Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 30
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 30

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 30
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Show Schedule FOX-TUC10N "I'Jl-Oet By"-- 1. 4:1IV.7:1J, 'UUP, . IroquoU Trail"-- a-sl, 5:M,' IM. , ' "Hencor 1* la TlerrnY-1, 131. «:41, f.tt; "Cart, dt Clelo"~3:30./»;M,;»:J7. FOX -LYRIC- . and the. Arrow"-- 1,' ,4:11, ' "The rum* 1, 10:J3; "River Lad^-; . . Lawless"--3:J1, ffiJJ, 9:H. ' CATLINA -, "A lady Takes ft'"'-ClMrict'£-l:49?.' ·:··. l!»; "My. Lucky"--4:l5. s f:«. .* . ,. PARAMOUNT^ "Copper Canyon"--13:37, 1:H^M». '=". STATE: .»- ''^-v "San Quenttn" --12:49, »:OT. B3», T:J1, 10:13; "Alcatra* Island"--2:04, 4:19, 1:48, DM Joining In Chest Drive Davis-Monthan air base solicitors for the community chest have been'vappointed by' the. military chairman; Capt. -Kent Mitchell,, and the'clvillan chairmen, Francis Connolly and Francis Brown. Other volunteer workers at the sir base are: , Clarence T. Allen, Robert R. Allen, Rufus D. Anderson, Gilbert H. Bambauer, Clyde C. Barnes; Robert T. Black, James P. Boles, Eleanor Bradshaw, Walter W. Brooks, Gerald H. Calvert, Charles Chappel, Randolph Chavez, Ralph -S. .Chinnock, Kenneth Crull, Charles 0. Davenport, Grady D. Day, Hatton W. Day, Harry Dellis, Glfford L. Dunn, James, H. Durnal,'Charles P. Fasig, Clyde B. Gllmore. Arthur D. Glenn, .Gilbert F. Gonzales; Charles, J. Green, Dave Hamilton, Ross N, Hardcastle, Kugene W. Harper, James R. Hlckraan, Albert W. .HUlman. Cecil K. Jones, Ernie Johnson,- Captain Earl M, Jung, Arthur B.'Lawrence, John S. LJnn, Mrs. Myrna Listen, Sidney A. Lundstrum! Joseph Martin. Arthur L. McDIvItt, Gerald T. Nickel, Mrs. Eda - H. Roebuck, Joseph Rourke, Marlon "P. Schroder, Eugene L. Sierras, Richard L. Smith, Ellsworth E. Springer, Marjorie. Stemens, Joseph E. Stone, Mrs. Lu cla M. Struthers, Charles W. Sullivan. Milton Toll, Leo M.^Vletlng- hoff, Harold G. Whitney, Charles W. Wilson, Woodrow J. Wilson, Horace B. Woodward. Square Dance " ·»"* r '~"( " 7; " ' u Council Meets The Tucson'square dance council and Caller's, club will open Its 32nd annual'season,on ilonday,,Nov 6.; The session '.will get underway atr.8 pan." in.' the Mansfeld junior high: school"at 1400--E V Sixth St Classes-will; be held everyrMonday^ evening, and are open to all adults.; CQupi;es can register,-with the cit£ recreation department 1 jii'^the. city, hall annex/.-or-at 1 the" school, be^ fbk'e 8 p.m. There are "no admission fees of any-kind. · . , Each group will go through the squares, schottisches, and · other steps under the direction of Bill Griffith, W. Mitchell, and 'Ifesrs. and-Mmes. George Waudby,.'-3'acfc' Courson,. Howard Griffin, -.John Van Nest, Dave Neal, Glen'-Gumni, Paul Flocks, Guy Jones, ."Wendell Sloneaker. Over 2,000 persons have learned square dancing under the project sponsored jointly by the city rec- reatlon-^department and publlc'i school system. New Loyalty OatH Faces Court Test Ing various city officials from circulating 'copies of the oath,, from refusing pay ;to j those who ,do' not lign.' and-' fromf dismissing ,',thbse California's new loyalty oath-Is due for j tesL ' .Six suits -were filed In San Fran- clsco f superior court, on.Cbeb.alf of five- San Francisco -city ', employes and * one state -employe. *^_ " . The actions' .seek orders restrain- UEMMONBUJ Leaves American Bus Terminal $~..'