVVLAIIC SCAUOPINI '3.20 ! i tore 6 DARLEXE Coral Room, i For the Finest Slcaks--Sea Fond Prime Rill--Cliickcii DON MASON Nightly at Our Piano Bar »·· Art Mud to B* ttfrtr-l It DIIWTI Out. C«i« HweM. »r"»nc«n trertu. Fk. HE 7-5124 733 E. BROADWAY T/iei Only Plat* of Its Kind on tht Coast delightful dining In beautiful larrouadinji HtjeaJarmg gourmet Jeligtts PRIME RII BUFFET Eierr Suruljy tnd MonJjT Evening ft Plate Steak Lobster Combination Dinners · BUFFET LUNCHEON DAILY JOE CETANI Enftrfominj NTgMly Acres cf Free Parting rO.NT/AKAT.U. Includes Antipasto. Minestrone, Open Salad. Dessert Ceffee 4 PM. 14 ELM AVE. (Just Norih of Ocean) REtSOVAIlE MICE! FREE POURING BARTENDERS -- Lunch -- 'f2 1 2:30 A_M. Sl«ds. Sftati, Set Foodi Ccm- bmitTon Top SIrlout LoWer T.J -- COMPLETE MENU 4 FOR KESEKVAT1ONS i:ji PACIFIC AVE. ·t J3ti STStET 5096 LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 3-9668 STEAKS tUSTRUUI LOBSTER SPECIAL COCKTAILS lUVCHEOI ii i.«. n i r«. DIIIER I *,IIJi t*. THE ORIGINAL Offering Mtrican American Toods luncheon - Dinner Cantina for Cocktails 427-8733 3490 LONG BEACH BLVD. LONG BEACH · t«:ltiil Stiikt · littler Tiil COFFEE SHOP ^ A.M.-I A.M. 6* 7-7137--Gi t - J S I J Ilti CKERRT «t W I R D L O W RO. I I H E - W i r d l o w lur O r i n t l RESTAURAXT 0» 24 Hurt EST ST BON B I N E AT THE WATEt'S E D G E I M T H E INTtlNA. T1OMAI tOOM n ON PIERPOINT LANDING Fool of L. I. Freeway oiled Filet Nc» V(»rk Cut StriV. Oui Frr Dnvrt. live it tip *tth Paled Aljskj or Crefn 5ozctic. FrATURING HZZA THATS DIFFERENT 1)1) I. FOURTH ST, LORE IEACH i HEoletl I-CCI i «!lf lillMOUNT lira. 3503 ATLANTIC World Famous iliffr rrnt . .. liraciliful bams FOOD F A M I L Y - ' RESTAURANT Iff inif rm **i ·/ ttr *f» taut irn Katml. Ycf'H */ lit*- wltimti tj tittt trepittf LUNCHEON DAILY SttCUL CHIlBRirS HEIU OUR 6IFT SHOP turn 6 K1CHAHD KAMAM1 IAN9UCT f ACaiTlES 14271 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY SUIFSIDE · AT THE SEA GE 0-1523 ACtES OP Fill fAIIINft Vr* lur fatmjrin t, Cm Sltf -COME AS TOU AM" ISM Billy Jill i.m. · I I »«· riu Piuiid Merchant Lnnch from 11:09 c-rn. Melody S Cove SPECIAL S7EAK 5c i? «, SoioJ si or · . t a i o m S o r n e l r t o J l « 7 3 SOTM Tlun Only . TOP 1ICLOM ITIAK '2.G5 II C.clf.S L«o« lead Ht »-«3!J 1 llts. I*, il Pacific Cust Kwf, Famous for Our (lam Chowder · Coffee Shop · Cocktail Lounge · Dining Room

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