The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 7, 1957 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 3
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Major 1 CtflitHy Iliii I 8868 Bfletlff, W oOMJBt_ -. .__, „ _. lul thttl th* wi«fcw-e*r«.*ltd{M i£ j£j|<-^' 'i V Afid ajiatn mill wHIRetti 'ttisi toWit tint lame " fwiaiffg* tftie. §$* faetf fc«s*f»lt gifitet »f* titled, 11 Wit goM Ming and boatfflg ittd we***** feifcflf iff Hiel* Ing fsrwaf* to « fe% «8Wd rouftd*. „' • , 1 ) Mm ft* witHtw iplMtn is htt* A*d« fin Mf t»l*ih r forf«t )•>* »I<J((U el Jft* »»« itf will «ll« 1 wMKtlid. < , * , \ ' ' "7, i But we ar« baiting n*tr ***» eft Buv wMtftiif MlNii Us M you piifl olf jWHg fothe-where, ttkt aiotif i rtm«6«!(, SeviMl T*f«>Afti hatHAtii' g«M«i wtw rJlfted eat Mfly thl»'*«k but daft A*ri«igf» »r* koin« WUy ft wort tftm lit at Quickly « posjlbl*, "tfieteMf* n«t rufimtti Behind ' on their tight Mhcdute. i '• . '. 1 th* big ItliiKiafi <i!j|hi fMA'Aft *IA« will bt bi ' rr**p«rf WhM* OH QftoMittt Wftt 6» helMfil bak* la«k« IM. e*»* IK W**i rjeftim^ti. i»f C(tf wlitTs* tht *lfil< , * . « twd garnet will tot ep«n*rt for th* Major* at they htv* ilreidy had * pair et tilt* rained out. It look! tt » th* major bracket will be real rirottg thii y*«r with th* addition of Bay City to the loop. Many of th* Bay City boy* thtt will play on thit dub are member* of the Black Cat nine that- won their dfttrict championship. Weft Columblt't entry in th* Mtjor loop will b* filled with ptaytr* thit pUyed on .* dl*trlct winner. rr*4p»H and L*k« Ja«k*M tplii ihttr high MhMl i*am *«d MTtrtl **tl*g* Mt* ikal are irlll in the M*|*r, *«• *r«up. M all. It *pp*trt t« b* ik* tlttf «f a ml «Md race but th* oih*rt ihai hat* alfeadf titrted leak Ilk* lh*f will b* * k*it*d tetaoiM*. T**n-Age baseball.gel* youth* ready fof their high ichoot ptay and the way Weal Columbia coach** work with the** t boy* it on* of the main tea/ton* thtt tn«y tr* ilway* tough in high tchoo! baieball. Braxoiport Hi* * well-rounded Teen-Age *yttefir and out of th* program should conic *ev*rat boy* that wilt make the high, tchool good hands. The Shipper* ttiouia continue to bt oae of the top elubt In dUtriet baseball l» ttvertl yeift and .might even claim 1 bill at Webb-Schmidt nttt Thursday. The Gatort added one *gtlatt Old Ocean " fourth Moore Inftln* walked, 'the when Billy Lefty t'rider. wat hit, with * pitched the title In a few ttasoA*. They had good ehdncet that title over the put two teatont. to etert»,tte*ibre« «nd to win .Xoenninf hit ;*inglet and back then to back Henbree fishing A/so,... However, bt>«balt u not the only thing thtt county out- ,\ doortmen wUl IM looking forward to thi* weekend weatherman keept goo^ condition* on hit forecast. Some fine catchw,^L,.trout ha\*,be*a. «*uiht th w«*fc «round the *U#> at(d th* j*tMe» ink It appear* ftiYthe' .bulk of <Jihlng, inland, will b* taking P ;ice in the** reflontv However, fome activity will be going on in the baya at.alwly*. Ctood w**ther cendlitoA* win alt* brine •** • l*rfl* H»*4t et bMi* 1* Ik* Old Hirer f*t % little tpi*. BU aetltlrf hi* al«c bteh ptekln* up la th* Old MTM ttnee thai Soared D»r* Skt lh*w. ' ' It alto appear* to be a big weekend coming up for *ret t golfer*, which number a great many, A Sunday, SweepitaJcua it on th* c*rd for Mudowlakc, which will draw golfer* from •U over the area They alto play a Jackpot on Saturday. Old Oo*an it ejected to h»v* • Saturday iwwptuket wit*, Mverat local* playiht in thit. tcored on Jo* Pltt't long Or to deep center, . • Trom th» Thunday.dcubU' header at home, Uke JaekMh wilt move to Houttufl. next if th* **tarday tAjM* ««i an-i(i«ht" team tournament lh«t will put ntHgt IS m m fl&*n.