^ t:00 Each Morning ·'- Return* from Mountain #30 Bach 'Afternoon ·'Phone 2-3385 for Reservations IT COSTS NQ'MORE' IT S MORE CONVENIENT American civil .'liberties union, said h'e was preparing 14 more suits which may go directly to the Cal fornia supreme, court. - r -- '·"'An additionalr!2 cases, involving part-time student',workers at"; th University of -California, -will.. b filed by;Atty';cyihcent Halllnan'ln the'immediate future. , _ , ON STAGE IN PERSON : Brilliant I 1 Dancer* 8. HUROK Freicntc Full Length Ballets . ANA MARIA'S SPANISH BALLET The FJnt SpanUh Ballet Company to lour Ihe C. S. SUNDAY, NOV. !2al8:IBP.M. THE TEMPLE of MUSIC and ART I'- $2.44 · $1.83 (Tax Incl.) STEINHEIMEK'8 DOWNTOWN; 24 N. Scott _ Phone Regervatlong 3-38SO DONT'BE DISAPPOBSTBD-- Get your Tickets early. fEATC linUf jCAl J HUIl RTJNS IN. FAMILY PORTALES.-N. M. (U.PJ--Mrs. Ellis | Frazier-. reported that her father, George M. Brown of. Plainview, Tex.,/-'Is the father of twins,-the grandfather of twins, ".the great- grandfather of twins and the -great-' great-grandfather, of twins. UftGERS HICKEN-SHR.MP PIAN YOUR BUSINESS TRIPS THRU US . , HOMER LINJN6ER T R A V E L S E R V I C E TELEPHONE 2 - 8 8 9 7 4O E. B R O A D W A Y TUCSON Says End Of Waste In Philippines Possible ·WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. (A Daniel W. Bell says he believes the graft and waste his survey mission found in the Philippines are due largely to the Pacific war and the Japanese occupation of the country. . ·· - - . · ' - : Bell, chairman of the mission whose report was submitted to Philippine President Quirino, told reporters there is definite hope that the Philippines can attain stability and prosperity through the measures the m i s s i o n recom mended. · . Bell said as a first step before any American aid the Philippin congress must vote higher taxes He forecast a-prompt special ses si on for this purpose. He said h believes the American technics mission proposed" to advise the Philippines over the next five years should number at least 150 oersons. , PLAZA -- NOW PLAYING -- 'RENCOR DE LA. TDERRA' BITA ROBERTO MACEfiO * CANEDO Also ·····' . "CARITA DE CIELO" ANTONIO JIA. ELENA BADTJ * JIARQTJES OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY BIG HALLOWEEN P A R T Y Tuesday Evening, 'Oct. 31 All 9c Bides to Children In Costume PMZES-- GIFTS-- FUN GALORE SPEEDWAY KIDDYLAND Speedway Just East of Maple Blvd. I 4344 -S. 6th Ave. Phone 2-0264 "ARIZONAN 7 THEATER -- Matfn6e Every Day -- . Adults 4Gc -- Children 16c 'RIVER LADY 1 -- and -- Meet Xonr Friends for Make CLUB LA JOLLA A Habit At Noon LUNCH-75' 1000 8. «th Are. Ph. 3-3142 THE LAWLESS 1 YRIC '.Phone 1 2 - 0 7 1 1 44c'Xtt 5 P. M. t THE