Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, January 21, 1975
Page 19
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M-INOEPtNDiNT (M) · * PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM) (.«* ».«, c.n... T^., j». I Colleges to offer off- camp business degree program ·^··^ . . . . ... rtt-irvi fnctc If By RALPH McCLUP.G Staff Writer A n e w academic pro- era m to be offered by Cerritos College and Pep- perdinc University w i l l make it possible for a stu- clen.t to earn a" bachelor's degree in business without attending classes at either of the main campuses. A spokesman for the program said both institutions are to offer satellite courses at El C a m i n o High School in La Mirada. This is believed to be the first time a lower division community college and an upper division private university have joined forces in an o f f - c a m p u s pro- g r a m , the spokesman added. Many of the lower division courses are sched- u l e d to be offered by Cerritos at El C a m i n o b e g i n n i n g F e b . 3. In- cluded will be Reai Ksiaie Practices, Fundamentals of Data Processing, Business Law, Bookkeeping and Accounting. Classes are to be taught Monday t h r o u g h T h u r s d a y evenings. For its part in the program, Pepperdine is to o f f e r Financial Management, Current Economic P r o b l e m s , H u m a n Resource Development, Economic History of the U.S., A u d i t i n g , P e r s u a s i v e Speaking, Managerial Acc o u n t i n g a n d Manage- m e n t Theory and Prac- t i c e , according to the spokesman. Pepperdine classes m e e t Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning Jan. 27. Cerritos Extended Day Director C. Dean Paige said academic and career counseling will be available at El Camino High. V e t e r a n representatives and financial aids officers will also offer services there. - R o b e r t Nicholas, business professor at Pepperdine, said the BSA Degree is designed as an upper- l e v e l undergraduate pro- g r a m that will provide g r a d u a t e s w i t h b a s i c managerial and adminis- t r a t i v e c o m p e t e n c i e s n e c e s s a r y f o r m a n a g e - ment positions in business a n d public sector organizations. Nichols sai.d the program, designed for the person who is working full-time, c o u l d be completed at a rate of 27 units of credit per year utilizing . Cerritos' two semesters plus summer session and Pepperdine's t r i m e s t e r system. Transfer credit f r o m other institutions, college l e v e l e x a m i n a t i o n pro- gram tests, institutional c h a l l e n g e e x a m s a n d c r e d i t for work experience could decrease the number of classes necessary for graduation. _ For the bachelor's degree, Pepperdine requires 128 semester u n i t s of study. About half of those can be earned at tuition- free Cerritos College. Registration for the Cerritos courses may be made at the first class meeting and a complete schedule of classes is available at the college. In a d d i t i o n to the Cerritos-Pepperdine program, classes taken at Cerritos may be transferred to other colleges and universities and credits earned elsewhere may be applied to the Pepperdine degree. Giving a hand to Honduras More than 15,000 tons of canned goods, collected by the Navy in San Diego, are loaded aboard the California Maritime Academy's training ship, Golden Bear, Monday in preparation for shipment to hurricane victims in Honduras. The Navy called the effort "Project Hand Clasp." U.S. aid to Artesia Public to air spending The 451-foot vessel, with 288 midshipmen aboard, is to be open to the public at Pier 1, Berth 48 in the Long Beach Harbor from 1 to 4 p.m. today. She is due to sail Wednesday on a nine-week cruise to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean islands. --Long Bench Harbor Department Photo Artesia Mayor Robert Jamison has announced two public meetings for residents to discuss the U.S. Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and to determine uses for the federal grants alloted to the city. Axtesia is tentatively scheduled to receive $360,000 for a three-year program,'a spokesman said. The f i r s t year's grant would be about $60,0000, he said, and an estimated $120,000 would be alloted for each of the remaining two years. The spokesman said the meetings are to be held at the Artesia Community Center, 18750 Clarkdale Ave., Wednesday, Jan. 29, and Monday, Feb. 3, both at 7 p.m. LOSE WEIGHT F A S T New clinical tests completed -at a major university hospilal prove that the ODR1NEX Plan will help you lose excess weight quickly. ODRINEX contains an amazing hunger tamer that suppresses the appetite. Enjoy three good meals a day as the tiny ODRINEX tablet automatically helps you eat less without being hungry. With lewer calories, your weight goes down. Safe taken as directed · will not make you nervous. Look better, feel belter as you start slimmingdown today with ODRINEX. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back. TUDICTV -DRUG AND i I HKIr I I DISCOUNT STORES School band hopes to break marathon record Members of (he H u n t - ington Beach High School band, under the direction of Galen Vogel, w i l l attempt to land themselves a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records t h i s w e e k e n d w i t h a marathon. 25-hour rehearsal at the Huntington Center mall. Spokeswoman L a u r i e Kroening s a i d the 100- member b a n d is scheduled to begin playing on Hie m a l l , B e a c h Boulevard and Edinger Street, at 6 p.m. Friday. She said band members hope to play until shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday, breaking the 25-hour. '1- minute record set Sunday by members of the Shasta High School band in Redding. Prior to the marathon rehearsal--which also is to entertain shoppers on the mall--bandsmen are to collect "pledges" from members of the community. Mrs. Kroening said sponsors will pledge an amount ranging from a cents to SI for every hour the band lasts. She said band members hope to raise the money necessary to finance their planned M a r c h concert t o u r t h r o u g h Northern C a l i f o r n i a , i n c l u d i n g Sacramento and an appearance at the R e n o International J a z z F e s t i - val. T h e w i n d a n d j a z z ensembles are scheduled to play at a string of high schools along t h e way. and the ja/.z ensemble is to complete the tour with a performance March 8 in Reno. M r s . K r o e n i n g s a i d band members are to be among S.OOO high school students from 12 states, C a n a d a and Mexico attending the festival. She said participants in the Friday and Saturday marathon rehearsal will adhere to the rules necessary for entry in the Guinn e s s record book. That means band members will be a l l o w e d one f i v e minute break for every hour they play. P e r s o n s interested in sponsoring the marathon should contact Vogel or a band representative at the high school this week or at the mall during the Friday-Saturday e v e n t , Mrs. Kiwning said. $13 million in construction Harbor projects OKd By JACK BALDWIN Maritime Editor The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners M o n d a y gave the green light to three p o r t c o n - struction projects t o t a l i n g ?13 million. The board approved a lease with Great Lakes Carbon Corp. to build a S3 million concrete and steel calcine coke storage and truck d u m p on Pier G. The p r o p o s e d 49.vioot l o n g , p e a k e d pup-tent haped building would be capable of storing 50.000 t o n s of dedusted c o k e which has been desasified Wliat's the siren; S t X D A Y £·::! p in huil Ran FraiH'iM'O A \ f i r s ! a i d . i-I Blvd.: * ·!·» P .'« . hr M : ' ; [ l - I.akewond B u u l e i a r d a n d Stearn Street: 9:12 p.m.. ir U l 'O t r a f f i c aoeident. Atlan!;o A v e nue and Hill Street· S·='! p m i:rt aid. -15'i'v K Market St : 1 1 - 2 M p m . lirt-t aid. \2'.l K I'M)] S! : 11 '51 P m firs: ."nd -- ·,C K 1-ilh St.: Il:-i'i p m . lir-i ; ,,,d II" W Del Am.i Itlui v then sprayed with oil to prevent the emission of dust The c o k e which will feed into an underground t r e n c h c a n b e l o a d e d aboard ship by a conveyor belt at the rate of 2.500 tons per hour. B o h N. H o f f m a s t e r . Harbor D e p a r t m e n t Chief Engineer, said the facility, now located on Pier D, would bring all the port's c o k e handling facilities w i t h i n o n e location o n P i e r G . The new facility would be a cleaner operation and prevent d r i f t i n g coke from g e t t i n g into harbor waters. In o i l i e r actions, t h e c o m m i s s i o n authorized :he expenditure of $50.000 '"!