«*fWHWinT ottteY Aftgletm Witi m fed SdK DivStCQ. Wrt t^trd nitA* 'ttritu ttartittg thi«gt 6tt with triple M m field and theft K«DMth Poftder I the Like Jtek* in * ttt Ktten (HtfB. tt ffl* flrl « * «« went m aft ovmhf&w « ffrtt attd McDeujal home. Glut*, whwre f-A warfc it With i -«i«t of rett behind them. Llrtli. tiague *hd Junior , TeetMlv <, bueb*! t elubt In take" Wtfc«li retort ta th« victory number » 91 '1 bill diamond IMI night it plhned t 4.0 rtutout Ml ,Old O*e»n, with' both Dink. Ml* Bittertapic . dtnkt arid Weldoft Hsney get- MtgH «* th* r**t of the on tap fit , Mladenka wonted tnr fronl ihree tnnittgt and ; gave w«y io no hit* while coming, tip I** W American loop, «W1*-t «nu« tilt bae*W'tf.* playlftg field Itrikeoitts. ffaney 1 t»* Junior ieagtt* fh« .^performanee. day and cofttlnu* thrsiigh the came In to pitch In the fourth tits «*p«rat*<W confer****. tniddte At July; w*a tMiched fo* Lake J*ck»oit Llttl* Leifuet and Junior member* have beeit off for Of* pttt week, tingle but had 11 ttrikeoutt >n facing it batter*. The Qator* managed .to up but thrle hit*, that being two by Jim Hembree^and on* by George Koertnlng. , : . . Lake Jacklon win not play any home garnet Saturday but Gomel In Main Event knfe :tti two nine* went two et- Uklng pan In UvttKtv TjH Junior Oiatit* while the LZr twinbtlt th* Red So* after the .T^oofthefoughett wrettleniSox a* the Yank* c*r*niun* ^ J-IMUM Pitching for Vel will face United Saft in t twin In the butiittu, Ptpper Gome* Indian* In the second end £1 JyfedWO, wffl tcroar* ofMhe U, tlite, " * other Saturday! Brazoria Wins •ttfttt . night in the Main event of Angleton'* weekly mat card. Th* top prelim will *ehd Firmer Jone* after Duke K*o- muka while Coon froberg tnd Tokyo Joe get thing* ttarttd In the opener. Wrtetiirig fan* wilt alto be treated to f Ug „_ , team match which wilt mean Old Ocean lait^night wiOt the four big bouts on the card. I entire Bratotf* lineup ftwog Oomes and Medico have been hit* ud sowing, battling: each other for several Billy Low* and Charle* dor- month* but thi* tcrap I* due don were th* pitcher t*' -be One of their rougbett Braioria and they a' teit*. The four-event card will 1 out homer*. get undtfwty at MO front th*| - Brawrti wlU FromOWOctan SriMHa't Ttm-Age pinned * o of Uon* field * * • * f JMthF \,tfitTfiif^A JftKUUf i wo viciorTcs 8HQ .- whtte the RedsRifls wM oii* while droBttiat a fglfc.", s Tfie Senior activity fdtind 'ttt coiuvrtbis taking adWn-« to at p^iot fteepori fleidiflt kd aft ovtrlbarf of efriH* te the fifift a aefc6n«t f ot fM wi« a tfiwt 6t off* tthy te«tan to f' J * 4r$ defeat fift tro SWet *ft t** atHighf UAil ito lottft and . fe only tine out but .<*w their Una! wws bitter* hit long fiyout*. worked ttrong ift the .__.,—« ftming* getting tnree *tfl**»u« far ffle Clote entry. P1*H** had 18 ttrikeout* over the nine inning* for the velasco club and gave up but only five Hit* while the Glut* twotome of Hotton and Beene **i* j were touched for five hit* alto, i Gary Stafford tuffered the , iutt up from the rank*, ttipped a neat one- hitter put the Skint, that one 3L5S2? 