The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 14, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1920
Page 3
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THE TfWreT: FREE PRESS -•* ; MRS. FRANK 0. LOWDEN l>ocal Mews Mrs. Emma Paust of St. Louis is the guest of her flaughter, Mrs. M. K. Block on West Sycamore street. The Free Press has a limited supply. o£ attractive handy pack stationery with the S. IN. U. insigiia, at 25 cents ' per pack. ; CHURCH SEBVICES Mr. and Mrs. T .A. Weaver and the former's sister, Dr. Teresa Pell, left yesterday on a weeks' business trip to Marianna,. Fla. In compliance with the the city council there will-be no services of any kind in any o{ the starches of the city--tomorrow; • •'.''•••'." J. 'W.-Men-ill, Sec., ' Ministerial Association; * Mrs.. E. H. Lynn is improving after several days' illness. ' '•• . Mrs. Julia Paul of Murphysboro was a visitor here yesterday. R. E. Renfro was a business visitor in Marion Thursday. Miss Eva Tagsart leave's tomorrow night for Chicago where-she will spend several days on business. Mrs. F. F. Sehuette, of the Leader is im Chicago on a spring huying trip for the millinery department. While in : Chicago she is the' guest, of Mr. and Mire. A. E. Clift. ,_ Guaranteed hard wheat flour, ">15 !>er harrel this week. Farmers' Supply. Phone 180.—Advertisement. Attorney Loyd Bradley made a busi- ' ness trip to Mounds Thursday. Mrs. Ella Murphy and Mrs. Besse Moake are off duty as agents at the Intsnir-ban, Station/; haying gone to Johnston City\t£; attend 'the funeral of their brpther.Wii-cden _Mijes A. Leigh, of the Iowa S:ate .prison, who died in Fort Madison, la., Thursday afternoon. Miss 'Mary Callihan of Chicago has resumed her duties as trimmer in the millinery department of the, Leader Mer. Co., lor the spring season. Mrs. Grace Reeves of Murphysboro, relief agent for the Interurban Co., is at the local office during the absence .of Mesdames"Murphy and Moake. Only twelve more 25-cent handy packs of.S. I. N. U. embossed stationery at the Free Press.- Students, •why not avail yourself of this opportunity? Mrs. T. C. Moody has ireturned £rom St. Louis where she spent several days because of the illness o£ her mother, Mrs.' R. A. Trobaugl). "Miss Nora Spence has returned after a several montns 1 stay at Birmingham, Ala., for a visit with her sis- .ter, Mrs. Don Davis. Miss Spence is a trained nurse. ENTERTAIN FOR ST.. LOUIS GUEST .Morris and Lynn. Gallegly en-ter- -tained at a valenttoe social for Miljs .Helen Linrothe o£ St.. Louis. "Those ; present were as follows: Doris Moore .Mildred Scott, Maurine Sill, Man Holder, Helen Linrothe * and Marcedith Holmes; Lynn M-cCormack, Francis Renfro, Victor Reed, John J. Arnold and Stanley Scott. Tue evening-was" spent with games and music after which refreshments were served. The party was chaperoned by Mrs. Ezra Holmes and Mrs. Gallegly. EVERYONE IS DOING WELL AT HOSPITAL At the Holden,Hospital this attei 1 noon it was reported that everyone "was doing very. well." This comes as an announcement .in view of the serious cases which have .been at the hospital this week. • "Robt. Fowley's Father Dies Here Today .James Fowley,'a retired prominent nierebant and business man of Cobden, father H Robert Fowley of. the Carbondale ^Candy tand Cone Com-i pany ,dled this morning at the hospital after a long illness with a complication of diseases. He had been in "the.hos- pital the last weeK The .-body will be taken to Cob'den tomorrow, for.burial.. ,. ..' . I. C. Officials on Inspection Trip Here Today R. W. Bell of. Chicago, general superintendent of motive power, and L.. A. Kuhns of Bast St. Louis, master mechanic, both of the I. C., were on an inspection trip- here today. Dan Anderson, Jr., Takes Murphysboro Bride Dan Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Anderson of Murphys-boro, formerly of this city, and Miss Gertrude King, daughter o£ Mr. and Mrs. John King, were married at that place Thursday, afternoon. Twelve remaining handy packs of". linen finish S. I. N. U. stationery are offered at 25 cents each. An opportun- jty for Hie students. J :".