The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 7, 1957 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 4
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***** tttttef *• ftenti* fc*** * **** * 25PS CLASSROOMS of th* fed«*i iblTtMept*. *ae i DtB* tt» «?* »* S^ to ttT^^w* ** •a* 6 ** 1 wett taught tt, OKffVW* «* Oft* ,'««*» fcf Hint fc tiMM, «tf tt* q«li fcdetpfermtt ».<«•• !.*» nit otto ittawain*. fci&tei.* AjHrth* i* An* 2* *« £*«| «W ; *ttf UiiW fc, tht fed**! 86V» GOAL HIGHER F OR HANDICAPPED , I »rf«« T4 e«t «»ML Itoat Ihroath * a fon-fte* *** «nd tt difficult . « *be to. With a* oeeuUTtiypa *•*• te off***), *h* to abte <n*t »•* *«* be «MOw • mat* »«*ow*1« *** tttad*. twrart the t ***<" «* pay off. Wy to ft» « to thiokthf about >ttl ettni* in hu , whtth ma* tt« S«« *elter« fa** been antl- fjim+ «***wv* •.»*'*•• • —— ^ •ttnMk* Whan ywung teonew MM. ft* *• fhert tait « tnrwA BM Ml Mt nmcdlT Mthififc brad* *Bd hu buHt a thri»to« to I*tar*tte. tb* !«§•• <* ««>* Th* W«plMM .11*1, o* ttw fl*or, Qa th» An OR . . . !• *• BT ILtiM HEATl Iff I7t* Low In AttDICAl CARE GIVEN AFTER CONSENT totalteka, fpedrii«« ant Irtut and beomlnc burin-*. la St P«tor*nr«, "National Ooodwfll Worker of l»sr and i Win By to Denver to. late June for the r a gate Atfembb/ of Goodwill Indurtrio to be of honor at their annual banquet nMole at Gttievleve a*jd if ""j* ^— . t ( *-»«••*„»» tbefc di**bmtl*t. «— fte nghto are out atwmyt tb» bit <"• <«t 4t* away. ;--..*. • J ';K. tbat WM aertt inter ttun It wml Tae*d*y, wjw given a mlM k But I . t thtoh. It itat ir«r« tew. U wwdd fun-teale, nattan>wlde, • Job of brtjtfflg that the ,-_^_ of thto ttato-htve the reputa- tton but not toe taefttttt* for • doing. '•".'" The object to lurtnt not* backs toto the stato by attetet- int ttore indattty to locate h5*,aftdmor*u»uiUttto*toit hwe. There to M*ne ptoeaacton fl»te« on to the Hate, but 1ft eMontlarteiKeUaadtodoM [for tett MBKtft fw leal eat* If -year child leaves horn* tor A tWlt * » camping S^« If yet plan to be away for any a the State Bar of Test**, to Written td infofnVijiot to ad- Mo nerton tnould Ml «M »«t «WT •»• • with with: 1.1 ee of . —. H fee camera. But he had th* «iM«antace of beb« at Dow Beinttai, nule* »wW, and *0 QdVt he could rwsord wj* *• upper end of the fume! (that wat the picture printed Wed* own, or by iootl" dvle totwto. doubtful utat you woell on fitk flrtt foett name the or«*la**- tto* oStdoe* the *M*t.,efe*H> irTjob of MUtn« Teia* to tour*ttlwant Did you ta; E, 11 V §*«••*••« W«r—— T- — apply or interpret any taw without the aid of an attorney who i* fully advtotd concerting the' facto involved, becauM a slight variance to facto nay change the aptfieation of the itrtty, and juit a l«<al •It teotaieailtyT ^ - h»' to wefl' within or fJl muaen, nr«aapu» w .•*.« 4Um, nwuan «•» «"2»" •£!- |£ViMs£^^ \tsffi ! !s.t^ r w 1 - r «T^ nJMimijtf 1 ««^•••**•*••*, «. ..'.... cUMr* health or Ufe «ty be tSfiFa3KjM ««ri«nr^^r .mke rr HAPPZHED . . . Jtm« 7 A 4*A#tt ^AVA Don WItoen wa* ^ Uao.ytw toee flw Motfcv mtnitt Kd Durtinf Tro . Chaabm do • fine Job care On The WHICH MERCY CAR HAS PRIORITY? »r B. T. ****** The pnf dec to a vaBtobbc breed, bat the Duke andlHinti*** of Wteoeor bare three «»en>ar DM, Crockett. Dtorndt *nd Trooper. . . . : the M Tbe daini tbnt pltf*lrl»n« die eatB»«*»re- I *e elbet* are Mayor «n,t fc* araven by the can of D». w»v •L of MOBB* OuOfard e< UbnMa, P», wb» Bwd •at of pocket at the . In otoBD»*nf the tamadoee toth*offleeofTbe»acttTo»- day afteraoon. Veto. Don and 3* reporter «*««da»t w. bad mlHil «ne picture that than mat Itot oi BtfUMt w toew , cnamorr* oo • nne JOB wn, the uracaqierv catuijer .t-an^S?]