Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 48
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 48

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 48
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HOUSES. WKNlSHtD R] S HOUSES, UNFURN. 82 i WANTED TO KENT o ptrnpSrMg !*wr8t»i*"*iKtiRHri i OiX'tTii:j J HHUKUUmO i ._?!» E 2ND ST___ __!» WaWtOOM bous*. Musi Hi baths completely rurni*h«d.!MKlr?!C6""PAKKrT'«-o bedrooms! Car-' '~ ' ^'~ ''~ "" """ W*U to *»il carpeting. $300 rooath. port. Storage. Landscaped. Rent tKI E. Korejee. AX. t-S!70. ; or buy. EA. gSjiuiintu Oppertun.titi gg Buiincit Opper.unUl»« 88 ' ~ ~ ~ . t . - . . , . , One bedroom Paved. | j BEDROOMS. Stove. Paved street- ^jJSSSiLJSJ!?*-M**"".- D ?- m « E . ftoTer Rd. EA. e-7yi. JCEARLV new J bedroom duplex. LIGHT and «t,ry; brick: fenced; car- Beautiful fumMun**, warfier.j port. 3 bedroom.. appliances B u t . ) Summer raw* or MIS on leaw.jj^ppavg, «J ? oolj v .?ao : _AX..,»:^_ti (,**£",,£ JgL. «·»»·_ = «--I Thilrlrwi WHr.nme! ' ' ' ».w^"^.' . _ . . with- « blocks of Country Club and G«nt. Approximately June 14th. "·'.... .»r....SA...I t «174.. ; hav furnished' or house reliable fam-i ily of four can care for while 1 tfif summer Ren t ( OH AM 6-4J"0 or! C B. H-**.l«~^w - '- $20,000 YR. NET -Ifurmthed. Call_AX._ . U'Viv Pnv 7?PTlt' i's'BEDabOMS iisisiif!. Near ahop- Wny ray .Kent. ; «. n ter. Rent fi«i»i« to ou»fi- We will Mat vou a MOdRNi fied perion. MA 4-3190. ... MOBILE HOME for THREE bedroom*. CloiV to schools. AS LOW AS $25 j Shopping center. Alrbase. 4773 E.| "Baths^JlOO coo!-! cu. you loser tavrstual. l SSSi 3 Br., tedty. amall furnished ap«rtjnrrit or near Unlv*niu for *ummtr. MuiA be n«nnabl'. Call AM «-4JCO or «Tlt« Wn C. B. roller. 1919 Z. Haielwood. PHOENIX Quiet place. Moderate Star-ClUien Box DESERT TRAILERS ig£_ 5 "^NClTSTYtE . SM9 CLEAN-- COOL! -- ndry. Will seU "for low down. P a v - j intents lower than rent I O\V"NER. !Cill_AX 1 Montana ~Su S mtles'W. ol uujson Rd. on Ajo Way to Sunset Acres. 375-- 3 BDRM.. s'-ove refrig. 201? S. Campbell. MA. J-KB41 or EA. We Have Customers for liirr* *j«j four b*SrcOm home* fumUhed 4ina un/ur- ni*h«I mnftnjt in prlc* frotn I110.00 per ?tcnth to $175.00 i*r month, C*il our offic* ·with *ur house for rent vo- MANGELS REALTY Sales and service. Zatabllahtd many years. Absolutely the belt business available in Tvs=5r,. Us "£!« Sfc.;." Owner* have made enough to retUe. Total price tiS.OOO *nd requires *40.000 down to cover merchiuidbe. Owner will carry balance. Information by appointment only. Don't ml» on this one If you ar« sincerely Interested in a real money making esub- luried buslfleu. Call Mr. StrunV, MA. 2-«4«. Strwuc Realty, 3071 E. Broadway. STRUNK REALTY 2021 E. Broadway MA. 2-6456 _MULTTPLE LISTING REALTOR GROCERY and~me«t market. wlt.H i wTi"WftX~our your Insurance buri- be«r and wtne license. On* block' nets. Gtorie Creenberg, BEN with $ bulldtngi, with i extra lot*. | SHEIM 1NSURAWCT, CO MA.4-M01 *7».ooo. am *. l*Ui Av«. MA. 6I6TH1BUT6RS: WXKTK~ruTt time shown in Tucson exclutive large volume veiling neccMity pro. duct. A r»UlI price lew than M Profit ma:gin up to JOO"*. Nation- sjly known company, Factory division, EA, 7-0485 INCOMt PKOPEtTY g9j INCOME PKOPtRTY 89 BUSINESS PHOPtKTY 91|ACREAGi DUPLEX Priced for Quick Sale Purnlabitf. 1 bedroom each aide. Located on paved atreet in eaittidt location near WUmot and Und. Sale priced at in.:JO. AX. I-OTM, EA. «-M71. or EA. 1-Ibdr.. 1-I-bdr, burnt aoobt. year old. UK mo ineotn*. Too M.K. location. I blk, ol Country Club- Grant Rd. Sunaet Realty. 129 E. Grant Rd. MA. 3-1861; evea. EA. iONZ bedroom Duplex. Lane lot. Will »oc*pt dear camixr or (mall trailer. a pan flotm payrctnt. 941 Tucson i M A N A G E R jSmall local plant ing phenomenal growth.j Salary Frank S. Minarik Realty^ University /ocof/on 9 Un/f Courf-- down 8-20-60 X 120 Plus Office Bldg. ONLY $12,000 Top location near 4000 blV, on £. Speed w*! A real ateal!fi ·PHONE ART 1GNASH Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 i Eves. fc Sun. Ph. MA. 2-40W 1*0 ACRE CASH. M» San Simone. TSJS. RSSZ. 0«rtc, 1417 r. Colter. Phoenix. y. Jun« MM TueMfti near r. _ i u P*» 1 100 acre* NE of Harans. Total rice tas.500.00 Easy Terms Call Don Stevensow Bonillas-Vail-Rincon 3 Bedroom. Carport, storage. Car' rating, drupes, ttartoet!. attractive ipatto. On «wer. no assessments, i Priced below rHA Anpraisal. iwofl. OOP down. Owner. 44P1 E. MalverK, "i i Mountain States Realty :MA. !»13 E. Broadway S-OJ31 -- Evei. MA. 1-0*61, 2-bedroom home close uty street. Corner . jong leas* if rent reasonable. Call In« McCord. ZA. i Near 66]0 S.. Tacmr. -- JwEBEDROOSl.PA'UQ.Ls'u.^-..-. ; 2 adults. No pets. Irujuire 2301 N.I tiT RAXCKO area. Lovely I ""bed- m Carport. Reasonable rent . 6-lESO. bedrooms. «S. CblWren^wei-j J145 on r ltlit §S£thed nC Gcod shade. Big ,V»^d'j^o^ Alverro n "^ie'»? I Ni'*al"A?-,Waiting U rent furn and unfurn, «^n_E_Vaje_nei« Koad. EA. 7-SMg. j mO ry~3 BR and den. I bsth.ihoaies and apu. having 1. 2 and 3 'ROOMS near University. $70. 3381 kittcn. 1100. i bedrooms in Amphi. North. N.E. " -- " ' Xo pets. MA. 3-SSPi..