Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 13
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j| 10 Investigating Units Probing State Hospital toitk MALCOLM EPLCY GPR1NG IS busting out 13 satisfactorily. Herds of rabbin are cavorting happily in the new green grass at the airport, occasionally taking time off from eating to race a jet. There are daffodils in my back yard. Fellows who blossomed out in light seasonal suits Monday shivered in spring zephyrs that bad chin and vigan. And the gals of the Chamber of Commerce launched a cleanup and beautification campaign just as the wind Uttered the area with rubbish. It's a fine season, and op to tradition. A S FOR CLEANUP, with " great satisfaction note is taken of aa improvement that was urged here a while back and is now underway. They've sandblasted and are now painting the old Pig n' Whistle BIdg. on Ocean Blvd. near the Breakers HoteL · Loose plaster, ancient political signs and peeling paint will no longer make this structure one of the area's most prominent eye-. sores. Give credit to the building's owner. Gene Shidler; Fred Miller, owner of the Breakers, and Downtown Long Beach A s s o c i a t e s . They're jointly footing the bill. Shidler has leased the building to people who pay and don't lise it, but would lease it to somebody else if it weren't under threat of possible condemnation for an arena entry street. So it win probably remain empty but won't look so bad. WHAT HAS happened here is an example of what might be done to other bad spots when attention is concentrated opon them. When such places are in private hands, problems are presented. But the Pig n' Whistle case shows the potentialities of private cooperation. A bow to Bra. TRY to pay a bin. with a blank check? I did it, inadvertently of course, the other day in remitting my fee for a Pensacola party reunion at Los Aiamitos Naval Air Station. Back came a note from Cmdr. R. G. Bresso, thanking me and appending these column-worthy remarks: "We certainly appreciate trust and confidence and would be very happy to fill in the blanks but before we do so, your signature will be required. I am returning the check and if you will kindly affix your signature, ! win do the rest-.. "You have given us a tremendous idea. For our next party we win request an participants to send us blank checks (over their signature, of course) and by so doing, it will be entirely possible to rent the Taj Mahal for a real blowout. "Yours for bigger and better reunions." I signed the check and returned it to Bresso. But I took pains to fin in an blank spots. If I had left that to him, I'm afraid the check would bounce with an NSF stamp on it. rjRIFTWCOD--Reader suggests that women who go out at night carry a police whistle with them. If they're approached by a suspicious character, they can blow the whistle. The sug- gester guarantees it win send the fellow hiking if he has evil intentions. . . And that reminds of the day when women used hatpins to stick in the hides of mashers and would-be molesters... Things must be looking up for the ragged bike rider whose occasional appearance around town has been mentioned here. Fellow says he saw the bike man getting a new set of tires for his ancient wheel the other day. Last time I saw him, he was osing ropes for tires... And a bow in the direction of -John McNaughton, a young fellow living at 5224 Broadway. Saving his money from buying, fixing and selling old cars, he completely financed a Hawaii trip for his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. McNanghton. nrl Independent 71* Socllfawf» M fimnt Hermits Xrfrfapcr WEDNESDAY. APRIL 3. I«J --P«gt 8-1 Council Plans New Contract to Keep State's Oil Flowing Despite uncertainty over the East Long Beach off shore oil-drilling program, the City Council decided Tuesday to go ahead with preparation of a new contract'^"j to keep the oil flowing from the west section of the'probers "said "their evidence All Seek Cruelty Evidence Ten teams of investigators Tuesday probed alleged maltreatment of p a t i e n t s in Costa Mesa's Fairriew State Hospital and they hinted a dual goals: Dismissal of any employe cruel to patients, and then criminal prosecution, Officials of the hospita harbor tidelands. The council asked City Manager John R. Mansell and Gty Atty. Gerald Desmond to work with the Harbor De- nrtment petroleum division specifications for bids to received late this year or early in 1964. Deadline for a new contract s next March, when the Lon] Co. Beach Oil Development contracts expire. Future yield from the six'of manslaught. . . parcels in the LBOD contract of two children in a car crash Mcntal Hygiene, openly we! area, plus two to be added in March 24, failed to appear in; comcd fte investigations and court in Huntington Beach^Sed full cooperation. he southeasterly tip of the iarbor_ district, is estimated!; at more than $500 million. Death-Car their plaa _ s sai I would be hid before th Orange County grand jury. POLICE Chief Arthur Me T| · -\J -iKenzie, of Costa Mesa, pu Driver i\ot lfiv * teams * °* . fiei Orange County District A' · ^i tomey Kenneth Williams ad in Court Arnold F. Graski, 32, of Anaheim, accused of felony ded one more and the stal attorney g e n e r a l assignee two. Dr. Elmer Galioni, deput CHANGE COMMAND Rear Adm. John J. Fee (kft) and Cap t Jamie Adair (right) renew honor guard at Long Beach Nava! Shipyard Tuesday in change-of-command ceremonies in which CapL Adair relieved Adm. Fee as shipyard commander. Adm. Fee will assume new duties with the Bureau of Ships in Washington, D.C., in July. Capt Adair came from Pearl Harbor Shipyard where he was production officer for the past three years. Birth-Controlling Pill for Men to Be Tested drunk driving and two counts director of l**P»tal services ;ix of manslaughter in the deathsi for the Sut Department of By BEN 7JXSER I M**ui Scwvt Kitor A new birth-control pin for men, which has given excellent results in animal testing, win u n d e r g o human trials soon ;eles area. The new agent and other: drug -- dinitropyrrole--was oral contraceptive drugs were reported by Dr. Warren O. described at the 144th na- Nelson of the medical divi- tional meeting of the Amer- sion of Rockefeller Institute's Tuesday. Council Actions, Page B-6 Tuesday for preliminary hear- iag. Judge Celia arrest. on the contract terms. Councilmen declared it .-: - - - , urgent that the job be com- HE WAS driver of pleted within the next few which a l l eg " He ordered a probe by Mrs. Doris Trobaugh, the de- Young Baker partment's administrator of issued a bench warrant forjnurses, and William Reid, GraskTs arrest, and made it acting director of personnel returnable April 23. The court'for the department a $5jOOO bail bond . . . . STILL another investiga tion was fielded by Winslow Christian, administrator o: ican Chemical Society in Los Angeles. About 8,000 chem- in the · Los An-! ists and chemical engineers it was disclosed are attending. I Research with the ., ,, months to allow time for the through a stop-sign intersec- mitted "there State Lands Commission to review and approve the con- tion at Boisa Chka Road and ( of mistreatment Westminster Avenue in Seal a car VICKERS RAPS ACTION L.A. Port Evicts Fruit Ship Firm Los Angeles Harbor has ordered the eviction who ad '-JK k rt * Fruit Steamship COL, a 50,000-ton-a-ye_., U^a possibiHty| banana handling facility which announced last month nt of some pa- «t will move to the Port of Long Beach- Population C o u n c i l . New York. A monthly dose of the drug can render a male rat sterile indefinitely, he said. The pills, if found acceptable for human use, will be cheaper than current oral contraceptive drugs for females, he said. Dr. Edward T. Tyler said the drugs will be given a field trial at the Los Angeles Planned Parenthood Center within the next few months. Dr. Nelson