Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 15
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' UfT IT RAW. let It ihlne. Everyday , U a good day to use the Classified Ads. /IST COAST 1 UK 4.4*.Aft .«U-«*i I HI MZ'Qy iiiimn OPEN NOON--CONTINUOUS | \*5^i -AfokA iVfe*; ysjsr Paidtoa Hills S ~ ;'---| t f" i '*»" ~*N' Music-Drama "Conchlta," romantic muslca drama of early California has opened a-six-weeks run In the Padua Hills Theater near Clare mont, ··· · - · --.-j '..-.. The play features dancer Ca sllda Amador, and will continue throtjgh June 22. Performances are nightly at 8:30, Wednesday through-Saturday, with 2:30 matinee* Wednesdays and Sat urdays. TH QUIET ; jOMBijiiau MMA COUNT | KUUWI 111 I, OIIIJ i.iiii r^KBST --.--Z~AI P.M. I LC5r4iMtB.-ri-.-J OPEN f Al« LADD--J.pMo LORIN CllftM Will "Boy On a Dolphin") Htnry PONOA ' "12 ANGRY MEN" M-G-M't COMEDY CYCLONE! GREGORY PECK LAUREN BACALL I'DESSGNINCWOMAN" THE LYONS DEN June IHcwoc Writes Autobiography . , . : , ; . : : - . - * - . ' . ,, , . . - , , - . ' - ' O JL V OPEK DOLORES GRAY CMIlUKOtt | MTIOCMOI j rKssafta-j. ssr. .: !^r^~ 2 ARIAT MUSICALS IN CINIMASCOPR II "THE KING AND I" | "CAROUSEL" Lft · LMONT HI 111-01 ',-? 1 OHI1 . J 1P.M. I J.ff CHANDLIR ·" Jt«M CRAIN " "TATTERED DRESS"! Dton MARTIN . '' ' "10,000 Bedrooms" NOW BOTH THEATRES I MPERIAL m 4i9»7i r.!?:r." CONTINUOUS FROM NOON CIUCH STARTS AT DUSK *, 1 mnn by tof-i ntntir by dflitl \feodoo ENGLISH-CONWAY-CONNPRS t C»Ml Pn*K*ta , , AtMu'ixid yistt t nikid TERROR) PAMCIA RICHAIID AltlSOK DUNCAN · GARLAND · HAYES IfM HI ,'i-IH'H, ADULTt Iftl · DOOM OPIN KIP1 KM · «'U l^.rt ITAN.AU. SAY "MEN IN WAR" IK.WK mli 4ilo, lOill _ FLM -- ·H Mltll "THE WRONG MAN" Sk«w Ml liM Llvi Ml LH« *l Rlliy it ftl ,f HUNTIMTON HOTEL ;' 1 *t or A BLOCK tana ' · |}IO L 06UN ILVD. ·- LONOIUCH. - ' Thll hol«l nin« IHrouih ftom H\t bimlvvmrd lo lh» or««n. JTV lopm**. All rtKtnt* h«v* |rlviU balhi. wall* lo-wult ruriwtlni, wrltlnji dMk. ttl*- Mi«n* .M dallv mild ·*rvlt«. t^irii* rilnjni room f*r«« Oi« o«nn. Itnom .n.1 m»li MM"! «««» ·««h Mr«on. rhol« il«l». frlmt rll" of »«t. ro-" t,..h fv H-'k'" 1 \"-*|r 1 -. h-*-' * «Trr4hlni rood I. «..,N» I""'' l i . '1. . "· i I ('. Our' ·'Inl-'- wwfl '·. «t»TM to *h» NUM. txibll*. Club »Kklui IJMI Miultr aian*r* tv.l. PfRANBEU* JMNKBHI' TRAVEL NOTE; This l ·tory told of Billy Graham, the evangellit who lias taken over Madlion Square Garden. Once on a plane, a painted lady rcelec to hli side and asked hit profession, Ho said he wai a minister, and the painted lady said: "How drab" . . . Then the plane de. veloped engine trouble. Graham was the only passenger who seemed unconcerned. He asked the painted lady I "It we all should die now, do you know where you'd be going?" "No," she said -- and Graham told her, "How drab." BUSINESS DEPT.: The oth er night, Joey Bishop, the comlo, performed In the charity benefit show at Madison Square Garden, In the midst of h!