|im E. LESTER. $ rooms. fencediEm. S.E. and other good locations. ' ~ ~ backytrd. f75 mo. ifrom 160 to $300 per mo., priced Turaon Realty Trust Co. MA-1 right. Complete rental and property - - · ' - - · _ - . . . . M u r p h e y IWHAT A RESTAURANT WE HA'VE TENANTS" y famished house. Pavedif-OtSi or EA. i-tiap or EA. *-MM L management services. M ptna, *^0. Good siioppuic.! i4fjc ^JOARlE ?E£T^ of giving space.; We have tenants wail Such an unusua] one you couldn't dream up a belter business. We think the owner is eraxy to sell, but he'* nude his goal in dollara and now he wants to travel. He claims his grots is 11*0.000. It's a fast, smooth, profitable operation, on a busy bustling street. Shiny and clean, bright and attractive, always rated "A." We like the plac» ·o well we've written out a full description including all ths figures for you. Call Harry Swimmer, MA.3-MM. lives. AX. X-M4B. S t r u n It Reilry, 3021 E. Broadway. EA- C-306Z Share Lovely Home Wits nan or couple. Modern 3 bed- rooffl- Excellent cirjporution. So j in yard. Vicinity o ~~~~ We have tenants wait Coun-iwlth us--rent today. No vacancies. Gus Groening Realty NEAR BASE 3«a E. ISth streetMA. - O a bedrooo, house. Fenced back ll BtbROOMS. Hardwood CooVs.;yarg. Call AX. 8-SUO lor appoint- iS. T^SSSS. ENCANTO PARK - l-BEDROOM. Near schools, bus. 4 ROOM efficiency house. Stove, « i refrigerator, air conditioner, water ZxceptteuCly w^l furnished 31 fu-mshcd. Ki. EA. S-S7SI. 3312 N. bedroom hom«, ill electric kitchen i Alvernon. l=i bath, lovely patio, i ' CalTLUs Schwab, i OR FOR SALE rsffljROOM hrtek. Adults. No pet^i- '· t**TMTM- . St. EA. 7-3 loVILY 3 bedroom. Eastjine. Cen*^_ \ tT^_*jL_ n» rf «1^« rrMH-tthlV EA . . heating, cooling. 1125 monthly. NEAR U OF A 1 b»droce* with ««leieacy apart- ceat or 3 bedroon* » baths. *\. t-ons $70--2 BEDROOM Cose *· *« full bath, two ^t . nth. SI34 E. n. Lowell Rd.. EA. S-7814. for appolnt- 2 Bedroom 2 Bath apadous. Very occupancy. JSJ7 Most attractive, clean. Immediate K- DESIRABLE! I BE--3837 E. 32nd S1.-471 3 ER--SB36 E. Lester Dr.--1100 Days..MA. 4-1821; Evet., EA. «-77M 3 Bedroom 1% bath toot COMPLETELY FURNISHED too PER MONTH. Mangels Realty VIS S. Broodwas MA. »-«Jl MA. 3-OB7- *-!2 BDRM. house, central heat -- cooling, large yard. Phone CY. I 1-HSS. JSiidrocmk niceiv rurnisbed. Car BortT IBS. M8S N. TUCSDO Blvd. fe. MA. 4-42OT. S45 MONTHLY I bedroom. tH N. Jerrte. AX. 3 RMS. BATH-$65 KOMHEAST. Lawn, ·had* tretj: d. Water paid. Phono EA. fur appointment.. COUNTRY HOME misutssi troro town. BMUttfully · a-bedroom ranch home. at. Pool. *1IO. IMS W. MA. 4-7438. Share Home lady. Close In. Central . piano. MA. 4-4KM. bedroom. UtUity room. Swimming. WO mont XA. KIWLY painted home for rent-^ furnished. «7* a month-one _ bedroom--water furnished. Ideal for . VJelnlty of Grant tc Oracle. bedroom, northeast. Keaa- TSJS . ,_ : O O L I N G COMTORTABLt CLEAN. LOCATED OFF N. AVENUE, CARETAKER TUR- LOTS Or T R E E S . SWN»; TLOVnCRS. A D U L T S CALL IA. S-S1JB TOR D»- ANB ITS XEASON- STOP! You art looking In the wrong place! With a small down It's cheaper to buy! Payments Ilka rent Just Call Juster's EA. 7-6671. 4361 E. Bdwy. REASONABLE, a bedrooms with stove and refrigerator. Near base. AX. g-SUS. 3 BEDROOMS. batha. Stove, re- . . , frigerator. Patio and wall. Water furnished. Beautifully .landscaped. Near base. Lew than block from grade school. EA. 7-774 1 -'. Ull S. (th Ave. Eves. MA. ]-«U» MA. 4-1SM MA. 3-.1703 Rtal Estat* Wanttd Wanted to lease, small or medium hotel. Call EA. 4-33B3. 2 or 3 bdrm ivorne vmere small clear house In Doua-a5 taken as dovm payment. MA. I-74M. HAB- ZRMAN REALTY. M« E. Speedway. "DUPLEX CLOSE IN 1 or I bedroom*. Near University. Convenient to B. tlh St. and University bus_Jijne. EA-__8-»7;. EMMEDIATE CASH tor any home with a GI or FHA mortgage by F rivals party. Must be reasonable. pay all closing costs MA. 4-7728. WANTED 4 BR. HOME Individual. MA, 4-ua. IA. a-gm IMMEDIATE CASH For Your GI House JDSTHT8 REALTt 4X1 «. EA. 7-6671 WILL p»y up to »400 for equity and aseume payments 1» no per month and closing costs on used house with "tow interest mortgage. Phone EA, 8-19«B with d«UU«, Estott Exchong* 87 WItiL TRADE · room HA bath house . furnished for vacation trailer' or trailer houw or car or anything valuable on equity- Lot A* llo x M. Room for rental IB rear. Payments KO month... gT.SOO. 3 blocks sohool. JUniversity property §«7 r. Lee. TERRIFIC Opportunity to buy part interest in new and unusual singing star. Two recordings now on most juke boxes. Bookings in Las Vegas, Frisco and others being arranged. Chance to make 500% profit f i r s t year. For demonstration appointment call A. B., MA. 2-0856. share of profits. Secured investment of $15,000 required, secured and returnable. Appointment by calling, MOORE CHEMICAL CO. 144 W. RILLITO ST. MA. 2-0856 ,,c US All o r part. 9 r«nul» with rood tn- come. On Freeway. CY. 7-1083. CY. 7-1319. EXCELLENT income. 3 furnished| house*. Room for more. Lot 207X94. Consider 1st mortgage j part pnyntent. Owner, IK W. Kiug| on stances create a truly remark able opportunity. Tucson't finest rental area . . . 30 yrs. Sli 1 !-. financing, ONLY »8.000 DOWN: Sorry no phone information but MA. 2-4136 Gardtn CAMPBELL PLAZA 3 Url« bedroom*. Quality built Desr.n Ao*e brick. Keuonabl*. MA. 3-7SJO evcnims. Z-«M! STOP! for LOANS, R e o l s t a » « loans. New straight loans, atruction loans. Dick Hall. 4-4072. Left Talk pleaie call tast Xbcclusive with -- LJJ1GHT REALTT MA. 2-7408. EA. 5-7361 "BUY RIGHT-- WITH LE1GHT" PROFESSIONAL MEN j^c^ti^'^r'p^!* »" K. Orchard (near «TMt M.) Excellent location on Eart 8th St. * lect " £°- s J»^- y . b 4"»««.- « 9 P° P« r ! LUUK! ideally suited for professional l- »n aopt.i offices. 2 year old brick building '· i contains U7o sq. ft. with large re-1 Iception room. 3 offices i bath- plenty of room for expansion-- WH-L TRADE TOR CASH. LAND. OR INCOME PROPERTY TUCSON. THIS LOVELY SEASON contract J3070 for (2000. pay* U3 per mo. 7^ interest. 