Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 14
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p fl q r B-MNDEPENDENT . ifv W.d., F«k. 11, XTTKACT ATTENTION to your want with a "'Wanted 1 ' ad. \\forks FAST. Call HE .2-5959 for an act-writer: -· TEN TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU PETRI CLEANERS 1250 ORANGE AVE. "1 · . '' ' · 'Spaceman 9 Doing By GARTH JONES SAN ANTONIO, Tex. OS)-Airman Donald''-G. -Farrel soared toward the 60-hour mark Tuesday, night in. hi mythical trip to the moon. Ordinarily ' that would .t» three aays and two nights bu to Farrell and' space medicini experts at Randolph Air Force Base it is more than four com plete "space" days'.Jhd nights Our 32nd year Anniversary We.are the only We«t"Coast winner of the G-E AIL-AMERICM AWARD ; as shown'in LIFE, Dec. 23, 1957 Buy of Ward Bros. -- Cash or Terms wif/i Confidenc* .Farrell entered the experimental sealed . cabin-- designed to . duplicate -'conditions' in cabins of ·· spacer-ships of the ..future -- at 9:35 : a. m. Sunday with 'Plans to stay there .until next, Sunday morning.. ... ··.·.' Tuesday morning \'Lt -Col. George - R. r Steinkamp, space medicine; chief, ,.' revealed' that Farrell was .being tested on the .ability of.-Hhe. human body to · -function ' '·'efficiently · on., a 14-hour day instead 'of "the us' ' into the cell with him. This morning we BW :hlm take a pie'cerof.- cardboard: and stick toothpicks in, it. to .fashion:, a comb.. '.Then 'he., ·carefully combed'his ;halr: I,don't know why·'.because .i'e" has 'a. close crew" cut." ; , ·'- ' :».·".*'..·:·*. ·'.'·,· -·--· · - GROUP t of ·; aero-medical ual 24 hours; ' . * ' , ' · ' * . FABRELL-. IS doing.: exceptionally. well in the 14-hour cycle," -Steinkamp reported, ob-r viously pleased by -the .results, "There has. been . no lessening of alertness. There have been, no signs of boredom. . \ *'.-· "The only trouble, we' have had was 'when he -wanted', to sleep, past, .the alarm bell--; which is normal." . . . - i Steinkamp cited an incident which he said showed that Farrell had lost none of the in r genuity and resourcefulness-for the normal 23-year-old youth. test problems 'flashed : to 'him ueriodically. on a TV screen he Oips a', iswitch inside -and a-'ceri taiir. light flashes outside... . " ' · ' ' ' . STEINKAMP; ALSO Vre- vealed Tuesday that if Farrell l! A.-,,«««-.. TM experts ."outsfde ' ttier three-by- five'-fo'ot experimental; / steel cabinet.can see and'hear everything, that Farrell'does. He can see and hear 'nothing past .the steel walls. Electrodes taped to various'-parts of .Farrell's body register oh; ·instruments out- sidS'ithe'cell'to give the scientists:'a:-constant check of his condition,''· even when 'he is asleep. · The ·only 'communication between the. scientists-and Farrell are a series of .switches and ; buttons. By flipping a switch' Farrell is, · asked to check the humidity or:oxygen content'inside the cell and the results will'show on the instruments-outside. If Farrell wants to hear recorded 'music while THERE OUGHT TO BE C nornicu ^o-.yeu..i-uiu j-vum. m- ..