« AN ERROR 'Fred Kuhin,shoe chiropidist formerly of Murpnysboro, 'coming to Carbondale and going into business here.was spoken in connection with his wife yester-i day. Mr. Kunn states he is not married, and tne Free Press regrets this error. ' " ; •£; -*. , . .. -, • CARD OF THANKS We^ wish, to Uiank our friends tor their kindness and assistance during the death of our husbands-brother, nephew and son, Dallas and Richard Meisenheimer. Bscpecially for.the assistance .and 'floral offering of the railroad boys for Richard. M-rs. Alberta Meisenheimer, Mrs Alberta Meisenheimer, Henry .Meisenheimer, Miss Gertrude Benton-, Advertisement. : . •• ; '' Mt photograph of Mrs. Frank O. Lowdi-n. whose husband is governor ot Illinois :ind an active candidate for the Republican presidential '-nomination. Booze Bandits Kill Marshal. Lilipi-Ml, Mo., Feb. 14.—Three men nt- temptiiiR to steal whisky from a warehouse near here early in the'morning shot and killed W. E. Gowtly, marshal of Liberal, who wns nn guard at the warehouse.' The bandits escaped. WOMEN AT BUS MEET Battle Is Opened for 20,000,000 New Votes. .Wm. Kayser, the, is confined * to his.home because ,of. a serious attack of Bright's disease. , Therbn Lollar, principal of the Grand Tower high school,, returned yesterday after a visit at his home Taere. . . ' . ' '' : NOTICE /I , .The Chicago and St. Louis daily pa-, pers will be delivered as usual tomorrow. Frank Naumann. ; Advertisement. JITNEY! JITNEY! JITNEY! SEA SCOUTS FROM ENGLAND "That the'splendid work done by 'British sea scouts during the war pe- tt?i - -appreciated by England la shown by-the special arrangements which have been made f'ir their bene- jat with the White Star line," writes James E. Wes't, ch'ief scout-executive. •."E_very White Star, liner, whether making l>ort.-in New--,York_, Boston or Se'.'lUi HP 1 ' 6 , 3 i^° °* three British Sea scouts who are shipped as 'cadets,' are regular members of the crew and are getting an'unforgettable 1 and fascinating experience of real seafaring. ,- "Some of these boys learn to love their good' ship and the life of rbe sea -go well that they continue in the service, sail the seven seas, make strange ports; and eventually become mates, officers or skippers." In New York, Dr. J. J. .Macdonald, an American scoutmaster, 'is always ready at the pier to greet these British boys, and to. take charge of them as long as they remain on shore. Call 381 or the 0. K. carter shop. I ?-n running four cars. I can absolutely assure you the best service in tne city. Always a good driver to answer your call. I do nothing but auto! service, day and night. . Remember pjoue 381 or the 0. K. .barber shop. •"'" Earl Noel,. Prop. Advertisement. TAXI! TAXI! TAXI! ' For closed .car service call 312,Y, Brooks Taxi^tation, or 66, Brooks I • Garage. Night or day service.—Adver-; tlsement. Potatoes $3 Bu. Carload 'just arrived. Save you-some money. Phone 447--X X' C. McDariiel Carboivdnle, 111. Two Thousand Delegate! to National American Woman Suffrage Asaoci- " ation Gather in Chicago. Chicago, Feb. 13.—Chicago became the battle ground for the potential votesi.of 20,000,000 the National American Woman Suffrage association opened.'the preliminary conferences-of its fifty-first-and probably. Its last, annual convention; With the national political conventions only three monthi;/away, and the ratification of woman suffrage imminent, the question', "How will you vote?" threatened to supplant the query with which suffrage conventions have opened for 50 years, "When will we get the ballot?" The chief women politicians-and suffrage leaders of the country were present among tiie 2,000 delegates and ! their alternates as the preliminary meetings began in the Congress hotel. The gathering is admitted even by the opponents of equal rights to be the most important convention of >vomen ever held in the United States. " The officers of the organization are confident that tho amendment providing for nutiunal woman suffrage will be ratified in time for the women'to vote in the coming presidential election. How the' women will go .back home and vote or tell others to vote is conceded by Hie leaders to be the. paramount issue In the congress, -ostensibly nonpru-tissm. He'adquarters have been opened in the hotel by both the Democratic and the Republican woman..parties. .The appearance In the' printed program' of the congress of pictures of prominent candidates for the presidency (is sufficient evidence that the meetings will not be lacking in political color. ; • - JS'O'ii 6 . !?}£. convention proper will hot' be called to- order until Friday, the preliminaries are now . in full .swing, consisting of six all-day conferences on subjects'of vital Importance to women." -.„' - . ITALY CUTS U. S. IMPORT. Government Trying to Deal With the Exchange Situation, Washington Is Informed; ' Washington, Feb. 13.