Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1929 · Page 22
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1929
Page 22
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AL/T65NA NOVEMBER 7> ,1929 BOROUGH YOTE IS LIGHT ON TUESDAY . ^ One Democrat Wins Place In Council In Duncansville— All Other Officers Are Filled by Republicans. lllfl'.i comicllmnnic nice lent the only bit of color to an otherwise quiet off-year election on Tuesday and even Intercut In that contest wns mild, ftH wns r-vldenced by the light turnout of voters, In sharp contrast to the record vote pollnil !)t the recent primaries. With a registration list of 743 voters In the borough., only 228 voted, or less than one-third of those eligible. With four vncancles on the borough council, two of the present Incumbents were reelected and there will be two new faces In council after the first of the year. John W. Mutzabaugh and O. Edwin Shoenfelt wero reelected. Harvey S. Dlehl and Charles Mobley will he the two new members. Eugene Kelly, present Incumbent, was defeated, while Gilbert Pelo/.ier, also nn Incumbent, did not aspire to relcction. Dlehl, who was the nominee of both the Republican and Democratic parties, lead the Held of seven candidates with 201 vote«. Mutzabaugh, Republican, was second with 128, and he wns followed closely by Shoonfelt, Republican, with 121, ami Mobley, Democratic nominee, with 113. Kelly had JOS, George Kntfle, D., 104, and Elmer Brim, P., 81. Second to tho counc.llmii.nic contest was that for burgess, which was between John K. Shoenfelt, Republican, and Lewis McMastcr, Democrat. The election resulted In the choice of Mr. Shoenfelt by u 131 to 87 vote. Tho newly elected head of the municipal government will succeed H. Ernest Kite, present Incumbent, who (lid not aspire to reelection, but to the ofllce of justice of tho peace, to which of- llce ho was elected without opposition, receiving 186 votes on the Republican and Democratic tickets. Mr. Shoenfelt Is Duncansvllle's second Justice of the peace, his term of ofllce not expiring, however. He will nil both offices after Jan. 1. For borough assessor, Levl W. Do- lozlor, who Is at present ttlling an appointment to an unexplred term, running on the Republican ticket, defeated his Democratic opponent, Guy H. Lotz, by a vote of 132 to 84. For auditor, Albert L. Glbboney, also an incumbent, a Republican candidate, shaded his Democratic opponent, William Klrkham, by a 132 to 67 vote. None of the candidates for school director faced opposition, all having the nomination on both tickets. G. Edward Krlder wae elected for the full term of six years, while M. Luther Llebegott and John H. Robertson were named for tho two-year unexplred terms. All three are nerving appointment* at the present time. W. V. Wobb, present incumbent, had no opposition for reelection aa tax collector. William I, Young was reelected judge of election over Wllmer Hanley, Democratic nominee. Young received 184 votes and Hanley 34. J. Hunter Keller was elected majority Inspector with 194 votes. Edgar Frletf is a new member of the election board, winning tho election as minority Inspector.. Ho received 26 votes. A. L. Glbboney was minority Inspector. With a light vote cast and a. small ballot to count, the election board com. plcted tho task of counting and tabulating the vote before 11 p, m. Tuesday and was ready to adjourn before midnight. Other than for the borough council office won by a Democratic nominee, Duncansvllle's election went Republican, as usual, candidates tor county* and state offices piling up the UHual large majorities. BUYERS IN STEEL BECOME CA'UTIODS NEW YORK, Nov. 7.—The Initial effect of tho stock market break on the Iron and flteel Industry has been to accentuate caution on the part of buyers, said yesterday's Iron Age Market summary. N«w business has been light and the placing of some prospective tonnage hns been delayed, Indicating that purchasers wish to obtain a better appraisal of the Influence of the securities debacle on their own businesses before making further commitments In their raw materials. Cancellations reported, however, are almost negligible, and specifications against unfilled orders have held up well, with reductions chiefly of the kind that would have been made regardless ot developments In Wall Street, The low Iron and steel Inventories of^ large consuming Industries are one of' the favorable features of the situation. Mony companies that use steel In a big way have no more than a fortnight's supply. Jobbers' stocks, also, are reported to bo low. If there Is an Inventory problem among manufacturing; users of Iron and Hteel, It is due more largely to an accumulation of finished product than to the stocking of materials. Supplies of manufactured goods that have heretofore been regarded as normal might easily become excessive if the buying power of ultimate consumers were seriously curtailed. Thun far few evidences of reduced popular demand for consumption goods have appeared except In the automobile Industry. Motor car manufacture was suffering from the effects of overproduction before the stock market collapse, being one of tho few outlets for