· preparation of o n v i - ivnnu'nia! reports requir- i-.| to b u i l d a t a n k e r t e r m i - nal at the lormer site of Pii-rpoin! L a n d i n g f o r M a c M i l k . n King-Free Oil Co.. I n c . The H a r b o r Dep a r t m e n t ' s share of the cost w i l l be an estimated .'!.: m i l l i o n . The company w i l l pay for all piping and ' . i n k a g e . T h e t e r m i n a l ·A i l l be capable of h a n d l i n g 1.!0ii-loot long Very L a r g e C r u d e Carriers i V L C C i r e q u i r i n g a 60-foot water depth. I n i t i a l plans to convert t h e f o r m e r waterfront recreational a r e a to a deep-water tanker t e r m i - nal w e r e developed by Exxon Corp. which u l t i - m a t e l y abandoned t h e project. T h e commission a l s o authorized t h e s t a f f to p r e p a r e planning a n d environmental s t u d i e s leading to the expansion of t h e towering g r a i n t e r m i n a l on Pier A operated by Koppel Inc. Cost of the project, which will nearly double the storage and grain handling facilities at the terminal, is estimated at about $7 m i l lion. G e o r g e Koppel. p r e s i dent of the company, said s h i p m e n t s of grain sorghums whieh were to have been p r i m a r i l y to J a p a n had been expanded and t h a t s h i p m e n t s now are moving to other parts of t h e world through Long Beach. He also said that the c o m p a n y was preparing to ship Kansas corn to Japan. If t h e company can develop lower r a i l rates perhaps the company would be able to move soybeans f r o m t h e M i d west through the port, he said. The expanded terminal would be capable of stor- i n g a p p r o x i m a t e l y 4 m i l l i o n bushels, d o u b l e t h e present capacity. You finished the holidays off And you're off to a big start in 75. About five or ten pounds too big for comfort. · _ . ; ..... . ... 1 U .. . So why not start now to get nd of that holiday hangover with steam, sauna, whirlpool and exercise? ' Why not quit putting it off and start taking it off-and shaping it up-on the latest Nautilus body-shaping equipment? You can change the shape of your tomorrow. And you can start today. I!."!' a m . In si .ml Mniiii .;. Suei'l a n d I'aranviunt Itnul. i iard. 12 a ni c a r lire ,f "ct'..'!! Bou!'-\- r n'd .'ind l.oiu X- i . - . t ..;,! IE.]-", U . i r v . . y W ' . v y .' il :i m . trash fin 1 , .'li I.o uM v \Uv: 'J 1"' ·' m It'-'i^li lirr. 1 i' 1 ;'.' den Avenue- and Third Si reel: * .' !'· a in., ear lire. Anaheim £ Sinn ,nid rhcslniil AUTMIC. ':·, .1 :c a in . first aid. W S.'ni ·:·: \iiiiiiiiu linu 1 . i ·' a in . ··'! ';·: tire i'. 1 "! Miramar A x e !*;: NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS : if YGo 00 NO: GET VGUR REGULAR CARRIER DELIVERED \ ImEPENMJ'PSESS-ftWSUM we will deliver it lo you ipeciolly Seivict Dept. Houfl talk for the Circulation Dept.) inH.n.oH.M-Wxldayi until 10.00AM. 0.... T.l. ; ,^m - Wn.ldnvi until 7*0 P.M. Saturday and Sunday until 10'30 A.M. L«m BHCH t Likew«id "J-j'j! Wfil OfJint County »"·"" Swrli Bar Arei ind CompUn, Lynwood Artnla, Belillowir,cemto», Ncrwilk, Pinmeunl "There are 5 different programs. One to suit the needs of each individual person. Including our special introductory offer - 2 weeks/1.1 visits at the Spa for only S10.00. Regular membership available at low cost, lower on your first visit." Huntington B««ch 185S5 Main Street Main Sl/at Beach Blvd 842-1451 Long Beach 4101 Atlantic Bouiovaro Corner ol Carson 426-8874 Drang* 622 East Kalella Avenue West ol Tustin Ave. 639-2441 rrasiminfior bW Westminster Avenue Westminster Center 894-3387 · Coita M«n Enclno Bu«n» Put* 2300 Karbor Boulevard 17031 Ventura Boulevard 510 South Beach Boulevard Harbor Center West ol Balboa South of Lincoln Avenue 549-3368 986-6330 ' 826-0381 Holiday Spa Health OSubs For Men And Women

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