Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 9, 1962 · Page 7
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 7

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1962
Page 7
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Meet Place Changed -- Native Daughter? of the Golden West, j Relchllng Parlor, will hold meet-: ings in the Knights of Columbus hall, Rohnerville road. The first session in the new location will be April 10. The group previously met in the Masonic Temple. FIRE SCREENS Cusfom-made to fit your fireplace. Any size, style or finish. Sat wi for · complete selection of icreen* md accessories at lowest price. See ui before you buy. Mrs. Anderson Receives Honors At Farewell Fete Members of the Birthday club gathered at the Ted Jennings home in Myers Flat recently to honor. Mrs. Barrel! Andersen. Mrs. Anderson is moving to Missoula, Mont, in the near future. In addition to the traditional cup and saucer given by the club, Mrs. Andreson opened a beautiful assortment .of dainty and colorful handkerchieves with 'appropriate farewell cards. Present for the afternoon were Mrs, E. M. Nelson, Mq. Arthur M.- Ward, Mrs. Chester K, Armstrong, Mrs. Archie Fairbairn, Mrs. Sidney Myers, Mrs. Archie Mitchell, Mrs. Belt Mosby, Mrs. Dave Crane, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Jennings. Guests attending were Mrs. Joe Myers, of Eureka; Mrs. Charles Mitchell, of Anaheim; and Miss Edith Richardson, of Myers Flat. Miss Richardson was invited to be a permanent member, taking Mrs. Anderson's place. See Them At BALLINGER'S as advertised in the April HOUSE BEAUTIFUL and HOUSE GARDEN Callaway Mills , · Cumuloft Nylon Carpet · Caprolan Nylon Carpet, · Celebrity Vinyl Tile by Robbins FREE 16 page Children's Coloring Book from Callaway Mills! Carpets and Draperies by BALLINGER'S 216? Broadway Eureka HI 2-5954 IS YOUR BODY YOUR PRISON? Your body should be healthy enough to make you enjoy life more. If you are tub- feet to recurring pain and aches it becomes · priton initead of a iourcs of pleasure. Why not consult your physician now to help your body become healthier and more pain-free. There are many new medicines, hormones, and vifamini. One of them -- and only a physician knows which, may solve your problemt. · YOUR DOCTOR CAN PHONE US when you need a medicine. Pick up your proscription if shopping nearby, or we will deliver promptly without extra charge. A great many people entrust us with their prescriptions. May we compound yours? · MORRIS' Henderson Center Drugs HI 2-5774 · OPEN DAILY 'TIL 8 P.M. YOUR REGISTERED PHARMACISTS Clyde Wilcox and Bob Morrii Next ID Mead'i Cardi ant) Gifti in Henderson Center Copyright 1962 (W4-2-62) Kealm of l/l/c omen MARGARET DELANEY, EDITOR Why Grow Old? ----- By Josephine Lowman Robert Goulet, star of the Broadway .hit, "Game- lot," says in Josephine Lowman's column today that he likes women as people and that he thinks they all are appealing. ". . . but especially when they act and dress like gentle and feminine people." Robert Goulet, star of the Lerner - Loewe Broadway hit, 'Camelol," is not only a talented and handsome young man bu ie is also a very interesting one. Although Goulet is a native born American, we have to thank Can ada for him. It was there thai lis talent was first recognized am t was there that he amassed his first great following. The combination of his fine baritone voice his personality, his acting ability and his good looks, were sure ti ,ead him to Broadway after that He is also a popular television personality and his records are in *reat demand. I thought it would be interesting to know what this handsome star whose romantic portrayal o Lancelot makes feminine hearts flutter, thinks about women. So gather around, girls! All Women Appealing He said, "People are always asking me what type woman I 'ind most appealing. The truth is I think all women are appealing (He is a diplomat, too.) I like women as people but especially when they act and dress like gentle and feminine people." Like most men Mr. Goulet is EASTER GIFTS SENSATIONS Wo have added many new, adorable gift items to our already extensive line. Drop In and pick yours while the stock is complete. Gift wrapping free, and eye make-up advice for you, and at no charge or obligation. We have a complete line of eye shadow sticks, liquid eye shadow, eye liners and eye liner brushes. All eye items in many luxurious shades, and they're at both LUCILLE'S BEAUTY SALON, 2835 H St. and MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO 924 E STREET plenty of free, easy parking HI 2-7086 Mr. Mrs. Don Keele with many years experience offer you BY REQUEST The BEST VALUE YET Helene Curtis DUCHESS HEAVENLY. PERMANENT This week: Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. ONLY $ 10 00 Complete with Hair Cut Stylo Barbara Keele TUESDAY