Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 13
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Bookie Caused Bomb Scare ·} . WAUKEGAN. Police believe a 111. call about a bomb In a J downtown office V \ t · · ' . i/" REEN I V E «6.'^V STAMPS TED W BROWN building may have been the work of a losing horse-bettor rather than a prankster. A two-hour search of the two story structure failed to un cover ft boWD! but pojico \»nici i cover « uu.»". u «. F-.-- - SACRAMENTO UP)--Callfor- by state agencies. This year he Walter L. Rllev found on the nla newspaper editors feel the Introduced some 70 separate 1 ' . . . . ... ..... v- antlsecrecy bills, each applying to a different agency. The bulk live oooies » H IULI.-CH mm of them have been approved by should be extended to state gov the Assembly and are pending _.-..«.i« 4- t. !Tnlt»At*«ltu ' nt l^nll- Canal m jwimmlt IAA not Inn lls'econd fioor"whar he" believed four.ycaMld law banning se-antlsecrecy bills, each applying was evidence of a bookie estab- cret meetings by local leglsla- to a different agency. The bulk llshment that apparently was live bodies Is a success and of them have been approved by [1 abandoned In a hurry. GRAND OPENING SILHOUEHE FIGURE-FORM . . . A Port of the WORLD'S LARGEST H.orth Studios (103 itudloi from cooit-to-coatf) .'-. , NOW IN LONG BEACH ; ' , ' ernment, a University'of Call fornla. survey reported Sunday. The report said, however, that about one-third of the 88 edl- --··-- - tors polled believe the spirit of holding meetings not Uou.too g corv wlnl l«'. w|Mr.U«l t .»..II.J IP* r«*»Ut, lltn^ wtltkt t«l«l»l «·*·(·» »Wl Aid ·*·«» u,, ...v, «v..^. ..--, -- -- lno ijnjwn BCI lenas 10 oo- study reported that many city , truct the ,| ncere et f 0ru ot )o . n *4nnwu««ia r*rtM+ann fn» ntltllAa . .. -- i ~ . -- - - -- -- -- Our Studloi or* Luxuriously Decoroled in Chrome, Mlrrori . . Carpeting, Leatherette. . . , . .- . ·_»ll Yoilnul M»»t AO l»e«ui» v«u'r« dll(tr«M, FREE Enroll Todayl N«t oo f|suR£ A » NALys|S ,,,, T R , A L Charter M«mb»r§ . In · TREATMENT . . . Nt .bligoii. Our Now Long loach ''- ·f««».l Studio Pay Only · . 3 MONTHS FREE II »· t«M «· fit llw Mlfwlq r*»in in *a d«r« OVISWIIOHTl UNDISWSIOMT · · '··««· ""i s»- NO IXTSA CHMOI I»S| Inn l«m|» · M«Hf« f»r · C«i, -- D«i«M4 tor YOU! FOR FRIB TRIAL CALL HImlock 9-0341 TODAYI HOUSIl 10 · lo'oillr -- IB l« · LONO) IEACH: 2730 EAST ANAHEIM ST... ANAHIIM: 129 NORTH LOS ANGELES ST. ·ILLFLOWIR: 10124 R05ECRANS BLVD... COMFTONi 1117 EAST COMPTON NE 5-6477 SANTA ANA: 110 EAST FOURTH ST. Kl 7-4232 DOWNETi 10247 S. PARAMOUNT BLVD. ... TO 9.1216 "WIDEN IB AN i" ON i CLOSED ''I MEETINGS I ^^^^^^^__^^_^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ j.j. i-^rv""""* 1 *''' - TTl l « g " O a r buccess, Editors say Senate committee action. Burglar Loots ~ ft ( . . , - -- - _ - ,,. ^7 i ' . it 'BROWN'S ust act prohibits JVnrMtfjZfc Firm * I-local legislative bodies from ilOrWUlK f irm , .» 1...1.ll_.* ~t__4-l*.__ bn t _ _ _ _ 4 _ ' -~ft \ 1 being violated by the public except · to supervisors, city hiring or dismissal of a public legit- employe or to hear complaints or charges against a public em- the law Is boards of councils and other, local latlve groups, Some of the editors told of ploya. Informal meetings, closed to the public, In "which differences are a ]i" of the editors surveyed feel the act Is a success. , However, the survey said, many public' officials believe the Brown act "tends to ob- aired and decisions made with out the public's knowledge," the survey said. On the other hand, the UC attorneys contend the antlse- = crecy law puts the governing body of a local agency at "a considerable disadvantage," · · · · ! THKSE ARE the major find- Ings of a poll, taken by UC'i Bureau of Public Administration, of editors and public officials on their opinion of the law enacted by the 1933 Legislature to outlaw secrecy In local government. Assemblyman ? R a 1 p h M. Brown (DModesto), author of the 1953 act, refused comment on the UC survey, He said, however, that most of the criticism of the law has come from appointive, rather than elective, officials. . Brown i unsuccessfully sponsored an omnibus bill two years ago to prohibit closed