said the drug. -hico interferes with sperm 'production, requires 21 days immediate issue of the Lands Commission's delays in acting on the larger contract for de- tients." He win get reports from Jotn F. Parkinson, assist-, ant general manager of Los' . Beach, smashing into a car He win get reports rom , In earlier discussion coun- ,««,, by Michael ztnttt, 25, Dr. Phffip SlrotktnV executive Angeles Harbor, said Tuesday Crimea refused to make an of 16,33 BalUrd Lane, Hunt- assistant dircctOT of Mental, 11 * company has been grven ington Beach. ... Barrett's children. Donna,'Beach, 'deputy director 3, and David, 2, were hurled .children's sen-ices. Hygiene, and Dr. William R onta ifa r ' *° P 3 ^. °P'«?, _ J ° - » . . _ . . L»,--. »h^ vwsw . o j leave tte port. i Parkinson said the port is velopment of the offshore-up- Irran the family car and' Each of the probe teams invoking a cancellation clause. land field east of Pine Avenue, crushed to death. His wife'jssued a can to hospital em- °' * 3Ma y preferential I-Mayor Edwin W. Wade cuth ess ; e j^ th eir youngest'ployes. former staff workers!** 1 ^^ 16 ° "****** short a move in that direction chad, infant Douglas BarrettJind ex-patients to step for- other customer wants v_. ~ =, . _ j ,,.!_., i r- location." FIREMAN - turned-flagpole- sitter Joe McBride works atop ladder five stories above ground to unsnarl Gty Hill's broken flag halyard.Tuesday and install new one. HIGH ON POLE Fireman Saves Flag Situation When the halyard on the City Hall flappole became snarled in Monday's gale minor injuries-Jward and tell their stories. County supervisors HE SAID THE berth willi Tuesdl y to by Councilman Andrew Baird.1, The mayor ruled that the dis-j Graski, of 117^ N. West [They already have talked to cussion was out of order be|Su Anaheim, collapsed after "dozens," they said, and have cause the question was not on the crash, and later got medi- many more to interview. [ the agenda. t^j care j p r _ (jalioni. w -ho took overi^P C Baird hinted that the dtyj There was no explanation the hospital administration^rgest m to the court Tuesday as to'after Dr. Hyman Tucker, the|carKO. failed to appear for superintendent, went on sick ( uses Berths H2-43-44 a basin ' leave, said he has. not had away. time to evaluate the charges.| Parkinson a d m i t t e d that Aid Asked of County should take the initiative __ amending the proposed con-! wn y tract, still under study by the'triaL commission. ! "It is quite evident that the. '^Standard Fruit A**-»?J^^ given to a laboratory rat. Afterward, h o w e v e r , one monthly dose will maintain a state of sterility. Fertility returns when the drug is withdrawn. Dr. Nelson said. Dr. Tyler, meawhile. reported that a new drug designed to inhibit ovulation in women may turn out to be a ·pro-fertility" drug. THE AGENT.'developed in voted England and now b e i n g 115,000 tested in the United States, be given to General Steam-ji"n into the preliminary merely delays ovuUijion. in «v;,,r,, on eof Los Angeles'lbudget, for June cmsidera-; n £*, wcmen - Dr ' TylCT **" handlers of general tion. to help finance the lOeSj 01 ^ of the 35 ^ An . women who partici- General Steam now *It is quite evident tat the. -*-) TT · 1 state is not going to approve] 1OY llllIllCU the one-operator feature or; the mixing of state andi private property," said BairdJ reports, and evidence So farStandard's decision to build International Beauty found. He promised a state- a new automated facility in but Supervisor Burton - - - - - - · - - ' - . . . . . . paled in trials have become IEC had asked the pregnant, he said. It can't be demonstrated, though, that the drug was responsible, he gress. The county to contribute ,, 1!1 "I*"'' «P'« ^^« that the[ ' f e d e r a l government jhas OI ment -in the near future." stepped in to bring this to a head?" the Port of Long Beach fig-'chace said he felt the request i ,ured in the order to vacate,-a little high." He recom-! MEANWHILE, three worn- the terminal the company has Bended the $15,000 figure. en who leveled the charges operated at Los Angeles for! . . . . 