Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 41
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 41

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 41
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P«9« M--INDEPENDENT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT i '.'D*iiT ffijjr'lm ji!j« - r CLOSW CIRCUIT TELECAST I USTOH i.'l».tV«^M-f'""^-- OAT GOOD SEATS NOW--CALL HE 6-4209 N A T I O N A L G E N E R A L CORPORATION FOX WEST COAST Theatres^ ATLANTIC ··«· CAISOM · Of IN » f. M. · FMI OFFICIAL MAJOR STUDIO Time jj\0f T- ' «. U 21 . l £».*. *T«r* *od» TwSh£ 10 00. 1 M. t Vt. J U. "KocKcDv* I**)*," ll.Jt. lit, 10 t. U *"R*Qu«-» tor · Heavvwtrgnt,* OUT AT CBS Garry Moore. Will Drop All Shows NEW YORK WV-Gany'radk) program. I 17. 1 BL 12:38. 4 2 , c* STATI Jom,- I.JO. 7.30. -C*n, 0:30. « SO. » H. _ TOWN! AtrtMi Jonn.- 7 00. I «*» *tt JtortT- IB. jMoore, whose weekly variety ·; 'show wfl be dropped by CBS! for the deepest respect Tve r^, other CBS shows. Tve Got * '** ' .^* ********** $ ATLANTIC * * . been "* 1 "' 1 ' Secret" and a daily net work] producing them so succes- r 'fully so long." Moore said. »*»«»*#»»*»» tATUtDA- MATmtC ttO.1 "TIME MACHINE" "THE BRAVE ONE' lorn · our l***o* * O?EN NOON But I also hare a very active i' mind and I just couldn't face: a broadcasting future which y^jj Graumnn's Fifm Sets in IV.Y. Fair By JOSEPH FINMGAX en HoHrvM e«T«u»nat«« If you recently noticed something resembling Hollywood's f a m o u s Grauman's Chinese Theater being towed along your main street, don't worry: It's filmland"j New York World's Fair contribution being hauled eastward. The replica of Grauman's Chinese is one of many ei- flKELUOOQ "A 5-2530 «oi i "·' I »:1S--fill I Now Showing v ui pi, {"Who's Minding Store? * -tlVIl PIIU.IT Acapulco 11 jf»r LIWIS -- rivii PIIU.IT ,i»«»»»»»»»Vrequires I i'lj. {hours a week. » r»L *] " A f t e r my JACK LEMMON -UNDER, W OPEH 6:15 --«i-- DE1IIE UTN019S "MARY, MARY" ELVIS PRESLEY 'S Latest x^Hi^S^i^S^S Picture ..j SHOWN i CONJUNCTION Wk Favorite Sport?* IMPERIAL WHTCfliflSTj CfM N0M · krgM I*»-IM-| ^ Rock Hudsoa Paula Preniss I HOWUD RANIS' Spprtf* BEimonT CFEN IK r.M. imPERIflL tmirt wiurm*»-C*-» Lmitv ·'SHOCK TREATMENT" · icbarfl CtfTfl "EYES OF ANNIE JONES" B O V NOW SHOWING la 2 Theatre* CnNYOUTRKt: at in New |YorK tfiis spring. F o r m e r actor-dancer George Murphy | is associated with the firm demanding [which developed the exhibit of the past 15 years The Hollywood fair entry at CBS. such an unchalleng-l^^ 1 ^Sfte? in« cut-back would drive me^y ^^ A ten . tnjck caravan'^ out of my miiK 1 . A man needs wjji haul scenery and sets Town onvt i rjL -1»« COMEDIES 1« ««,,;. «»» »!*»·»'· ""MU« »«*" i, CAitza -WHO'S HII01IQ THE STOREJ- UTOU 525 t-t. (!