meetings JUMPEROOO! , HE 9-0341 . KE 5-9243 TO 7-9313 Calif. Frog Wins $1,000; Aliens Sink 9 ANGELS CAMP WB--Beans, a lively California Jumper, Sunday won the Calaveras County International Frog Olympics with three hops, totaling 12 feet Inches. He Is owned snd trained by 15-year-old Caroline Voltlch, of Stockton, .for whom he won $1.000, · · Beans defeated more than 500 competitor)!, I n c l u d i n g more than 20 foreigners from Norway to Formosa, Won Lone Hop, the Taipei champion, didn't even qualify. Rainstorms--the first In 20 yean on jump day--hampered frogs and cut attendance to 3,000. The foreign frogs scarcely got off the ground. Most of them Just sat, apparently^ confused. The second best Jump of nearly 11 feet was by a frog named Mr. Dill, sponsored by the National Pickle Packers Assn. Inter Albers Oats 0 Wi n a Built-inGI. Kitchen! cal legislative bodljs," Many of flclals, the report added, believe most, If not all, official deliberations should be open to the pub- open to consider The UC poll said "virtually NORWALK -- The Anoca Tile Co., 13660 Imperial Hwy., was visited by a burglar who made off with two books of blank checks, a typewriter and an adding machine, the plant superintendent Robert C Perry, 10930 Groveland Ave., Whlltler, told deputy sheriffs Sunday. The typewriter and the adding machine were valued at a total of 535. He but that Informal briefing orldemnatlon proceedings study sessions are needed If they are "to legislate competently" with full knowledge of the background. · , · * · · · ' THE POLL FOUND editors disagree. It said the chief complaint of .the newspaperman Is that "such evasive devices" as closed pre-councll caucuses, adjourned meetings and private consultations result In public meetings becoming mere formalities, confirming decisions made elsewhere. The survey found editors also disagree with the contention of several city attorneys that local agencies should be permitted] to bar the public at meetings called to discuss property chase, eminent domain or suits. "The newspapermen expressed the opinion," the survey said, "that a closed-meeting system of handling real estate purchases would allow potential manipulation. They maintained that cmtly- mistakes had been made regarding real estate purchases that might have been avoided If the public had been Informed of the pending purchase*." , . . WE GUARANTEE |0ur Watch and Cl«k H»p«lr- a f«r OM TMir. WOLF'S JEWELRY H7'/« I. 'I* HE 7.5000 INDEPENDENT-^ Mir. SU*. * IH» '' MEDICAL REDUCING PHYSICIANS * and SURGEONS Sp»Ulltl«« I. TREATMIMTIY MEDICATION MODERATE FEES ,. l«-l"t H««. . . . . , · DR. B. MAHAN AND STAPP -- sniriowii -- , · / ws» «·-»» *.«. Ph. MIri.ll 0-1114 '^ _· -- SANTA ANA-- ' 1*01 WMt 171* K ' Ph. Kl 7-474* FIRST PRIZE Include! all these new 1957 0. E. home appliances! ;.; . , .- 13 eu, K.G.L Rdrlfentof ··- G.E. Aulomitlc Wihwijtur '·· ]3cu.«.G.LffiMtf -.-G.E. Super-Grind Diipoull* Built-inG.E.OvtnindRinj« G.E.StetlKilcliinCibln«l»-AIIMW f(.U»...i»rin»l InslsllstlM snd r.m«Ulllni eeoenllni te th» C.rtlfim Kllch»n D«lin IB b« p«p«r«l by G«r»r»l DKtrto Ce. l!lU».TMWOO CAM f»f YOU...U ej»n* · ytu MM , 8 110 SECOND PRIZIS "' G.C.Filttr-FloClothMWiihir.,. "".'. PUIS s G.E. ClothM Condltleiwr. PIUS... AYWrSSUrWOFWHITEKINiTD." ,, 2 §10 THIRD PRIMS ^ B.E. Cwnblnillw Rifflfiritot-ffiMir. ,a §K» FOURTH roms 6.L Ooubl»0»M Electric Rifl|. ADDITIONAL : PRIZES Two hundnd othir win- n*fi will «sch iKihri s Bonus! Now you can enjoy Instant Oatmeal with real slow-cooked flavor! IAIY TO INTIRI To inter |u«t try Albert Oats and complete the statement, "Albers Osts Is · breikfast favorite at our home because " In 23 wordi ; or lots.You'll find plenty to like In Albert Oats and you'll find It will be fun to enter this fabulous contest. ' . 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CHIFFON TOILET TISSUE ASSORTED : patlcagt) COLORS . «* 3 GOLD SEAL GLASS WAX ' HELPS MAKE YOUR ' P'I WINDOWS GLEAM - c a r / % BRUCE PRODUCTS ' . CLEANING WAX TILE CLEANER .quart $1 « IX Asphalt quart $| AA bottl* 1 1 1 Typ. . bottl. I UT SOFT-WEVE TISSUE GENTLE AS , . ' P* FACIAL TISSUE , . rol FREE! HI Fl IONO f»lAY - . PLAN O) SAFE WAY

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