Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 9, 1962 · Page 6
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 6

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1962
Page 6
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COFKKE DIIKAKS the collective bargaining agree NEW VOIIK ( U P I I - "Coffee mcnls negotiated in 19511. accord ing to n report issued by the Bu roau of Labor Statistics, U. Department of Labor. IUMBOLDT STANDARD b:J,,v. April 9, 1962, P. 6 l'ii:{ forestry school in the U. break" or paid rest period pro u , i Ihat of Cornell Univer-jvisions affecting 7.5 million work- ·ere included in a fourth ol Look for it--It may take you there! Red China Buys 'Capitalist' Wheat WASHINGTON (UP!) - T h Agriculture Department reporiei Sunday that Red China has pur ·hased more than nine million ons of wheat from non-Commun- st countries since January, 1961, ml its food supply still is inadequate. SINGER Wcs, Ihe singer, and? lols of other great;' voices t h a i are' members of Barbershop Quartets are going lo enterti . you this coming. Saturday nigh), April 14th during the Par-i ado of Barbersh Quartets at Hum-' bold! State College Sequoia Theater, Wss reminds everyone lo get their tickets so they wont miss this g also suggests that check your watch (or you (he's a real craftsman in the watch repair business, you know) so you won't be iate or miss a note of the Barber- shoppers. Let Wcs make your watch a happy accurate watch! (tie sings lo them while tie works). LANGHOLZ 2825 f SI. HI 3-6097 Henderson Center "In Cab Stand" 0 8 « For ion blocks, Highway 101 is Monterey Street, Morgan Hill. Drive north past the Wells Fargo Bank, t u r n right at, Metcalfe Road and a few miles later you're in the Space Age! Flames spew, the earth hakes, a tethered giant shudders and is still. A I " n i l cd Technology Corporation team lias just tested a solid propellant rocket motor designed to thrust more Astronauts into orbit! For hero-as in all of Northern California-the peed limit: 17,540 mph. sky is not the limit. The abundance of Nature, the human ingenuity that flourishes where opportunity is a tradition - these combine to make this a land where today's dream is tomorrow's business. We know this diverse, dynamic economy from Eureka to King City, from San Francisco to the Sierra. Since 1S52, N o r t h e r n California has been Wells Fargo country - its people and its promise, our first concern. WELLS FARGO BANK By Joseph G. Molncr, M. D. Dear Dr. Molner: My husbanc has threatened suicide for the ast three months. Recently said he will "blow both our brai out." Then he screams that he can't take it any more and run nto the bedroom, remaining there 'or hours. He is 60 and holds responsible position. 1 have trice to humor him but 1 am now al my wit's end. Any suggestion thai he go to a doctor is futile. --G.W. "Humoring" isn't going to help such a serious situation. To be sure, some people use threats tc et their own way, but too often, .'specially in mature people, such threats are not idle ones. Tell your OWN doctor the story, and et him help arrange such meas ures as may be needed to see that your husband gets immed ate examination and treatment. To Your Good Health by JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dear Dr. Molncr: I am a girl, 14. I have acne on my face. NOT it is starting to clear up. but I have coarse, dark, enlarged pores They look terrible. What can : do to get rid of them? --D.C Nothing. You can expect the pores to become smaller and less obvious as time passes. You are of course, fortunate that the acm ; clearing. In some skins the pimples leave small scars. These also tern to shrink and become much lesi conspicuous. If, after the end o adolescence, the scars are a cos metic problem, consult a derm alologist or a plastic surgeoi about smoothing the scars. Bu I'd certainly wait several years Dear Dr. Molncr: In your opinion is it advisable to give tablet to high school athletes to help them again weight and build mus c l es ? --MRS. L. J. The drug you mentioned is a hormone, and I do NOT think i There still exist in our world today many isolated tribes who still practice a combination of magic and medicine which possibly stem from primitive Stone Age practices of eons ago. These practices include such things as the regular use of fetishes, the sucking-out of evil that causes sickness in a patient, magic bones, spells and incantations. Many tribes employ ceremonial dances for the treatment of mental illnesses. Evil spirits in possession and causing the ailment are 'danced out' of the victim by assembled members of the tribe. Another characteristic of magical medicine is the diagnosing of ills by means of casting bones or stones a n d analyzing the patterns in which they fall on the ground. Neale's Drugs 424-5th St., Eureka HI 2-9212 ihould be given to healthy young adults. The weight that a body should carry can be achieved by wholesome, balanced diet, adequate ·est and judicious training. These vill build strong muscles. Weight s not necessarily muscle. For many sports, and for many ath etes, mere additional weight is not necessarily essential. If it is essential, increase the. calories in the diet, but don't tinker with the rady's metabolism. Dear Dr. Molner: My husband s 55 and of average weight. He now has an awful lot of gas on lis stomach around the heart. He las always drunk about 20 cups of coffee a day. I wonder it this could be causing it. -MRS. W. It could be that the coffee fin- illy is catching up with him. That's pretty heavy coffee drink- ng. If he'd cut out coffee for a few weeks, it ought to give an indication of whether that's the trouble. (Drinking only caffein removed types of coffee might lelp.) If the trouble still persists, I'd have the doctor check lira over. It could be gall bladder aeart, or any of several common troubles, arid some treatment now may both make him more comfortable and avert greater discomfort in the future. Dr. Dr. Molner: What causes ingrown toenails? Do pointed shoes have any influence?