Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1976 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 18, 1976
Page 3
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With American Interests · ',.\ ( · ·- · ' . , ' · , " . ; ' · . Intervention Said A Contrast By SCOTT V A N L A N I N G H A M TIMES Slnll Writer ; . Tlie problem of United States - intervention in revolutions in [ Latin American countries was "described hero Friday by a professor of Latin American .studies as "a policy that is iv contrast with our vital interests *· in the area," Dr. Cole Blaster,' professor ol . LiilJfi American studies at the University o[ Pilisburg and ar ^ acknowledged leader in his field told a University o[ Arkansas , audience t h a i - the American ' policy Q[ Entci'vchlion and Liu .' use of covert political activities ' "violates our ethical, our lega "'and our political standards." "If we don't behave properly how do we oxpecl'lesser nation r in muc]t loughor situations li '·b e h a y e any differently'!' Blasier asked. "Arc we the one to be condescending aboi ihan troops in Angola? It's I ke the kettle calling the pot luck. I don't like to see Cuban roops En Angola cither. Bui we arc not in a position ol be olicr thai) tliou on that point." On the issue of ownership of lie Panama Canal zone. Dingier said he supports the Ford \dminislralion. "There has i no discussion of us giving JLJ control of the canal. We are inly discussing Panamanian participation in operating the canal. I believe we should lei .hem participate." As for Ronald Reagon's charge that Ihe United Slates built, paid Eor and owns the canal, Blasier said we mus consider the problem o sabotage. "The main Ihing ii to keep the canal open. It ii stupid lo think we can prcven sabotage forever. We must g about it diplomatically." Blasier discussed the Atneri can involvement in bringiii; own the Madero government! Mexico, our Involvement in Bay .ot Pigs in Cuba and tlcstabilization of Ihe Allcrule government in Chile as pecific examples of the Amcri- an policy ol intervention. He islcd four Important reasons r our intervention. Firsl, Blasier said, is the "immense disparity of power be .ween the United States and Latin American countries." He said .he best way to prevent inter- 'ercnce is to have less disparity of power. He adIcd thai Latin America "we are often our own worst enemy." The second reason, Blasier said, is' business inleresls. How ever, he ;aid, these are onlj factor En "low IcnsEoi situations." He said, "Whwi the American public is not con cerncd, business interesls can play a role.. But onci revolutionary change reall; starts g e t t i n g ' underway am Poet To Give Public Reading Dan Maslerson, poet and professor of, English at Roek- · land Community College in New York, will presenL a public '_ reading of his'work Monday al the University of Arkansas. Master-son's appearance is scheduled for 8 , p.m. in roon 102 of the "Communications . Center and is sponsored by the n e w l y 'organized Arkansa . Poetry ' Circuit, according lo . Miller Williams, UA professo of "English and co-director i the Creative Writing Progran .. who also is execuli ecriydetioess . who also is executive dirceto . of the Circuit. - Masterson's narrative poem "Blizzard," won 'two naliona pocky awards this year -- th ·- Llelien Bullis Award;- 'presente ; by the Poetry Northwest mag; "' zinc, and The Pels Award '. presented by the Coordinalm Council of Literary Magazine '. He has had., work published i / numerous journals and anth 1 .", logic's ol poetry. The poet and teacher head the Visiting Writer Program ; 1 Kockland ^College, as well : teaching -courses in . poeli '- writing and survey courses -'· contemporary -poetry. He b tj been featured in four tclcvisi " f i l m s , produced .'by The Chr ; toyhers in New York_ Cit f reading-and discussing his no ·', try. The M-minutc color filn currently are being shown '_\ stations in 220 American a V Canadian cities. . . A former Buffalo, N.Y., d: '.jockey and newsman, Masle son'also has served as an act a · "stateside". missionary, a a .theatrical 'public relatio - executive. ·'·"-. V*" " Graduate Publishes Civil War Article Bobby .7. Lovett of Nashville, enn,, a University of Arkansas aduate student in history, has iblishet] an article in the Jan- iry issue of the Journal o! cgro Ilislorv entitled "The egro's Civil War in Tennessee 61-18o5." Lovetl also had published this jar in the TSU Journal an rlicle