FLAME AND THE ARROW" -- Plus -- WEDNESDAY U ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT" "BAYONET CHARGE" GRAND CENTRAL TIME Daily, 5:30 to 6:00 p KCNA 134O On Your Dial ALSO -- ARTHUR GODFREY in "50 YEARS BEFORE YOUR EYES ff ACTUAL SHOTS OF AL JOLSON SEE LARRY PARKS' PORTRAYAL OFTHE GREAT "AL JOLSON" --NOW-- 'Coppex on -- Pins -- ·TOOQUOIS TRAIL" NEXT ATTRACTION 2 BIG HITS-- --ENDS TONITE-- ELIZABETH TAYLOR OTKH TRACY JOAN BENNETT rredKid by Argny nctirw CeraweHe* DiilrlbK«J by ItKO Igdlo TicJi«« THRILL HIT NO; 2 Open 2:00 Ph. 5-1201 Last2 Days! CARYGRANT TOMORROW 1. Cash, balances with other banks, Including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection :. $ 4,808,460.75 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 12,785,343,89 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions 4. Other bonds',"notes, and'-debentures. ."6. Loans and discounts (including $17,326.17 overdrafts) ,, _. 7. Bank premises owned $225,840.86,.furniture and fixtures $261,434:33;... 11. Other assets . '· 12. TOTAL ASSETS ....$32,253,878.79 L I A B I L I T I E S 13. Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships,- aad corporations... 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships,, and corporations ....... 15. Deposits of United States teovernment (iricluding. postal savings) 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions.!--;. 17. Deposits of banks IS. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) -19. TOTAL DEPOSITS i '. $30,677,259.46 23. Other liabilities _ 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES (not Including subordinated ^obligations shown ,, $18,842,954,97 ,.'.7,425,365.09 _ 196,385.01 5,745,993.88 42,045.74 424,514.77 59,756.39 below) __.$30,737i015.85 C A P I T A L A C C O U N T S 25. Capital- :__. 26. Surplus 27. Undivided profits 28. Reserves (and retirement account for-preferred capital)- 29.' TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOTJNTS .--I 30. TOTAL LL4BILITrES-AND"'CAPrrAX, ACCOUNTS ...$ 450,000:00 750,000.00 234,563.58 82,239.38 __$ 1,516,862.94 _..$32,25337S.79 ·This bank's.capital consists of common stock with total par value of $450,000.00. J M E M O R A N D A 31. Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes ...$12,195,000.00 S3. (a) Loans as shown above are after deduction of. '.. '-- 26,461.09 (b) Securities as shown above are after deduction of'reserves of. 88,764.33 I, G. G. Williams, Cashier,'of the above-named'banlc, do solemnly (swear/affirm) that the above statement is true, and that" it fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters "herein contained and let forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief. Correct--Attest - G. G.'WILLIAMS, Cashier. FRANK C. BROPHY ) - '-' ·" ' HI'S. EMBACB."T'- ) Directors;. FRANCIS J.-RYLEY ) . ~ W. R. MONTGOMERY FREDERICKTl.rST.OFPr" M. E. ZETTERHOLM^ w. A, SMALL ; -; - ,^, _ " - ' - '.;.-· · . State of Arizona,. Comity ofMma, ss: Sworn to ,and; subscribed, before -me this ^3rd- .day tif^0ctober,'-1950, and I herebj certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank: -",. .