-^^- i^lSn^tniS^ rtoto, *n< beip cet them SyT« tbe Unntonttto patm v. or ehWM* grtrt be can au •r to awy nbotocnpntr't hall of t *^i know how far the Jet- tht n« «« nttotoe Cult and bow tUcfc *• witnee to. WA. then w* • Bat the .^ TWM to the Tccnt Department. The «rr . ^ M r _ dont •«.-w» Albany, wn» B«» • «•••• •>A." 'X«*«t Bayard •ww«e ha* tottor "»-• your Grattdcaa we* * day* the newb/ to haw* n* P*n tt!*)e"to a hatol which ^ the veer to le. J*ow»- f ^| mwy ***" V^HiBP.^ ^.^.^.^ »™ - — -^ —— , -tew*.- That to the to* toTenaunUM.' ^_ '!MCM h8"»n JBOBTMBI ^••wo^* ^ww^*w ^«^P playe to. loHrf* Hhe a «Hy ay****. Af perwatty toni n* haadtoepptoc logto to tt, r, I chKfcid tt tor a coupto of week* ren fl»« *W*t<ht ttawt • tote*, had a 1BK BBB nVBVBw lav ««••••••••• ^5e tornado approach, we would probably have bad a Would ham even attOed tor the opportunity to jjveaneye- •|Uiw« report of tt. for ..„ an adult mutt treatment- and traat ,——--- tonMdkalcarc on hit owp oe- k forea*BCtor can five Tt to «%ggrs,^?^r^' .rrac^iTtrto^ ^ur convent to axumed abo when yw^t for a h*6*e can bytt* doctor, or if a* a retutt of «n aeddent you come JpjI botpttai for emergency toeatt!' •MOtt - • •' ....dr. If you an uneonirltui*. the - nwy well give you . ^^ yet toter b* l . rreeport wat elected Grand ^2« a Cottncfl WS.Ttee- Dart Knifbta o* Cotanbut, at STstlSry: Star of the Sea Fart* HaU. Raymond -Helda, outcotnl Grand Knifht, eom- nvSed the ««**•,*•*•« cooperation during hit tenttM la office. '* It r*anafle Tfct Lake Jackaon Juator Chamber of Commerce held ito annual election of officer*, and Se followW. will be tetaUed in July. I^-fcaVj.* *£ ton: flftt vice pretident, *d Mrichrtecond vtoe pmldeftt. \ N. Smltt; aecretary, Bay- Walker; treewrer, Bay- Kelly; ttato director, Tied Xotf ctt. • lerewtn** %3rS^*£*Z»to. „ Tb. do«"Tt5-ett«rf STtowMnent. f ^ me*t. beautiful lOaon cannot content to •Mdtoal ti [•) T •IliTVT 'kMBiii i i » " i treatment, M* eaeant „, dli* MMrcencto* their par- *ot» or guardian* mutt give it for them. ^jM_e*Ment nvwld not be be M irrrtflr a* eir- Me* permit. ' principal rtuon for Sm content fa> wrtflng „ It to a protection both to the pattent and nbya* . haute, the new and em Show Boat wOt be formal- bMd at T •'dock ieturday i hattaf aw ^j- 1 ^ M " 10 \ WASTED BAMAIIJUI Me. — » — t to it* *f U*am i«nr 'DAILY CROSSWOR Qutrie* ft*** OtoB». % Kew oW we* «j* 1C. Cohan when he ftornd ta the •ml *bMr tWed "tttSe Jobwy J<»ot*t Itoonor now? A. Cr •»•»*•• WT«B» »w ! w—-r ». peo* - Tw« w^ tt ^ tj ^g. wn *i^^^j^-L2^-P ,••-• '••• HPVIPB here. Wgm Aa--« •*- * ta *??L"'±f ta.w»-»^'a»wA-»b*atii-.*|,*b* what *ator *b**4i «-r w-*d «te to teje. ^^ ,,4.^^ ^ ,to«w «• «* »• y-a- ytob, gnwa. bto% m whtta. Tbe majeedy ^d. Q. WM Aaeetta BJaonw, the «*»** ef bntH cbwnt P"*- mttu. wto* tout«h*»d the* (wtow type of that* woo* «»*• eli, 9. WM Aaeetta BJaonw, the **»*- •bo Mnxtoeni the* twton* type of wmiaint «tn>e e*Bed *«aom*i»,' * btowtof A. ABM«I we* a red hud ft. What wer* the nnt OT»*^0k» by 0«fb> toi terMk> 4^_ InttilbBT -fllmm VAMSllnflB Anf *ABB*% CBtfoMf !•• tnUJbU*J|, 4«IPW T^^"™*^ ^* 3TF-—.--! — - -— ; guwTato «n»«<Uto.- Try and Stop M« , ' I. iiMNin ew ^^ «* l1 ^* t f*W •r < u '*& » ».» Mote THE ^ BMii**Hmy- ««J*WP*f •••••• 1 «P"W T™™T -'—- T !^^. ? nttok wet. a •*«***•*•*,*»*• * **** tf Bn.*^ ff. T, to t J — - - n^^^^m^M^mmmv^^e^^f^^ ~'-s v • • *>;

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