12000 2nd mil- »IMO. »a per mo. incl. T'i Int First rn.it. well »e- cured S3400. payi tio per mo. i f , int. Call Joe Brabent MA. 2-M75. EVM MA. 3-O838. LOTS. NEAR SIERRA VISTA MOBILE HOME PARK. 106 SPACES NOW OCCUPIED. ROOM FOR « MORE. INCOME NOW gj.200 A MONTH. POTENTIAL OF 13.300 A MONTH. "Buy WORTH OVER J123.000. RECREA- Oon- TION' AREA, MODERN RED BRICK JfA. LAUNDRY. BOOMING COMMU- rNlTY. LET'S TALK. HERB MOSKY. v a. f si-si ·mrvc tf i triol EA. 7-6281. EVES. EA. 7-5981. IJUST »4.000 DOWN OR TRADE D. L. Smith Co., Realtor JTM- Y OW. TUCSON :s. Jc contracts. Oracle Realty. i N. Oracle Rd. MA, 4-83S1. __ CASH IN lo you want CASH for your contract or Ind rnt««7 Call EA. 7-«51I for ACTION. Vent fwanxo. SWANGO REALTY. 4408 _E. Bdwy. OWNER-BUILDER LOANS NO RED TAP* Construction Finance Watz Realty Mtge. Co. EA. 5-2538 PATIO GLENN NEAR Alvernon, 1 BR. cottage, refrigerator, stove. MT.M. EA- l-Xn. $115 MONTH 3 Bedrooms, l»i Bathj. S. Sydney St, EA. 8-M50 _ COOLING REFRIGERATED COOLING IN THIS COMFORTABLE. CLEAN, QUIET HOME LOCATED OFF N. CAMPBELL AVENUE. N E A R FOOTHILLS. CARETAKER FURNISHED: L O T S O F TREES, LAWNS. FLOWERS. ADULTS ONLY. CALL EA B-J139 FOR INSPECTION, AND IT'S REASONABLE" ALMOST NEW Lan* 1 bedroom brick house- Range, r**rtjrer«tor. Near schools. bus and shopplnc center. Paved streets. «K. XQB N. Marion. EA. 7-3SB REDECORATED Immedlste occupancy 3 bedmonu. Stove and refrigerator. 1417 Beverly MA Blvd. For appointment, SELL OR TRADE J-bedrOom honrn IB E! Paso ior S u*ty in home or house trailer. .^g-aqML *»00 E. J4th: DUPLEX SELL or Trade 3-bedroom Units. Corner. Near school, bus. shopping center. Any trade considered. MA. 3-743H. tvenlngs. AX. S-M03. and lawn furniture- business for sale. Only 13.500 buys all inventory, piclcup truck and some fixtures. Owner will aell with woo down and $SO per month. Located on E. ztnd St. Very good ground lease. Netting S300 to WOO per month. Take over immediately. L. A. ROMINE REAL ESTATE, INC. 201 N. Stone - MA. 3-8609i Have clients with $3,000$5,000 $10,000 to loan on 1st Mtgs. Ph. Noel, Copper State Realty Co. MA. 4-3225. Evei. MA. 4-4302. SPEED We buy mortgages and contracts faster and with less red tape. Call MA. 3-84M. MIRCHANTS TINANCE CO. 48 W. PENNINGTON ST. CLOSE IN 3 Bedrooms, i bath home, completely furnished with good furniture. Lot zoned for business. B-2. so ft. of frontage x 171 ft. deep. 20 ft. alley. Owner moving to California. Will accept reasonable offer. And carry the mortgage. Call Howard Stutler. EA. 7-S518. Eves. AX. S-37S2 GRUVER REALTY. 3JOJ E. Speedway. TOR SALE REAL ESTATE MTGS. *MO TO $15,000 t% INTEREST PLUS DISCOUNT NORTHEAST REALTY 7-4271 MM E. Glenn 3 BEDROOM red brick. Will trade equity on clear 1 bedroom trailer. AX. J-OU7. · ···· Have elos* in Oracle Rd. · ··· frontage will trade for · ·· home or acreage in · · N.W. Cataltnas DOLGIN REALTY REALTORS MA. 4-41 U 11.16 ...y. Casa Grande H * 3 BR. «14 N. Desert « Assume 1st mtg. Will trade f t fcr Lot. mtg. or 11 ;. Co. Blve I Tuc. Mtf. MA 3-5433. Opportuniti»i 88 Children Pets Welcome bouse: 1 bedroom I bedroom duplex. 171» E.; after « SMALL HOUSE $55 UA 3-UM, XI7 E. Glenn. Out of Town Rentals gl A 3 Bedroom, P/J Bath Burnt adobe, built-in oven and range, $113 per month. Mangels Realty, Realtors 1«J E. Bro«dw«y MA. J-OS31. Eves. MA_3-m«7_ 3 *7 3 BDRM. Ill - *S3. __EA. yra-' _ SALE OR RSNt: i bedroom. l'"i baths. Range, oven, refrigerator. cooler and water. Occupancy Junf _4Ul. «W8_Calle_NepUino. AX. 8-6004. S BEDROOM Red 'Brick'. M02 E. LEASE for sal*. Lunoh counter In shopping" center. II ma's to run. Renewal option. Xqulpmenl furn. Attractive rental. Ample parking, tdcul for couple. Call Dick Burton, Canyon State Land Co. KA. «-tm «c CY. . ___ LTCENSED SERVICE, equipment * furniture inc. EA. 5-9908. MA. 1-7423. ·KA.CH RSSORT-new 4 B.R. »to*l«. Play areas, 10 Min. from VaOm, Ali J Baths, fumished or vnturn- Imperial Strand Apts, 3rd ·t. 4c Coronado Ave. Imperial Bvach. Calif." HOUSES, UNFURN. 82 Andrew. Stove rcfrlcerator. and water furnished. $101 month. See OWNER at 4118 E. Lo» Rohleu (Vicinity Grant-Alvrrnen*. $«7. j~BE"f5Ro8M?ryird. Take chll- drrn, 35y E. Monte Vltt'..Prlvf. 2 BEDRMS-^65 ( Duplex. Tcnced In reir yard. Tiled i floors throughout, P»ved carport SJI.500 NXT YEARLY INCOME FROM MAJOR TEXAS APPLANCE STOW5-AVI NITY TV SYSTEM. NO DEBTS. BONDED MANACm. T A M I L Y HEALTH rOHCES MOVE TO AW- ZONA Wtti. SELL OR TRADE FOR YOUR INCOMX PROPERTY. RANCH LANT OR NEW RESIDENCES. UNPARALLELED OPPORTUNITY TOR YOU. TOR INFORMATION CALL ART MAHA-. -- , «» j j i·* ·-·**'*"»'^'-'»'*". Central hpatiriK. i.. t nDMOOM HOME. Newly deeo- tnjf. Convenient shopping, school ntsd. Convenient southeast loca-1 Easwlde. EA. 5-5068 - PARfLY~TDSN7~2 bdrm A txth. very clem nicely landscaped. $I5 on lease. Will be av«l)«hlr Jimf 1st. Call EA. 3-1S23 tc eves. EA. GOOD LOCATION I WDKOOMS, Mi baths. Patio wall. Beautiful yard. Near scfaoolc. »1Z. JA1 E. IJth. AX. s-1460. _ I BEDROOMS, bis living room with fireplace and picture window with drapes. Also 3 bedroom nmm EA - . r~BRriS*urjilshed. Built-in range and evea. »0 per mo. A. P. BROWN CO, Ph. EA. B-43M. · 3 BDRM. tt DEN, STOVE at RXTR1G. $135 · 3 BDRM.. STOVE tc RETR1G. $110 · 2 BDRM. APT., STOVE fc RETR1G $ M · 2 BDRM. APT.. STOVE * RETRIG * 10. Call Mr. Johtwoa. MEROPOLTTAN! MALTY CO. EA. S-Z242 or EA »-5Zg. Built-ins Galore! Amphi district. Beautiful 4-bed-I room home. Call MA. ;-4049 J 4K E. SPEEDWAY TRUST CO., INC. --REALTORS-- EA NO DOWN PAYMENT CLEANING ESTABLISHMENT With all PrMsing Equipment Excellent Broadway Location Tmke over contract at $90 monthly 1804 E. Broadway LAUNDRIES -- Launderettes: we THINK we have every one In town that IS for sale, lined In our office: Also other types of businesses. If you are planning to go into business for yourself, call u» snd look over our fine selection of business opportunities. Call now: EA. «-ai4l: eves. MA. 3-MW MATT BATKA, REALTORS. »01 E. Grant. LICENSED funeral director. State qualifications. Star -Citizen Box Mortgages-Contracts Fast! LE1GHT REALTY MA. 3-740* EA. S-7241 _ "All Types of financing" __ WE BUY MTGS. t, CONTRACTS AT TOP PRICES. EA. g-7261 $ LOANS $ Buy or Refinance 1st - 2nd - Contracts HOME-RANCH-BUSINESS SIMS REALTY ic MORTGAGE! I MA. 2-8841 933 E. BDWY. FLASH--FLASH / -ctic Drive-In tttol. equipment--low rent-mod leaae--Good N.E. Area. Don't mlsi this golden opportunity. Buy now. Take advantage of the whole ·ummer. Call MA. 3-MM. ROTH REALTY 114.1 N. STONE 1st MORTGAGE LOANS BV MORTGAGE SPIC1AL1STS Offering the best forms of mortgage loans on residence, business or income property for · straight term ot t to 10 years or en easy mothly repayment plans to suit your n«*d*. JOO N. Stoie. Bstab. 