--' ,, " ; - ' .(NOTARIAL'SEAL) - , MARY B. DULKIEWICZ, Notary Public. My,conanission"explres September 28,1954.' *"·. BOX OFFICE 6:15 SHOW 7:00 4500 E. SPEEDWAY, 0-0111 STARTS TONIGHT "THERE'LL NEVER BE ANYONE TO REPLACE AL JOLSOW" SAYS GEO. JESSEL. "A GREAT INSPIRATION TO FUTUKE GENERATIONS" LARRY PARKS. "MOST DYNAMIC FIGURE IN SHOW; BUSINESS" BING CROSBY. "AN ENTERTAINER'S ENTERTACfEH" JACK BE5TNY. - TOO.MtJCH FOB TUKKEV9 McKENZIE, Tenn..U.P)--The he] jppter'Vhlch the Tennessee valle authority'uses'!Jn "west Tennesse iteers clearof "one particularturk' For Yoiir HALLOWEEN PARTY! Serve Delicious- F R U I T P U N C H Reatonably Priced by ihe Gallon 1024 North Park Dial 2-3272 LAST : - : v SHOWING TONITE ALSO- FEDERAL AGENT AT LARGE 'W. TOWER" at 7«7 -- 10:35 · "FED. AGENT" at 9:05 -farm. The farmer complained tfiat when the helicopter passed over ils- place* ^'the'^turkeys were so frightened/they' would run Into objects and'kill-themselves." lall« ffilllzrn ^ Mondiy Ivtnlno, Ott, M, 1M« ON STAGE m 'P OY : 7 - 8:l5p - N -] VII v I "^·"UNIVERSITY -AUDITORIUM ^ $ ItflywiX's mi, dim reta! giittrnMrt IN PERSONA H A R R O W MARX ¥| WAN IIMY«*****NwaW* CmUST-HA CARROLL Harpo's Concert Bazaar criTf flAll/ STEINHEIMER'S DOWNTOWN--2* N. scott JEA.jJlUVT |3.05-$2.44.$L83 (tax Incl.) -- Phope W«50 OPEN X2:30 PHONE 2-7571 LAST TIMES TODAY "5AN QUENTIN" ,,,,, HUMPHREY BOGAW "AKATRAZ ISLAND" ^ JOHNML PRE-HALLOWEEN MBDMTE SHOW TONITfe Tickets on Sale at 10:30 P.M. HOUSEOF FRflnKfnsHin BORIS KARLOFF ·;,?.' .. J. CUMOl WISH VIKDUGO DO NOT COME IF YOU ABE SICK IT'S HORRIFIC/, -,,, i f / '.^ ION CHANEY JOHN CARRADINI EEPORT OP CONDITION OF of Phoenix in the State of Arizona at the close of business on October 4,1950. 3,043,47458 1,234,696.22 9,790,819.14 487,275.19 103,809.02 Call 3-5142 For Reservation* CLUB LAJOLLA 1CKW S. Sixth Ave.' A N N U A L HALLOWEEN PARTY TUESDAY NIGHT I GIFTS -- FAVORS -- BALLOONS -- DECORATIONS 4 STARS^- ALL NEW SHOW -4 STARS * HERMIT DART-MC ^IRENE VERMILLION *DARLENE DART Fine Accordionist with, personality pins , You'll enjoy her Ballet and Acrobatic Dancing Pleasing child dancing star *LUCeA MANSFIELD Lovely Singcr and Dancer CLUBlAJOlLAORCH. fOPyonrDa nci n , 3 FLOOR SHOWS Come Early, for Dinner R A D I O D I A L KVOA--1290 NBC KCNA--1MO ABC KIUC--1400 MDTCAL KOPO--1450 CBS ETET--14M LBS , MONDAY NIGHT «:00 Town-Crier · «:li 8. V. Kalttnbora 6:30 Vote* of Firestone «:« Vol«...af. Flreitoat · October 30, 1DSO Edwin C. HUI-HwdBne*. Fred Flnney Freddie Mirtta's,On*. Candlelight * Win* Elmer Davis* ;· Fulton Lewi*. Jr. Frortdie Martin's'brch. Candlcllsht wine Music You Want Future Delivery Godfrey Talent Scouta United Nation* Musle You want Hayes-Henry Godfrey Talent Seoul* Fiesta Time" 7:00 Telephone Hour T:l» Telephone Hour . 7:30 Cvenlng Codcert' 7:«',Evenlng Concert InneV Sanctum Inner Sanctum Money for the Future Paul. Harvey ·, . . Gabriel Heatter ·School Days 308 Yes Program Music for America Radio Theatre Radlo-Theatre- Badio Theatre Hadio Theatre Fiesta Time Fiesta Time Fiesta Tim* Fiesta Time--New* . B;OQ Bruce Brockett 8.15 Arizona Citizens' Comm.