1 *$"* four inning*' or Cant with Freddie Beene coming to to go th* mt of th* broke tit* tearing' tat th*-third toning when Don Mtaftr tingled to right WeHatrfie A Complete Line OF ALL TYPES OP INSURANCE SELLERS. HARBOUR Insurance Agency MONK s-tst* SU PM* Are. Free*** You'll Always Find FRESH TASTY SEAFOOD-Brought in Fresh Daily. FRESH TASTY RED FlSH^Sc JUMBO and MEDIUM Brought In Fresh Daily, RED SNAPPER SO* fEESH THE BOAtS tB. * CRAM • OYSTERS • FROO 1KO8 COMPLETB SELECTION OP ttlOERN SKA FOODS BRAZOSPORT SEAFOOD CO. •OVKtt «« LBVM! FROM TARPON MONK J-14I1 ' WHOLESALE— RETAIt FRKEPORT ;— j »— \ , .•"••' »•*«•** w»j ••» «*»ww «*wi« *»•« i ~ J»*«**•»•« ntn*s In.e>V',ir.eooled main Inifldinf onto* ! »^ch tonigh Cog/9 Lofo Tourn«) e e • • A ene day ieunametU will b* r*«l«d ;Q to Xtfi* Uke M bu»dar »»4 U took* at If ma>r plater* Jraa thit area win mak* tk» trip M tike pan ta lh* l|,k*l* alfaii. - • _ The folfen tliat do «ot take part In any of th**e m«eu win probab'y nave themtelvet a fin* time Jutt taking p«rt In • regular w«krn<t Jound. Th* «r«* cTur«» ha\i gotten lot* of nUtt ihi* week, and m*7 even get tome more. Water it lUnding i»-fevertl tpott •t Fretport but w'th tome lunthute ihould b* in f'alr eon. 1 ditto* by 8«turd*y »r,,l*und*y. . ,,-i Fibs Planned By • Local Auto Club A **f*ty film, «ntltl*U "A p*y ID Cwrt," will H ,»ho»n Monday night *Mh« ' wwttng o« th* / CtobTSiWi w heW _ floor of th* County QbMrtnou** Alt vittttf* tr*. (tnd «i» mt*Ung th* film, Th* win*! 1 club «» ,<' planning; m fhowJng th« Wnvs - *v»ryo»W Monday itt*rthe4r $ m**aog«. v »r*t«t»«ps;^chiis;. 0»r« Lubricated who* MOTO-SWAY "Al TMf MOM Or TJHK ri.vt>a iip w>*w PLANTATION DB. MOBIL STATION WW& <*&\ > ~* "t«*>" - f ' * /i If a * R*frlfl»r«torTPri c«r Automatlo lo« M«k«r day whtt* «w» ftln.1 MrtU eojn. - •tgr. • i«ml l*r ** UUl* a* ftk* raptwto }**»«** »•• H» »•• (•• MM**n«,A r , , . .« . NOTHING DOWN 3 to 5 YEARS i TO fATf-'' BRAZOJWRT LUMBIR CO. IPff:m * dat drfmt, Mn*rt(«, witb in own fa*. mata, ttowi MM! Jw CireJw L oo movioi pans-H»(ts 40% lew w , 9 .H^^^^^^^ WARD'S CONOCO & APPLIANCES 1-1911 fiCAXirfeiKAinu - it 4ill- ' l ' •rJrH _ ' itf *_..«* &•• p- rpn ABOVB brief dippin j tdOg you 1 about th.'57 Buick % 1 • • '** It tell* yo« we went all out to male* thii car completely new-yet we didn't sacrifice a sin- gk Bulck virtue. Se you itili get that unmistakable Buick •tyltof. You gUB get that big-car room and ci; uort and that »lid Buick quality. But you alw get w complete a change in the vit*lg of thii oai that the driving of it is a won- What you have to do is gat In this car and drive it. Drive it around tb« block, through town, out on the highway. Actually jtel what happens when yon press tha gas pedal, turn . the steering wheel, touch those powerful new brakes, Then-and not till then-will you k-now whyj folks call this "the dream car to (trie*.* ff Toe best advice we can give you, by far, It this: Ask yowr thahr hi 0 trial nm fodoy. Vttiabl* Filck DVM//OW it Iht *»lf PvHofow tuuX buiUt lathy. U w i«*iU*n( «i AM gjtt • bHIU«nt br«n4 ff p«rf«rmaiK« »h«f• dMNnwt frtm anythinf «!MI th-t |«M •n ftw wliftla. Words won't dwcriba it, Telling you there • an all-new engine, an instaot new Pynaflow,* a completely new power traia-*none of that will convey thjs news to you, Super cn4 CtaHuy •*• optioml 4 me4** ad* ea* an (&* tl «rtr« e<M( <m atfcer S*Hw. »glu»Jv *W MW MUCK WW MMW WMI §•• YOUR AUTHO«IZ«D BUICKOfAI. < Vt f v j4%^ ^ ^t^'*-* r f Ki.-'.v a:"*? f v \. r kSti^ 1 . i '«?.%r"j\jf • .. i .. i SLf . " , V., £ * Jffr '-' t.... 1 I

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