entitled "Blacks in the allle of Nashville. December 5-17, 1864." Last Saturday, he resented, to the regional Phi Ipha Theta meeting here a aper entitled "The Palernalis- c and Humanistic Aspects o[ ,n'glish Serfdom and American lavery: A Synthesis.". Lnvett, a black student, sne- ializes in his research, and /riling on 19th Century black jistory and the positive contri- utions of blacks to American listory. Modernization Of VA Hospital Set A $9a8,(10Q modernization pro ;ect at Veteran's Hospital o Fayetteville which will conver .hree large wards inlo privat and semi-private rooms vvft announced- today by Congress m a n John Paul Hammersc' midt's office." The project-will also includ adding bathrooms to Ihe : 'ne\ rooms, as well as conslructm nursing stations, [realmcn rooms and an audio visual sy. lorn to the new floor. Hammerschmidt said bidding for the project will be opened in August and that a contract will he presented by November. He said construction ot Ihe new hopefully he ategic concents, the secretary. stale and Ihe President ge lo Ihe act, then business con derations fall by the way- de." The third reason tor U.S. lervcnlion is "the perception a threat of another great owcr gaining i n f l u e n c e in this emisphere," Blaster said, Latin America lias become ictim of our global strategy. Latin American relations ave often been sacrificed to nternational pressures," The f i n a l reason Blasier gave or an interventionist policy was the maintenance of our sphere f influence." He said, "Some- imes il all comes together mi- Ihis topic. Business, trategic and international tn- ercsts arc all ihvolvcd in main- a in ing our sphere of in- Live It Up By H. D. MCCARTY Chaplain of the Raiorbacks Th e resu 11 of Blasier said, is violation of our th is policy not only i own ethical, Easter always brings tnC| promise of power to change. We Hope tor something different and strive for a new beginning. Two weeks after the "big Res- surcction day" observances, lowevcr, about all we have leEt :o remember is the new dress, the new suit or that friends or the kids were home for dinner. Why do we have such a hard time changing (tie things about ourselves lhal we don't like? Why are we always wanting others to change? For instance, I often would like to see a change in my children's behavior ( f r o m uncooperative to helpful), or East Campus Library To Have Art Exhibit An art exhibit, "The Hislor and Heritage of Arkansas" wi be ondisplay at the library cast campus of Fayettevil High School April 26-30. The exhibit, provided by Lhc Arkansas Department of Education, consists ot oils, etching which depict the early walercolors, pen and inks, and things which depict the ealy islory and historical sites of rkansas. The exhibition Fea- ures works executed by artists f lite state and is on tour iroughout Arkansas for two ears. The pictures cover . a wide ·ariety "of techniques and Ihe ubject matter goes from early tage coach days and historical ·ties. The public is legal and political standards, iut has also been bad for democratic and representative governments. "We got military dictatorships in Chile and Cuba. We have caused H great polarization on both sides which makes moderate, representative democracy more difficult." "These kind of policies are in conflict with our vital interests," Blasier said. "We need lo establish a climate of mutualy beneficial relation?, anily. we have to establish That's the way you get what you want -- by working with people, not against (hem." my wife (from resistive to sub missive!). Upon investjgation howevc r, m y w ish is I he lasier said thcw aytopre- nitfo invited to vtew he exhibit from 12 noon lo 3 April 26 and on the ·emaining days from 9 a,m. 3 p.m. plctcd by November of M-ansfield May Teach M1SSOULA, MONT. ( A P ) -The University of Montana.Ha. asked retiring Senate -Majorit Loader Mike Mansfield to return lo the faculty after an absence of more than SO years. Mansfield was a professor of Latin American and Far Eastern history at the school before he was elected to Congress in 1M2. "We soil him an invitation, a very specific invitation, lo return," university President Richard C. Bowers said Friday. M a n s f i e l d announced o n March 4 that he wilt not seek re-election this year. Several days later he said he was considering returning' to the university faculty. / Biasicr sata me way 10 prevent a hostile great power from jainihg influence in Ibis icmisphere is not by trying