—Imports from the TJnlte'd States of sugar, canned meats, condensed milk, butter and 'cheese will be prohibited by the Italian government An -its efforts to deal with the exchange situation, according to official advices to the department of commerce. Under the restrictions, American exports -to Italy will be reduced 20 per cent. Exportable capital will Ve placed at once under more severe control, the advices said, adding rhnt "it will be extremely difficu't to sell to Italians American manufactured goods that by any possible construction admit of classification as luxuries." THE CtlEERFUL CHERUB • •••••••^••MMBMMi^HB^mM.MM^^^ • Im studying tV\e. Kumicn i-fc.ce To Find wkd: we are How que-er to ill K~s-ve. to cfie. Before I Find tke FINE POULTRY.RECORD MADE Satisfactory Results Reported From Number of Co-opirative Shipments in Arkansas. (Prepared, by the United States Depart. ' raent of Asricu-Kure.) • . , The Poinsett county (Ark.)' agricul- ; turul agent and lionie-ilemonstvatiou agent .report satisfactory results from a number of . co-operative shipments of chickens' marketed by farm women during the early, summer. Shippers listed their poultry in the same umn- ner as^is employed-where hogs or cattle.-are shipped co-operatively,' using Monday as shipping day. All the poultry was- shipped by express from 60 to 2SO miles to the Memphis and St. Louis markets. A total of 1,573 pounds of poultry was loaded at the shipping point in July; the total weight at destination was 1,411 pounds, the ..aggregate shrinkage in trnilsit amounting to 162 •pounds, or an average of'10.3 per cent, The cost of marketing, including express, commissions, coop expenses, etc., but not inclusive of shrinkage, was 4.4 cents a pound, while tie cost of,mar- fceting a, pound, including the drift over the railroad was: Hens, 7.5 cents; cocks, 6.3 cents; ami springers, 8.5 cents. . - ..-.'., The total gross snles amounted ; .to $421.07, which- left n net return to the. shippers of $352.36 after the shipping expenses of $68.7] were deducted.,The market vnlue of this entire shipment on the local ninrket was only $268.89, so that the net gain through co-operative marketing nggregated $89.47, or a total o£ 34 per cent. Twenty-one shippers participated.' . .. • -\ : .;..•• '• ' -..''•: PAYS TO BANISH WAFER HEN In Recent Culling Campaign in Indiana 345 Out of 1,222 Fowls- Were Discarded. (Prepared by the United States Department of Agriculture.) The Bartholomew county (Ind.) agricultural agent reports that a total oi 1,222 hens were handled in a ;recent culling campaign 1 nnd of this number 34:7>, or 28 per-.cent'/were discarded us poor layers.. The entire number ol hens, 1,222. laid 2,368 eggs the week before culling, while the week; after they had been' culled the 887 fowls left on the'farms laid 2,292 eggs. This explains why It. was expedient management to rid the''flocks'of the 345 Count/ Agent Discarding "Boarder" Hens. lazy loafers which jaitf only 54^eRK~ the week aftej' tliey hncl been .'separated from their former mates, despite the fact that they 'received the>same amount of. feed as the prolitablje producers. The percentage of egg production the week before culling was 27.6 while the week after it was 36.8 pel cent. . - A POULTRY HOUSE > Should have sunshine. Should lie dry. Should have ventilation. Should have no drafts. . Should have plenty of floor ^pnee. -E R Y E K-Sn IE Per Discouni Everything in the stonrwc must unload — : ; — <; : ;tl • 38.50 men's'sKoes in glazed colt (Rice & Hufch- •-•msj at _..,.. ....... $ g.80 $5.00 men's shoes,work or dress,to unload 9 , ••••••••-•••:••-... $4.00 $l.oO work shirts to close at $120 $V50 ladies 1 waists' • , . «j 2 0 25c hose'for men, women or children at ... .20c -• Reinember this includes everything-in the .store. .Everything is marked. Y?u klw that 2^Jrn CeS t ar ^ the -° West in town > then de <^t whfle - y ° U are makin £ a savin £ wor th T L- Rub ai e ? S ; Qy^toes,: Boots, ; Shoes, Caps, Lddiea Skirts,, Aprons,; House Dresses, Waists > Overalls, Junipers, Men's Pants,. Boys' Suits' • Sweater Coats,-Bags and Suit Cases.-: ; .-,- ' .^ The store is full of good meraharidise nlusi change part of it into cash. It will pay you to anticipate your needs. FJJUU.W THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN COLDS breed and Spread INFLUENZA KILL THE COLD ONCE WITH : C/VSGARAQUiNSNE Cath In Advanie. One month, per word .... -t* One week, per word ."!]'• "o§ One insertion, pe r word ...!.'!!"oi Three insertions, per word .... 