Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 40
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 40
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Oswald Jacoby Dummy Reversal The dummy reversal play consists in ruffing often enough with your own long trumps so that dummy eventually has more trumps than you and in effect becomes the declarer. Now see if you can make teyea spades against the seven of dubs opening lead. You might try the club finesse on the theory that West led from the king of chibs. but you caa look at the East and West hands and see that this play won't work. Besides you don't need to try this finesse if the other suits break nicely. The winning line of play is to take the ace of dubs, ruff a dub. lead a diamond to the queen, ruff another club, lead a diamond to the ace, ruff the next to last DEAR ABBY Come in Ouf of fhe Snow/ By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: I am 24. it- tractive (Tra told) and work in t large plant I am supporting a 3- year-old son by a former marriage. A man 1 work with took a liking to me. He ij in his l a t e 40't. n o t h i n g to look at. but 1 he haj beta wonderful to me. He paid up most of my bills and give* me cash when I need it. He is mimed, but his wife treats him rotten. Abby, this man says he think? of me as his daughter and he wants nothing from me. My mother has an evil mind. She wys it looks "bad* and could lead to his divorce. I need his friendship. How can I get my mother off my back? ! have to Eve with her because she takes care of my child while I work. --MOTHER ON MY BACK XOKTH 21 A Q J I V A i 4 A Q I 4 A Q I S * KIST EAST A t * I * t V q i l l V K I 9 T 2 · 1 1 1 2 « 5 4 471 + K J I O I J BOCTH O» A A K l l l t V J S S » K J 1 0 I »· ** .' Ko ce« rnbenble Sonti Writ North r*st 1*. Fia I* Piss I » FIJI 14 P»s 44 Pus 4N.T. Pus S * Piss SN.T. P.S. I V Pis 74 Pus Pus Pas Vad--47 FOUR-MINUTE WONDER Save time and effort. Serve these savory four- layer sandwiches that broil to perfection in just four minutes.--(American Dairy Assn. Photo) Broiled Sandwiches Are Quick, Easy Treat By MILDRED K. FLANARY L r-T FMM Iiitor club, lead · heart to the ace. ruff the list dub and lead your trump. · * · * IT WILL be up to you to have ruffed with your ace and king of trumps so that you can overtake this lead in dummy. Then you discard your last two hearts on dummy's last two trumps tnd make the last two tricks with the king and jack of diamonds. It is a fine example of collecting seven trump tricks when to all appearances you started with only five. It is en even better example of a most unfortunate opening lead. Had West led any suit but clubs one entry to dummy would have been killed and the 13th trick would not have materialized. Purim Carnival A Purim carnival will be presented by pupils of Temple Beth Zion R e l i g i o u s School Sunday at 10 a.m. at 6140 Del Amo Blvd. There w i l l be entertainment, refreshments and booths and it is open to the public. Time ... who has enough of it? With time at a premium these busy days, we'd all like to find more recipes that mean carefree cooking. Recipes that let you plan your time. So b« sure to add this Lenten sandwich to your repertoire and see how much time and effort it saves you. It's a four-minute wonder . . . Broiled Supper Sandwich! Yes, just four minutes cooking time is all you reed for this hearty, satisfying hot sandwich. And the makings are right at hand. B u t t e r e d , toasted rye bread forms a solid basis for the savory layers of egg. cheese and tomato. There's chopped onion to give It zest. And mild, c r e a m y brick with its mellow taste is the ideal cheese choice for these sandwiches. Brick cheese melts to the consistency of a smooth cheese sauce. Topping it alt. juicy tomato slices provide garden-fresh flavor as well as vivid color. When you're short on time, serve Broiled Supper Sandwiches. They're delicious, nutritious, and quick to fix. Broiled Supper Sandwiches Biking sheet, 8 sandwiches, preheated broiler 8 slices rye bread, toasted «/ 4 cup (j stick) butter, softened 4 hard-cooked eggs, sliced Salt to taste 54 cup finery chopped onion 8 slices Brick cheese 8 slices tomato Spread each slice of toast with Vi tblsp. butter. Cover each with 4-5 slices egg: sprinkle with salt to taste and \'j tblsp. onion. Top each with a slice of Brick cheese: then a slice of tomato. Broil 4 inches from heat about 4 minutes or until cheese melts and sandwiches are heated through. Serve immediately. Knit Learn, Too Women . . . men . . . schoolgirls . . . career girls . . . everyone . . . here's your chance to turn out a purl of x garment Beginning this month, a 10-week knitting school -adapted to learners as well as experienced knilers--will be held in each of the 16 Sears R o e b u c k Stores throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. After completion of the course, students will have completely knitted a cardigan sweater as part of their class work. · · · · · THEY WILL LEARN the an of knitting with different colors and materials .. making buttonholes, blocking, trimming a n d how to read instructions for knitting dresses, coats, hats, socks, gloves and stoles. Prospective students may register at any Sears store where application blanks and additional information will be available in the notions department. Frazler-Hendrix Engagement