'of inhuman treatment of iso- nearly three years. agent Tiler as a identified the derivative of dithiocarbamothydrazine. He said it may also prove S U P E R V I S O R Kenneth use f u i - m the treatment "of ' Police searched | la tion-ward patients at the! -you have a tenant which ! Hahn emphasized that the' menstrual disorders. Tuesday ( big hospital for the mentally'does a considerable amount'action did not constitute ap-' ,,,,_.,, ^ . ,, ,, night for a boy who clubbed retarded, left for their homesJ o f tonnage and needs more!proval of the request. REPLYING briefly. Coun- ia 20-year-old pregnant worn- Mrs. Stephen Walter. S a n ' « and a ten ant which has o^ acknowledged the' an Emmet _ SuHivai noted M a j she ,,, ^^ into'Francisco, of the CtTiforniil J S« Ilm «d a n intention U [ ,,,,?,. JS"?! ,,*£ -~ and finally snapped, it took [that the city has had no com-' an apartment at 1600 Mag-'Counci! of Mental two trips cp the pole to ; munication from the Lands noJjj Ave. 'tion; Mrs. w*i»»» set things straight. Commission. jj rs . Connie V. Pfeiffer,|Sacramento, With the line broken, the "Your statement of what.treated for scalp lacerations'Council for Retarded Chil- the commission is going to do at gt. Mary's Hospital, said dren. and Mrs. Emil Berger, f act said he would ~en- U. a and State Flags were stuck atop the sundown was preaching. It's a long w ofT* asserted Parkinson. ·; Long Beach port officials] [courage the board to took into| it' merit." pole and is not factual.'' he told Baird-jthe L ., fast ap- Sullivan and other council- apartment men also declared they knew|from shinny [of no federal action that m inum into the'Sacramento, president of and struck her California Association f o r . an atu-'Mental Health, had alleged ·. She said he also'mistreatraent of s o m e and engi- plans for 2 More Filmu.s 80 French War College Men Here More than SO student and .faculty m e m b e r s of the 'French National War College .-., , ] five |»-ou!d affect the oil develop- choked her before she could'tients after they made an for City Council i*^ 11 * ^ BMeh "" City Clerk Margaret Heart- Headed by Frerxh Gea aerial ladder fire engine. A fireman went up the ladder to the top of the pole Monday to strike the stuck colors," then made a return trip Tuesday to unsnarl the broken line and instan a new one. i.i\C poi£ is nearly ·»i«. · -- ·----·*· --···----» -- --- ·--.» r i^j^i^t^ nci vcrtvic. »irc *,vjj« tic,uk« *tn_« *.nv j »«*·*«. ··· ·*. , .,,, . _ _ ^ , __ i V'liy ^ICTI^ iviargim IICAI 1*1 ~ ~ * ~ · stories high--so the city 'ment. Istrusgle f r e e and run for spection tour of the hospital m » loa terminal can be 5"";,,-,.,! rcpone d two filings for Fernand Gambiez, the group called out its 100-foot | The only direct criticism of hehx Saturday. I* J ^ff °° , A ,? r ."^', Gty Council Tuesday bring- toured the Douglas Aircraft ,-_,-- .. _ . i _ .. .. . 1 i t c . t n n i r f »"! C. L . ; - ' u ^ r u f ^ j^. H Co. plant here and spent a "^ZStoOL r V^.of the day visiting the °' ^ A JldH. Conter. 4507-^ » tUMnoM ° f ^ AL1C \AJ Jtltt *Aii**t « . I I T U^^U'V. ;w^**Jt »UJ^J*» ftat*^. +r*-*~*t ^v-w v «····. | - ^ ^ ^ ^ -- . ^_ , 'It is not the state commission came! Mrj Pfeiffcr*s w o u n d s ] They said some patients from Councaman Robert F. were not serious, the hospiul'were nude in cold cells with-)*** 6 TM; ^^ Crow. jsaid. Investigators were un-Jout p r o p e r sanitation and.p^S. . ^i^"' "I maintain the commission a bi e to determine any moth-eJ some might have been beaten-l 1 - 0 * Angeles t is stalling." he said. "» : ' "«·' -- ' . ,3rd St, a frequent critic of, French II : Today in L.B. acting in the best interest of the state and the City of Long Beach." Commission members last ^3rff, Thursday postponed action | for at least or.e month on the 5 proposed contract. rrf\ * U I j ' » I 1 (1C f^WLf ·tllT^.M "WHEN THEY TAKE our policies of the present coun-J^ thij (OantTy March 24 anj f^if+f*m+r* tvtr^r tV^r-A **'/-il filivl tfif tV* ThtrH rVfnrt' r. - - . · _ ·-». »s * i' L CONCERTS -- Long Beach State College A Capella Choir. 