02 WANTED. WANTED-^Woman to do house work for mother and -two school children. Call 3fi'4 X, after 5-30. indard .cold remedy for 20 years form—safe, sure, no >reaks 'up a cold in 24 • •cHevcs grip in 3 days. • back if it fails. The :ine box has a Red • with Kr. Hill's licture. 4* AHDrur Start* PREPARE CULLS FOR MARKET Among. Other Fowls to Be"* Disposed ol Are the. Old and Weak and . All af the Scrubs. (Prepared 1 by the United States Depart-^ ment of Agriculture.) '', Gull out nnd--prepnre for marUet all .fowls,., 'bid -or.! ,,vnuug, which 'appear weak. si"o\v. or flu!!; fmvts with'^droop- Ing tails...JW.ijfli .. plurnnjiP.': ; crow- ;sntrpeu -item IN.: • >iH-.scPtjus.rijri-ueRt^tnoae which hVive li'iyirig : -' r pb'Iiits':~Crflri hens ..vlijoh molt early, iiml all mules except those sijrons:, vigorous. ;and of a pure type desired for. breeding. VERGENNJES. . .. .. . . ' Feb. 8. H. P. Porter^'who has Just recoyered from a seige of pneumonia, was able to come to, town Friday. , The epidemic of measles is abating. Mrs. August f Sehimpf has returned from St. Louis. She was accompanied home, by. her parents,. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Qrain ,.and" .Harry Grain's : two children. Harryj wio , is at Mayo Brothers Institute, will be operated on Tuesday". •" ' ' Misa Golda Hewlet of Muypbysboro is/here'with. Corzine, 'wno' has the measles.' ' ' '••'•:- •• • - •'. '". : " Mrs. G./B, Miller returned'.frtftn St. Andlrews hsbspital Sa'tarday';' : She' is 'a little improved but in a serious condi : lion. •: . •' . "- • " •...•:...• Rev. J..L! Meads,ol Benton visited his motierin-law, Mrs. R. J., Taylor and, daughters'last week. ... .'. r Mr,'and Mrs..Willie Mann of Akin are visiting their brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.' SnlHvan. •Rev. W. O. Albert filled ftis; pulpit. Sunday that was Ms first sermon since recovering from the flu. Miss Ruth Rend f xeturnted to her home : in .Cartoondale' Saturday. She was. accompanied by. her sister, Mrs. Chas. Easterly ar:d children. Henry Miller and! Miss Edna Roberson were passengers to Murphysboro Saturday. , Mrs. Maary Doty returned to her home in Murphysboro Saturday. Chas. Easterly went to Herrin Saturday oni account of the death of his Brother, Aubrey Easterly. Mr. Easterly .leaves a wife and three children, 2 brothers, 3 - sisters and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Easterly of Ava. He will be buried at Ava. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ward 0. Steinhamer of Mt. Vernon, spent the week end with her grandmother, Mrs.\ R. J. Taylor, and-daughters,, Mrs. G. .W. Floyd and Miss Lula Waldo. Mrs'.Stein'hanier was formerly Miss 'Aileen. Mead. 'Dr. Sabine of Murphysbovo was here Sunday in .consultation with D.r Horstmam of Murphysboro in the case j of Chas: Seyfert's son, who had meas-1 les and pneumonia and is in a serious | condition. Dr^Horstman is the attending physician.' , WANTED—Two young single men to. travel - with manager as salesmen. Energetic country men and school teachers preferred. State age and previous employment. Address J. B. Morgan, Springfield, Illinois, General WANTED—AJI once, two young rae»- to leave town and travel in crew. Cine, salesmanship, c. W. York, Roberts Hotel. ••'> WANTED—Men or women, salary ?24 full time, 50c an hour s^ara. time, selling guaranteed hosiery to wearer. Experience unnecessary. Guarantee* Mills, Norristown, Pa. WANTED—Ti|imming trees. Experienced. Wm. O'Neill, 611 Washington. " •-•!.' roa . . .. FOR RHNT^Two rroat room* OTM Style Shop, for office or deevtac -~MBJ Apply Mien Rleth, Normal and tto&rM .% •' - ••'...-. f 1 .FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping. Modern. M. C. Wilson; 606 South Illinois. FOR RENT—Storage tor howehol* . goods, in the one. story brick building, cement floors, ea alley back of mew Burth Theatre. Apply Him Blcth. FOB. RENT—Furnished room; inbd- ern. 310 West Monroe. j FOR RENT—Modern^, six room buncralow, furnished. Phone 43. FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Five room house and! large lot, close to town, $1ECO. Call at 305 East Llain-St, ' , . .:, FOR, SALE—five pigs, weight SO pounds each. Phone 386 T. T. E. Barnes. AT YOUR SERVICE 1 ' THE CAHBI£H "WHO GOOD POULTRY HINTS Keep the nests clean; provide one nest/ for every four hens. : . Gnther the eggs twice daily. ; 1 Keep the eggs in a cool, dry : roora'..o''. cellar. • • . '• • Market the eggs at .least,twice,-! a ,week........ . • . .- . ', .. Purchase :.wen-matnred pullete,,, rather than bens.

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