1»»5. Dinl MA. 4-4444. MURPHEY REALTY It MORTGAGE CO. COIN OPERATED LAUNDRY On buiy Grant lUxd. Only MOM down. Own this d*«tr- ·ble buitncM. B« tvour own Michael Hodges Rlty Co. MA. 3-759R 43 I. Broadway Ive«. EA. «-4«10. EA. «-l740, MA. 4-0903 Multiple Listing Realtor We Pay More t Check with MJlrORD 1CAV $ first before selling your » I MORTGAGE or CONTRACT I Immediate cash, no escrow. I NO CHARGES. MA. 3-5433 TUCSON. MORTGAGE CO. Valley National Building INCOME PROPERTY 89 0340 E. Water. J bedroom red brick. Carport. Near bus. shopping. .Owner. EA. J-1SS3. SUMMER RATES S bdrms. 3 baths. *7S. bdrm, stove, refrigerator, ear-: Flamenco Drive -- 3 bedrooms--2 baths--burnt adobe--built- in kitchen --oven--range--refrijfera- tor--automatic wasner--central cooling--central heating--patio--all thii for only Jllo monthly and part of the rent applies to the downpay- · '· buy laier. FOR RENT TJned car lot. Completely equipped! with st«ns, lights, office furniture, i EA 7-nac. i WHOLESALE SEAFOOD Specialty items, catering to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and drive-ins. Tremendous opportunity for right party. EA. 7-1528. EW6Y financial Security * Tnde- pendence. Own your own business. " Used furniture. Good in- LUNCH TRUCKS Tor lease. Stainless steel. Tull.v equipped. Call AX. 1-8362 or see at Mi»_E. JBth Street. FOR RENT In finest location in Tuwnn. first time offered. Principles only. Fully equipped restaurant. Write Star Citizen, Box 15J-G. __ FOR RENT: Beauty if Barber Shop. In finest location and Motel In Tucson. Principals only. Write Star-Citizen Box 1S1-G. BA~R-R~ESTA"URANT j Serifs 6 liquor license. Located in jCochise County. Going business Terms svalisble. Inquire KEmloclc 2-3431. Blibee. Arizona. A CLEAR CUT 3 units -- furnished -- Lol 150' x 137.S', J16.47S. Only (2MX) cash, Balfinc« $150 per mo. H«re is a chan« 10 practically «tr*l this 3-unit court. Masonr' construction. New roof. Paved. Sewer connected. In a prime location. Due to Illness, must sell trr- mediateiy. Call Gene B*r- wood personallv MA 4-MM or ZA. fi-5775 eves. TOTAL S13.SOO FOR 3S-SPACE IT. HUACHUCA TRAILER C O U R T . SHOWER ROOMS. L A U N D R Y . CEMZNT BLOCKS BLDGS. ROOM FOR 21 MORE SPACES. 13.000 YEARLY POTENTIAL. LES BERKSON. ZA. 7-6231. EVES. ZA. «-21S4 REALTV *: TRUST CO.. INC. --REALTORS-- tZ B. SPEEDWAY EA. 7-8J81 U units all rented, never a vacancy. Nets 21% after all expenses and mortgage payment*. An ideal investment for a retired couple. $15.000 will handle. Tor details call Howard Stutler. EA. 7-8S13. Eves. AX. J-31S2. GRUVER RXALTV. M02 r. Speedway. ' LOVELY DUPLEX NORTHEAST AREA WOOD PANELING 1 Bedroom each side. Furnished at only $11,000, tZ.OOO down or submit, A. P. BROWN CO. Ph. EA. «-43«8 Eve:. EA. 5-SK1 1710 X. Speedway 11 UNIT COURT P/2 ACRES $45,000 Tremendous potential here. Tuml- ture and Units «M in perfect condition. Ideally located. Perfect for expansion: units or Trailers. Terms to suit. Defies competition. SERVICE REALTY CO. REALTORS llli N. Stone MA. 2-4S77 Eves. EA. «-614« or EA. «-Hg6 Trailer Court M hookups. X bdrm. house wtlh extrs apartment for rental. Top north highway location. On Paving Ic newer connected. Shows good income. No tele. info. Call for appt. to cee. MA. 3-MM. ROTH REALTY 1145 N. STONE RES. COURT A Duplex units. Choice Eaxt location. Room for 4 more. Widow must sell to settle estate. Over IU.OOO per year income. Call Bill Coon. EA, 7-dSSl or Eve*. EA. 5-44(14. ALLAN D. SHADB.ON, INC 4431 East Broadwuy REALTOR TRIER COURT $1500 DOWN U Spaces modern. Owner out of town says aell immediately. Financing all set. Hurry, exclusive with Cactus Realty. 1!10 N. Stone. Eve«. EA. 7-30*8 MA-JiyW? 6 BRAND NEW 2 BDRM. UNITS ALL RENTED ON LEASX $12,000 DN! You can just about write your own terms on balance to net a top cash return! This is a real beauty In a high class, clone in location! Tor details . . . 'PHONIC HERMAN j Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-62681 EVES. PH. EA ; «-ai.v)_ I Invtitmsnt Property TRAILER COURT HOME POOL THERES ROOM FOR 10 MORE SPACES, on this 234 ft. X I3S ft. MU lot which 1* now improved with a 1 bdrm house, 4 trailer*, one trailer space. Pool, Patio, many shade treei. Water ii stubbed to aU areas. Present income is 2300 per month and p r e a e n t improvements are Ehowinz » profit. Price $22.000 with terms. Call Mr. Rickmeyer AX. 8-laol or Even. MA, 3-8915. Hamilton .Associates 7800 TANQUE VERDE RD. ISO X 120 lot completely fenced afford! ample parking area. Priced to Mil, CALL MR. RULE EVES. EA. 7-M37 CALVIN WEBSTER REALTY 4tSi S. BROADWAY EA. 7-744) INDUSTRIAL LOTS ACREAGE. 10% Down! Griswold Realty Realtors. EA, 6-8575 Mr. Investor Business Is Great BRAND N E W . FURNISHED TRIPLEX. Have plans for a total of 3D units on a 220x205 ft, business lot. Ideal location for year round rental. Because of Business zoning this is a terrific deal, as the price and terms are excellent. Call for complete information. Gene Hamilton Realty 1123 N. ALVERNON Ph. EA. S-2433 Eve*. AX. *-1797 erEA.