««. i HE tro 1 tllOt OPI.H · » "^ Walt Disney's "SWORD IN THE STONE 1 -- rui -William Holden "THE LION" Borh ta Color · J SHOWS TONIGHT J IMiB IViONlCHl ················* UYUE TALBOT Sp«Eil Cf I-65J4 "OH, MEN! OH, WOMEN"! ION ItJICH HIM SOCItir rr»«t FAMOUS FOREIGN FILMS GARRY MOORE Ban»s His Secret' from famous monies to the'^t §y ; -5 filmland V. s -' PACIFIC THEATRES USTON-CLAY FIGHT TICKETS;/-; ON SALE NOW: Circle--los Alto*--«wt craw ..- (mn ·Et CIO" -SS Davs ^ F'vkififl" I H£ 1-2771 i lM E-Ocoi M OPCH] HOOK , »«lt DMrfft, PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES SHOW STAirra AT DUSK · c*m»Ei« UNOEK it ratt j I fUTVItS TONIGHT--CIICU ONtr tiuvtOD MURPHY READ off a list of movie sets which will be'-J( 'on display. The list indudes[j( t f C l e o p i t r a , " "West Side " Story," "South Pacific," "The'i 'King and I," "The Unsinkable]-k Molly Brown." The Fan of! {jthe Roman Empire" and "Seven Days in May." Among the! television entries win be "Gunsmoke's" Main Street' and sets from "Dr. Kildare."! Because much of Southern' California is noted for its ^c citrus business Murphy and his associates will thoughtfully record that fact in their -1 pavilion. A citrus exhibit is planned alongside the movie; sets. It's a fitting gesture. After), t; all, Hollywood has turned^ j out quite a few lemons--ala place to go to every day t h o u g h they called t h e m where he MUST be. After all movies, my wife married me for better or worse but not for lunch." 10IG ItACH · ?E 5 l£s C '*'*-: 181 UTOS H-W1T 31 "SHOCK. T . A T " " T * - »ATU«»A». HE SAID his plans for the future include "finishing this season as professionally as possible *r,d then a chance to get on my sailboat and think." Moore owns 51 per cent of.! "I've Got a Secret," which has been on the air since 1952. CBS owns the rest. The package program may be continued if Moore and the networks decide and if they can find a new host acceptable to both. Moore is under personal! contract to CBS for the next 1 : I I years, and thus is unable to accept offers from rival networks. He will continue to be paid by the network, but does not plan too make any broadcasting appearances. Moore's office said nextj season will be the first time in 30 years that Moore has not been on the air. The Garry Moore Show," a variety program, was not renewed because its once- high ratings had dropped off this season. But "Tve Got a Secret" is among the 20 most highly rated television programs. · OPEH 1C XM. OPE*AU.ItlCHT Jt««T LEWIS--Cltor Ljfl tlM ·RDCKUTE BABT- Jacx'* CLeA!ON-~JUimon* CUINN M*ev «OONET--Julit MAfcRtS "Replica lor i Htujwiijir JJITW1 STEWART--*. W1DMARK SnirlcT JOKES--Cclor "TWO R3DE TOGETHER" COLOR SHOW! BIRDIE" R MONET (MIDI SOPUA HESTOHjMlOREN PARAMOUNT n .*. t Parimt. 