ONLY SPECIAL A R«y«lle P«rm»n«nl Reg. $10.00 (t'T CQ With Hair Cut t S.t Only «P* · «* *» CLOSED MONDAY - CALL TUESDAY DON'S BEAUTY SALON 822 G St., Arcata (Upstairs Room I) VA 2-2735 ot especially aware of the nu- nces of women's fashions. BUT e does know what he means by rninine clothes. He leaves out othes that hank, bulk or bulge way from the figure, and un- laped sacks that tie in the mid- e. He likes smartness but not ·iltle chic. It is interesting to note that hats eem to be the only accessory he eally notices. "Both men and omen wear slacks, bermuda lorts, bulky sweaters and match- g pajamas, but I haven't yel een a man in a brightly flowered at. Hats belong to women and ey should hold onto them." He dded that he likes hats that have ersonalily and charm, not any d tiling to keep the head warm. Not file Smartest Concerning Robert Goulet's opin n about what makes a woman teresting beside her outward ap- carance, he said that he will ve the following advice to his ve-ycar-old daughter when she is d enough to understand. "Be mart, but not 1 the smartest. In her words be intelligent enough ) stimulate a man intellectually, ut don't compete with him. Be ell informed about many things ut don't top his joke. We still like i have a little upper hand." Mr. Goulet also believes that lany girls and women worry too mch about their appearance and leir personality and not enough bout developing their gray mat- a mistake he feels leads to orcdom in many marriages. He also thinks that men do not pend enough time on their health nd physical condition. He prac- ces what he preaches with a aily workout with bar bells and 'eights and plenty of golf. When asked what two things he ·ould wish for if he were stranded n a desert island he replied, "The few York Public Library -- and very charming librarian." Three Small Plays Slated At Hurnboldt Another theatre-in-lhe-round will jo presented April 12 and 13 by Sequoia Masque in the studio theatre. Featured will be three one- act plays, directed by both facul- .y and students. The Twelve Pound Look, Miss Julie and Happy Journey make up the playbill. Designed as a workshop production to give students an opportunity to get some directing experience as well as an added chance to take part in the drama program, two of the three plays have student directors. August Strindberg's Miss Julie, the only one of the three in the hands of a faculty director, takes place in a Swedish kitchen in 1880 and concerns the plight of a lone ly, neurotic, upper-class girl. In this naturalistic play, Strindberg explores the several levels of this girl's character in search of ar inner reality. Under guidance of Richard Rothrock, Laura Taggart will play die girl and the other two parts will be renderec by Bill Roberts and Lila Cooper The Twelve Pound Look, by Sir James M. Barrie, has much of the humor of his Peter Pan and some of the whimsy, but ;tays on the solid earth of a 1910 English drawing room. Miss Coop er. who is a drama major, wit direct this British segment of the program, with a cast compose( of Wayne Moss, Karen Hinch Sandra Hensel and Ken Gatlin. Happy Journey, a comedy by Thornton Wilder, author of Ou Town, takes place in the New E n g l a n d countryside. Marion Brooks, a radio-television major is the director of this, with Ton Stromberg, Bill Chastain, Do Christensen, Nancy Bailes, Joan adel Thyarks and Glenn Drehe as the cast. Tickets are free to season-tick et holders, and one dollar to oth ers. The Studio theatre seats onl 100, and no seats will be reserved 8O5 CD Plans Studied For vtcKinleyville ARCATA - A new Civil Doense policy has been established t McKinleyville High School by le district board of Trustees and dmlnlstration. Students were in- ormed March 21 of the new poll- y which contains Civil Defense rocedures to be followed at MHS n the event of a disaster. The policy consists of three ilans, A, B, and C. Plan A calls or the immediate dispersal ol tudenls as none of the high chool buildings are considered afe protection from radio-active allout. Under plan A, six bells vill sound for a drill, or "yellow" ilert. Students then will be in a tate of readiness, with a studenl monitor at each room's telephone awaiting the signal for further action. A "red" alert, with four iclls, will be the same as the ·ellow, except that students wil je sent home at intervals of two minutes. Students driving cars vill go first, those riding busses econd, and students walking, last. Plan B of the policy is an al- ernate in case dispersal of stu ents is impossible, in which case tudents will go to the gym where upplies for a stay of three weeks re available and as much wil' ie done as possible to insure safe y. The third, Plan C is an alter nate of B which will be used in the event that only limited dis persal of students is possible. For Plan A, two buses