« comedy routine a bolt of lightning struck nearby, followed by · roll of thunder. "Sorry, folks, I gotta go now," Bishop told the audience, "I think Billy Graham ha» Just arrived." , tl ,,, · · · ; · ·; ; _"' i 'lS CONFERENCE NOTEl Mrs. Edwin HUson wai one of the American delegates designated by the State Department to attend the Geneva conference on European migration. She wai the only woman among th» delegates. Mm. HUson was asked how she felt when ihe arrived In the conference hall and realized she wa» the only woman present "At first, I wanted to run out," the lady replied. "And after a while, I wanted It never to end." I JUNE HAVOC . Btory to IS ^: 'FINANCE DEPT.! Joe E. wli uys t h a t at last he's mada a profitable percentage deal at £1 Rancho Vegas In Nevada, "I work on a salary plus perccntace," he said. "I get -,*·*, a bas« guarantee of $10,000 a week--plus 40 per cent of all I drink," HOUSING NOTE: The Duke ot Bedford collects 34 cents from each visitor to his 70-room, 17, 000-acro estate, Woburn Abbey, Last year 242,000 paying cui tomera came ... The Duke once worked as a reporter for Lori Beaverbrook. One of his first assignments was to Interview a soldier's widow in a government, owned house. There was a young son In the household at that time ... "Years later." said the Duke last week, "this same young man, now married to Molra Shearer, came to Woburn Abbey to about MY house. I BOOK DEPT. I Now t h a t Gypsy Rose Lee's book has been launched successfully, her sis ter, June Havoc, Is completing her own autobiography . . , which will end with her 13th birthday. "That'i the mo«t Important part of a person's life," ROADIUH THEATRE Mramt. I DMpt. Ilf4, FsrsBrt. Klrl liifbi. Altkiir IslM 1 ADM. "LUST FOB LIFE" i(tll»tlHM t SUM) -- nut -- · "KANSAS RAIDERS" T ·if Csf Tu luL Miss Havoc explains. "Until 13, you dream of all the thlDgs you lllBA* I PIH · MUM HI MTU ."CARMEN JONES" taint I" M«r) V rnw_rra4 M«Ml»r.|r -- "THE RAINS OF " - · RANCHIPUR" · NIW IT1AND POLICY--AIL IIATI AM. FrL* W Htlldirs bring It In, I always had to hire Bob Sherwood to do the polish EMPLOYMENT NOTEl Jack Benny said of Spyros Skourai: § f^ L t\ V» C Rpfli flHI AVI, -- PHONI 40«TIIII».m--Kldillc Ht IVU.-WKMND « HOLIDAY Always 3 Features 1.1*!).. »~. uy M. INT - IMDEPENDENT-P.g* *? 'He ti a gentleman who ha both courage and foresight. A proof of Skouras' courage: He hired me In 1940. And a* proo of Skouras' foresight: Ho fired me In 1942." LOCAL NEWS: Warner Bros 4 NOW! OPENS 6 P.M, want to do. After that, you're couldn't penuade Laurence Ollv merely telling whether you did them or not." MOVIES: Sam Goldwyn said lait week that he'i pleated about the way the movie Industry li adopting TV techniques In the matter of time and economics. He laid: "On TV, when a comic needs a joke-topper, he lends his gag wrltera Into another room and toon they come back with a topper . . . When I need' ed a tooper In a movie script. I first had to call an agent, make a deal for a writer at $3,000 a week, and then he'd go to Palm Spring! for two weeks to work It out. And then, w h e n he'd Iff BELL \ ftf/Hi«anlllS^t91 ^Htm^m^^^^ · · JOSE FERRER {-"MOULIN {ROUGE" TICHNI. COLOR -. 