«-9200 RESIDENTIAL Lar» lot on W. Wetmore, r*«- «on*bl« temu. Call MA. 2-3*31. DUPLEX R-J zoned--75 x 143, paved atreeli. li utilities. Corner Pastime Ac Tyndall. ADMIRAL REALTY MA. 1-M11 S30 W. Prince Rd. - SIX UNITS Build t more units on this excellently located income property tc collect $440 per mo., while doing so. Owner leaving Ariz, k must sell. Total price *35.900 with Ii0,000 down required Call Mr. Cumming. AX. S-1801. Eves. EA.S-0597. Hamilton Associates 7MO TANQTTE VERPli RD 80 Unit Motel Site i z S00',i. 1M1 Caia Grande Highway, west of Ghort Ranch. MTT Zoning. Owner. CY. 7-0384. HICHLAKD HEIGHTS. 120 x 300. Beautiful high building site. P A S . M.OOO. Terms. Call EA. 5-4331 any time. John Teidt R«»lty. TWIN DUPLEXES All nicely furnished and about year old. Good east side location on paved street. 110,000 down. Present owner will carry balance on easy terms. 2 BR. HOME ; Business use can be mad* of this property. Only »S,aoo cash to low ntortgage. To inspect call B. Jay Small «t AX. 8-3817 or evenings AX. ft-MO*. TUCSON REALTY TRUST CO Broadway-Wilmot Office B251 E. Broadway Phone AX. *-3317 Since Territorial Days THl3~IS A HONEY! TRAILER PARK 40 UNTT-WOODALL RATIBD $15,000 DOWN You'll be- aitting pretty with this 5 mere court. Plenty of room to expand this already well established, m o d e r n park. Top income producer with terrific additional potential!! DETAILS PHONE HERMAN Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 EVES. PH. EA. S-2150 Priced to sell. Lg. 4rt4» FHA Mtg. EA. n-0080. Steffen Renlty. To settle estate. · most beautiful small trailer court: 2 nice homes, lots of shade trees: city jewer. natural cas. private bath find storage to each place. Ideal for retired cou pie. Please no phone Information. Call Janton Realty * Inv,. EA. 7-65D5 $100,000 NEEDED! 11 Have one of the finest 30 sere tracts of land tn Tucson for 21» hookup deluxe trailer park, will form partnership or corp.. or will give lifetime lease for entire parcel at low rental Oracle Realty, 2223 N. Oracle Rd. MA. " _ "DUPLEX TRIPLEX FOURPLEX That's what you'll say about t h e s e lands at these low prices: Only $600 down and $53 mo. for choice 20-acre plots near Marana. $5,950 total for this prime investment acreage. Adjoining new road. Call Edna TUCSON REALTY * TRUST CO. ' ALL NEW--University Area--Your -- · · · - -- choice o f choice properties. This is Industrial Proptrty LOTS FOR SALE 92 COURT SITE Grant Alvernon Zoned R-2-100X300 on Alvernon just north- of Goodman* Shopping Center, all assessments paid, ideal spot for Court, Medical Center, with great potential, priced for Quick sale with terms. Call now to see Gene Hamilton Realty 11Z3 N. ALVEHNON Ph. ZA. «-34W Eves. ,EA. 6-9200 or EA. S-47M DUPLEX LOT 5 Blocks to University. EA. 5-5241. No A»- 19 reasonably priced Iota with aewer and utilities in good Southside location. Will sell individually or make attractive package deal to builder --terms. Call MANGELS REALTY, 1»13 Z. Broadway, Realtors. MA. 3-0531 and ·peak to Paul Strelff. Evenings MA. 2-OSI7. MARICOPA AREA 15% DOWN Desirable M) acre section corner with ] mile of road frontage on 3 sides. In excellent location between Phoenix and Hidden Valley Estates. Good terms and releases available. COCHISE COUNTY $42.50 PER Will steal this 390 acre parcel of good land in fanning ana, northwest of Douglas. 10%. DOWN Will buy 9J beautiful acres fcr hi tare profit or development near Douglas with 33S3 feet frontage on Bisbee-Dougla* TT, S. Highway «M. An opportunity tor tremendous profit, SMALL INVESTORS $295 DOWN And $3ft IMT month for si 4V aca homesite in Avra Valley--Picture Rock area near Sandaro Road. Tremendous growth of Saguaroa and Palo Verde trees, CALL CURT ELLIOTT EA. C-4400 day or eve. Builders or Speculators B adjoining lots 7Jxl30 in * built-up subdivision east part of city. A give-a-w»y «t M.900 for Ml lots. Cell MA. 3-S4M. ROTH REALTY ins y. STOKE J-OUR-PLEX LOT lOOxiao. Good area. M,7M. RIVXRS KEALTY. ZA. 7-4M TRADE 1«M De Solo. Flrefllte. Power and Mark IV air, A-l condition. Trade for duplex or residential lot. By owner. EA. H-M58. CHOICE iltei restricted esstslde home in beautiful San Fernando Village. M.900 up. MO down $30 per month. All utilities, including paving and sewers Vi construction money available. Quality buildett invited. Tract Office §111 Tt. 101 St. Ph. AX. 1-5*44 12 76-FOOT LOTS NORTH TUCSON BLVD. TOTAL, 111,000 NER. EA.._ 7-4371 ~^^ "electric. IflOxiJB. WATER, electric, phonei. 13000 total. (100 down. tlS a month. 5 miles West of Mission Rd. on Ajo Way to SUNSET ACRES. XA. (I-SM7. Build now or later. BY OWNlR. 70X13V. Northeast _ tlon. Tor information, call MA. 2-JM4. _273« N. .Walnut.. LOTS FOR RENT 92* East Speedway 1JOX3BO ZONED B-2A AX. II-23M FARMS RANCHES 93 CAHCE~RAMCH. minimum ca~ pxcity 700 up to 3000 head of cows. We will furnish cattle. Arizona preferred. R.R. 2. Box HO*. $10 Acre Deeded M aectlonx. Good improvements. EA. 7-3B03, Northgate Realty. ACREAGE 94 18 acre* of beautiful desert growth. Giant Saguaros. Palo Verdes, sweeping view just 10 miles north from Grant tt Silverbcll. Just 30^ down. Balance at l"i monthly at *C. This land is listed at 30ri below surrounding market for quick sale. Call Tom Burden, BEAL REALTY, »17 E. Grant Rd.. Dial EA. Eves. AX. s-7433. BE FIRST Since Territorial 3 R. Stone New LEASE , On *7 beer and wine license with I lunch counter. Fully equipped. Do- Ing cod business. Benson Highway location. Golden opportunity for couple. $4.300 cash required. Tor Phone MA. 4-M5i; the wav smart people pay t bills. Better hurry * call Rosen T.t tf you buy later ventory. Reasonable.J5H« E. Grunt. 7241' Luana Pl»cs-3 bedrooms j MCNEY T MAKTNG, full -9 package 1 baths -- burnt adobe -- bullt-tn lie. store, buiy shopping center burnt adobe -- bullt-tn i kitchen -- oven and range -- central " '-- and cooling--nice lot--ill . _ ^ : . ly decorated. 