will be on hand, possibly three, one for he Trinidad, Big Lagoon, and Or ck students, one for the Crannel and Dow's Prairie students and the third for the immediate Me Kinleyville area. Donald K. Hutchinson, Civil De "ense coordinator at MHS, reporl ed that the first drill, which too place Friday, March 23, went ol very well, with only a few mino complications. The phones did no work as well as expected and i the future students riding buse may be let out at the same tim as those walking. Hutchinson, citing an earth quake as an example, stated tha he believes the new policy woul work out very well in any disas ter. Choose sparkling colors--maki this quilt of scraps. Colorful a a rainbow. Easy to piece -- repeat th scraps in each block or do it hit or-miss. Only 5 patches. Pattern 805: charts; patch patterns; di rections. Washington PTA -- Washington TA will meet Wednesday, April 1, at 7:30 p.m. at the school's multipurpose room. The program 'ill be based on "Your Child's Musical Talent." There will be a demonstration by the Washington chool pupils and a short pro- ram. Donald Moehnke, director f the band groups at the school, -ill direct .the pupils. iJtaft Glass Doors for Fireplace New way to eliminate smoke from Ilreplacft. Keep your mantle clean and sparklino and at the some time cut out cold drafts. Ideal for corner and see-thru types. Guaranteed to eliminate smoka or your money back. Actually gives more comfort with greater safely. Lower fuel bills. 35 Sliei. Send for rco (older with prices lltted, "Tha host Investment you ever made In your homo." Exclusively at "Anything for tha FireplaLo" Incluomy Accessories W. A. S1PES Distributor 2123 Pin. St. Eufdkri HI 3-5465 Thirty-five cents [coins) for this pattern--add 10 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mail. Send to Laura Wheeler, care of Humboldt Standard, Needlecraft Dept., P. 0. Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, 11, N. Y. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, ADDRESS and ZONE. THE FIRST TIME! 200 designs in our 19S2 Needlecraft Catalgg -biggest ever! Pages, pages, pages -fashions, accessories to knit, crochet, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. See jumbo-knits, cloths, spreads, toys, linens, afghans; free patterns. Only 25 cents. UPW Discusses Church Backed Colleges Abroad Mrs. Edward Alora presente a program "Education Withou Boundaries" at a recent meetin of United Presbyterian Women Blue Lake. Mrs. Alora was backe with a panel of members repre senting several foreign countries Mrs. Hugo Buntrock rcpresenl ed Asia; Mrs. Harold Hamletl South East Asia; Mrs. Eugen Grant, the Middle East; Mrs John Buehler, Latin America an Mrs. Arthur Jacobson, Africa. Th group discussed the reasons an purposes for church colleges i other countries. A map of th world was used as a backgroun (or the panel discussion. Mrs. Andrew Jackson preside over the business session an Mrs. Buehler, world service chair man, asked for blankets or quilt to be sent overseas. Circles wi meet April 4 with the morning a the home of Mrs. Jay Thacke and evening at Mrs. Harold Ham lelt's. The group was reminded t watch for target areas such youth work and work in Africa These have been selected by th UPW as targets for interest an work during the current year. Plans were made to attend th March 30 meeting of Presbyteriai in Eureka. Mrs. Fred Oliveir presented devotions which cen tered around Lenten and Easte thinking. There were 23 present with re freshments served by the Mes dames Percy and Martin Jackson Alice Birney PTA Officers Are Installed Installation of Alice Birney 5 arent - Teacher association of- icers gave way to lightlicarled un as the group held . a mock ourt session to install the new eaders. Walter Ricss, an attorney, act- ng as judge, sentenced each incoming officer to a one-year term if service working at his rcspect- ve duties. Each member of the IBW board wore a card bearing i n u m b e r representing his ichievements in FI'A and community activities which were announced to the courtroom by Russ Bradford, an Alice Birney teacher acting as bailiff. The outgoing ifficers were called up and dismissed by the judge. Following the installation, the outgoing president, Mrs. Dale Eichar, presented the gavel to ,he new president, Mrs. Peter \guiar, who in turn presented Mrs. i:ichar with a past-president pin. The Alice Birney school band, mder the direction of Donald Moehnke, presented the program 'or the evening. The group was divided into beginners, intermediates and advanced and rendered ipproprinle selections according o their group abilities. The pledge of allegiance was ed by three Brownie Scouts of Troop 29D -- Linda Walp, Doris H e n l e y and Julie Diltz. The Brownie Promise was the Inspir ational. Public Schools Week will be held from April 30 through May 4. Open