8-15 p.m.. Atlantic Avenue Methodist Church, 1505 Atlantic Ave. Municipal Band, 2 p.ra-. Municipal Auditorium. LECTURE-- "Creatrve Thinking for Problem Solving -- Group Approaches to Solutions." Robert W. Dorman, sponsored by LBCC General Adult Division, 7 JO p.ra. Hoover Junior High School auditcrium. 1501 C o u n t r y Club Drive. Lakewood. Arraignment Sol in Ixvc Slaving City Builds Float for hily Regatta customers OTer there -- assert, filed for the Third District aftCT ^ s i t - m , ^^ presidenl they did with Pacific Far East seat of Lewis D. Reese. (Kennedy toured defense fa- . ' _ _ _ for an concerned.' Wrkers said he was certain _^ a temporary facility can be! 5i7trict ready before the May 1 evic-; tion deadline. | Parkinson said he has not A $61,000 public float in the west section of Long discussed the matter with Beach Marina, within Basin 4 and adjacent to the Long'Standard Fmit officials and Beach Yacht dub, is scheduled for completion in ^t^^'SS'toW for the biggest regatta ever staged here. day. Oty Manager John R. Man-! -- I vi^f,, M id Standard Fruit --" told the City Council, The 234-fooc structure is'executives in San Francisco' speed cp the intended for ihe landing andjpUn no appeal of the eviction ' m. 1 .! ^f ~Z-lf~~i . ' they did with Pacific Far East i Lines--we work with them to' Hufy p Shepard. 1365 cilities on the East Coast, provide the best ajrangeroent ljmon Ave , an attorney who| They are scheduled to visit r~ .n i- '!had preiTOusry announced his Vandenberg Air Force Base filed for the Sixth today on what Gea Gambier seat of Eirmet M.'called » "crusade of friendship." slaying a love rival, Tuesday was held to answer by Maal Court Judge Martm ITues "y "* . . - ,. De Vries on a charge of planning and construction a s j e m b a r k a t i o n of visitors;order. aa added attraction for the!rather than the permanent' Scully is accused of stabbing to death Robert D. Rowe.0 36. of 3609 Cherry Ave, dur- Ju'T 27 event, ing i fight March 24 in the! Representatives of apartment of Mrs. Lila E-Imitos Bay groups Green, - ' '-Ave. TOO boats and thousands of| m oorin of boats. Director visitors expected for ··" - - - - ·· · -Lawrence McDoweU of the Marine D e p a r t m e n t ex- Ala- crged[from tiddand oil funds. Si 5,000 for Slrcel ] Earmarking of $15.000 in plained. It iriH be financed the 1963-ei bcdget'i road «. of 1825 Cherry,^ improvement, which has. The sumaier championship . ibeen endorsed by the Marina regatta is sponsored by the Judge DeVries set April 16 Advisory Committee. TherejPatific Coast and Southern as the date for Scully's ar- is now o public float in the California Yachting Associ- * " i** **v* »**r frf^un^ raignment. He declined to set'west end of the ba ; i [port, lhe' noted. 1 smatt-crafrations, with the Long Beach Yacht Club as host. funds to help the Cty of Long Beach finance Lzpro\ement of 'Stodebaker Road between Seventh Street and Westminster Avenue was voted Tuesday by the Board of Super- jVisors. i Park's Fishing Hole Due for Some Fish City officials asked help from the state Tuesday to supply the only missing ingredient for a modern version of the old fishing hole -- plenty of fish. Youthful anglers, many of them accompanied by paretU. wait for hours cow for only a few nibbles at the municipal Uke in El Dorado Park. On th- theory thai such patience should be re-. warded, the Ciry Council pctitiss-^d the California Fish and Game Commission to stock the Uke. -If we can't get the fish from th« state, we win get them somewhere else." City Manager John R.- Mansell promised. , . · r --.

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