1 Goutpt. ITvl*^ Panml. "KID »D«. | GALAHAD" if -- and -I -Five Weeks . . I I. o Boflroom- #££. NOW SHOWING in 3 Theatres x^asE?3Sirzss^otEacarsc3" WALTDISNEY. PALACE 0 IM AVC. -- ^HONE KE 4-ANGEL WOIE »ID- -JATAGI GUNS' ·IATTLI FtAME* Austria Chief to Quit VIENNA, A u s t r i a Cfl Chancellor Al forts Gorbach, 66, announced Thursday night that he wil] resign as head of the Conservative-Socialist coalition government because of a political conflict between his Conservative Party's major factions. "LA BELLI 1 0 5 4 1 "Return to Glennescaul" tmm iwirtwriir ' ONE NITE OKLT. SUN, fit. 23 -- 5 oad 7:30 TM. ,"LITHE THEATRE," LB. Stale Coll«t«, 6101 E. ra.iM wrm · bv. rHr««rlt«r m "AUTOMATIC tVEMTMlNC " WM UMII ·*· *^ Tk« wiitewT TM cftMJffcrf 7lh A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE Awaits You On A Trip To Hollywood To See The Most Widely Heralded Attraction In Motion Picture History. mmm 24 OF m SCREWS GREAKSJ SURS! CONTINUING INDEFINUEIY S* C*«. · J StrMT «n4 ·! V^t ·A 7 1T4I tor yaw sncuc. urci PJ Tl UAITU stoon , WARNER KOi i VVVGOD CINERAMA UNITED ARTISTS JIT t icui CIRCLE Df»rvE-m SEE The parade of the Doomed Virgins! */-^e-» SEE The orgy of the Seven Tortures! o \^ SEE The battling Slave Galleons! SEE Race of the Golden Chariots! · riCHIOIMOO* cowwfr NOIWJII lEIliri. I«M| Tl ·?'«! 1:11 -- -lll'S FI1MTTI SrBII" -riiiu or n m- II* ITIIOt. luttj tl I III! 1:11 ---SI!9I I tUTt IUEEI- iiiri i TII tin ir IIITHI" IIIUE. lirlt "it! nil i.ii _ i u.,'i -Mtnn ««ii- -·T HI IITIJ" ijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiMiMiin ..... ii NOW OPEN! GOLF GARDENS 18-HoIe Minraian Goli Conrst IDowifewa Loig Beoekl Ct til riti-- Next ti til tlOOMBO IIACH ITIIII -- i«»i. i ii -- n i on tttt t»»n -- -IC« T9I Till" -·Bill 111- luiti WIL -- -Tit nrn- 4W4NCIM SIBBIIBin II -IIOCI TII1T1EIT" ·nit ir uri jBiii" IDTI |.i..,-i -IEIUI -u«i»i TII Sim WILMINGTON »tn n *un liuny-l -IllLJI JBIEI* -COIII OIIIT IF TOflJlKCf IITTII iinrrs in i tit. xn KJI -BlBtl til TIM T» IIEE* -ITI in IIIBII" ISUJUIIUI III I Int. S2I1III :*r Vrtim tttwfj* IUI «· «.! -AIIITT I IISTIUI HUT «Bli|- ·TllZil IBII Tl 111:!' -IIIEElin I" fn« i -- -in » riTBiin inir* 4itr - »«rtn -- 'IIIEIIITI I" AMt JT1TI III IJI W, Ilk D 11111 *irrnt ir TII lira"--t.n -»I61I«T S3IIEI" lill-ll:U irtt/iowff loici mil tttmnm n. tl l-nii litwi't -IIIUI «1!J- Inl -wil» ·iiiin TII iTiiir* U mill iMtn. r«nrm II till -I It* l:ll IF IIII- -(llll IF TII 151- Kill fnt. nuitr* TITI viEII n luiisr* I3MIWI law. "ii ii -ii IITI IT t» i m r.(MTM « nju ii tun "(lit WlIITI IFIIT* -III H:IEI«- -trrtti IBBII- -J1I1IT lilt* = Good Clean family fun -- 50e per person'^ \ Open from 12 noon everyday 437-6706. | FOR THE MOST FUN IN THE VISIT THE WORLD! NUTHOUSE IN WILMINGTON S MILES WEST OF LONG EEACH - C TE 4-210» Best Nights Fri. Sat. Action Starts at 9 pjn. OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE CUITAM AT II III*! HT-UTI oi mci LA DOUCE" rut. O.M-UT. an--sun. iu HOT PREVIEW 9 P.M """"""" Devfetops Inslant QJf ES ! -ftftrtif^fsrtt-ft^ BURLESQUE ...^...LAKE"CLUB GIRLS !!»«, GIRLS GIRLS

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