3630 T. Enith Blvd.. EA. 7-OS«. AR UNTV'lUiil'l'V.--3-bedroorn. Stove and refrigerator. adults. No location, only $30.000 dn. (plus ,,. , . ,, ,, ^ ..-- .^^,, inv.l OMTier retiring. Exclu. fc^iJ^^^-Ithisforonlj^uomonthly--.TM) «! Oracle Realty, am N. Oracle Rd.. of the rent applies to the dawn I ..MA. 4-atl. payment if you buy later. !«r i \ / f n k i/» TRULY SECLUSION LIVING A V c K N S To get to these 2 homes drive more information call a. Sun. Emory Surer Eves. AX. H-4112 TOMPKINS REALTY 4401 E. Speedway EA. 7-411« -- ' " " .p»ts. «TO. agg X"Martin. EA. 6-2837.!out BROADWAY to KOLB RD.-- fc-BEDROOM. Spukling dean. Large turn left morthi about three blocks - - ' - to ELBOW BAY Place, turn right (East)--all these homes are in this | are*. If you get lost or want aomej - -. . tag storage and carport. Close to school, and bus. *K monthly. 1833 ' ,t»... AX 8-4776. , . . - _ r 75R Si!LL. five room. Partly nxwe taformatton call *umish«d. Near all Amphi schools. ~" -- ZI7 T. Yavapai. EA. »-7254- BARS LICENSES ITRST MORTGAGE , BRTCK HOME I NORTHEAST REALTY i jag. E Glenn MA. T-41T1 I MOBILE soft cream trucks. New or used. No franchise. AX. 8-2280. ST. AMBROSE SMALL DOWN $90.00 MTH. S Bedroom, carport, enclosed patio, cent. heat. cool., paved street, sewer connection, no assessments. Low down payHvsr.t and monthly payments of 180 including taxes ins. Phone Mr. Rodenklrrh at MA. 2-7471. Eves. * Suns. EA. 6-5242 or any of our other calex staff. James C. Grant their , .. . . . emary ! Lynch--Town Country Realty. i EA.7-5g77 or eves. EA. »-J7H. \6~Unit Court-- First offerings are always trie _ . _ fnr,. ilowest in price so get yours now EA. 7-6281. N n *W» Choice area north of White ! Mtn. fishing and hunting 5 ACRES ONLY 1595 TOTAL Great Western Land Dev.. Inc. » N. Tucson Blvd. MA. 3-3513 OPEN SUNDAYS BDRM. plus activity. walk to Rincon 4c Prter 1 schools, $65. AX. I-1M2. Bill . Realty. GRUVER REALTY SXS E. Speedway EA, 7-j!.|» ,No. 9 Package License *or Sale. ! No. « Full Liquor Sale or Lease. , [No. 9 Combination Bar and Padnge; I Store. Downtown and always rented. Furnished throughout. Room for expansion. Call Mr. Taylor (Ever. MA. 4-37081. LEIGHT REALTY MA. 2-7406. ZA. S-7261 "BUY RIGHT-W1TH LEIGHT" REAL RETURN ON YOUH REALTY S, TRUST CO.. INC. --REALTORS-- 4S3Z E. SPEEDWAY EA. T-gMl 6 ACRES ON EDGE OF CITY Warehou.se, A room house with own well. 300 ft. zoned CB-1. 666 ft. zoned R-4. This property may offer tremendous possibilities. Call Mr. Logan EA. 7-S518. Eves. EA. 5-1432. GRUVER REALTY. 3202 E. A MONEY. 12 unit residential court. . . finest N.E. location, clean, well luilt well furn., seldom a vacancy, priced to »ell at W.500. Approx. S30.000 to handle, bal. only $300 mon. S'v. Oracle Realt', 3m N. Oracle Rd.. MA. 4-23B1. TO $50,000. · Westerner Hotel MA 3-7471 i BUSINESS RENTALS 2729 E. 19TH 83j . near Alvernon. Med- bullding. 75' frontisre. PRO-1 FOR SALE · Eastside Full Liouor Teat, Bstab- T^^^ Tnriv .2M E. Glenn EA. 7-4271, GROCERY. Two rentals, good busi-1, REAL DOG! I horrible rental units with dam CHOICE ACREAGE · 4fl acres on Z. Broadway. Excellent for subdividing. $2900 per ao-c. · 40 acres with 2 wells. Level tillage land. »2500 per acre. r ' 40 acres on Ajo Way. W1BO per acre. Call Mr. Conley. MA. 4-04*1 or KA. 5-1353 eves. TUCSON REALTY * TRUST CO Since Territorial Days x x x x x x x x x x x CASA GRANDE 80 Beautiful acres in the popular Vail??; Visti Subdivision area near Phoenix y. A monthly payment!, Owner. OEA.1-JOT1. _ _ _ i 2 bedrocans. large dining room heer.a R I S O N R O A D i Sprinklers «5^?v b«rbe«e. acreage, $1350 per acre.! Low Lib I UN. (20 acre parcel). Call Mrs. Senderoff, EA. 6-2441; eves. AX. 8-6725. MATT BATKA, REALTORS, 2601 E. Grant. Foreclosore a BEDROOM-- Completely fumiihe* ONE YEAR OLD HOMZ (including furniture) PATIO WALL I bile from Schoolf, but TLOWING WELL! 4217 N. Pocito Plact rDIHJECTIQN r r_QU.pW BOUXX8 W «s BRIGGI LAND CO. «H . Broadway. ZA. 1-4ttfi Out of Town Proptrty Lake Mohave Estates l',i acre ranches. Near Klnfman and Lalct Mohave. Level fertile land. (MS full price, 110 down. «1» month. Free pictures and maps. 714 N. Georgia, Aiuta, Calif. Opjm Hous«i For SaU 95 Occupancy. Xifft nd 1 bedroom. Xxocptional buy. Kl . Eastland. IA. 5-»77«. Deluxe Three Bedroom RED BRICK Sweetie P;» Kitchen 6101 E. Beverly Low donw peymant f otng back to the Ranch in exas-- close to food school -- EASTSIDE LOCATION -double red brick construction -- built-in even and ranee -- wall to w*ll carpeting-- good I1TA flnancinf. Mangels Realty REALTOR* 1913 E. Broadway MA! 3-OM1-- Evei. MA. J-OIM ___ Wfnterhaven Tucson's Most Beautiful Neighborhood This exclusive red brick, 3 bdrm. home with iepa- rate guest house has baths, large flagstone fireplace, breakfast nook, separate dining room and utility room. Many other features. $21,400 TOTAL 10£ DOWN 2540 E. KLEINDALE Open Dally 1 to 8 SMIL P. MALANGA. REALTOR MA. 4-»rr 1234 Avenida Sirio FOUR BTDROQM modern home with built-in range and oven; includes refrigerator: nice barbecu* and en- cloved back yard. $14,500 -- terms. Call IA. (KIM1; eves: MA.3-WM. MATT BATKA. REALTORS, a«I E. Grant; Multiple Litters. HIGHLAND VISTA 13 large bedrooms. Family room. I?)* bath. 4',;% mortgage. M10 E. I Burns. Speedway. 13 e. stone Fhon: MA. 4-04*11 SUBURBAN FROfERTY RANCHO HOME ·22.000 completely furnished. 3 v-xan. j.. awo *rni«UI. ffOOa DUS1- « rt . . . . , , Owner ill. Sacrifice. »1» I.I2Q L/O/f M o f e f M. M. Larkin, Realtor Alignment Manj, plus .' few possibilities. Home i. ri-?' bargain at $12.000 with $.000 down.:bedrooms and activity room. jb-eautlful beamed ceiling with cozy fireplace. Quiet and dignified sur- Days. EA. 5-330* Storage'bufldlnE, 1,000 sq."ft."coui.d! be used for curio shop. etc. As is $25 month: 32-acre UKe. can be; BMUtiful ranch home, gorgeousj month. EA. 7-4541, Mr. Hill or Mr.: *lew. 3 bedrooms. Double carport.! Tidmorc. T months lease. Bargain. AX. g-2069 | BR\ND new store. $SS.