- 8:30.NBC Symphony'; , . . 8:43 NBC Symphony Merry-Go-Round Merry-Go-Round Henry J .Taylbf Una Mae Carlisle Forward America Fonysrd' America, . Citto'Kid f Cisco Kid My Friend Irma My Friend Irma Boh%awk Show Bob Hawk Show Concert Hall' Concert Hall Concert Hall Concert Hall 9:00 One Man'* yami 9:19 News 9:30 .Rallrbad ; Hour . 9:45 Railroad Hour CosmopolItan.Hour Cosmopolitan- Hour Cosmopolitan^ Hour Cosmopolitan \ Hour Headlined I Love A Mystery Under Arrest Under Arrest New» ThcWcstlsthePl«cn Star Playhouse- Star Playhouse Designs in Melody Designs In Melody Womon'i Civic; Coujuel LBS Commentary .. '-.:.. 0:00 Halls ol Ivy 0;)5 Kills -of- ivy ' 0:30 Reporter 0:4S Music by Request : 7:00 Strictly Collegiate 1:15 Strictly Collegiate 1:30 Strictly Collegiate 1:43 Collegiate-Newt News, and Sport*. UN Hlgbltght»r: John B. Kennedy .Harlem Jarob'oree Glen Hardy, New* A F ot L Procram Curtain CMli " Curtain 'Calls Jukebox Jubilee/- · . Jukebox 'Jubilee Arlznna DancehanOa. Hequcrtfulb- Youra. Four -Knight* - . , 'Plpc« of Melody- Dance Band Dance Band . · Harlem Jamboree Two Beat Time , Two Beat Time 12:00 Sign Oil Silver Notturne Silver Nocturne Silver Nocturne News Tempo Rendezvous Tempo Rendezvoua Tempo · Rendervoue ?empo Rendezvous Dance Band Dance Sand Dance Band: Dance Band Sign Ofl Sign Ofl Music on Moonbeanu ·. Music OD MMnheami- Muslr on Morrtineami Musteon Moonbeam* Ncws-KT All Nijhti Party Ncws-KT: AlUNIght partr Ncws-KT All Night Ncws-KT AU TPESPAT WSJTVOA~Giod Morning 1:00 Sign Oft KT All Nighl Party October 31, 1959 KT All Night Party »:00 U Horn Mexlcan» S:43 Spanish Program Dusty't Hltchln' Post' ' ' I'M La Hora Mexican* .0:15. La Hqra. Mexlcana · - . - * *:30 La : Hor^ : 'MeTc1cans- .- ·Ousty's'Hitchln'.Post'' ' 5:W Schools-La Hora ifexlcana Dusty's Bltcbin ' Post · · Chactl in-th« DeMrt,. 'E Despertador " El Oespertador Old Pueblo Hour · Old Pueblo Hour , Old Puehlo Hour Old Pueblo Hour- Sunrise Serenade Sunrise Serenade Sunrise, Serenade. ; -,-., ·-Sunrise' Serenade-New*; Wake ':« Arizona Highlight*.: »:00 Strictly Personal' 1:13 Mejody-Go-Round :30 Kewi 3:43 Exchange News-Sport*.. i Local News ... News of America Martin Agnmiky. :Arizona New* - . ·'Musical Clock Morning New. -.. · S a l e s T o d a y ' ' - Frank Go« JMuslcalClock.-, ..... ... Sonjci.thePloneerf,. ··. .-.WorldNew* Fiesta Time- Flcst» Time F!cst» Ttoe Flest« Tlme-Newi- 1 Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast dub 9:00 Star Guessing 9:15 Musle for Tucsoa 9:30 JacJc Berch 9:45; Ten Me How ' 10:00 Arizona Workmen ,10:11 Dial Dave Garroway 10 30 Latin Khythms !0:4S WeLovea News--Brushes Ic BroomsCecl] Brown Brushes Broom* What's On In Tucson Qulclcasanash . MelodyMagie · .Quick as-aFUsh. Melody Magic - Hemingiy, New*- * Arthur Godfrey .41.M!nuie*'From- B'way ; -Arthur Godfrey. _ 45 Ulnutes fVom B'way Arthur Godfrey 46 Minute* from B way Arthur Godfrey Liberty Minstrel*. ',} tlberty Minstrel*.- l ? 