Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 13
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Amvels Auxiliary Meets Over Weekend The State Executive Committee of the Amvets Auxiliary will meet in the. Lafayette Hotel Saturday and Sunday. Highlight of the meeting will be a banquet in the hotel Saturday night. At 9:30 a.m. Sunday the committee members ·will hold a memorial service.' BY STAGE COACH THE LYONS DEN WEDNESDAY NOON - THRILL and LAFF . KIDDII SHOW HOWARD HAWKS' 1 p r o d u c t i o n liom o n o t h - r : Plui louflh Hit . ABBOTT COSTELLO "MEET THE MUMMY 11 Film Star's Dress Torn, Pride Hurt JAMESTOWN, Calif. CE) --Actress "Julie London suffered-a torn-dress and. injured s pride Tuesday when, she was knocked over by a stage coactu Miss London, is co : starring with Gary Cooper in the film ·"Man of .{he-West" which is 1 being shot here. ,.The shapely film-star was leaning against an 1870 model stage coach when her dress got tangled in the rear wheel. Suddenly the horses 'were startled and bolted. Miss London.suffered minor, bruises, but the most damage was done to her dress. She was. wrapped in a sparfe skirt and the showweSt on. · · . mSSFQxWmm KIDDIE SHOW Today at 2 Theatres CREST BELMONT . Lincoln's Birthday Matinee KIDDIE SHOW BtT C A A C r r EGYPTIAN 8M JTM llir ES»I V V A S T ^BHi«4»-.=;--^ ti ,," B . u , OPIN NOON--CONTINUOUS "Better Than the Book" '"Really Adult" "Oscar Contender" Peyton ttacc BEUQW COLOR Heaven Knows, Mr Allison" Deborah KERR. Robert MITCHUM B ILMONT HI»H-OI ~;sr_ HOOK By LEONARD LYONS NICE GUY, LINCOLN . .'.'. Walter , Huston, · Raymonc Massey, and Henry : Fonda all portrayed Abe Lincoln in films, 'he movies' were flops. Huston mce visited the-White House, v h e r e President RooseveH howed-'him the 'Lincoln Room Huston sighed: "Nice' guy^'-Lin- oln,. but there's no money in lim." ' . . . . . " The first man to win a-repu ation by .portraying Lincohi was Frank McGlynn, .Alexander Woollcptt · once employed McGlynn "to , startle · the house- guests at his island estate. The actor-:would closet;' ; -himself" in the bathroom . until a guesl opened the door and screamed at' : seeing Mr. Lincoln;' there, omplete'with'high-hat, shaw] a n d mole. . . ' . - ' ' · The, Lincoln, rhole -was used y an actor in "Prologue to Glory." During the love scene vith Anile Rutle'dge, ,they "broke rom an'embrace and'the 1 actor noticed that his mole 'somehow was on the lady's.'cheek. Hi smiled, bowed, asked ''May I,?' then retrieved the . mole and placed it back/on 'his own cheek. . . . · * · * THE LINCOLN .ROLE In The Man Who Shot Lincoln' was portrayed by Charles ieane. The play was fconcernei primarily with - John Wilke, Booth,' and there was little _for Keane to do except appear riefly in- one scene and have limself assassinated. Mr. Keane Jierefore doubled in - 'another role: Near the end.orthe show n the 'scene showing Booth MKU OPEN 112i30 KIDDIE SHOW SPECIAL! LINCOLN? » BIRTHDAY SHOW STARTS 1V. M. TRIPLE SCIENCE THRILLER "THRESHOLD of SPACE" "KRONOS" "Beast of Hollow Mi." 5870 Atlantic GA 2-3161 RAYMOND MASSEY His Favorite. Role'" . li - - , coronered in a'barn, one of the Union soldiers who helped trap Lincoln's assassin was the man who!d played Lincoln--Charles Keane. 