~3316 N. 1st; n71^ 17 T T7T7 i Avenue. Near Amphi Plaza Shop' «J/1O .c.. i_,c,c, Center. MA. 4-03S2. i KMT school and bus. Large atorage. ESTABLISHED -- -- ' E. Speedway. - and steady man Eves EA J-1155, IA .v««7. KA. T-saw!^ 11 ^* ,S2 n , slde IS 1 'J 1 * 81 m *f "' de warehouse" «· A PHTLLTPS REALTY i oyer^$7.000 jnJ959. For appointment " rnorth!; «31 Z. Speedway ·call MA. 2-TI6S. BEER AND WINE TAVERN LIVING QUARTERS KICK 3-bedroom. Near schools bus.i *ront"approximately »' sbopping. 3003 I. Florence. EA.i ner Aiding.. Customi *l««P*r I a good going I-BKDXOOV. Major in- eluded. Snitable" r t i l i t i e s . M A . Z . :HILDREN WELCOME lufcnoma. 3tnd-Alvemen. 3 bedroom. Near Davls- Monthan. Wall te wall carpeting. 5rsp*ri«*. washer, stove. Fenced. »1»0. -water paid. AX. 3-MSO, 4 to 7. t B«Mt66M£7Tfai beths ami dSi'. J»«rr schools-, sfcoppfeg. Fenced-ln ard. Available ireond June parXlngf"^ 1 ^ area. Immediate occupancv. EA.i^ )usu U S5 ' ..,,.,, T ,,,,., » -- . - _ _ . 7-4541. A. R. Hill. L I' A ' PHILLIPS REALTY MODERN refrigerated" office~f5f * m f^^^f.,» TA jent^lSS E. Broadway. MA._g-174_7.i -"». tA. Fantastic location -«w meter fcoWl Parking inquire at IS JO YEAR INCOME--books onen to qualified buyer. Swimminii pool, of course. Owner retirinE and will sell on easy terms with substantial -down. Priced to sell fast -- call Mr. Tsvlor (Eves. MA. 4-37»B\. LEIGHT REALTY MA. 2-7406. EA. 5-73*1 LEIGHT" Buying a wife killer like this: ;J-bdrm. home A business with inventory to keep you fed _. Unless you've got a business head you"l] probably 80 broke. *1«.WO total price. M.flOO down incl. real estnle. furniture. [enough invent awhife.. Unless Land All Around Tucson Small or Large Parcels Tor Homesites or Investments BURTON REALTY ffiO N. «th Ave. MA. 2-0311 PRIVACY Is assured in this Beautiful a acre hocneslte In Rincon Ranch Estates. roundings with over 18 shade trees, ·hedge, flowers and hundreds of shrubs. This place has its own soft water well and guest house. Just the place you have been looking for real country living. Call Mr. Logan Suffer in Silence suiier in alienee inventor}-. I *·*· 7-JB18. mppt. Terms. . EA. 5-1432 for . . : GRUVER REALTY sxa E speedway ,MT. LKMMON cabin Beautiful io- EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY LEAVING ARIZONA i Very quiet -- n o business. *5| cation, patented land. $7,SOO. Mr. i trailer ipaces make nice Indian] Robtcs. phone MA. 2-MS2 or MA. {burial grounds. $6.000 down buysi.3-S554. nothing, $300 monthly income in' ATTRACTIVE furnished cabin at winter. ^^ Willow Canyon on Mt. Lemmon. nave kitchens, phones and! STTROOT REALTY j Reasonably priced. Owner. Phone in art units. Beautiful 1^4-'.»» S. 4Mi. MA. ,4-2387 day or Kve5.1 MA. 4-M39 or EA. 7-ttU evenings. 25 UNIT MOTEL FOR SALE or lease. Beautiful cafe in ideal location. Between 2 major all night gas stations with garages. Close to 3 motels, trailer court and] barber shop. By owner. On Itce- ,, jgy-_CY._7-1083. CY. 7-1319. J^ 'scapir^. large heated and filtered i ON^~Bdrm. Duplex, walking dis- ipool. Excellent income shown. I t»nce downtown, blk. to bus. dmi- For details and app:. call MA. " ' 4-2t02, Eves, ac Stm. Water power available . . . Sale price below market value. ON HIGHWAY 80 RODEO. NM. 1M beautiful acre*, ideal for business or subdivision. 1» ft well. $89.50 per a3-e. term*. 260 LOTS--50'xl40' BOWIE, ARIZ. A rajre 'bargain for cash. RANCH ASSOCIATES Roy V. Bowen MA. 4-7M6. AX.. a-MM Excellent opportunity for right man with umall capital. Will sell' mv half interest in used ear lot. Star-Citizen. 3 Bedroom $90 *rt*. l»i lMiQ». Carsort. Pegged y»rd. One block _-_tSMpirtsnry achooll. 49W T*. Tfr*r ttttt said Swan. XA. . _ T _ . _ ... _. Tr . CAPITAL GAINS BpxJSO-E. BUYS IN COUNTY RAKin'C'n t T r A T ' T V JDUlNjJfcL) K t A L I Y , . ble carporte. storage rooms in good rejwir. Excellent rental record. Bargain for cash. Star Citizen Box 153 G, SUBURBAN LIVING AT ITS BEST 120 Acres nr. Hughes 3 i mile frontage on Summit Rd. Priced rig-ht. Terms 29?;. down. No helephone information please. Shown by appt. i FRY REALTY 9*0 NOGAUS IWY. MA. .:MOi N. pracle_Rd. Pima_Motel 1 BY OWNER 2 nearly new ^bedroom i house* on approx. ^-acre. xoned for more unita " " |jH3«IO. terms General country store with a little;STUDENT HOUSE. Out of expiin- of e\'erything. i 5don area. Clow to Stadium. ~ . g. shop, patio wall. EA. «-4107 after *. _ _ ff.\ , L* 1 ' --.«,, »4^M. \ftvyc i w AT^aiLun. ro- have three (3) eXCei- , 10 **?? cnx**^ ranch with XOO tentlal income. $3.900 annual. New lie. ^ n n c t w CAV - C K laying hens. All modem Iquipme«t furnace, hot water heater and real lv a t t r a r f l V * in- £°- . ""v*TM. van restaurant. frigeration. Private owner. $2J.OOO. any O L I I n L. l i v c ill y 0r f ur th er information call VTA 3-lMC * bwlroom. li bwths. 4en. : «·»« sMc leaitfam. Avafl- ·Me Jane (Mn. TOtt, O*Ge Sen*. _i tionally a 11 r a c t i v e in- ror furthe r w h i c h can TOMBAUGH REALTY up to 70% gain over Tu3 °" **· "-"^--St*«LB«!