~-- T --. "He forgot to take a comb relaxing or working one of the BROWN OVER KISiOWLANP Legislator iPoll Sees Demo Victory SACRAMENTO OJ.Ii) -- California will have its-first Democratic governpr in. 20 'years with Edmund G. Brown defeating Sen. -William T.' Knowland for the seat, a United Press poll of all members of,the State Legislature" indicated Tuesday. The poll, conducted last week during the opening of the 1958 L e g i ' s l a f u . r e - . s h o w e d that although Republicans have a 63-57 edge in the two houses, the legislators believe Brown will win in November. The lawmakers were asked nine questions each, and were asked to sign their party affiliation, but not their names to the questionaire so they would not feel obligated to designate their party's nominee. » , * « , * men selected Brown as the November winner, while only two Democratic a s s e m b l y m e n marked Knowland as the win ner. Swivil-lm Cimnieim Btautilul'mltctiini bist (an optkinil Ktnl-idds **·"«· sols Look." Set swivils usily lor best viewing. 110" JLIimiiiztilFictiirt Till Cuts cabinet depth to 15 Inchei lot that "Slim SilhouctU" look. ' Tilted d«k jjfety tl55 ti»« llui-lfit ylewint * Oni Full Yeir C-E W»mnt» ; On All Pirtt ind Picture Tubi!. ' * Dympwtr Sorter lor Hi Fidelity Sound !' Futurti! y~ * S«I-»id-Foriet Volume Control! X S; COME IN.. .BUY TODAY! Wadcat Oil Lease Proposed · LOS ANGELES «m -- The State Lands Commission Tuesday received "the recommendations of a firm of oil experts on THE QUESTION d e a l i n g with the governor's race was: Assuming both Brown and ma ae oy a nrm 01 «_uumuiuci Knowland \vin their own party oi i_experts hired 'by the corn- nominations in June, -who do m j ss j on t 0 make a study of-the new procedure for tile granting of wildcat oil leases on state- owned tidelands. ; The recommendations were made by a firm of Oklahoma ' iyou think will-win in November?. ., · '. The answers: Brown--63 Knowland--43 . .Undecided--14 The poll showed that four Republican s e n a t o r s picked Brown and no Democratic .senators thought Knowland would win. Ten Republican assembly- As low as Long Itachi oldest C-E TV Denier. W. «e!l tht best and nrviet the rest. '8 90 Per Mo. WARD BROS. 2916 E. Anaheim St. HE 4-7461 W» or* tht only cxeluiivf G-E dealer CREDIT CASH TERMS HI Fl SftcULIlTI t CUSTOM SOUND OMN HIDAY NIOHI TILL » 16«7 «UAHTIC OA 4-U1I IDOWNTOWN LONG BEACH Tburs., Fn.,'Sat. } .Feb. 13, 14, r the first .time, there will be, an ad in the $' Day Section (in' Wednesday's Press-Telegram and Thursday's 'Independent) with a truly outstanding value from every store participating in Downtown Long Beach 'Dollar Days!' Read them .'. .decide what you want . . . then come down and get your shv'e of the savings! problem.- Chief recommendation 'of-the firm ,of Keplinger 'and Wanenmacher, of Tulsa,, Okla:, outlined -by petroleum, engineer Herman H. Kaveler was that the state.'lease-tracts'.of 3,880- to 3,740 acres. Then, if oil is discovered, .the remaining area could be leased at higher royalties- because they would be" on "proved" fields, the engineering' -firm representative explained. ' * * * · # THE REPORT WAS turned over by the commission to own staff of engineers for complete Study and report. The report made specific recommendations for . leasing 54,000 acres of tidelands off-the Santa Barbara County coastline. It suggested that only five wildcat leases--each covering less than 3,840 acres--be granted on a cash bonus basis. The remaining 35,000 to 40,000 acres would be