Mr. and Mrs. Chester William Frarier of Downey announce the engagement of their daughter, J e a n e t t e Elaine, to Jeffrey' D. Hendrix. son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hendriz Jr. of Bellflower. The c o u p l e graduated front Downey Senior High School. Miss Fraiier attended Cerritos Junior College and her fiance is a student at Long Beach City College. The wedding is scheduled ', for August 30. Colonial Dames Slate Luncheon Roanoke Chapter. Colonial Dames XVII Century, will meet for noon luncheon Saturday at the home of Mrs. Arthur F. Bonzer, 207 Roycroft Ave. Following t h e luncheon Mrs. Bonzer, chapter president, win speak on "First Industry in the Colonies" and show her extensive collection of glass. Plans wiU be made for attendance at the state conference to be held in San Diego March 13 and 14. DEAR GIRL: Your mother's Judgment Is better than yours. You have no business accepting favors from a married man. There Isn't any Santa Clans, and it could be rough sledding on the snow Job he'i giving you. · · · » DEAR ABBY: I am 12 years old and my best friend is without a boy friend. My boy friend has a best friend that is without a girl friend. Should I ask my boy friend if his best friend would like to have a girl friend? Or should I keep my mouth shut*--HESITATING DEAR HESITATING: Ask your boy friend to bring his best friend around some time when your best friend Is there. Then let his friend make up his own mind. · · · · DEAR ABBY: My wife has engaged in heated arguments on numerous occasions, and she is usually wrong. She makes some idotic statement, then proceeds to defend it. When we get home I am told, "If you loved me, you would have stuck up for mer I told her 1 will stick up for her only when she is right. She says I should stkk up for her, right or wrong, or else should change the subject and get her off the hook. Comment?--AL DEAR AL: You da her a bigger favor by letting her Tight her own battles. When she learns that she alone mast support her own "idiotic" statements, shell think twice before provoking argument. · · · · C O N F I D E N T I A L . TO CHEYENNE CHARLIE: Al- wayt pat off for tomorrow what you shouldn't do at aH. Get it off your chest. For ' INDEPENDENT--P*g« »-/ ir, IUA. cwn- KV, rn. n, i*«.^ a personal, unpublished reA» ply. write to ABBY, Box, · 3365, Beverly Hills. Calif.;. Enclose a stamped, self-ad-,^ dressed envelope. 1 FUCHSIA-LA NURSERY, INC, Long Beach's Largest aid Most Complete N*n»ry 3579 ATLANTIC PHONE GA 4-3221 True Dwarf Citrus ea. 5.95 ·iril I Yilincti Orii(l, Due? Tm«rl»l, Perfect far Pitit T*k Pliitii( er li Ihi T»r $J49 SUN SHADE AZALEAS li 1st atJ IF YOU NEED COLOR--PLANT THESE NOW QT. CANS IN BEAUTIFUL' BLOOM Still AuiliUt -- Illy il 111 Villij Fill ixclusive IS'aturalizer Shoes - 43 1 Pine VISIT THIS NEWEST NATURAUZER SHOE STORE:* "» You »-ill he inuzed it the most ' corap!rte stock of NATURAUZER · SHOES net assonHed cnt or.t ' roof. Tiles ill the confusion out ^ of shopping foe your fivoritt · shoe and your PROPER SIZE.-J Come in 1000. Sre foe your** *dl! No other store lite itl-» It *u 'designed for jom « shopping convenience L* Your size -- Our Sf«^*- ciiltj! 1 A i let* it HOME JOVKSAL JUST ARRIVED Black KU! V'titt KiJ! Boat KM! Hour i fit du M Most practical Drrssy Puir.p a nrw vaHttn -ith 15.99 Exclusive INaturnHzer Shoes 43I PINE AYE HE 6-3330 i Shop Friday Eves. Till 9 Downtown Long Reach : Free Park Shop : IT'S GOTTA BEAV-8 DODGE DART! C f l R p N CARPETS DRAPES WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE THIS CARPET MAKES IN YOUR HOME! //'j luxurious Sculptured Carpet BY Step down Into elegance! Thii carpet transform* aa ordinary room izto a decorator'! dream! Bijelow'i sculpture* are kitten-soft, dwp-pned -- with tirj phjh cbads floatins; ever a firm, looped base, Tfc« colors »r« marvelous -- from pale, restful thades and dramatic fashion hue* to deep back- frcsad tone:. Ttt result -- a bold and beautiful carpet that satisfies a woman's instinctive love of luxury ... aad luxury at such a reasonable price, toot Sa,Yf. UKfumr NSTuiH mi inu-Kun us l-nt *n-m III, TSIt, TI3IL. Ill, II t*. · I r.14 ·!!. I XT, il i». . I » j nmi I3IIIT. Ixl · I I l l l L lOStCUIt, KIWllK CUl » Mill tr n 11111 Compact Car Deaf in BIG Headroom, Seatroom, It'S gOtta be DART because DART fa perfectly proportioned from "its dassfc grO to its roomy trunk. You get family-size room and stretch-out comfort. And DART comers sportscar-smooth, gives you big-car rkte-btg-car performance with your choice of slant-six or V-8 engines. And whatta warranty! 5 Years-50,000 Mite Warranty! These features, loo--no extra eott! · Torsiavbar suspension flattens bumpy roads, straTghlens curves! - - · Urffized rust-proofed bodyl · Alternator for an urarri-at-'cm battery! ' · Safetyfim wheels tor taaacnam blowout protection! Your Dodge DART Deafer is wheeGng and dealing rigjit now vrith the fewest prices and easiest terms youTl find anywhere. Seaforj_ yourself! for the best buy in compact cars-it's gotta be a DARTI' , ··p**»O«T«l««ewnot» i t****.m*nllFHmit**fW**l*. ** fe txfcnkr * ·» e*mt no I «"^~ SEE IT TODAY! AT YOUR D E P E N D A B L E DODGE DEALER BELOW; Put A Dodge In Your Garage VERNE HOLMES-INC. 3449 Atlantic Blvd. GA 4-8603 GLENN E, THOMAS COi 340 East Anaheim HE 7-6491

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