_«« two-year period and, BUTCHER SHOP proportion for shorter GROCERY c TftpF terms. If you are tax O R O C E R Y STORE . a]] servicw, ntflittes. IA. OST1CE or ~» by Ave. Lea ,, small store feet. «14 South etti available June 1*1 EA. S-037t. Hi (jvJwiy. »H trtfli- i». vno. ·cm and looking to Beer Wine License _ _ ==o j place current funds we :,univeTsrwA«. v $w«5«s! invite your confidential! interview. For appoint- j ment call or write, } A, B. CLINTON, PRESJ INDUSTRIAL i NEW 4 PLEX Ultra location. Ultra furnishings. OWNER. ZA. 7-5S43 WE SPECIALIZE in Motels ond Courts i Large «r small operation to fit | your purTM. Guest Ledge*, Papa run butcher «Kp M«m» ran store. This oppornmitv is a chanc* in every no often for man and wife, to get win established m businessj. Present gross income g7,flon monthly and can he in- «rea»d to much more. Good lease c*n V armnirwJ TVtvi pnee fn.wn tam «,»m_ Terms m Bttwlent lecation. psoTrwnt _ b«nmt«. tPITAU J4JMANAGEMENT CORPJ _'" ~ 144 W, RILLITO ST. i IELVO PROPERTIES MA, UtS» ' INC - . , ,or Court! for xele or trade. See or call MA. J-4041. MA. 4-JIM- EVWS. * Sun. EA 5-«M8. BONDED REALTY mi N. Oracle Hd Pirn* Motel 2 Duplexes Fnrnished « tmfts very j»»t iind »13 rewf- i. i£*x «itw*v */w «wrter win eirry Nrlttrce »t STK wr rnwnfh. Tata frrm tl»^». Cell *iye» B. WeHs, IA. 9-9M or «\*- KA. I ^ 1 2 Hm n.ttK . v . ^ ite wiin a brand and built around DE-LCX Tr. CL Site!!! Lg. parcel of high, level land, top location By owner, excellent corner loa-iJS "o^ 8 ^', "T"!' d ' ru l'7'" V° n A 1 ^r' nVfl n r " SOr " Wy PriCed - "i** J«.S«^,th y »5 J X»' in ln It "c,! "· .A.'.Y"!;"".: 'Janton Realty * Inv. EA. 7-«»5. ROOMING HOUSE Walk t« Post Office. BankJt. Stores. Church, School-- Qose-in town. Buff brick eMTuctructlon -- in immaculately excellent condition -- Seven apartments including owners-- Income $442 monthly Total price ONLY $34.000 completely furnished, Contact Senford White. EA. g-lM« er MA. -7471. BUSINESS PKOPEITY f 1 j BROADWAY frontage 75'. Modern i buildins. Jiuitcble PROFESSION-' AL. USE. »18,o» TDDdS. 'Broadway frontage with plenty of iparlcmg. Horn* snd office C«1I EA Is LOTS on Benson . large btriMing zone4 ACREAGE OPPORTUNITIES 10 A. MT. SECLUDED VALLEY Or LEVEL, FERTILE SOTL WITH BEAUTIFUL VIEW WATER GAS * ROECT. ON PROP. James C Grant L^^" 5 ^*'^ *"" " Realty Insurance Co. ,T. B. KLENSIN. Pmrid«nt Si *. B*KT. Weartnw Wefel MA. »-7fn e«nrt Speedway - JUAey. ·ppr. MKt monthly: In trade. CaJl now: XA. K-aMl: ever. XA. «-MMO. MATT BATKA, 10KA1.TORS, mm t. Grant, ' Mscl«S Near Soirth O«t« MOxlSO Near Scvth OrM STATE REALTY CO. .15 W. -Washinrom St. MA 4-«K71 316' OF CB-2 rROSTAar"5* MAJOR H7GHWAY. AMPMt ;FOR DEVELOPMENT. Ml [T3TL VAJJJt VrVKTHnOTT IPORATTON EA Wmi * I8RQATWAY. ..'.'....r- ! 2»o' s. PAR* MTJ ZONXD TO «L1* TZ3M5 jt-i ON PAVE. GAS. ELECT * WATER. N.E. *rCT»O? »»*SO TOTAL. 4* A XAXABEE P T M A r. r, i; x T Y. COMPLETELY IV.NT LAYS ON MTSA OVEB- MEXICO AND VALLEY, rus gIMB IXJ'WN. ir f.vm Live in Comfort In The Home That Is Made For Tucson Living OUTDOORS OR UTDOOSS Endorsemenf HOMES IN GOLF LINKS ESTATES E. 33rd St. at Wilmot Open Noon Till Dark 3 BR., 1% BATHS Large coolers for summer comfort. Covered terrace* (12'X12'). Just sten thru the sliding doors to outdoor living. 8-ft. eating bar. Built- in Caambers Range and Oven. Circulating floor plan. All this for a low price of *11.»SO. $400 DOWN SMALT, CLOSING COST $67.45 Mo.; Prin. Int. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY Completely furnished $11,500 Reasonable Down Payment EA. 7-4541 Ask far Mr. HUI or Mr. BUY OR RENT NEED 4 BEDROOMS It DENT We've overbuilt our home. OUT loss is your gain: Seeing is b*- lieivng. 741 C a l l e M e d i n a , MA. 4-4Blt. . PARK HOMES for immediate occupancy 3 BEDROOM FROM $20,900 (ON ONI ACBX SITE) K Mm: WEST or CASAE ADOBES SHOPPING PLAZA ON W. INA RD,) Copeland Const. Co. BUILDiat * DEVELOPER CY. 7-0442 Save Up To $1 On Your Home in PAH "Eldorado Park" 2 BDRM., 2 BDRM.. 4 BDRM. HOMES Anasinciy Mat* Fm* Choos* Your Home for $25 Total Cash' MODEL OPEN South 12th Ave. tt Drexel le a.ra.-T ».m- MA. sain MOVE IN FOR JUST $490 NOTHING ADDITIONAL TO PAYI All These Included: · Built in Oven and Kantal · 4.000 CFM Cooler) · Colored Bath Fixtures! · Glass Shower Doors! · Concrete Carport A Drivel · Choice of Rid Brick or Cin-"-- Tleek! favnients as low as $65.14 Monthly iTrindpal Interest) 1THA Tinaneing FLOWING WELLS VILLAGE Orive west on Prince Read is Plowing Wells Road: turn »oui)i Navajo Road, then turn cut t» " P. MALANGA. Realtor _ MA. 4-iiu Built By L*J Homebullders 4 STAR VALUE * 4 BEDROOMS * REFRIGERATED * LOW DOWN * FHA MORTGAGE JUST PLACED -- 80 NO LON9 WArr FOR POSSW5SION. CrtJTWM^ STATE OWNBR MOST AMOOUH 6032 E. OAK «m to 4 jim-- Bxclustvely SCAGGS REALTY CO. ISO* K. Ft. Lowell 1A «-3*X Evei. EA. 4 BEDROOMS 5312 E. BAKER J TO I TX. 5349 E. BAKER New red brick, 3 bedrooms, activity room. 1% baths. Choice location. Electric kitchen. Fireplace specious room. 2268 E. GLENN el".^ 3 - D «droom, l?i baths. New Subdivision Electric kitchen and Charm-Comfort-Value 6702 NASUMPTA . EA. »·««!. Strtmk *M Trtn. JM4 in. Cj/b WA MMi \im XTALTY CO. Swttn «··» jBdrSt nl fji.n-rm n-vnn WTAR SAKDAJOO RB. * MtTJE -vrmr. RD. M5VTL * ACTCE_ PARCEL* gS.Hfr--yWb ~ " i to t j.«i. ! Orive «it Tantroe Verde JM. to Tn- ·diari Rirmi Rd. smd torn )eft onto iNswmvpta. FoUew oor arrows. Yon ! will fmd » Ijeatrrirol 3 'bedroom r«!. ; brtclc home. Center wtnrrrce. carpet " ·£,J^ r '~ ~TM ^-"-2 Jiivii« room. iSlidmg glass door from urttvfty .room to a lovely -patio wlfh covered terrece. IWghwwJur, «»p«nT smd Kast of Huffy first street north of sth -brand new nd brick nom«, bwtutful te benoldl Big «n«i wide -- over l.aao »q. ft. of living area; family room. f t r r a l a e e , m o d e r n elee. kitehen with dishwasher. disposal, sep. utility room, double^ carport, patio wall. everything! Only fB.TSOt See for yourself. A fhw home, priced right. Br elusive I DM MA.3-**)] ,, ^y MA. 4-7S57 or EA. S-SM7. ANDERSON JKALTY CO.. INC. _ . , _,SL.J' Of * ne * ** ytrn 1WALTOXS 1«9J i. SIXTH ST. Perfect Family Home 9 wo f~-, -- A. - E. on »re»aw»y 1 MBRFTJI. Snir vrftwt i Ha. *.*»«. REALTY CO. 1

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