to o v e r t h r o w governments, "That's precisely when they turn lo the Soviet Union," he said. x As for the f u t u r e in Latin imerica, Blasier said, "I don't think we are going to see much revolution." He said there is a potentially explosive situation in Brazil. However, he said we should stress our mutually icneficial goals. "When confronted with the problem ol expropriation, we should set up negotiations, not push them to the wall." vhat I want o change. In the fina change only o change 1 . reasons for c are: (1) P 119:67,71 wh from self -sec cause of pa (2) Boredom woman at th "living wat satisfaction moral tmpur six different empty), (3) Something B in John 3, h i n unexcit ·f*^** reflection of pure selfishness on my part loo many times What is really needed is change in my behavior. I AM HKCOMIXG creasingly . aware that, lo effec change in someone else usitall requires a change in my action loA-arri them. For example, m children have a basic huma need for understanding nncl ap proval. To demonstrate these t them requires that 1 snend Mm in just listening to Iheir expressions of doubt, joy. fear, discovery or maybe hurl. But my Lime "is already scheduled for vhat I want to do! So I have The three hange in b Pain (see David Uimcd g to God be- painfill experiences.) (in John e well wan ?r" of instead religion; in Jesus ho sensed the "something more;" of real Life) GOD CAN and will structure circumstances in our lives ili;i cause frustration. He dons this to stimulate our drive lo restore balance and reduce tension. Th solution is to call out upon Hin in willingness lo change. Bu' loo many do not know how I call out to Him tor [lower o (hey choose to attempt a sub stitulc a solution from their ow uman . resources, which i ever adequate. Ucpciifance is Ihe Bible wor or change, Jesus used it a ho time. Jt is given lo us by God. I always thought I'd change by lurning over a new eaf but it never did,any good, turned o\ r er so many new eaves I looked like Sherwood Forcsll!! There's only one way o really change,.,make yourself available lo God! You'll be orthwe'st Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April 18, 1976 ; t r r , V l L 1 , n . A l l KANSAS amazed what He will do! Books Published.In Spanish Language Dr. Gaston F. Fernandez associate professor and chair man of Ihe Department Foreign Languages at the BUY THE BEST FOR LESS ; y On a Kitchen Aid Imperial Portable or builtin dishwasher. A. Real Savings... Your choice of-colors: white, coppertone, harvest gold or avocado. ELECTRIC CORNING 3*1 range i THERE'S NO OTHER SMOOTH TOP LIKE IT . . . AND LEWIS BROS. WOULD LIKE TO SHOW YOU WHY! IT'S'THE ONLY SMOOTH-TOP RANG! WITH 3 THERMOSTATICALLY' CONTROLLED HEATING ELEMENTS AND ONE ALL- PURPOSE'ELEMENT. 0 Mo Burning v · No Boil-Overs · No Pot-Walching · Oven Completely Self-Cleaning · Practically No Clean-Upl · Exclusive Individual Hot Lights: When Turned Off, Hot Lights Continue To Glow Until Temperature Cools To Below 1504 From a Great American Savings and Loan Free-Standing, Self $7JCQ95 Cleaning R a n g e . . . IVW Corninj Conkmale Stl Complimentary With Range Purchase . . . However, Any Flat- Rnlfotn Cookware Can Be Used! Cook-Tops Available 30" 8, 35" Sizes ...... In $, Free S«l Of Kitchen Enxrar- Ings Just For Looking «l Coninf Rinies! HOME CENTER Op*n Men. *nd Thur*. til 1:10 1800/ The city with big plans. We're moving President Adams. Into o brand new capital city we're building just to be a capital city. It hasn't been easy to figure out where it should be. Jefferson and Hamilton disagree on most things, but they did agree that it wasn t fair to keep a capital nearer New England than the South. They agreed to move the government out of New York and into Philadelphia for ten years while our new Federal City was being readied. It's a grand city, even though it is a bit isolated in the swamps. We've hired a Frenchman to lay it out. Had a contest for the best design for the President's Palace. The cornerstone of our Capitol building was laid years ago, and much of it is finished. There's a population of 3,210. And because it doesn't belong to any one of our colonies, but to all of us, we've given it a special namhe District of Columbia. Fayetteville Savings and Loan Association 201 North East Avenue · Fay ett evil I e, Arkansas ,,,««i»uu u . ..* IE '««ll||, 1 '"Sl,. illllll'' n| "lHiiKSSM«i«" !··* Member Federal Home Com Bank

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