steel In which excessive activity developed, but the period of readjustment, If present Indications are borne out, has been prolonged by the Wall Street crash. Automobile makers generally are revising production schedules downward. Consumer demand for goods outside of the luxury or semi-luxury class is expected to hold its own unless serious unemployment should develop. Farm Implement manufacturers have not altered their production programs, which remain at a high rate: The output of stove manufacturers In the St. Louis district Is one-third greater than a year ago. Operations of a loading radiator manufacturer are the highest since February. Chicugo reports that a more active bond market will release a large accumulation of public Improvement work and that tho floating 1 of mortgage loans will have a stimulating effect on private building within six or eight weeks. Mora conservative opinion postpones general acceleration of building activity for four or five months. Demand for rolling stock was active even before tho stock market break, but more favorable buying terms arc expected to spe6d up action on pending Inquiries and to bring out new equipment programs. Freight cars now In the market number 14,000, Including 2,300 on which the Missouri pacific hns Just asked for figures. Inquiries from eastern lines for 20,000 additional cars are looked for before Jan. 1. The Missouri Pacific, the St. I/oti!s-9an Francisco, the Rock Island nnd the Wabash have asked for tenders on a total of 125 locomotives.. The Missouri Pacific has bought 61,* 000 tons of rails and the Southern Pacific has entered the market for 122,' 000 tons. Pip; Iron production In October totaled 3,588,118 tons, the largest output for that month on record. At 115,743 tons, the dally rate showed a decline of only 0.72 per cent from that of September. There was a, net loss of two active stacks in tho month. The operating rate Nov. 1 of the 203 actlvo stncks was 113,600 tons, compared with 110,405 tons on Oct. 1. The steel and iron composite prices of The Iron Age remain unchanged. That for steel Is 2.362C a lb. and that for pig Iron, $19.38 a gross ton. FINANCIAL BRIEFS IN TODAY'S NEWS (By United Press.) NEW YORK, Nov. 7.— J. P. Morgan Is returning from England next week, on tho S. S. Olympic. Arthur V. Davis, chairman of the Aluminum Company o£ America, and P. A. Schoelllcopf, chairman of the Buffalo, Niagara & Eastern Power Co., have been elected directors of the Marino Midland corporation. Liberty State Bank & Trust Co. und he Pennsylvania Bank & Trust Co. o£ Wilkes-Barre, Pa., huve merged. Winnipeg Electric company has of- 'ered minority stockholders of the Manitoba Power company an exchange of shares on a share-for-share basis for Winnipeg stock. Pressed Steel Car company directors declared the regular quarterly dividend of $1.75 on the cumulative preferred stock, payable Dec. 31 to stock of record Nov. 18. POTATOES MOKE IMPORTANT. TRAVERSE) CITY, Mich., Nov. 7.— Circuit court hero has adjourned HO farmers on tho Jury panel or Involved in cases, can go homo to dig their potatoes. The University of Santo Tomas at Manila, P. I., founded In 1611, Is the oldest Institute of, learning under tho American flag. SAVE YOUR, EYES Tour eyes should bo examined at toast once «, year, especially after you have reached the age of forty. Orthogon or Tlllyer, wide angle lenses, fitted to correct any defect you may have. MAODONALD'S Spectacle Bazar On the corner of llth St. and Green Avo. over 20 years. D. S. Menchey Dependable Plumber* and Heater* 857 Seventeenth St. Phone 2-8S70 Repair Work Our Speciality Drome Weather Strip Style* for every purpose. 5o foot und up. DOUGHERTY HDW. STORES llth Ave. llth St. 7th Ave. 7th St. GIANT SHOWER BATH IS USED FOR TROLLEY CARS Modern homes these days are equipped with bath tubs, whether they are used or not. The Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway company, desirous of keeping abreast of the times and maintaining its equipment up to latest standards, has installed a huge bathroom, or more strictly speaking, a giant shower bath, for its street cars. The equipment, automatlctin Its operation, was designed and trected by tho Logan Valley itself and occupies a space In the car barn SB feet wide by 120 feet long. Trolley cars are run into this bath compartment and emerge clean as a new pin In Just three minutes. The only follow-up handwork necessary is wiping off the windows. In order to make the operation of the plant one of time saving, in the matter of switching cars in and out of the shower bath, two track lines, lead- Ing to the compartment merge into one by a switch arrangement at the entrance to the washing room. The car enters on one of the tracks and coming out of the, bath is switched onto the return track along side, so that a constant stream of cars can be accommodated at three-minute intervals. Various departments of the Logan Valley from the engineering department to the mechanical forces had a hand in the makeup and installation of the automatic washer. There Is but a single track within the enclosure, cars running the gauntlet between two sets of large brushes and then' being backed