Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 39
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P«9» M-4NOEPENDENT cn», Lady Lions fo Install Mrs. Gifford Saturday TAKE AWAY GLAMOR? Oriental lanterns and pa- Shore Lady Uonj installi- per dragons win decorate the tkm dinner dance. Belmoct Shore Uocs Ctub- Dinner is scheduled for 8 house. 5107 E. Ocean Bird, pjn. and the seating of new Saturday for the Belmoct officers wiH precede danc- the many talents of Lady Bird How does she cope with so much, so gracefully and effectiyely?Get along so well with both men and women? Read in the March JOURNAL Katie Louchheim's close, personal evaluation of the self-discipline, energy and genuine kindliness that make Lady Bird Johnson beautifully fit- led for her new role. MARCH LADIES' HOME , / WE CANNOT 4faM) TELL A LIE! 450 Pis* DOWNTOWN IONG IEACH T*fi h · J*f« »f first «trtl«jrf7M It Omlttl qi Our Fabulous $1.00 SPORTSWEAR SALE fvJf lined Wool. New Spring Cctorj SKIRT'S, CAPRIS, SWEATERS Buy ONE Slirf, Capri. or Sweater AT REGULAR PRICE and get a stfrt, capri, or jweafer for only forao.s Mot* Wool Sirelch Panis Reg. $13.93 Sim t It It 8 $099 Slil fl|j«r Yirticil Stritel HeiJ Kilt Mohair Cardigans Reg, J13.53 to $19.98 3 $099 Hi* Fistilt 9 Sensational Clearance $ Reg. YtFuei fa $49.93 Every SALE Dreii Reduced fo fcg. Mr*. Vera Hedden. fa- stalling officer, win be assisted by Mrs. Phillip Hahn. Assuming leadership of the dub for 1964-65 win be Mmes. James Gifford. president; Charles Boone, vice president; William Goggin, secretary, and H a r o l d Wright, treasurer. Coordinating a r r a n g e - ment* for the event are Mrs. Edwia Hyka. Installation chairman, and co-chairmen Mmes. George Deukmejian and Ralph Miller. Perish the Thought By GAY PAXJLEY Mn. Peterson, that would luxuriating in the poshness NEW YORK (UPI-Open b« like laying to an eight- of a beauty spa. letter to Mr*. Esther Peter- year-old. "No. V i r g i n i a . son, assistant Secretary of ^ ^ ^^ ^^ Mrs. Junes Gifford MEDICINE AND YOU Clomiphene Citrate Increases Fertility By BEN ZIXSER A new drug called clomi- able them to become preg- phene citrate can, in some rait, instances, double the sperm count in men with scanty sperm, according to a report in the journal Fertility and Labor and special assistant to the President on consumer affairs: Say it isn't so, Mrs. Peterson. Say it isn't so that glamor girls are has-beens. What brings op this matter is a newspaper item from San Francisco in which you're quoted as having told a "conference on the status cf women" that a "new American woman" is emerging and you believe "it's about time." "Gradually." you say. "women are coming into a new recognition of themselves. 'The stereotyped i d l e glamor girl in a negligee is Think cf the dire consequences if our glamor image were no more. Our morale would slump like a baseball player 1 ! batting average gone would be our interest in going to the office or factory. With no feminine enchantment in office or factory, the men would be equally despondent. T h e n u m b e r s of unemployed would skyrocket. Think of what else would happen to the economy. The, multi-binJon dollar beauty a n d cosmetics business which pampers us with the THE FASHION industry would go into a depression if its job no longer wu to glamorize us. orJy to cover os. The at-home clothes di- · vision would fold immediately. The advertising profession would . . . well, Mrs. Peterson without its promoting glamor for our everyday living have you thought of the crisis this would precipitate on Madison Avenue? Let this new American woman you say is emerging have that serious acceptance of her role as a contributor, okay. But let her be all woman outer trappings of glamor too, believing herself a no longer acceptable as a would go into a decline. No glamor girl--fascinating, al- need for the latest hair style luring, enchanting ... or color. No need for manl- Mrs. Peterson, the women cures or facials. Na longer --and the men --win lov« to dream of a week or two you. feminine symboL* Mrs. Peterson, have you a s k e d any red - blooded American male about that? Sterility. Researchers at Medical C o l l e g e of Georgia say that the drug produ c e d a significant inc r e a s e i n sperm formation in two- thirds of the subjects studied. Clomiphene citrate also has been able to induce ovulation in women to en- ZIXSET. AIso in the new JOURNAL: Max Wylie's heart-rending account of the shock of a daughter's murder^ The JOURNAL'S woman- about-manners, Peg Bracken, takes a light- hearted.practical poke at some of the social amenities, tells how to handle rude questions. IBerfofrire S A L E Cc/wtful faicrite tna/tle COLOR FOR ACCE\T SETTLE BENCH Charming tett!e benches in black, green or white, decorated in gold. II you've thought of getting this piece at one tme or another for either your living room, dining room or bedroom ... now is the tme . . . the price is right. 