1 . .." . Raymond Massey portrayed Lincoln in "John Brown's Body," directed by Charles ^aughton. Massey became HI, at one performance, and Laughon played the role--after apolo- ;izing to the audience: "I look is much' like Abe Lincoln as -a rink elephant." ' ·'' '· Ever^stnce Raymond Massey tarred in Robert E. Sherwood's Abe, Lincoln- in Illinois," early february, marked the beginning of'ihis .busy season. That's when: iie'd' start fulfilling- the many bookings, -in .radio, -TV and concert halls, for .his Liti- oliuportrayals. .When."the ,de : mauds .ibecame' too heavy, .Masey sighed: "Sometimes I wish had; never became President f the United States." . : '· * ' * * · * · : WHEN THE-MOST iUustrious f. Lin'colh biographers, Gari Sandburg, went to see "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" he sat next o his host, Robert E. Sher.- wood. The playwright kept tudyirig Sandburg ..for -reap. ions. Late in,the.firstactSand jurg-finally .slapped his .'host's cnee, enthusiastically,^ and said 'That's my Lincoln."' I was-present''at Raymond Massey's '"inaugural" in a Shu- ert Theater, when'the..^hu- »rts barred me from all their theaters . . . Sherwood knew' of the Shubert.bari.''"You're com Lincoln's Birrhdoy Marint* TOMORROW AT NOON CO-HIT--ALAN LADD In "THE DEEP SIX" OPEN 11:43 KIRK DOUGLAS in "PATHS OF GLORY" LK IARKER in "GIRL IN BLACK STOCKINGS" Open Neon Conrinuous I M P E R I A L HE 3973 ^i":: Open Neon' Continuous * OPENING FRIDAY * A. PHENOMENON-YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE." M and God. created woman" -'Tou've Never Seen Anything Like It!" .* Filmed in CINEMASCOPE and ' COLOR . * if * STRAND^ CEDAR t PIKE · Phoni HE 6-4133 ' Suinn OUVER In "THE GREEN-EYED BLONDE" --FIUS-- : l\[ Srar Citt In "JAMBOREE" NEW STRAND POLICY -- ALL HATS QCelR Frl. UV HillUys THt BEAST WITH A 000,110 Op«i ,11 A.M. SPECIAL WED. MATINEE "I WAS A TEEN- AQE WEREWOLF" 'INVASION of thi SAUCERMEff' flKELUOOD MA 5 - 2 5 3 0 «oi i c" OPEN . M, BONTINU. out Ill* Story Co-Hit " J. Cfowferd-Reiione Irani "Story of blhtr Cojitllo" LIvt th« Life of Ritry at tht HUrlTINQTON HOTEL "54 Or A BUJCK LONU 1290 E, OCEAN BLVD., LONG BEACH THIS Hotel runs through from thi boulevard to the ocean. Two lobDte*. All room* tinve private baths, brand new wall-to-wall carpetlnB. wrltlnz desks, telephone land dally maid service. Luri;* dlntnp room faces tne ocean. Hooro and meals 124.50 week each person. Choice steaks, prime rlos or beef, roast turkey; hiked Virginia ham and everything good to ent. No better food anywhere. Phone HE 6-0253...Our dlnni: room also caters to 1 the outsldo ublic. Club breakfast 85e; regular dinners (2.15. t ABULTI MI · loom oru KIDI-210 I lill Siry OnAKT--Frm J1NATHA "THE PRIDE