out, taking the switch at the entrance to the compartment and making way for the next trolley. In the actual operation, of the washer, there is but one manipulation which requires hand work and that is a simple matter of turning open a water valve as the car enters the bathroom, -Water is first f&rced upon the car by a stand pipe on either side of the track, the pipe at the upper portion making a 45 degree turn toward the trolley car to spread water on the roof of the trolley. On the inside of these pipes are small holes through which water emerges at considerable force and gives tho trolley surfaces a thorough fresh water soaking before they reach tho sets of revolving brushes later on QCAIJTY PAPERS AT ECONOMY PRICES See our line of high grade Wall Papers at prices you can afford to pay. S. M. GRIFFITH CO. 905 Green Ave. FRIDAY SPECIALS IN ELECTRICAL MERCHANDISE TABLE LAMPS . AH metal polychromed gold and green, with silk pleated shades of rose, green or orange. Very unusual bargain.... BRIDGE LAMP BASES Special All metal bases in polychromed black and gold. Regular $2.50 value SAMSON CURLERS With colored cords and handles .... 1 IRON. CORDS Of standard qual- J|> ity. Specially priced at ...... 1 HEATING PADS Be prepared for winter ailments by hav- ing a Sampson 3-heat control pad i your home. Regular $5.50 value...,. n WAFFLE IRONS The famous Manning Bowman waffle iron, full nickel finish, finest made at the price. 95c down, balance monthly. ..-.i Westinghouse Cozyglow HEATER Just at the time of year when needed most. Carry comfort any place in your home. Regular $7.50 value. ......... JUNIOR SHADES Full parchment, hand embossed and dec- orated. Latest designs, colors and pat- terns END TABLE LAMPS Full round globe base in green, black, or red, mottled with gold, parchment shades with modernistic design. Special Friday , PENN CENTRAL own the track. This preliminary hower has a tendency to loosen up Irt so that It Is ready for the brushes. Two electric motors are employed to un Ithe revolvlrtg brushes, three of •hlch are on either side- of the trolley, 'hey stand in vertical position, the urface ot the brushes being parallel > the sides of the car. Once the •ater has been turned on for the hower bath, an automatic valve Beta n motion the operating 1 motors and be brushes make contact w4th the Ides of the cat as it passes through. U the brush station, also, other p"rlnkler pipes are erected and the •olley gets a real honest-to-goodness crubblng before it gets beyond the each of the brushes. Once the car Is through the brushes nd has been pulled to the end of the ompartrhent, the. brushes recede and he water flow stops, permitting the ar to drain off as it is being taken tick to the entrance, .allowing an* ther car to corhe in. With this new qulpment the Logan Valley is keep- ng its cars in excellent shape in a mall portion of the time formerly oc- upled when the washing; had to be one by hand. N Depending upon conditions, however, rolleys are washed every couple of ays so that the cars operated by the ompany are kept In,the best of con- Itlon from the sanitary standpoint. While the equipment and general ayout of the car \vasher is simple nought to the casual observer, there as an Immense amount o£ -work in ettlng the equipment installed and •nuch of the effort expended In getting he compartment In readiness is not i>parent on the surface. For one thing the Logan Valley, in rder to tap a. sewer line to obtain ralnage from the shower bath, had o dig down some twenty-five feet at he southern end of the car barn to, nake the waste connection. Then, oo, a brfck division wall had to be 1 set In the barn and it was found necessary to excavate to a depth of 6ver fifteen feet before a substantial foundation soil was found which would bear the weight of the wall. There are quite a number of typos of automatic car washers on the market but the equipment used here was planned and executed by the local company. It has.proved very satisfactory, not atone as a time saver, but in the efficiency with which trolleys are cleaned. . Avoid Ugly Pimples Does a pimply face embarrass you? Get a package of t>r. Edwards Olive 'Tablets. The skin should begin to clear after you have taken the tablets a few nights, if you are like thousands of others. Help cleanse the blood, bowels and llvef with t>r. Edwards Olive Tablets, the successful substitute for calomel; there's no sickness or pain after taking them. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets do that Which calomel does, and just as effectively, but their action is gentle and safe instead of severe and irritating. ' Thousands Who take Olive Tablets are' never cursed with a "dark brown taste," a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good" feeling, constipation, torpid liver, bad disposition, pimply face. Olive Tablets are a purely vege>- table compound; known by their olivo color, Dr. Edwards spent years among patients afflicted with liver . and bowel complaints and Olive Tablets are the immensely effective result. Take nightly for a week. See how much better you feel and look. 15c,'' 30c, 60c. 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