--S. W I doubt if a Sioux Indian ever bad an ingrown toenail, because he never wore shoes. Nor have 1 noticed any trouble with "ingrown fingernails." Why? Because an ingrown nail is simply one thai nas been under continued pressure so that, as it grew, it began to dig into the flesh instead ol growing straight ahead as should. If we wore shoes on our bands, and walked on 'cm, we'c develop a few cases of ingrown fingernails, too. Do pointed toes of shoes have an effect? Yes if we try to keep the shoes both pointed and short. Count your calorics the easy way! To receive a copy of my pamphlet, "The Calorie Chart,' write Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long, self- adressed, stamped envelope anc 5 cents in coin to cover handling Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Headers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Dies In Crash Of Light Plane FAIRFIELD (UPI) - Warren Ryther, 30, an airplane mechanic from Pittsburg, Calif., died earl) today after his light plane crashed into a field one mile north of Fairfield Ryther, who lived at 2120 Knox .Lve., Pittsburg, had taken of from Shady Grove Airport i: Fairfield. His Cessna 180 crashe at 2:14 a.m. and bounced onto old Highway 40. He was alone in le four-seater plane. Solano County sheriff's officers lid he died en route to Inter community Hospital in Fairfield Civil Aeronautics Board inves tigators were trying lo determine the cause of the crash. The world's total production of new gold in I960 was 33.6 million fine ounces, excluding the U. S S R HEARING GLASSES Exciting new designs for top performance, better appearance and improved hearing. They bring amazingly new "normal hearing" clarity to 90% of those with a hearing loss. Now being shown at Maico dealers. · Improve »om appearance- · Stilt enjoying tile again · look 10 years younger EUREKA HEARING AID CENTER 408-6th St. Euroka HI 3-2901 FURNITURE LANE Located on Second Street between Commercial and A Street in Eureka ..... COMPLETE SELECTION OF HOME FURNISHINGS IN ALL PRICE BRACKET* Kroehler Living Room Furniture Frigidaire Home Appliances RCA Victor TV and Stereo Sets Those Heavenly Carpets by Lee's Custom-Craft Draperies Ethan Allen Hard Rock Maple Lane Cedar Chests Pole Lamps by Richards, Sandel and Golden State Lamp Co. Complete Baby Furniture Dept. Color TV · EASY TERMS · FREE DELIVERY BAKER STANTON 37 W. 2nd St., Phone HI 3-3161, Eureka SAYS: Don't Put Off Getting The DENTAL PLATES Or Dental Work You Need Right Now! simply because you can't afford- to pay Cash . . or because you feel your present income won't be able to permit you to take care of the monthly credit payment requirements. Just remember--you can make YOUR OWN credit terms within reason at Dr. Simpson's. Included among my patients are a large percentage of small wage earners who today enjoy good dental health because they were able to take advantage of my liberal Credit Terms. Your Dental Health won't wait. . but I will!, All Credit Arrangements and All Payments Are Made in Dr. Simpson's Office You can enjoy all the Advantages of new Dental Plates while paying for them .. you don't borrow any money .. you don't deal with any finance company .. because all arrangements and all payments are made in the Dr. Simpson office. ALL PRICES QUOTED IN ADVANCE You Don't Need An Appointment for Examination or Consultation COME IN ANYTIME At Your Convenience Dr. V.C. SIMPSON CREDIT DENTISTRY 922 E St. Eureka HI 2-9049 of YOUR ORIGINAL HUMBOLDT COUNTY HUSH PUPPY HEADQUARTERS NOTICE: See the Hush Puppy demonstration at our Eureka store Monday, April 9 from 9:30 to 5:30 . . and our Arcata store Tuesday, April 10 from 9:30 to 6:00 p.m. See why this amazing shoe is America's favorite leisure-time footwear. Family- Women's golf shoes -from $12.95 Men's golf shoes .. from $13.95 Men's casuals .... from $ 9.95 Women's Casuals .. from $ 9.95 Boy's Casuals from $ 7.95 footwear . . . oitr specially ·A Here they are - Hush Puppies in their new golfing style and the slip-on style. Made of soft plush pigskin leather that lets feet breathe, plush cushion crepe soles that add bounce to your step. As for cleaning, you never had it so easy; you just brush dirt away. Scuff marls disappear too, and tha shoes even resist water. We've got colors you'll like, a size to fit most anybody. Hush Pii ppaes BREATHIN' BRUSHED PIGSKIN BY WOLVERINE 5 1 7 - 5 t h Street EUREKA 812 "G" Stroat ARCATA

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