39 Mrs. Kennedy: a legend in her own time Katherine Anne Porter writes in the JOURNAL a touching tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy.The memories Miss Porter evokes-of the unswerving, stately dignity the late President's widow showed to the world- seem now to reaffirm the potential for gallantry and courage in all of us. Important reading in... MARCH IAOIES 1 HOWE Think ol how inviting your hoU or entrance could look vrifh this interesting Settle Bench as the focal poirxt COLOR FOR INTEREST Eastern Made STUB ARM CHAIR Black With Gold Decoration Can you visualize cr.e chcdr for accent in any room, or cs a grouping around your dinir.g rocrn table. Th« c h a i n are lovely and the price is right 17 SALEM FINISH FOR WARMTH KNEEHOLEDESK with car-proo! plasfic lop. Beautiful Solera m a p l e finish. 7 drovers, including 2 t!e drcwer*. Desk is 41x23. And the price U right. Only 59 foir fororjft Mosf* Slept In Long Beach 4)10Arlaaf!cAv*. Pkeit GA 4-S«2 cc NE.-S534 l» Son fa A*a ISISN.MaiiSrrttf rko*iKI7-4S1l f.ri TOMS OF COUKSE... 90-DAY CHARGES, TOO NOW, I WONT quarrel with your word "idle." Nor with your observation that the new American woman has a "serious acceptance of her responsibility to be a contributing person to her society." But. dear Mrs. Peterson, i The new research may prove to be highly significant, for. as one medical book points out, about 40 per cent of all cases of sterility are due to deficiency in the male rather than the can't we contribute and try I femile. for glamor too? Clomiphene citrate is not Ask any girl with an. yet available for general use. ounce of the feminine in her j · · · · and she dreams of coming EVERY NOW AND then, home at the end cf the day small, blister-like l e s i o n s and slipping into something (tissue changes) appear on comfortable--and beautiful | the forearm, wrist or hand Maybe it's only a dream, but don't take away our desire for an ermine peignoir instead of blue jeans ... for a floating chiffon hostess robe waiting to make us elegant even as we must fix the lamb chops and maked potatoes, help junior with home Let's Explore Your Mind I WAT A GIRL NEEDS MOST is: AMAND A.JO80 o! a newborn infant They may look ominous. but they're not. report Dr. William F. Murphy, chief of pediatrics, and A. Louise Langley. R. N, supervisor of :he newborn nursery, Nor- Mk General Hospital. Norfolk. Va. The lesions are self-inflicted, the doctor and nurse report in the medical journal Pediatrics. They are a result By SYLVAXUS AND EVELYN DUVALL 1. What a girl needs most Center. According to the re. ports of these 2,006 people, 54 per cent cf the women and only 31 per cent of the men had three or more sypmtoms of anxiety. Men were nearly twice as free of nervous symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, general aches and pains, and muscte twitches as were women in A man .... A Job .... Too many of our girls and young women today are obsessed with the utter importance of getting a man. Actually, what a girt more often needs is a job in which she can find herself as a person, before she marries and settles down to have work and wash hubby's socks. Leave us our illusion that there's some cf the siren in os and that the negligee is ^^ ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,, ^, t of vigorous sucking that has contributing too. Don't rob v^bier'The creaT shOTta*-es this studv - Just **? women taken p l a c e inside the os of the feeling that in each in our ^p^er today are feel more anxious than do men is not clearly understood. Do you have any nvu .v~. ..,,»» ~. .-- ..... **' M a ^ )OUt ^y I**' should affected infants arrive on the " " "" " " " --"·"--""-- *·· ·-- «- womb. of os there_ is a little of Mar- The authors of the report lene Dietrich. Audrey Hep- make this observation: "The burn and Marilyn Monroe. As Walter Mitty had his dreams of accomplishment. let us women go on thinking of ourselves as fascinating, enchanting, alluring, bewitching, equipped with an irresistible a n d magnetic charm. (See Webster's definitions of glamor, Mrs, Pe- scene with aa insatiable appetite for the skin of their own forearms, wrists and fingers.* Dr. Murphy and nurse Langley say they have seen this phenomenon in one of every 240 deliveries. Once nursing begins, no terson). new lesions appear since in nursing, teaching, and social work -- all traditionally women's fields of work. As girls get the training and experience in helping others, they establish a sense of their own worth and get a feeling cf who they are as individuals. nursing s a t i s f i e s baby's sucking reflex. 2. Who has more anxiety? Men .... Women .... · · · · Women, according to a TAKE AWAY our urge to recent pilot study by the bewitch, to appeal? Why, National Opinion Research be? VFW Bingo Parly Golden State Post 279, Veterans of FSreign Wars and Auxiliary, win host a bingo party at the Veterans Administration H o s p i t a l Sunday at 630 p.m. The auxiliary will serve cake and coffee at the party. MAKE THE WILE TEST between WONDER and any other bread the difference the difference TASTE the difference New WONDER "Soft Whirled" Has No Holes-Perfect Texture Prove ft to yoursdf. Serve your family the bread that has a difference you can tee . . . a difference you can fed ... and a d ifierence you can taste. Wonder "Soft Whirfcd- h?j perfect tertnre-- has no holes. And every dice has that famous flavor that has made Wonder a favorite »H over the country. Ot new Wonder rSoft Whirled" Bread today and male the triple test yourself. «, CONTININTAl IJUINS COW AWT, Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways ! a I

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