AMD THI PASIlOa 1 " Hiem iti 1:11 -7:U Jtck LEMMOM--Emit KOYAH "OPERATION MAPIALL" thtwn iti liIB - iiBl · IQlIT ^ 1MIMIII llllllltllllllllllllllllllllllMIIIIIIIHI ROADIUM S: Paramt. t Compl. Elvd, Pinmt. ·MOTORCYCLE \ *'"·- GANG" . |*1 J 0 nan CAIOT "SORORITr iiiimnmniHiimiiitimi Bardot Co-Starring CURT JUROINS DOWNEY NQXWALK MIR ALT A, Blw..» TO 2-2211 . "THE DHP SIJ" "MAR IK THE SHADOW" ·ORWAU. NHwlU TO 4-21U "I WAS A TIEHAtE FRANKENSTEIN" "ILOOD OF DKACUH" WJtMlNGTON IKAIIADA, Wiimlnit" TE 4-J471 THE TARHISHEg AHltLJ" "THE OEEF SIX" DRIVE-IN THEATRES NARIDn, 11122 I. Vtmtnl TI 4-IItl "ItHD OF ANGELS" "FORTt OUK1" LAHIRADA, Aliiriri t lit UNI-llll "IAD SACK" Miriii Irinril ll "VIVA .ZAPATA" UIIIOL1, lull rirk JA 1-2121 "101 ON A DOLHIH" "TIP. 0« A DEAD JOCKEY" IIADIUM, I 4 T I I nnm. Ut 1-4141 "MOTOftBYeLI 8AK8" , "lOnOHITY URL" IUNDOWN, 12124 E. W»k. Whllllir "HOINJ ITIADT" "THI LINI HAUL" TWII in, Fliioni it IS1 IA 4-1127 "·ATNS OF ll»«Y" "ZERO HOUR" HEY! Let's Got HAY RIDE ATTINTION V SUNDAY SCHOOL.TEACHtM * JCOUIMASTIKS *· CUB SCOUT LEADERS ' f CLUI ADVISOKS - GROUP LEADERS · Htra ,li a' sur* way to bull4 at- tindnnc* end hov« a wagon load of fvn. Evory «v«ninj of th* woolc wo havo a big loam of horios and · wagon load of hoy roady ID roll dawn our moonlight troll to an -availing of staging and fun around tht camp flra. · ' Wo toromlia yov an ovonlng you'll novor ' forgot, packod with kouri of . oxcltomant and on|oy- mont. Rofrtiliniontt ovallaklo. 4 . wagons. No stroots to croli. No dcni.r of any kind. ·LAN NOW FOR A HAY RIOI THIS MONTH Sooclal Cotfrtailai to Orauat For Information-and SiMclal Attention PHONI HA M»OS LAKEWOOD RIDING ACADEMY 1134* I. CARSON If No Aiuwor UNdorhlll 1-laIO Another WONDERFUL M-G-M MOVIE! IT'S "OPERATION SIDE-SPLIT!' , o pair of black lace panties almost sinks the Navy! THE HILARIOUS BEST-SELLING ' NOVEL IS NOW ON THE SCREEN-! GLENN FORD GIA SCALA -EARL HOLLIMAN ANNE FRANCIS · KEENANWYNN FRED CLARK -EVA GABOR RUSS TAMBLYN JEFF RICHARDS AND A HAPPY CO-FEATURI An M-G-M R»leas»" jig to see the^show with me," e. said. I-foUowed him Into the beater. "Lincoln . freed the laves," said. Sherwood. "I've ust freed you from the 'Shu- icrt ban." " ' night I took Carl andburg to Cafe Society Up- own. A.- customer at the next able, said: "Is tfiis the '.way to elebratej Lincoln's death? To- dght is' the'! 75th '-'anniversary f his death" . ." v "Enough ears have been wept," Sand- iirg replied. .. "I always · cele 1 rate the anniversary of". Lin- oln's death *by placing a rose ria : f;lass of water." ' - . ' - » ' ' * . - » · » · : · ' · ·IN- THE. PLAT which, estab- rfed^Ftank' McGlynn's riepu- ation'''as; a porirayer :of Lin- oln, -the' : role.' of Ge'ri. U. S. Jrant : was played by Al Philps: Like McGlynn, -Phillips be- came obsessed by the role and his friends' decided that he finally believed he was Grant. He. looked, talked and behaved like Grant One night'he .left the Lambs Club.with Morgan Colemaiij who instructed -the cab driver: · "Grant's 1 . Tonib, pleasel".