'Liberty Mlnstrela ~ ,, Liberty L Minstrels Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey News-Melody Tiro* Koscmary- Disc Jockey*.Hound table Disc- Jockc.vi"Rouadtable ·President Truman *·,* President Trunaa' r' 11.00 Break the Bank ll:ls:B«ak' the Sank'. 11:30 Music "of Manhattan 11:45 New 'Luncheon.Club. - tuncheon CIun-Ntwi Freda'* Footnote* · Freda'* Footnote* TUESDAT AFTERNOON Freda'*,Footnote* Freda's Footnote* My True Story J4 True Story Demo. CentralConunltteft Wendy WK Strictly-Personal Aunt jenny ' Snoppln' Around ,· -.'. · HelenTrtnf, Music- laivTuerJay · Our Gal Sunflay LBS. New* Hollywood Go*slp Cotoitm Bunkhouce Ballad* J . EunMlouse Ballad* ' Glenn. Hardy; Eusan'Taylor 1400 Club 1400 Club Big StsUr - ' - · Ma Perkin* Yourtt Dr. Malon* GuldlniUfbt ' SuscesUon Box" · Keynote* by C«rl*j Gic*t- Star LBS New* ' - 11:00 Double or rfothln*; |J:1B' Double or Nothing 1230 MUilc-Bome Finder ' '1:45'Mia Day New*. Betty Crocker "loon-Newp Crosby. Calllni Art Baker . 1:00 Life Can Be B««utliul 1:15 Road of Ufc I:*J Pepper ifouni l:41;Rlchi to.Bapplnew Arizona New* News-Weather' Queen tor a Day Queen lor a Day- H»cond Mr* Burton Perry Kfason. Uttrt Drake Brl*:hlerDay Great Dayr la- Sport»= Great Bay* to Sport*" Great Days to Sport»; Greet Days: to Sport*-. - casa Can Fiesta Case Fleeter Ladles Fair Ladles Fair- SlertaTtae- Siesta Time News House Party t House Party-Admit Great Day* la Sport*: Great Day* in Sport* LBS New* i. Blue Buron Pre*ent*i 1:00 Backstaxe 'WUe 1:19 Stem, Duia* 2:30 Lorenzo · Jone* Z:4S Younz Wldder Brown Arizona Hayrlde Arlzon* Bayiide Arizona Qayrldej Arizona Hayrlde Bits and Encore*: Bits and Encore* Homemaker.'of the Cay Homemaker of the- Day Strike It Klch ' Strike It Rich · Newi-Star* Addree* Speaking -of Tucson The w« Work*. The Wax Work* The Wax-Work* The Wax-Work* ^ 1:00 Martki Bfanoer Mudc 1:15 Pom*: Face* Ufe 1:30 Dr Paul 1:4 Bean- to Heart - - Arizona Bayride' Arlzonc Eayrtde-N(tw* Modern Bomance* . Alodem! Romance* r' j * New* icd Sport*, Ij;* All Your» If* All Your* 1 If* All your*: Old Pueblo.Hmjr Old Pueblo He^r^ Old .Pueblo'Bour- Old Pueblo:'Bour :.Today Lenny Herman _'*· - Rider* of th«' purple Sage .Toe'SodJa-Trlo-Sew* COO Weteome · Traveler Hann)h«] Coiib 4:U Welcome Tmeler - Talk Back ^ fcje Aam.;H*ry , ' '.,;, Pe»ee of Mind- ·Mb Schools-La Hora Mexicans Ted Malone ' If* All Your* 1 Htmlniwy New* Annlvenail' Time: 5am aaye*-New* P M Melodle*'; P.M. Melodie*Assembly oi God: ·Builder* of uwfe Meet, the-Band, -iteet the Band ler Kapen KTKapcn 5:00 La Hora Mexican* S; 15 Artie Shaw SJO New* of the World' S:4I;.Lete Afternoon-New* D.of A New* Musical New* Music Music StraUht Arraw' Straight Arrow SkyKtnK KkyKlnf ' Bar'O Ranch.' Newi-Sporu-Oii Bpot CluhW , ' Edward a. Mumnr Kiddie* Mub, Kiddle* Klub Eport* .final New*" TRLET18ION --Phoenix Station KPHO-TV MONDAV JflGHT 3:30Tun Tor An ·1M Don McNem TV:C3ut JO JO Martin Kane 4:OO.Bob Cawley.show. 1:00 Studio One--"Good For Thirty Den"; . I1;O3 Four Btar Jlerue-Id Wyjm 5:00 At Home With J »:CO School Talent Show,: «:00 Kukl* Fran and Ode- '.·dO-.UfMt.Oiit. :IO New* InTocui

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