2ND lift HIT! MAM + IIM 4. HUSO! IIMTIU " IOV» " PASUft "THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM" ler to attend the New York pn* ,,,-.," mlere of the movie he mad* wttH ·'·', Marilyn Monroe, Olivier end hU ',' wife will be busy tourlne with) *i "Tliui Andronlcus" In Par if* Vienna and Warsaw, j NOW! OPEN NOON ' 9l£p»Nl S RICHARD TODD AKIMTAIUROfT ' *as 2ND HATUU V"'-'. ABANDON SHIP! ALIC 6UINNUS DETECTIVE VAN HIPLIN -- C.l«r Count 3 and P/ay CLIO MOORI OTHER WOMAN ANOTHER SENSATIONAL PRODUCE FEATURE AT '/· - ' · " ' » · ' , ' U.S. No. 1-CALIFORNIA WHITE ROSE P O T A T O E S THE VERY RNEST QUALITY ON THE MARKET, BRIGHT AND SH|NY, IN A HIGHLY DESIRABLE SELECTION OF SIZES FOR THE MOST DELICIOUS POTATO DISHES YOU'VE EVER TASTED, j THIS LOW PRICE MAKES THEM THE PRODUCE BUY OF THE WEEKI ., - , y f : · ' , : : r ·· ' THIS LOW PRICE IS ASTONISHING .. .BUT WE WERE ABLE TO MAKE A ' SPECIAL PURCHASE AND WE'RE HAPPY TO PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO ,. JIM DANDY SUPER SHOPPERS! ., COME IN AND GET A SUPPLY TODAY , .... THESE ARE THE BESTI .' t ;· v * · ·· ; ' , . ^ ^ The Finest Golden Kernel FRESH, LARGE SPEARS Large, Well-Filled Ears',»f . JH ' , ^ ^^ CORN 4 ASPARAGUS 10 TOWNE Open af 6 P.M. llNTAME VOUT KIDS TURNED ROCK-N-ROU, pitsntif KM plitKnn snrMfMti!- [MAMIE VAN ooRENl LORI NELSONU^ -l ! LORI i:, D , "HELL'S CROSSROADS" * '* * SATUIANA SHOWS Start Tonlte at Duik DRIVE-IN Theotres ANOIU I \ s 3 "THE VINTAGE" GIANT THRILL SHOW! ,. Wf man by Day Miiiftr by NlfOff ' "VOODOO WOMAN" ' --alto-TERROR FROM THI ORAVII The UNDEAD 1 UNTAMED I YOUTH 2ND ACTION HITI Swhta . · IORIN "Boy en a Dolphin" CtoM.ft.jM--{.for 2ND lift HIT! * } ! COtMT ·UUtM ROXY D »n OMI II *·"· -Til I f,M, In. lit., In., Hil, * OPEN ALL NIOHT * nit P4IKINU *»· * P.M. Dllly All B«r l*ltr**r VIII«VIIIOH ND tlCHNKOlOt . Imm,, lllw*«r.D«rtl DAY 'Man Who Knew Too MuetV !··,*· MAHIMIID.M». O. SOIINtON "ILLEGAL" Olrli Out I. 0»« lw r Tbm TtMT CMlU M|, SMt.w «· SlMl "3 BAD SISTERS" ,1 I SHOW STARn APPIIOX. I P.M. ·«k HUDIOH . MurlH. HTM . C KllHrltt HlJNn · lift I -BATTLE HYMN' u 'THE RAINMAKER" (Cl..«l»i. 1 Ctl« Jjandu uaran tied tiledtA SLICED BACON MORRELL PALACE HICKORY-SMOKED 45 C 0). PORK SAUSAGE FRESH, SAVORY COUNTRY STYLE 39 I. LIPTOK SOUP MIXES NMEIIMmiif I WFIOETULE nun I E K T U I E M MIII . 41e ill: 2 7r i./CRrSCOl'} ! ^"FLUrFb~s1 BUD ' - ' WAFFLE SYRUP . Prk« Includn 6e Off IUIIL, HIM Mlllmr TI M4II "I1TTLI HILL" "II tSSIIT MI*" "fHI OUIII IUI" IMIAI1, WlllUflM TI 4-1171 ·TNI OIlIlT ·UTUI" " ' ' "INI DKII'I IIM" * ' Ebinor PARKER SUNSHINE MIDGET ,, :r »·«. Pig. Marshmallows 21 c \":- I*. OMI 38 i I GOLDEN SHORTENING J I C , l ORCHIDS; BATHROOM TISSUE - ' 4100 ORAN6I AT CARSON, LON4 IIACH 20S4 PACIFIC AT WILLARD, LON« IIACH ' 2214 ATLANTIC AT HILL, LON9 IIACH IN WMITA - ; 24f11 S. WUTIRN AT CRINSHAW IMt SltW towwMc LONG BEACH (VUtaVMt. « CWw) DRIVE IN THEATRE "THE BAIN MAKER 9 ? ' I. S. CITY COLLIOI AUDITOIIUM * ' MAT 14 AND II. llto P.M. ADMIIIION t\M , mm UTt Allairtlt, M.LI.-OA 3 «UMI QUIM · likn Ml ··TNI mnn'J is«i" Fill .. _. Mill »MI QUIM · likn MIIT ·' "THI IIIVIII'I IIM" .'. (SlmilllM UN Mtf) i ··; '·' . .Ill ^ » JlH IHUIlll JMMt IMII .- ; ··mi TITTIMI imii" '!: (IIIMllMtt) " ' MIIM. mn i. «mi n 4-iNi ··""'.'.r.Vfii.rLrrr 0 "" ".^fttKiTMWJ,,:? 1 " "THI «»IIT ·»«" UIISU, IHII Urt H Milt "IISSIS TMtl Ml" "TA«UI IIUI1I" SgUIUV, Mill I. nr». Ml MM "LutT r»» LIFI" "USUI KAIBIII" · IUMIWI, HIM I. Wii». WtlnW '·m»»is MINI HI. »uuw" "HIMTI IP Un" "VII TAI r

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