held in the hope of an oil discovery.. . Kaveler said the report recommended royalty schedules "substantially" .the same as those now used by the state. This would include a minimum 16% per cent royalty on . all fields. Wildcat leases would be awarded on a sliding scale based on the number of barrels ,of oil produced daily with a |- high cash bonus. Pay Slashes for County Possible' :*°ty Ato **/ /v KV *°*6 *S«V ' The Auditorium Parking Lot will accept Park * Shop tickets during Dollar Days! FREE BUS RIDES DURING DOWNTOWN DOLLAR DAYS On the way Downtown, ask tht bus driver for a return ticket . . . have 'it v a l i d a t e d at any / V P A R K SHOP STORE with a minimum purchase. \\ ,, DowRttwi U»« l«i«fc Atioclatw ' ' LOS .ANGELES .(CNS) -County . Manager Lindon S. Hollinger-was ordered. Tuesday to study possible pay "cuts 'for. some '6f the county's 33,000 employes because .of .the cur||rent economic'situation. ,- . '. Supervisor Herbert' C. L : egg ' said some "adjustments",.. in I salary levels may be advisable .in view of the "lowering of eco- linomic stability.". . · |. Hollinger's - staff, .is , now. ; studying prevailing' wages in I1 private indusb^; 'before'; mak- ingS its annual salary recommendations for inclusion in the 1958-59 budget . . .. "T^cpayers are ' : already carrying an unusual biirBen," I said Legg. - . -. . '·· ' LIKE A JOBT _Now's the |j time to "get it! See the columns in Classified! ' New Many Wtar FALSE TEETH ; With Little Worry , ,; (d«ntur» ' time 'and we would 'let him out wanted to he could push a cer; questions asked. I in my- mind --that- -he NEARLY [VIRYONf the cabinet: and. he 'would be would, do this because 'he has released' immediately. ; beeri'such a ":coo.pera'tiye .sub- It is strictly voluntary," the space medicine chief-said. "Far- ject and: he.^ seems, to-be .doing rell.can push the'so well;"; ,' 'J . / ' By FAGALY and '· SHORTEN uMEN A JUIOf PROMOTlOMOPItJED UP GUESS VJHO VJA5 HANDED TrtE v BAtt 19' V.AS-ANDALWAYS riAS The . . . Independent Press-Telegram .rv*^fc"i^"^ *****i ^ »··»·»·» 've cone sowe GOOD: KHOW A eo-srnefc' fX5«'T VOU' just MOVE. ' THEJ0915MOURS.' r«s, 8 out of jo Acmes read f/ie Independent, Press-Telegram DON'T/YOU? BUGS BUMSY THE(?E AIN'T M37HW . UKESNOWSHOVELIN'T 1 .ICNOCK OFF THAT I CCAN'T LOSE · WEIGHT FAST ENOUGH 7W-W4Y! CANT I/DO- 50METHIN6 AW REDUC1N"HORSE IS BUSTED, PORKY! YA BETTER -DO '·' SENORITA WENDY...! HUMBLY BES.YOO TO FORGEEV STOOP/D ME. CURLY EES ,' LUCKY TO' HAV A". SORLLIKE YOU..; MU5' ASK YOU '· MORE THEENS. Of COURSE.' AND I INTEND TO WAIT' UNTIL HE REMEMBERS ME...-EVEN IF IT TAKES F-FOREVERj CARAMBA.'! YOU HAV MAKE PePITO DIABLO MOS' HAPPY FELLA... 10U STILL LOVE CURLY KAYOE.' I'M VOOST- LISTENING-TER . MY-RApioA- TWEN WHY \ WHO SAID THE WEARING 'IT TBANE AID ?? S HEARING AID?.' I DIPN'T KNOW. ) I VOU-WERE" ./AIN'T - HARP ,S KANE OF HEARING/ ) WARP _ FE1? HEARING' MR. 8VEN3EN/ SyENSEN// BEEN RAPPING ON THE PIPES FOR TEN MINUTES/ JACKSON TWINS tLAM^L£i WE.tVEEEGOING TOTKY O SOKTOPCCmACT EACH GEE. I MSHU1LL . WAS GO/US Toee-) IF I'LL GET A OOPS, GPEAL/ BUT71H£ ·TIME FOR 93?, JANICE/ . TOMOKHOW GETTINS. SETTLEP IN OUE NEW * ALMOST. TIME/. WARTHA WAYNE UTCR-rAUWT MifOUA, ID CO; MORTY MEEKLE IWANT S/90HETHINO TW A NOT DRIVE HIM AWAY

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