House at Alice Birney school will (be he!d on the evening of May 3 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The next meeting of Die Alice Birney PTA will be on May at 7:30 p.m. The program w feature the Alice Birney String Group under the direction of Mrs Marianne Pinches. Hostesses for the installation evening were the 6lh grade room mothers, Mrs. James Battle and Mrs. Verne Ferguson. Sunny Brae PTA Election Apr. 11 ARCATA -- Election of officers 'or (lie coming year will be held it the Sunny Brae PTA meeting at the school April 11, 7:45 p.m. Mrs. Rowland Clioatc, program chairman, will present a panel in a discussion of the subject, "Are \ve over-organizing children's activities through sucli programs as Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football, Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, Midget Car Racing, Social Dancing Groups, Judo, Baton Twirling, Bowling Teams; Religious Group Social Activities, The panel's presentation will be followed by a buzz session. Anyone supporting such groups as mentioned above is invited to attend and present his opinion during this period. Rotary Men Talk On World's Fair A preview of attractions at the World's Fair, Seattle, Wash., and types of accomodations there, were described to the Cuddeback Parent-Teacher association at a recent meeting. David Dillon and James Smith, both of the Crocker Anglo Bonk, Scotia, and representing Rotary club, Scotia, presented the informative talk and slides. Mrs. James Gordon presided at the business meeting which followed the program. Following the program, installation of officers for the coming PTA year was held with Mrs. Tom Hagoon, a former president of tlie Cuddeback PTA, acting as installing officer. Installed were President Mrs. W. D. Jones, 1st Vice President Mrs. Bob Kirk, 2nd Vice Presid- dent Mrs. Gene Armstrong, Secretary Mrs. Elmer Ferguson, Treasurer Stacy Cross, Auditor Mrs. LeRoy East, Historian Mrs. William Kramer, and Parliamentarian Mrs. Jim Gordon. The ladies were presented with beautiful corsages and Stacy Cross received a while carnation. Principal Wilson thanked the group for their help in sending [he 7th and 8th grades to Sacramento and San Francisco, and told of some of the highlights of the trip. Serving refreshments at the closo of the evening were hostesses Mrs. Jack Robbins, and Mrs. Bob Kirk. The next meeting will be on April 26, as the regularly scheduled meeting fell during Easter Week. The light, the joy The hope of Easter Are captured in Beautiful spring Flowers and Plants Flowers will (ill your Easter with the true joy of the season. Select beautiful cut flowers, lovely, long - lasting plants and charming corsages. Phone or visit us loday. DOLSON FLORAL SHOP 518 Russ St. Henderson Center HI 3-2051 We give ,#·.»/" Green Stamps Bring the right touch of warmth and decor for your fireplace with . . . · HEARTH SCREENS · PERMAPIEAT® SCREENS · GRATES · FENDERS · HEARTH SETS · HEARTH BASKETS · ANDIRONS · FIRELIGHTERS Wo mcaiure, manufacture and in- mil hearlh icrersni -- any m«l»l, any «!z», all jtylei. Portable displays ihown In your fireplace, days or averring*. Seniibla prices. D C. McDonald Co., Inc. BUILDING SUPPLIES FOOT OF 'F' ST. EUREKA HI 3-3145 Do You Hove A Plumbing Problem? CALL US '** For Advice · For Service: Brriard Construction Hiway 101 North at Indianola Cut off HI 2-3761 Antlila'i Plbg. Heating 36? Park Avo.. Arcala VA 2-3375 fdson-Dylirberg 617 Summer St., Eureka Hi 2-0198 Harold Fisher Plumbing 8 Shoo! Metal 627 3rd St. HI 3-3121 Al Groth Garbervilla 0141 John Ryan Plumbing WO I California St., Eureka HI 2-8035 City Wholesale Plumbing Co. 2255 Myrtle Ave., Eureka HI 3-421! Weilern Plumbing 1039 B St., Eureka HI 3-2047 Don William. Pu-mbing 2110 Eastern Ave., Arcata VA 2-0506 Associated Plumbing and Healers Contractors, Inc., of Humboldt and Dal None Counties Members of Stale and National Assn. of Healing and Plumbing Contractor) j.JAMES L PEETS MUSIC CO. THE HAMMOND ORGAN Your key to the things you want most out of life. HAPPINESS RELAXATION FULFILLMENT We can provide you with 4 year financing James L. Peets MUSIC CO. 2908 E St. · Henderson Center HI 2-8323 Specializing in the care of POODLES ROXANNE The best of care for your pets . . . By the Week or Month (And phone us for day care when unexpected things come up.) Enjoy your vacation -- and know your pets are properly cared for. 1835 QUAKER EUREKA HI 2-2325 (if no answer phone HI 2-3450) span-the-day jacket dress... ttmg fashion that makes ices exciting. Rib-nipped iave rayon acetate jacket s muted floral print after five dress of rayorvacetate eta. Rounded neckline capped sleeves bloom above sweep of skirt. Sizes 12-18. USE YOUR BANKAMERICARD Mont by MODE O'DAV In priced from 3.99-to 8.99. 334 5th Stroot Eureka

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