^.'"·; ;' · · . · --, ' '···'· Ben Hecht ; and Charles MacArthur isu'spectedv.thatT ip'nelo'f their''friends' had....become"so absorbed with his research into Lincoln that, he felt it-.'^was.-. a- special caUing.'-;The, researcher took a walk. each. dawnj«ldng jj^-jj. the sand dunes.- -They, hired Frank McGlynn to'^appear;, oh those dunes, dressed as Lincoln; and come walking out .of : - the' rising sun. .McGlynn did it.'The researcher : later had' breakfast with Hecht.. arid"'MacArthur, and never/ mentioned. the · ap- INDEPENDENT-T-P«g« w U«fl M«K CalKi W«aVi»BVllV IfM Blind Date i · ** · . ., for Premiere Wins Actress^ · LOS -ANGELES UP--Actrwr Julie Van Zandt',^7,'and Robert H. Rains, 36-studio executive, wh'o.'inet-pn' a' ; blin'd- date, at a moyfe premiere, took out a mar. riage license Tuesday ' \. .They 'will be married Friday, St Valentihe's : Day,"at the Littfe.-'Brown Church in North Hollywood The marriage wall be ( the second' · for. each. Ra}n»: is--_diyorced : from actress Peggie, .Castle;:' and Miss Van Zandt; from'/ ..'fDm! director "Bicfiard Bare/;;., ' ' ' -' ' iiiiss -Van Za'ndt said-, she jnet. Rains at' a premiere held;Dec. 22, '.1955. j» NOW! FIRST LONG BEACH, SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES STATI I". OPINS · «u«,tB»i«vt I NOON LOS ALTOS "DRIVI-IH f OPINS mnk.irilStHgi f t.j. HAJ-7411 * S " JB PLUS 2ND FEATURE AT BOTH THEATRES .American Commandos NOW! FIRST LONG BEACH SHOWING AT 3 THEATRES HOLIDAY MATINEES TOPAY! Tbwne Rivoli THIS INttAttlMINT ONLY AT RIVOLI 1 TOWNI -- ALL KIDS Ids A picture you will . feel... ; as well as see! RIVOLI OPENS NOON TOWNI OPENS NOON CIRCLE OPENS 5:30 2ND HATURI- AT ALL 3 THIATRES FAST ACTION! "AMBUSH AT CIMARRON PASS" JEFHORK TOMMY KMK KEVIN COKCORAN T«ohnloolor EBELL AND CABART OPEN FRI., SAT. AND SUN. ONJ.Y PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES HELD OVER 2nd BIG WEEK! 0*4-9*11 LAKIWOOD OPINS S:30 GALS AND GOBS? IN THE HILARIOUS' NEW HIT... THE LAUGH OF YOUR LIFETIME! GLENN FORD GIA SCALA '· EARL HOLLIMAH ANNE FRANCIS -KEENANWYNN . "-, FRED CLARK-KAGABOB PLUS 2nd FEATURE GENE KELLY IN "THE HAPPY ROAD 1 : JAKS MASON-JOAKFOKTJUXl JUMT BE1AFOKIE- JOAH COUDS HOUELEDIME-DOIIOTHTDAIIDIUDCZ): ISLAND · JOAJJK WOOCWAUD · Itf ), COM _ UST4DJYS! LANA TURNER -- LLOYD NOLAN f NOWI OPINS 1:30 TW wi"«"/i WMff Peyton place COLOR IY DI LUXI CINIMAJCOM PALACE M PINI AVI. -- PHONI HE «-*42» ·LAW AND ORDIR" "DISERT SANDS" "IATTLI TAXI" . OMMUNITY PLAYHCUJf QEniv* 8-0531 NOW PLAYINA 50JI L Ani "THE DESPERATE HOURS" ' of 7i4J tvary Thuri.. *1.10. IRANOO--Ikn rill Ti* HtNSi e( Hit Adt«i( Moon' _F1««--Ilrt MUIIAI "PATHI OF OLOnT 1 " ROXY * OKI ALL . . rill PAIKINO Aflar « P. M. Roily All Day tatwraay » tMtmy .--ALL nOHMIOOLOR HHI-»-. VJFI JOMIIIOII-Wirlir PI06lM_ "MEN OF FJIHTINI LADY" JIRIIS tTIWAHT-HHHl MOM** "FAR OOUHTBY"£_. : Rlohirt IMH-lllMM WTin»: -«v«w noM poiinrt HIAOJ

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